Our Family and the War of 1812

Wars Our Family Served In

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BATCHELOR, John b. c1792-8/8/1868 enlisted c12/15/1812 in Nashville, TN under Co. John Coffee, Pvt in Middle TN Rgmt of Lighthorse Volunteers, he was a trumpeter in Capt. Baskerville's Troop No 3 in Natchez Expedition of 1813 - he was dismissed. He enlisted again 9/27/1813 in same company under Capt Alcorn and fought in battle of New Orleans, dismissed 12/15/1813 in Gallatin, Sumner Co, TN - received Military Land Warrant No 40176 on 2/24/1857 Jackson, MO for 80 acres

COUNCIL, James 1792-1848; s/o David Council & Celia Smith, PVT NC Militia

HARDISON, William Joshua 12/6/1793-7/11/1866 s/o Mark Hardison & Cloe Daniel - Joined troops of Capt James McMahon

HARDY, Aquilla 3/10/1794-4/29/1884 s/o Jesse Hardy & Elizabeth Rasor

HARDY, Henry 8/26/1813 - 3/2/1814 Private, Capt Richard Park's Co, 10th Regiment, GA Militia

SUTTON, David 12/14/1774-8/20/1853 [Doc] s/o Samuel Sutton & Sarah McCoy

SUTTON, Henderson Standin 1/17/1794-c1869, s/o James Sutton & Elizabeth Standin - Sgt, 5th Rgmt (McDonalds) NC Militia

SUTTON, Jesse Grant 1793-1860

SUTTON, John 12/20/1790-5/14/1852, s/o Zachariah Sutton - served under General Hull and was at Hull's surrender iat Detroit Aug 1812

SUTTON, Platt 7/25/1775-Aug 1852 s/o Jeremiah Sutton & Elizabeth Johnson; Wife: Elizabeth Sterling - Capt John Shaffer's Co, 138 Regt PA Militia, Private [Record]

SUTTON, William Garner 12/5/1771-10/11/1851 s/o William Sutton & Sarah Turner; Wife: Lois Louise Sutton - served under Capt Robert McClellan

WOOTEN, Henry c1770-c1828 First Edgecombe Militia, Regiment from Edgecombe Co, NC

WOOTEN, Peter Bond 1788-1826

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