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This page updated: 12/8/2013

Legend: [Cem] = Cemetary info, [Cen] = Census, [Doc] = Documentation, [Marr] = Marriage, [Vet] = Veteran info, [Wil] = Will

Generation 9

c/o Amos Wooten & Pricilla Taylor

William b. c1774 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 10/23/1830 Edgecombe Co, NC [Will] m. c1794 Lynda Randolph d/o Jesse Randolf

Absalam b. 1775-1780 Edgecombe Co, NC d. bef Aug 1836 m. 1830 Edgecombe Co, NC to Fanny Bolton b. c1781 Edgecombe Co, NC

Elizabeth/Eliza b. 1777 Edgecombe Co, NC m. Byrant Edwards s/o Britten Edwards b. c1782

Ann/Nanny b. 1779 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 12/18/1813 m. Silley/Silas Edwards b. c1775 Edgecombe Co, NC s/o Britten Edwards

Millicent Milley b. 1779 Edgecombe Co, NC d. bef 1850 Pitt Co, NC m. Dempsey Corbitt b. c1779 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 1841

Eli b. 1780 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 1/18/1919 Burke Co, GA [Doc] m. c1803 Burke Co, GA to Jerusha Vickers b. c1791 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 1836 Burke Co, GA

Amos b. c1781 Edgecombe Co, NC d.12/15/1848 Edgecombe Co, NC m.1. c1814 Edgecombe Co, NC to Priscilla/Sillar Edwards b. c1781 Edgecombe Co, NC d/o Britten Edwards m.2. 1/28/1845 Edgecombe Co, NC to Fanny Bolton Wooten d/o Richard Bolton

Hardy W b. c1785 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 3/31/1815 Burke Co, GA m. ??? Mournin b. c1785 Edgecombe Co, NC d. bef 1814 Burke Co, GA

Winifred b. c1787 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 1849 Edgecombe Co, NC m. bef 1813 Edgecombe Co, NC to John Cobb

David b. 1789 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 1824 AL

Ephriam b. c1783 Edgecombe Co, NC m. Polly ??? b. 1790 d. aft 1850

Jesse b. 1793 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 1826 [Will] m. 1815 NC to Tabitha Bolton b. 1793 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 1826 d/o Richard Bolton & Fatha ???

Stephen b. 7/22/1783 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 7/1/1857 Edgecombe Co, NC m.1. Elizabeth Bolton b. 1/13/1787 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 2/9/1863 Edgecombe Co, NC m.2. Betsy Edwards b. c1787 Edgecombe Co, NC

Children of Benjamin Sutton & Elizabeth Rousseau

Priscilla 1756-1806 m. Burwell Pope 1751-1800

Children of Council Wooten & Mary Roach Shipp

Sarah Elizabeth b. 5/30/1818 New Bern, NC d. 12/12/1880 Hawkinsville, GA [Cem] m. 1/23/1835 Monroe Co, GA to Robert Sanders Anderson b. c1814 New Bern, NC

Josiah b. 9/20/1820 Monroe Co, GA d. 1/27/1872 Monroe Co, GA m. 12/8/1846 Mary Caroline Evans b. 1/30/1824 Monroe Co, GA d. 6/24/1900 Monroe Co, GA

Susan b. 8/12/1822 Monroe Co, GA d. 1/1/1857 Monroe Co, GA m. David Middleton b. c1818 Monroe Co, GA

Nancy b. 1825 Monroe Co, GA m.1. Terrell Crowder m.2. Washington Moran b. c1821 Monroe Co, GA

Richard Williams b. 11/5/1829 Monroe Co, GA d. 12/6/1908 Monroe Co, GA m.1. Anne Simmons b. c1833 Monroe Co, GA m.2. 12/23/1855 Elizabeth Adams b. c1833 Monroe Co, GA

Children of Council Wooten & Mary Burney

John b. c1806 Grace Chapel, Pitt Co, NC

William b. c1808 Grace Chapel, Pitt Co, NC d. bef 1850 Waukeena, FL m. Mary Parker

Simon Burney b. 4/10/1810 Grace Chapel, Pitt Co, NC d. 5/15/1900 Calhoun Co, GA m. 12/5/1830 Pulaski Co, GA to Elizabeth Roach 1813 - 4/29/1890 d/o James Roach & Elizabeth Gatling

Lewis Bryan b. c1812 Grace Chapel, Pitt Co, NC [Vet]

Elizabeth b. 9/17/1814 Grace Chapel, Pitt Co, NC d. 1891 m. William Burney

Council b. 1817 Grace Chapel, Pitt Co, NC d. 1829 Grace Chapel, Pitt Co, NC

Children of Joel Wooten & Elizabeth Jordan

Jesse b. 1782 Burke Co, GA d. 1850 Telfair Co, GA m. Pollie Phillips

Redden b. 1785 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 1856 Thomas Co, GA [Cen] m.1. 5/17/1810 Telfair, Co, GA to Susanna Byrd b. c 1789 Edgecombe Co, NC d. aft 1840 Thomas Co, GA m.2. 1850 Lowndes Co, GA Martha Ann Dukes b. 1824 Tattnall Co, GA d. c1863 Brooks Co, GA d/o Elijah Dukes and Mary Alsabrook

Richard b. 1786 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 1861 Telfair Co, GA m. 1826 Elizabeth Brannen b. 1800 Edgecombe Co, NC

Isabella b. 1790-1791 Edgecombe Co, NC d. c1792 Edgecombe Co, NC

Byrant b. 1795 Edgecombe Co, NC d. bef Sep 1867 Coffee, Telfair Co, GA m. 12/25/1825 Telfair Co, GA to Jincy "Mammy" Lee b. 1807 Edgecombe Co, NC d. aft 1880 Kimble Co, TX d/o Rev Soldier NC John Lee

Elizabeth b. 1800 Burke Co, GA d. 1845 GA m. bef 1820 James W Rawlins b. c1796 Burke Co, GA

Amos b. 1800 Burke Co, GA

Henry b. 2/2/1801 Burke Co, GA d. 11/11/1884 Montgomery, Dodge Co, GA [Doc] m. 10/25/1825 Telfair Co, GA to Jennette Jane McArthur b. 1809 Montgomery Co, GA d. 7/11/1887 Dodge or Telfair Co, GA d/o Charles McArthur & Effie Graham

John b. 1803 Burke Co, GA d. 12/29/1855 Chattahoochee Gadsden, FL m. bef 1828 Susan ??? b.1810 Burke Co, GA d. 1871

Simon [Doc] b. 11/20/1805 Burke Co, GA [Cen] d. 1868 m.1. 2/23/1827 Telfair Co, GA to Margaret McLaughlin [Marr] b. c1809 Burke Co, GA d. c1840 Telfair Co, GA m.2. 10/20/1846 Telfair Co, GA to Catherine Jane Laslie b. c1809 Burke Co, GA d/o Lauchlin Laslie & Nancy McInnis

Luraney b. 9/7/1807 Montgomery, Burke Co, GA d. aft 1870 Gadsen Co, FL m. 4/27/1827 Irwin Co, GA to John C Love b. 2/27/1793 Burke Co, GA

Sarah b. 9/12/1826 m. 9/12/1826 Telfair Co, GA to Wyatt Parrish

William Jordan

Children of John Wooten Jr & Sarah Hewes

John Hewes b. 1786 Lenoir Co, NC d. Philadelphia, PA

Peter Bond b. 1788 Lenoir Co, NC d. 1826 Duplin, NC [Vet] m. Esther Aldridge b. 1/22/1789 Lenoir Co, NC d. bef 3/13/1847 Jefferson Co, [Will] FL d/o Jesse Aldridge and Anna Hardy

Thomas b. 1795 Glasglow, NC d. 1844 Green Co, NC m. Nancy Best b. 9/22/1792 Glasglow, NC d. 1871 Green Co, NC d/o Benjamin Best, Jr and Mary Hardy daug of Lemuel Hardy and Mary Elizabeth Sutton

Shadrach b. 7/15/1799 Lenoir Co, NC d. 9/13/1866 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. Greene Co, NC to Abberilla Edwards b. 3/9/1809 Lenoir Co, NC d. 8/13/1850 Lenoir Co, NC

Mary Polly b. 1797 Lenoir Co, NC d. 1854 Lenoir Co, NC m. 1807 Thomas Dawson Jr b. 1786 Lenoir Co, NC d. 5/29/1854 Lenoir Co, NC

Nancy b. Sep 1792 Lenoir Co, NC d. 3/25/1873 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. 1818 Wayne Co, NC to Elijah B Bizzell b. 6/12/1787 Lenoir Co, NC d. 8/19/1858 Lenoir Co, NC s/o James Bizzell & Mary Bowden

Charity b. 1801 Lenoir Co, NC

Council b. 6/5/1804 Lenoir Co, NC d. 8/22/1872 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] [Doc] m. 1825 Eliza Isler b. 7/16/1804 Lenoir Co, NC d. 10/14/1869 Lenoir Co, NC d/o William Isler & Rebecca Harrison

William Matthew b. 1774 Lenoir Co, NC d. 8/7/1846 West Point, Clay Co, MS [Cen] m.1. Unity Francis Hardy b. 1796 NC d. 9/15/1864 West Point, Clay Co, MS daug of Sutton Hardy and Martha Taylor m.2. Nancy Wooten b. 1789 Lenoir Co, NC d. 1845 Lenoir Co, NC

Children of Josiah Wooten & Sarah Rogers

Shadrack b. c1790

William 1800-1876

John W b. c1810

Josiah Jr b.c1801

George Washington 3/18/1811-1/28/1869 Pitt Co, NC [Cem] m. 4/3/1849 Edgecomb Co, NC to Julia A Gay 12/9/1822-10/20/1898 Pitt Co, NC d/o Allen Gay & Susan Mobley

Benjamin Franklin b. c1819

Elizabeth b. c1790

Peggy Ann

Children of James Wooten & Martha Shelton

Sarah/Sally b. 1775-1784 NC m. Joseph Taylor

James b. c1748 Edgecombe Co, NC

Jesse b. 1750 Northampton Co, NC d. 1808 [Wil] m. May Berry d. bef 1806

Henry b. 1774 Edgecombe Co, NC d. bef Sep 1828 Pitt Co, NC [Doc] [Cen] [Vet] m. c1794 Edgecombe Co, NC to Elizabeth ??? b. 1780-1784 Edgecombe Co, NC d. bef 2/22/1847

Children of Joshua Wooten & Keziah Powers

Bryant b. 1789 Edgecombe Co, NC d. bef Sep 1856 New Hanover Co, NC [Will] m. Alifair Screws b. 1787

Amos b. 8/23/1803 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 9/27/1890 New Hanover Co, NC m. c1830 New Hanover Co, NC to Neoma Williams 1806-8/23/1886

Children of Levi Wooten & Jemima Breler

Sarah Ann b. 1804 Black Creek, Beaufort Dist, SC d. 1849 St. Peters Parish, Beaufort Dist, SC m. 1826 James Mickle Fitts d. 1846 St. Peters Parish, Beaufort Dist, SC s/o John Fitts & Laetitia Reagan

Elizabeth b. 1805 St. Peters Parish, Beaufort District, SC d. 4/19/1848 m. Miles Absent Riley 1805 - 4/29/1869

William b.1795 NC d. 1843 GA m. Sarah ???

Shadrack b. 1800 Beaufort Dist, SC d. c1840 Decatur Co, GA m. Eliza Caroline d. c1855 Decatur Co, GA

Richard Hardy b. c1802 Beaufort Dist, SC m.c1830 Elizabeth Johnston b. 4/19/1805 Beaufort Dist, SC d. 5/11/1848 Chattahoochee River, FL d/o Amos Johnston

Josiah b. 1808 m. Catherine Johnston d/o Jones Johnston and Elizabeth Tuten

John Washington 1796 - 10/19/1806

Allen 1798 - 10/9/1805

Children of Richard Wooten & Barbara Whitfield

Polly b. c1826 Marengo Co, AL d. bef 1826

Richard L b. 1823 Marengo Co, AL d. 1881 Marengo Co, AL m. Julia Loftin b. 1839 Marengo Co, AL d. 1917

James Whitfield b. c1830 Marengo Co, AL d. Marengo Co, AL

William b. c1832 Marengo Co, AL d. Marengo Co, AL

c/o Shadrach Wooten & Elizabeth Allen


Shadrach Jr b. c1784 Pitt Co, NC d. 9/11/1845 Bladen Co, NC [Will] [Mil] [Cem] m. 1806 NC to Elizabeth Treadwell b. 1795 Pitt Co, NC d. 4/24/1846 Western Prong, Columbus Co, NC d/o John Treadwell Jr & Nancy Ann Dodd

Thomas Box b. 2/25/1783 Dobbs Co, NC d. 1850-1860 Cumberland Co,NC m.1. 11/13/1804 Lenoir Co, NC to Sarah Lucy Oliver d. 1809 Bladen Co, NC m.2. 6/15/1809 Bladen Co, NC to Mary Singletary b. 6/10/1783 Bladen Co, NC d. 8/24/1845 Cumberland Co, NC m.3. 10/20/1846 Cumberland Co, NC to Margaret McLeod

William Matthew 1774-1790

John b. 1776 NC

Allen b. 9/13/1779 Lenoir Co, NC d. 5/24/1810 Lenoir Co, NC m. 5/10/1807 Lucy Whitfield 11/18/1783 - 2/6/1879 d/o Needham Whitfield & Lucy Louisa Hatch

Charity b. 1791 Lenoir Co, NC d. c1843 m. ??? Griswold/William Grissette

Robert b. 1790 Dobbs Co, NC d. 6/20/1852 Loundes Co, MS [Cem]

Henry b. 1794 Lenoir Co, NC d. bef 1850 m. c 1816 NC to Sarah Jane Bryant b. 6/7/1796 Fayetteville, Cumberland Co, NC d. 12/19/1879 Panola Co, MS d/o James Bryant & Elizabeth Lyon

Richard Lafayette b. 3/14/1798 Dobbs Co, NC d. 1878 [Cem] m. 12/19/1819 Eliza Jane Williams b. 9/15/1803 NC d. 8/18/1877 Columbus Co, NC d/o Aretus Williams & Serena Jones

c/o Thomas Wooten III & Ann Wilson

Thomas b. c1750 Elizabeth City Co, VA
John b. c1752 Elizabeth City Co, VA

c/o Thomas Wooten III & Elizabeth Corley

Ann b. 3/9/1725-26 York Co, VA
Benjamin b. c1727 York Co, VA
William b. c1729 York Co, VA

Children of William Wooten & Ann Nancy Forbes

Arthur Forbes b. c1798 Pitt Co, NC m. Elizabeth Smith

Shadrach b. 1807 Pitt Co, NC d. 3/24/1891 Pitt Co, NC [Cem] m. 10/24/1829 Mary Elizabeth Eliza Murphey 10/12/1812-8/15/1893 d/o William Spencer Murphey & Susannah Roach

Council b. 1801 Pitt Co, NC d. Jefferson Co, FL m. 1821 Cleveland Co, NC to Grizzy Murphy

Rebeccah b. 1802 Pitt Co, NC m. Charles Cottsworth Cannon

William b. 1807 Pitt Co, NC

Mary Wooten b. 1808 Pitt Co, NC

Charity b. c1812 Pitt Co, NC m. John Wooten Dawson

Elizabeth b. c1814 Pitt Co, NC

Charles b. c1816 Pitt Co, NC

Generation 10

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