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Richard Edward Phelan [10/16/1801-4/11/1862 s/o Jeremiah L Phelan m. Hannah Sutton, d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Sutton. Benjamin d. 1814 Preble Co, OH. Richard & Hannah had 14 children, the 1st 3 in IN, one in IL, one in MO and the last 9 in the house they buildt on Dead Horse Mountain Rd, Fayetteville. Hannah died there in 1874. She was born in OH 3/1/1806. (History of Washington Co, AR p1278)

Mrs Jane Spivey, widow of Adam Spivey, was born in Butler Co, OH 1/22/1810. Her parents were David and Letitia (Guard) Sutton, natives of PA & NJ, respectively, the former b. 12/14/1774, & the later 3/26/1773. they were married in PA, where they remained until 1807, when they moved to Butler Co, OH, & in 1828 to Rush Co, IN, where they resided until their demise, Mr Sutton dying in 1862, & his wife in 1830. David Sutton was a soldier in the war of 1812, & was the father of 12 children: Jacob, Rachel, Samuel, Hannah, Rebecca, Jane, Polly, Sarah, Benjamin, Phebe, John, & Sarah, who died in infancy. Jane, our subject, was married in Butler Co, OH 5/25/1826, to Adam Spivey, who was born in PA 5/5/1803, one of 12 children of John & Jane (Vinage) Spivey, both natives of PA, & of German descent. They moved to Butler Co, OH in an early day, and their remained until their death. Their children were as follows: James, Bersheba, Elizabeth, Margaret, Jane, John, Rebecca, Nancy, Rosanna, Emily, Lucy, & Adam, the husband of our subject, who was the 3rd child, b. 5/5/1803. After their marriage Mr & Mrs Spivey settled in Butler Co, OH, where they remained until 1829, and then moved to Fayette Co, IN, settling in Orange Twp. Here Mr Spivey d. 11/30/1869. He was the father of one child, John, b. Butler Co, OH 1/11/1828, m. in Rush Co, IN 5/16/1850, to Rhoda Long, b. in Hamilton Co, OH 12/27/1830, & daughter of Daniel & Rachel (Sparks) Long. After their marriage Mr & Mrs Spivey settled in Orange Twp, this county, where he d. 7/12/1879. To this union were born 8 children: Luella J, Estella R, Daniel L, Martin V, John T, James R, Jessie F, & Adam V, who was b. in Fayette Co, IN, 5/10/1859, and was m. in Rush Co, IN 11/20/1882 to Grace, daughter of Clinton & America (Amos) Blacklidge, & who was b. in Rush Co, IN 4/9/1863. (History of Fayette Co, IN 1885)

Jeremiah Sutton, with his wife and 2 children, migrated to AR in the early 1830s & homesteaded land in Prairie Twp, Washington Co, close to White River, West Fork branch. About the same time the Brooks, Wilsons, Collins, Mayes & Carters settled near & around the area. Jeremiah Sutton b. 10/9/1803 Preble Co, OH, s/o Elizabeth Sutton & Benjamin Sutton (double 1st cousins), who were children of 2 of the well known “Preacher Brothers” of the Baptist Church in early day PA, KY & OH. At the time of his father’s death in 1814, Jeremiah had gone to live with his sister, Sarah, and her husband, Benson Miner in IN to “larn” the hatters trade. The rest of his family moved to Johnson Co, IN about 1822.
Jeremiah Sutton married Margaret Phelan, a Quaker, in 1826 & they lived in Vermillion Co, IL where their 1st child, Elizabeth Ann, was born in 1827. A son, Philip David, was born in 1832. Shortly, thereafter, the family moved to AR along with Jeremiah’s sister, Hannah, who was married to Richard Phelan. IN 1837, Rhoda Jane was born, Hannah Marena in 1840 & Seborn Andrew in 1843.
Elizabeth Ann Sutton m. Thomas Ridley in 1841 & had 6 children, 4 of whom died young. Elizabeth died 6/20/1864 & is buried with her children in Combs Cemetery, as are many family members. Her Father, Jeremiah, had donated the land for the cemetery: the cemetery called Combs because of the nearby Combs School.
Philip David Sutton m. Tennessee Sutfield, 1/20/1853 & they had 4 daughters before they moved to TX about 1862. 3 other children were born in TX, including 2 sons, David & Isco. Philip served in Gurley’s Regiment (a forerunner of the TX Rangers) during the Civil War. He was taken prisoner by the Union Army & held until his release in 1865. He died in 1873 in TX.
Rhoda Jane Sutton m. James Collins, 10/12/1859 & had one daughter, Sally Marie. James Collins died at age 22. Rhoda Jane then married Joseph Mayes, a widower, whose first wife had been Sarah Collins, a sister of James. Rhoda & Joseph had 2 children, Mary Belle (Maimie) & Joseph Oscar. Joseph’s father, Samuel Mayes, was an early settler along with he Suttons.
Hannah Marena Sutton m. John Cox, 10/27/1859. They had no children. In later years, Hannah lived on the old homeplace & died 5/1/1914.
Seborn Andrew Sutton m. Penelope Jane Carter (Nellie), 11/22/1866 & they lived with his mother, Margaret. Jeremiah Sutton had died 7/19/1859, buried in Combs Cemetery. Seborn & Nellie had one daughter, Susan Elizabeth, who died young, and had 2 sons: Ellis Edward, b. 1870 & Samuel David, b. 1873. Seborn died at age 31 from “cramp colic” in 1873. Penelope Jane Carter Sutton m. Samuel Woolsey, a family friend, 12/23/1875 & they had 8 children. The Woolsey family later moved to Wyman. Ellis & David Sutton inherited land from their father & later more land from their Aunt Hannah Marena.
Dave married Annettie Phelan in 1892 & they had 6 children. He later moved to Seattle, WA an married Isabelle Lindsay, 1926.
Ellis Sutton m. Mary E (Polly) 1/25/1895. Polly was one of 5 daughters of Eliza Catherine Eakin & Thomas Jefferson Lee of Greenland. Ellis & Polly lived with Hannah Marena (Rena) Sutton Cox on the old homestead until her death in 1914 & several years thereafter. Ellis & Polly had 7 children: Roy, 1895, Nora, 1896, Nellie, 1898, Velda, 1902, Seaborn, 1904, Charlie, 1906 & Katheryn 1909.
Jeremiah Sutton owned over 200 acres of land on which he grew oats, wheat, corn & hay. He was a young member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South & donated land for a church & the land for Combs Cemetery. At this time, the 8th generation of the family still resides in the area 1st homesteaded by Jeremiah Sutton. (History of Washington Co, AR, Shiloh Museum, Springdale, AR 1989)

David Sutton (deceased), Jennings Twp, was b. in PA, & there m. Anchor Fox, who bore him 10 children: Mary, Iva, Absalom, Rebecca, Jabel, David, Nancy, Abram B, Eliza & William. In 1816 Mr Sutton settled in the then woods of this twp, entered the 4 quarter-sections of land now occupied by his son, Abram B, & there lived & died. He was very successful in life. He reared a large family, and at his death left them in comfortable circumstances. He departed this life 8/15/1845, aged 79 yrs and 5 mos; his widow d. 8/11/1855, aged 82 yrs, 11 mos, 17 days. Both were members of the Baptist Church, with which they had been connected for many yrs. Abram B Sutton, the only surviving member of his father’s large family , was b. 3/5/1809, in Warren Co, OH. He was united in marriage, in 1831, with Sara, daughter of James Conaway, who bore him 9 children: William, Thompson, Lafayette, Jane, Samantha, Sarah, living; and James, Elizabeth & Adeline, deceased. Mrs Sutton d. in 1874. Our subject has lived on the place where his parents first settled for 68 yrs. He has reared his large family and has lived to see most of them married. Mr Sutton has made life a fair success, and now owns 59 acres of good land. He cast his first Presidential vote for Andrew Jackson, “Old Hickory”. Our subject’s father was a cousin to Gen Sutton, a distinguished military man and pioneer in the early settlement of Ohio. (History of Fayette Co, IN 1885)

Chamron Clark Hughes & his wife, Minnie May Sutton Hughes, were both descendants of very early settlers in White River Twp, Johnson Co. Mr Hughes was b. 11/26/1868 at Clarksburg, now Rocklane. His ancestors were Jesse & Nancy (Melton) Hughes & Abraham & Nancy (Carr) Sells, all of whom settled in White River Twp in early 1820’s. Abraham Sells is said to be the first English speaking white man to make a permanent home in the twp. Land grants show that Abraham Sells was granted land in White River Twp in 1823 & that Jesse Hughes was granted land in the same twp in 1831.
Mrs Hughes was b. 5/31/1871 in White River Twp. She was the 1st child of Peter & Maria (Dunn) Sutton. Peter Sutton was a descendant of Nathaniel & Mary (Timmons) Bell who came from OH in 1821. Maria (Dunn) Sutton was a descendant of John & Elizabeth Doty who came from Hamilton Co, OH in 1821, & settled on what is known as “Doty Hill” in White River Twp. Other descendants were Jacob & Abigal (Doty) Sutton & William & Christina (Tresslar) Dunn).
Both Mr & Mrs Hughes received their common school education in one room district schools in White River Twp and graduated fro the old high school (now Center Grove) which was built in the twp in 1884. Mr Hughes was graduated in the class of 1890, which was the 3rd graduating class from the school & Mrs Hughes graduated the following year. Mr & Mrs Hughes attended Central Normal College at Danville, IN, both taking the Teachers Training Course. Mr Hughes was also a graduate of Central Normal Business Institute in 1892. They both taught school in one room district schools. Mr Hughes taught 11 yrs in White River Twp and 2 yrs in Union Twp. Mrs Hughes taught 3 yrs in the “Teet or Glenn” Dist No 2 school in White River Twp.
They were m. 5/30/1893. soon after they purchased a farm north of Smith Valley on which they lived until 1899 when they purchased an additional farm nearby and moved to it. They lived there until 1918 when they rented the farms and moved to Franklin. Soon after moving to Franklin Mr Hughes was appointed Johnson Co Highway Superintendent. In 1926 he organized the Johnson Co Farm Loan Assoc, a branch of the Federal Land Bank of Louisville, KY. He served as secretary of the county organization and later became fieldman and supervisor of the bank owned farms in the NE counties in IN. Religiously, Mr Hughes was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church & Mrs Hughes was a member of the Mt Pleasant Christian Church, where both attended after their marriage. Fraternally, Mr Hughes was a member of the Smith’s Valley Lodge #674 Independent Order of Odd Fellows; Maneola Lodge #86 Improved Order of Red Man, the Stones Crossing Lodge Knights of Pythias, & Greenwood Lodge #514 Free & Accepted Masons. He received 50 yr recognition from both the Knights of Pythias & Masons before his death.
Mr & Mrs Hughes were the parents of 3 daughters, Florence . . . (this is all I have of this article) (Pioneers of Johnson Co, IN p133)

The Sutton Family
Elizabeth Sutton was the widow of Benjamin Sutton, of Preble Co, OH, & mother of Jonathan & James Sutton. They constituted a family & lived on the NW quarter of Sect 33, Twp 14 north, Range 3 east, until Jonathan Sutton died, in the year 1826. They had emigrated only 2 yrs before. He left a wife and 1 child. James Sutton died also, a few years after his brother on the same farm. Also a son-in-law of Elizabeth Sutton, named Miner, and several of his children, died about the year 1826, on the same land. The widow continued to reside in the neighborhood for many years after their death. She was an excellent woman, and full of religious fervor. She was a skillful & efficient femail doctor, and was of great service in nursing the sick. (Historical Sketch of Johnson Co, IN p141-142)

Isaac & Jacob Sutton were brothers, and sons of James Sutton, & cousins of Jonathan & James Sutton. The emigrated from Preble Co, OH. Isaac came 1st to Marion Co, IN, with a relative, in the year 1821 or 1822, unmarried, & worked with unceasing efforts to earn money enough to buy a piece of land, earning the greater part of $100 by splitting rails at 25 cents a hundred. So soon as he had obtained the last piece, he started on foot to Brookville, the place of entry, to secure the prize, all the way fearing that, on examination, some piece might be found spurious, for he possessed no reserve to fill the place. His money proved to be good, and he became the owner, on 2/4/1823, of the west ½ of the NE quarter of Sect 9, Twp 13 north, Range 3 east, situate in White River Twp. This tract he ever afterward called the “home place”, &, while he would give his children any part of his lands when he was distributing them, yet he always excepted the “home place.” IN the fall of 1824 or 1825, he returned and married Alice Watts, and settled on the “home place”, where she still resides. Isaac Sutton, following up the policy of his early manhood, acquired about 600 acres of as fine land as is in White River Twp. He d. 2/18/1869, Aged 64 yrs and 10 mos. He left 8 sons & daughters, but, since his death, ½ are already dead. (Historical Sketch of Johnson Co, IN p142)

Jacob Sutton came to White River Twp from OH, on foot, with a pack on his back & $25 or $30 as the sum total of his wealth. He did not, however, sit down and repine over the smallness of his fortune, but, with a stout heart, went to work, and soon found the means to enter 80 acres of land for his home place, and he, moreover, called in an energetic assistant in the person of Abagail Doty, daughter of John Doty, the old pioneer, by authority of Thomas Lowe, Esq, on 11/21/1825, & located on the east ½ of the SE Quarter of Sect 18, Twp 13 north, Range 2 east, near the Bluffs. By uniting a small tannery with his farm, and practicing strict economy, he secured a competency, and, although the good wife has long since ceased her labors and gone to receive a glorious reward, yet the old pioneer still lives, and still manages, by taking a widowed kinswoman, to run a house of his own. He is stout and cheerful, & now 78 yrs of age. He has 2 sons & a son-in-law in the twp, who, in industry and economy & good citizenship, walk in the footsteps of their worthy, venerable and aged father. (Historical Sketch of Johnson Co, IN p142-143)

John Sutton, son of Jacob Sutton, is the finest example for a poor young man to emulate that can be found in Johnson Co. Like his father, he began with little assistance, and, by patient, persevering industry & economy, has acquired the means to purchase the old Col Wishard farm, and also another tract adjoining, in all, about 500 acres, being one among the finest farms in the county. He is also among the best farmers in the county. (Historical Sketch of Johnson Co, IN p143)

From Henderson S Sutton for $200 to William S Etheridge, 190 acres, a tract of land located on the W side of Scuppernong beginning on a line of Joshua Phillips (Tyrrell Co, NC, Estate Abstract 1869, Tyrrell Co, Deeds Bk 15, p297, 3/7/1821)

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