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"Re-discovering" the Homes and Gravesites of Lemuel Hardy II and Benjamin Hardy
Articles by Ima Eula Mewborn
1757 Bertie Co, NC Tax List (partial)
Book list for the Hardy Family
Write up on Joshua T Hardy, s/o Sutton Hardy & Martha Taylor

Genealogy is an ever growing adventure. The names, dates and places listed below are changing constantly as new information is gathered on these families. If you feel that something is in error here, please let me know. If you can add information to any of these people please share that others may gain knowledge about their families from you. Thank you.

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Legend: [Bib] = Bible Records, [Cem] = Cemetary info, [Census] = Census Records, [Doc1,2,3] = Documentation, [Marr] = Marriage Info, [Vet] = Veteran info, [Will] = Will

Generation 1

Anthony Hardy b. 1605 Eng d. 1665 Pembroke, Wales [Doc1]

Generation 2

John Noble Worthington Hardy b. 1638 Pembroke, Wales [Doc1] m. Emily Parker d/o James H Parker

Generation 3

John Hardy b. 10/7/1665 Dorchestershire, Eng d. 1/19/1718-19 Chowan Co, NC [Doc1] [Doc2] m. 10/7/1695 Bertie Co, NC to Charity O'Dyer b. Eng d. bef 1719 Bertie Co, NC d/o Gabriel O'Dyer and Mary ???

Anthony Hardy b. 1/7/1666-67 Dorchester, Eng [Doc1] d. 8/4/1742 New Bern, Craven Co, NC m. Everlyn Dulverton d/o Henry James Dulverton

Thomas Hardy b. Eng [Doc1]

Joseph Hardy b. 1677-1684 Eng [Doc1] m. 1704 Mary ???

Generation 4

Child of Anthony Hardy & Everlyn Dulveron

Noble Worthington m. Mary Emily Parker

Children of John Hardy & Charity O'Dyer

William d. c1751 Salmon Creek, Bertie Co, NC [Doc1] [Doc2] m. bef 1714 Scuppernong, NC to Edith Batchelor b. bef 1660 Norfolk, VA d. c1750 Salmon Creek, Bertie Co, NC d/o Richard Batchelor & Ann Biggs

Mary b. c1685 Eng [Doc1] d. bef 1744 Chowan Co, NC m.1. 1704 Nansemond, VA to John Hinton b. c1673 London, Eng d. 6/6/1731 Chowan Co, NC m.2. 1732 Chowan Co, NC to Thomas Holliday

Thomas b. c1687 Eng d. NC [Doc1] [Doc2]

Jacob b. c1688 [Doc1] [Doc2] m. 1708 Craven Co, NC to Mary ???

John II b. 1690 Eng d. Feb 1718-19 Chowan Co, NC [Will] [Doc1] [Doc2] m. 1718 Chowan Co, NC to Rebecca Byrd

Child of Joseph Hardy & Mary ???

Robert Hardee b. 1710
Thomas 1705-1767 m. Grisett Peyton

Generation 5

Children of John Hardy II & Rebecca Byrd

Elizabeth Hardy [Doc2] m.1. Chowan Co, NC to Abel Croom m.2. 1723 Bertie Co, NC to Nathaniel Hill s/o Isaac Hill

Mary Hardy b. c1707 [Doc2] d. aft 1755 m. c1723 VA or NC to Nicholas Baggett c1685-1755 Bertie Co, NC

Child of Noble Worthington Hardy & Mary Emily Parker

John Hardee 3/26/1707-12/4/1784 Greenville ? m. 1728 Susannah Tyson d. Greenville ?

Child of Robert Hardee (s/o Joseph Hardy)

John Hardee b. c1738

Children of William Hardy & Edith Batchelor

Edward b. NC d. aft 1784 NC [Doc2] m. 1/6/1765 NC to Winifred Weston

Jesse b. NC d. NC [Doc2]

Lemuel "Lamb" b. 1695-1700 Salmon Creek, Bertie Co, NC [Doc1] [Doc2] d. 1750 Salmon Creek, Bertie Co, NC m. c1728 Bertie Co, NC to Elizabeth Parrott b. 1702 Bertie Co, NC d. 1800 Salmon Creek, Bertie Co, NC d/o Francis Parrott Jr & Frances Johnson

Robert b. Chowan, NC [Doc1] [Doc2] d. 1783 Edenton, NC m. Agnes ??? d.1783 Edenton, NC

William II b. NC [Doc1] [Doc2] d. bef 2/11/1784 Bertie Co, NC m. NC to Sarah Parrott

Samuel [Doc1]

Mary b. 1710 [Doc1] m. c1750 Henry Cobb Sr 1700-1763 s/o Edward Cobb & Dorothy Bond Blount

Ann [Doc1] m. Moses Newbern

Charity [Doc1] m. Thomas Todd

John [Doc1]

Edith [Doc1] m. William Keeter

Generation 6

c/o Lemuel "Lamb" Hardy & Elizabeth Parrott

Edward b. 1737 Bertie Co., NC d. 7/16/1819 Putnam Co, GA [Doc2] [Doc3] [Will] m. 1/6/1765 Bertie Co, NC to Winifred Weston d. 1818

Elizabeth b. 1743 Bertie Co, NC d. 1795 [Doc2] m. bef 1796 Thomas Speight d. 1795 Bertie Co, NC [Will]

Humphrey b. 1740 Bertie Co, NC d. Feb 1810 Bertie Co, NC m.1. 3/19/1764 Bertie Co, NC to Mourning Howell d/o John Howell & Jane ??? m.2. bef 1809 to Martha T Collins d. bef 11/12/1813

Jesse b. 1744 Bertie Co, NC d. 9/3/1827 Lincoln Co, GA [Doc2] m.1. bef 1773 Bertie Co, NC to Elizabeth Rasor b. c1753 Bertie Co, NC d. c1830 Lincoln Co, GA m.2. c1820 NC to Nancy Jeter 2/29/1796-3/24/1881 Clay Co, AL [Cem] d/o James Jeter & Martha Jennings

John b. 1746 Bertie Co., NC [Doc2] d. 5/2/1808 Lincoln Co, GA [Vet] m. 1777 NC to Sarah Sutton 1758-1812

William b. 1729 Salmon Creek, Bertie Co, NC [Doc2] [Doc1] [Bib] [Will] d. 12/17/1783 Bertie Co, NC m. 11/26/1751 Bertie Co, NC to Sarah Sowell b. c1733-1734 Bertie Co, NC d. 7/20/1809 Bertie Co, NC [Will] d/o Charles Sowell & Martha Mary Elizabeth ??? b. c1702

Benjamin b. 1732 Bertie Co, NC [Doc2] d. 1790 Dobbs Co, NC m. 1753 Dobbs Co, NC to Nancy Ann Howell b. c1736 Surry, VA [Doc2] d. c1790 Dobbs Co, NC d/o Nathaniel Howell & Susannah ???

Frances b. 1734 Bertie Co, NC [Doc2] d. 7/27/1802 Bertie Co, NC m. 1756-1757 NC to Michael Capehart [Will] d. c1785 Bertie Co, NC s/o George Capehart & Mary Shrock

??? Hardy m. John Bowen Jr s/o John Bowen

Anna d. 1787 m. John Crickett d. 1767

Lemuel "Lamb" b. 5/20/1730 Bertie Co, NC [Doc2] d. 2/8/1797 Dobbs Co, NC [Vet] m. 1762 Greene Co, NC to Mary Elizabeth Sutton b. 11/6/1747 Greene, NC d. 1800 Greene Co, NC d/o Thomas Sutton & Judith Hardison

Child of John Hardee (s/o Robert Hardee)

William Hardee b. c1775

Child of John Hardee & Susannah Tyson

William d. 2/20/1850 m. Nanza ???

Children of Robert Hardy & Agnes ???

Robert II d. aft 1782 [Doc2]
Thomas d. aft 1782 [Doc2]
Elizabeth d. aft 1782 [Doc2]
Margaret d. aft 1782 [Doc2]
Raechel d. aft 1782 [Doc2]

Children of William Hardy II & Sarah Parrott

Elizabeth b. NC [Doc2] m. NC to Thomas Parrott

William Parrott b. 1720 NC d. 4/28/1798 [Doc2] m. 1740 NC to Elizabeth Hawkins b. c1710 NC d. bef 1793 d/o Thomas Hawkins

Benjamin b. NC [Doc2]

Humphrey b. c1740 NC d. 1808-1809 [Doc2] m.1. 3/10/1764 Bertie Co, NC to Mourning Howell McGlaughon 1764-bef 1780 m.2. c1780 Martha Collins d. aft 1809

Lemuel b. NC d. 1797 [Doc2] m. Winifred Boswell b. 1768

Charles Hardy b. NC [Doc2]

Generation 7

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