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William of Scituate and Eastham, and of Piscataway, N.J., Quaker, b. about 1641; d. 28 of 4m. 1718; m. (1) at Eastham, on Cape Cod, 11 July 1666, Damaris Bishop, d. 6 Feb. 1682/3, daughter of Richard and Alice (Martin) (Clark) Bishop; m. (2) Jane Barnes, daughter of James Barnes. William Sutton first appears at Barnstable, on Cape Cod, where, on 5 June 1666, he was haled into court and fined for purloining the Bible from the meeting house, "one pound and for telling a lye about the same, ten shillings." His departure from the town was probably expedited by these occurences, and a few weeks later, at the neighboring settlement of Eastham, he took refuge in matrimony with Damaris Bishop. They had ten children, the first three born in Eastham, and the rest born in Piscataway. (New England Historic Genealogical Register, Volume 91, January 1937)

SUTTON, ENS. JOHN, 1642 ----, Served in King Philip's War, 1675, from Scituate, Mass.
SUTTON, JOSEPH, 1630-1695. Town Clerk, Hemstead. L.I., 1667, and many yearas after.
SUTTON, WILLIAM, 1641-1718. Constable of Piscataway, New Jersey, 1693. Sutton, Miss Lucy. (Colonial Dames of XVII Century, 1896-(1968)

"John Sutton (the only son of John Sutton as yet discovered) apparently lived first at Hingham, but later removed to Scituate, in the Plymouth Colony, where on 2 Dec 1653 he sold the lands "which the town of Hingham gave to John Sutton, my father." He was therefore of age at this date. Frequently mentioned in the Scituate records, he married ther 1 Jan 1661, Elizabeth House (Vital Records of Scituate, vol. 2, p. 283), the daughter of Samuel House. John Sutton had a large family. Children listed. John Sutton, Senior of Scituate, "aged 70 years or there abouts" in his will dated 12 Nov 1691, mentions the names of his children." ("Proceedings of the N.E. Hist. Gen. Society", Vol. 91, p.63)

"William Sutton first appears at Barnstable, on Cape Cod, where on 5 June 1666, he was hauled to court and fined for purloining the Bible from the meeting house," one pound,and for telling a lye about the same, ten shillings."(One year later,6 June 1667,it was reported that William still owed 10 shillings of his fine.) His departure from the town was probably expedited by these occurences, and a few weeks later, at the neighboring settlement of Eastham, he took refuge in matrimony with Damaris Bishop. (Sutton Searchers newsletter #2 July 1991)

". . . he [William Sutton] lived in Eastham from 1666 to Oct 1671. . . . He went west to NJ about 1672 or 1673. The quest of religious freedom was perhaps the reason for his removal, since in the NJ Colony he was an influential Quaker. On or near the Partian River, not far from the present town of New Brunswick, William Sutton settled and prospered. Known for his fair dealing with the Indians, the wolves and forest were his only enemies. In 1682 he was the owner of 249 acres if land. He held the office of freeholder constable and town clerk. In 1713 he was spoken of as an aged man and he was buried in the Quaker churchyard in Woodbridge." (Outlaw Genealogy, Albert Timothy Outlaw & Arnie Henry Outlaw)

Following the Quaker persecution in Mass., George Sutton and his wife, Sarah, moved to Perquimans County in the Colony of Carolina. He died there April 12, 1669, leaving two sons, Nathaniel and Joseph. They left many descendants who have spread out over North Carolina and Virginia. (The Suttons of Caroline County, VA by T. Dix Sutton)

Sutton, Nathaniel (1), & wife Deborah, issue: George (2), b. Mar 2, 1669; Joseph (2), b Aug 6, 1673; Rebecka, b. Aug 8, 1676; Nathaniel (2), Aug 29, 1681. ) (“History of Perquimans Co” by. Mrs. Watson Winslow)

Sutton, Joseph (1), (s of Geroge & Sarah) brother of Nathaniel m. Delemance Nicholson (Deliverance), (d of Christopher and Hanah, of New England) Jan 1, 167?, issue: Christopher, b. Aug 3, 1685; George (3) b. Aug 7, 1687. Joseph Sutton, Sr., died Jan 17, 1695. His will, p. Apr 1696, names sons: Joseph (3), Christopher, George (3), & Nathaniel. Wife Deliverance. ) (“History of Perquimans Co” by. Mrs. Watson Winslow)

John Sutton, son of William and Damaris Sutton, b. 4/20/1674 Piscataway, NJ d. 12/19/1750 Piscataway, NJ and buried in Stelton, NJ; in 1695 he married Elizabeth Conger b. 1/1/1678 d. 5/10/1731 Piscataway, NJ) John was the first son of William to leave the Quaker Church to become a Baptist. He was a surveyor of land in Piscataway in 1741 and moved to Harrison’s Neck NJ. Both he and Elizabeth are buried in the Baptist churchyard cemetary in Stalton, NJ. The original family of Elizabeth Conger came from France, via Holland, to England because of religous persecution. The will of her grandfather, William Belconger, was probated 12/2/1522 in Norfolk Co. Her father, John, was baptized in Yarmouth, Norfolk Co., England on 9/8/1633. The children of John and Elizabeth Sutton were: Moses b. 1669, Aaron b. 1699, John b. 1701, David b. 1703, Sarah b. 1706, James b. 1709, Jesse B. b. 1711, Elizabeth b. 1713, Mary b. 1717 and Ephrain b. 1719.

Sutton, Joseph (2) son of Nathaniel & Debro) m. Parthenia Duren (Durant) (d of George and Ann) b. Aug 1, 1675 m. June 18, 1695, issue: George b. Aug 22, 1696; Elizabeth b. Sept 15, 1703; Parthenia b. Aug 8, 1705; Sarah b. Oct 10, 1711. ) (“History of Perquimans Co” by. Mrs. Watson Winslow)

1685-6 Feb. 17. Patent to William Suttone of Piscataway, for several small parcels, vizt:
1. a houselot of 22 acres, bounded E by Timothy Caute, W by a road, N and S by small brooks;
2. 19 acres of upland, bounded S by a road, N by a small brook, W by Thomas Farnsworth. E by George Wingfield;
3. 79 acres of upland, bounded SW by Doctor Henry Greenland, NE by Michael Symones, NW by Daniel Leoington, SE by a small brook;
4. 4 acres of meadow,bounded S by James Godfrey, N by Vincent Rognion and Nicholas Munday, E by Richard Smith, W by Robert Gannett and Peter Bellew.
(William Nelson, Ed. Patents and Deeds and other early records of New Jersey, 1664-1703, 1976 Reprint by Genealogical Publishing Company from Archives of the State of New Jersey, First Series, Vol XXI: Page 75 of Reprint from Page 285 of East Jersey Deeds, etc., Liber "A")

1687 March 25. Patent to William Suttone of Piscataway, for 125 acres there, 25 being due to his wife Jane as headland, the other 100 acres being granted to W. S. as an old settler; all bounded S by Edward Dunhame, E by John Randolph, N and W by unsurveyed land. (William Nelson, Ed. Patents and Deeds and other early records of New Jersey, 1664-1703, 1976 Reprint by Genealogical Publishing Company from Archives of the State of New Jersey, First Series, Vol XXI: Page 98 of reprint from Page 95 of East Jersey Deeds, etc., Liber "B")

William Sutton was a Quaker and living most of his life as a farmer,he was recognized as an outstanding member of the community. (As recorded in the List of Judges and Assistants of Middlesex County Courts of Common Pleas and Quarter Secession (1683-1736)) 1685/6 - Feb.17. Pantent to William Suttone of Piscataway for several small parcels of land.
1685 - March 25. Pantent to William Suttone of Piscataway for 125 acres:25 thereof being due to his wife, Jane, as headland, the other 100 acres being granted to William Suttone as an old settler.
1693 - Aug 28. William Sutton, constable of Piscataway gives return for the election of a Representative in place of Hopewell Hull, deceased.
1697 - March 10. Confirmation of 21 persons including William Sutton, Thomas Sutton, Judah Sutton, all of Piscataway for a small tract of meadow.(New Jersey Archives, vol XXI)
April 1696 - Richard Whedby is choosing Francis Foster as his guardian. George Sutton & Nathanell Sutten to choose their guardian. Ordered that Nathanel Nichlson take care of George Sutten and Joseph Sutten Jr take Nathanel Sutten into his garden(sic). Upon peticon of Debro Whedby she choose --- etc --- picked Joseph Sutten, Jr. . (Old Albemarle Co. NC Preq. Precinct Court Minutes 1688-1738 pgon page 34 April Court 1696)

Elizabeth Chancey b: October 02, 1701 in Pasquotank Co, NC married: Nathaniel Sutton b: Abt. 1690 in Perquimans Co, NC m: January 09, 1725/26 in Pasquotank Co, NC Father: Joseph Sutton Mother: Deliverance Nicholson (Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy by William Wade Hinshaw)

July 1702 - Joseph Sutten Sr vars Denis Meckeldenden and Debro his wife in a plea of ye case for the estate of Debro Whedby given by a ded gift given by hir ffather John Whedby ye saide Mackelenden is ordered to deliver ye sd estae in kine as it was given ales execution. Ralph Ffletcher, Francis Foster, Willam Barclift. . (Old Albemarle Co. NC Preq. Precinct Court Minutes 1688-1738 pgon page 35 July Court 1702)

After the death of John Whedbee, Richard Whedby chose Francis Foster to be his guardian. George and Nathaniel Sutten chose their guardians. Nathaniel Nicholson for George Sutton and Joseph Sutten, Jr for Nathaniel Sutten. Debro Whedby chose Joseph Suton, Sr. Thus it would appear tht John Whedbee had been guardian to the Sutton minor children prior to his death. (“The Bonners of Chowan Co., NC, A Family History:, by John Wesley Curry)

Rev. David Sutton b. 31 July 1703 in Bernard Township, Basking Ridge, New Jersey, m. 1st ca 1723 Elizabeth Cox of Somerset County, NJ. In the records of the Baptist Church of Middletown, NJ.: “March ye 1st 1731-2: A list of names of the Church members in the County of Monmouth & places adjacent in East New Jersey. June 1733, David Sutton, Elizabeth Sutton.” Evidently she died soon after as on 2 June 1735, the name of David’s 2nd wife, Sarah, is added to the church rolls. She was Sarah Trembley. He d. in Basking Ridge, Bernard Township, Somerset County, NJ between the date on his will, 1 Dec 1775, and the date of probate of the will, 19 Dec 1775. (Sutton Sutton and More Suttons, Doris Ellen (Witter) Bland, 1992, Bland Books, r5, Box 412, Fairfield, Ill 62837, p.38)

ZEBULON SUTTON, son of Daniel, b at Basking Ridge, NJ 1 Sep 1707, d after 1743, m Mary Doty b 23 May 1713, dau of James Doty and Phebe Slater. (First Settlers of Piscataway and Woodbridge, by Monnette, p 1227)

William Sutton and wife Jane intended to move from Piscataway to Burlington, N.J. The Certificate of Approval was sighned by Nathaniel Fitz Randolph and others. The last records of him in 1713 mentioned he was an aged man. (Friends' Meeting House records of 18 February 1706 of Woodbridge, NJ)

48. Mary Doty (James, Samuel, Edward)[Mayflower Index] b 23 May 1713 in Piscataway, NJ [Ethan Allen Doty #3296]. "She married Zebulon Sutton. Evidence of this marriage is lacking." (The Pilgrim Edward Doty Society compiled and published in October 1993 Descendants of Edward Doty, Mayflower Passenger, Vol. 4: Samuel Doty Descendants, p. 23)

DEED BOOK B #1, Chowan County, NC #834 pg. 283 JOSEPH PLOWMAN to JOSEPH SUTTON SR, of Perquimans 22 Aug. 1715 assignment of a Patent for 318 acres on ye north east side of Kasiah River dated 1 Apr. 1714. Wit: SOLOMON JORDAN, JOHN BYRD Reg. 8 May 1716

DEED BOOK B #1, Chowan County, NC #1657 pgs. 14,15,16 and 17 At a Court held for the sd. Prect. 17 Apr. 1716 JOHN PLOWMAN ack. Assignment of a Pattent to JOSEPH SUTTON SR.

No. 386. Lewis Alex Knight of Pasquotank Pre’ct, for 30 pounds pd by Joseph Sutton Jrn’r, of Perq Pre’ct. “assigns Right of within Deed of Sale.” Oct 9, 1716. Test’ Francis Toms, Richard Leary. Court at the House of Mrs Eliz. French. (History of Perquimans Co., NC, Records of Deeds, p. 68)

Deed Book C #1 Chowan Co., NC #1316 - pg.76 - Joseph Sutton Sr to Thomas Sutton 19 Oct 1720 for love and affection I have towards my son --- assignment of a patt. for 318 acres - NE side of Casiah River --- formerly assign. to Joseph Sutton by John Plowman 1 April 1714. Wit.: Robert Hicks, John Nairn, Reg. 16 June 1721 P. 163

JOSEPH SUTTON to THOS SUTTON 19 Oct 1720 for love and affection I have toward my son....assignment of patent for 318 acres on ne side of Cashia River. Ack. 21 Oct 1721 - June 16 1721.

Isaac, son of David Sutton, sometimes spelled Sotton, was born 1720-30. He married Rachel, daughter of Benjamin Doty. The three sons, mentioned below, released by quitclaim the lands of their grandfather, Benjamin Doty, to Edward White, in 1784. Jacob, Israel and Samuel all went to Fayette county, Pennsylvania ( see page 514, "Chamber's Early Germans of New Jersey"). There were probably other children. (Upper Monongahela Valley article)

THOMAS SUTTON & Wife ELIZABETH to MARY JONES Sept 7 1723..."by patent and deed of gift to my sister-in-law, MARY JONES....262 acres was in danger of having lapsed....which was the true reason to get the lapsed patent in my name without any intent to wrong my said sister-in-law, MARY JONES....I acknowledge she has right and good title lying below Black Walnut Swamp" Wit: JOHN LUERTON, JAMES FELLHAM Apr Court 1726. (Deed Book B 162)

1725/6 1, 9 Elisabeth Chancey, Pasquotank Co., m. Nathaniel Sutton, at Pasquotank MH.
pg 166 1725/6 1, 9 Nathaniel Sutton, Perquimans Co., m. Elizabeth Chancey at Pasquotank MH. (Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy by William Wade Hinshaw, pp 135 & 166)

Nathaniel SUTTON of Perquimans, and Elizabeth CHANCEY of Pasquotank ....9, 1m, 1725/6 at the publick meeting house at Pasquotank.... It lists 22 witnesses to this marriage some of which are: Nathaniel N S SUTTON his mark, Elisabeth SUTTON, George SUTTON, William CHANCEY, Zachariah CHANCEY, Daniel CHANCEY, and others. (From Quaker Marriage Certificates, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Piney Woods and Sutton Creek. Monthly Meetings, North Carolina, 1677-1800 - Compiled by Gwen Boyer Bjorkman - Heritage Books, Inc. page 32 Page 109)

JOHN BIRD and wife MARY to ROBERT BIRD Feb 1727/28 ...." For 200 acres unto my son ROBERT BIRD and his heirs lawfully begotten....and in default to my daughter REBECCA BIRD and her heirs....if both should die without heirs unto my brother EDWARD BIRD ......and so successively to my other brother and sisters in the same manner as NATHANIEL SUTTON late of Perquimmons Precinct did by his last wil and testament did bequeath a piece of land containing 130 acres....which I JOHN BIRD by a late act of assembly am empowed to sell..." wit: ROBERT BROWN, JAMES CORICE (CURRIE?) , THOMAS COPLIN (Deed Book B 425)

Nathaniel Sutton, (s of Joseph & Deliverance) m. Elizabeth Chancey (named in will of William Chancey, as “sister” & her children, Joseph & Deborah as “cousins”) had issue: Joseph b. Aug 21, 1727, Deborah, b. Mar 13, 1729/30. (History of Perquimans Co., NC, Mrs. Watson Winslow)

Joseph Sutton b: August 21, 1727 in Perquimans Co, NC (Old Albemarle Co. NC, Perquimans Precinct by Weynette Parks Haun)

Deborah Sutton b: March 13, 1729/30 in Perquimans Co, NC (Old Albemarle Co. NC , Perquimans Precinct by Weynette Parks Haun)

John Drake - he came over from Eng, m. Sarah Bryant & d. 1729 naming an underage sone James Drake. Will proved May Court 1729, Bertie Co, NC. Wit: John Sutton, John Dickinson, Richard Sumner

5/25/1733. SUTTON, Nathan, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co. Inventory, 1.10.0 pounds; made by Daniel SUTTON and Jeremiah DRAKE.
4/22/1733. Administration granted to Richard SUTTON. (Lib B, p455)

THOMAS SUTTON and Wife JUDITH to JOHN LUERTON May 8 1734 - 72 pounds for 640 acres formerly Plowman’s property on Cypress Meadow (Bertie Co, NC Deed)

THOMAS SUTTON and Wife JUDITH to ISSAC GREGORY, marriner May 9 1734. 200 acres for love good will & affection”. Part of a tract” which I elapsed from ELIZABETH JONES...and this same 200 acres I assigned over to MARY JONES 7 Sep 1723 which MARY JONES is now married to the said ISSAC GREGORY....(Bertie Co, NC Deed)

MARY GREGORY to THOMAS SUTTON May 9 1734...Power of Attorney to acknowledge sale (Bertie Co, NC Deed)

The will of Mary (Bonham) Dunham of Piscataway dated 2/28/1736-7, proved 8/13/1742, specifies that “my grandchildren, Jonathan Martin, Jr and Mary Sutton, shall have between them both, as much as any one of my sons or daughters”. (Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Vol 4, 2nd Ed, Edward Fuller, Publ by Gen. Soc. of Mayflower Descendants 1995, Bruce Campbell Mac Gunnslge, CS p. 106)

179. Jeremiah Sutton (Mary, James, Samuel, Edward) b 29 Oct 1738 in Basking Ridge, NJ, d Dec 1814 in Butler Co., PA. He md Elizabeth _______ in NJ, d after 1814 in Butler Co., PA. (The Pilgrim Edward Doty Society compiled and published in October 1993 Descendants of Edward Doty, Mayflower Passenger, Vol. 4: Samuel Doty Descendants, p. 50)

4/5/1740. SUTTON, Moses, of Pepack, Essex (Somerset?) Co, weaver. Jane SUTTON, widow, renounces right to administer, and desires John SUTTON, her eldest son, be appointed. Witness - Benjamin MANNING
4/14/1740. Adm'r John SUTTON, of Paypack, yeoman. Benjamin SHELLEY and Samuel WILLET, both of Lebanon, Hunterdon Co, yeoman, fellow bondsman. (Essex Wills, Lib C, p332)
7/7/1740. Inventory, 86.6.4 pounds; made by James SUTTEN, Jelbes JOHNSON. Debtors - Joseph SAMLE, Edward LUIS, John JOHNSON, John HARRIS, John BELL, Hennery BEEGEL, Edward JONES, James ALEN, Aaron RICE, Abraham DRAKE, Aaron SUTTEN, James PIAT. Bond from James PYAT and Philip COX, dated 4/23/1719.

Sutton-Newby House. (National Register) This is one of the oldest houses in the Albemarle, probably built circa 1745 by Joseph Sutton on land which had belonged to his family for nearly seventy years. Founders of the family were George Sutton (died 12 April 1669, probably in Perquimans) and his wife Sarah (Tilden) Sutton. Sutton had gone from Sandwich, England in 1634 to Scituate, Massachusetts. After coming to Carolina, Sutton’s children married: Joseph to Deliverance Nicholson, Nathaniel to Deborah Astine, Sarah to John Barrow, and Elizabeth to Ralph Fletcher. Their descendants are numerous. Nathaniel’s son Joseph married Parthenia Durant and fathered the Joseph who probably built the house. The story-and-a-half frame structure is notable for a Flemishbond gable end ornamented by patterns of glazed headers. (THEY CAME TO STAY, A tour of Historic Durants Neck and old Neck, Perquimans County, NC 4 may 1991 Sponsored by NC Society Colonial Dames XVII Century and Perquimans County Restoration Association)

MARY JONES 22 Dec 1745 probated 9 Jan 1748 Of Bertie Co. Cousin ELIZABETH SPRUEL** - gold ring; SARAH HAWKINS daughter of THOMAS HAWKINS- gold ring; THOMAS HACKMAN - my books 60 Pds; Goddaughter MARTHA HARDY- 2 ewes and lambs; Cousin THOMAS SUTTON, son of my sister ELIZABETH SUTTON 180 acres in Cashoake where I now live. Cousin JOHN SUTTON son of my sister ELIZABETH SUTTON - 100 acres Cashoake; “ the women who look after me in my sickness”- all my clothes; GEORGE SUTTON, son of my sister ELIZABETH SUTTON - all my cattle Ex: cousins THOS and JOHN SUTTON Wit: THOMAS HACKMAN, JOHN BURN

ZEBULON (Daniel, William) Of Bernard Township, Somerset County, on February 28, 1746-7, leased of James Alexander 130 acres bordering on the Passaic River next to John Doty who leased 300 acres from said Alexander in 1739. Jonathan Doty and Zachariah Sutton 100 acres and John Sutton 85 acres also leased or purchased portions of this 800 acre Alexander tract which included the town of Basking Ridge.
"The Dotys are an old New Jersey family, and have been associated with and have intermarried with the Suttons from the earliest times."
"Zebulon Sutton, according to his son Uriah, lived at the town of North Branch. He attended te old Presbyterian Church at Basking Ridge. He married, about 1731, Mary ________, probably in Piscataway. Her surname was probably Doty, daughter (born about 1713) of Jonathan Doty of Piscataway and Mary his wife." Jonathan Doty was son of Samuel Doty and Jane Harman and grandson of Edward Doty and Faith Clark. (Genealogical Notes of the Sutton Family of New Jersey" by Edward F. H. Sutton, 1900, pp 20-22)

JOHN SUTTON to JAMES LOCKHART of Scotch Hall May 17 1750 . 15 pounds for 100 acres.." JOHN SUTTON of the province a'f'said son of THOMAS SUTTON, SEN....whereas MARY JONES my aunt by her last will and testament ....bequesthed to me JOHN SUTTON....part of that plantation on which she had lived..." In Cashoke. Adj. Hendersons Corner on Moratuck Bay at Spring Branch....Wit: GEORGE LOCKHART, NATHANIEL ?, ELIZABETH LOCKHART. August Court 1750. (Deed Book G 299)

Record of Estate THOMAS SUTTON ( Bertie Co) Inventory May 14 1751 by JOHN HARDISON, including property that belonged to the wife of the deceased before he married her. Division of the estate according to the will Aug 24 1753 among 1) THOMAS SUTTON, eldest son, 2) JOHN SUTTON, 3) WILLIAM SUTTON, 4) GEORGE SUTTON, 5) JOSHUA SUTTON, 6) PARTHENIA SUTTON, daughter, 7) MARY SUTTON, daughter, 8) ELIZABETH SUTTON, 9) JESPER SUTTON, 10) SARAH SUTTON, 11) JUDITH SUTTON, and 12) the widow’s share was paid to THOMAS SPELLER, who married the relict ELIZABETH SUTTON

The will of Jonathan Martin of Piscataway NJ dated 5/4/1768, proved 8/17/1768, mentions “my wife”; granddaug Lydia Shotwell, son William, dau. Catherine, granddaughter Elizabeth Hayden, dau. of John Sutton; granddau Prudence, daug of Joseph Howard, daugs Martha, Anne, Elisabeth, Rachel, Catherine and Sarah; son-in-law Daniel Dunham; son Peter; grandsons John Martin and Jonathan Martin; executors son-in-law Daniel Dunham and friend Samuel Dunham.(Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Vol 4, 2nd Ed, Edward Fuller, Publ by Gen. Soc. of Mayflower Descendants 1995, Bruce Campbell Mac Gunnslge, CS p. 106)

They all arrived in May of 1770, the same spring in which occurred the Boston Massacre. They came from New Jersey and it is claimed they crossed the Casselmen River near the present site of Harnedsville and passing over the Hogback Mts. came to rest in the valley of Laurel Hill Creek.
On Wed, the 14th anno Domini 1775 at the home of Moses Hall they met with purpose to create a new church under the direction of Rev. Isaac Sutton and Rev. John Corbly. In this way the Turkeyfoot Baptist Church or Jersey Church was founded under the laws of King George III one year and 20 days before the Declaration of Independence was signed. These Baptist were of the Strictly religious type. To have your name in the church meant something. It was a real recommendation as no triflers were allowed. Absence from meeting meant that a committee would call and see why. If from church services the same. Grievances between neighbors were settled at church-meeting. The Jersey church is the oldest Baptist church west of the Alleghenies and the first church ever formed in Somerset Co, Pa. Today it is caring the torch lighted by its forefathers so many years ago. ("The Jersey Church Through The Years" by Mrs. A. G. Boughner and reprinted for the 1976 Bicentennial)

A Church constituted by Rev Isaac SUTTON and Daniel Fristoe on 7th day November 1773 consisting of thirty members men and women which mutually gave themselves to each other by the will of God in covenant. (Records of the Goshen Baptist Church, Greene Co/Washington Co)

Fryday 12th: May 1775 Met according to appointment and rec'd Brother Corbly into our church by a letter of dismision from Mill Creek Church and Chose Moderator. Brother Underwood still continued till next meeting. A meeting appointed at Goshen for Ordaination Fast held on the same by the church and on Saturday the 10th June 1775 our Brother John Corbley was ordained over us by brother JAMES SUTTON and ISAAC SUTTON rec'd the right hand of Fellowship as our pastor and Brother JAMES SUTTON dismissed from us delivering up the charge and pastoral care to our Brother Corbly. Same time also agreed that our Brother John Corbly go assist Brother ISAAC SUTTON to constitute a Church at Sand Creek Glades on wednesday the 14th of June and Ordain our Brother Barnet over them if requiredSMet according to the above appointment and constituted the church consisting of Nine Members but no ordination was performed. (Selections from Minutes of the Goshen Baptist Church, Greene Co, PA)

The Rev. David Sutton, Kingwood, Hunterdon Co., NJ was fined for refusing to take an oath in 1777. (Ref: The Loyalists of New Jersey, Their Memorials, Petitions, Claims, Etc. From English Records; E. Alfred Jones; NJ Historical Society, 1927)

David Sutton received his early education at Hopewell Academy. (The Sutton Family, by E.F.H. Sutton)

David Sutton was received into the Kingwood Baptist Church, Baptistown, Hunterdon County, New Jersey of May 7, 1764 by a letter of dismission from Scotch Plains. He was identified as a Minister of the Gospel. On June 8, 1765, his wife Anne was taken into the church. On August 9, 1783, David and Anne were dismissed with letter from the church, probably for Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. (Town Records of Hopewell, NJ)

Rev. David Sutton was a successful pastor of the Kingwood, New Jersey Baptist Church from March 26, 1764 until August 4, 1783. During David Sutton's ministry the church experienced " a considerable stir in the church relative to the rite of washing feet ". in writing of Morgan Edwards about Baptist churches he pays tribute to David Sutton commenting that " He has been often compared to Nathanael, of whom it is said, that there was no guile in him ". He served Kingwood Baptist Church for almost twenty years, during which he pioneered in the organization of a Baptist Church at Amwell, later known as Flemington. While he served at Kingwood church he also served as pastor of the church at Amwell. During the Revolutionary War, he was at one time locked out of this church at Amwell. This was due to a John Jewell claiming he was a suspect with leanings toward the British cause. In the book " The loyalists of New Jersey" it list a Rev. David Sutton as a loyalists and he was fined in 1777 for refusing to take the oath. On May 1, 1783, Rev. David Sutton made a visit to the Ten Mile Church in West Bethleham, Washington County, Pennsylvania and on August 3rd., 1783, David left the Kingwood Pastorate and along with his brother John went to Washington County, Pennsylvania along with their families. This area was known as Red Stone Country. The area was described as a wilderness in it moral and Spiritual, as well as its natural aspects. He remained as pastor at Ten Mile Church until his death on October 22nd., 1812. (History of the Baptist of NJ, by Morgan Edwards)

1/29/1780: Met according to appointment January 29, 1780. First agreed by the voice of the Church unanimously that Brother BENJAMIN SUTTON be laid under censure for taking of hogs that was none of his property. Second agreed by the voice of the Church that Brother Alexander Briant take his seat in the house of God as he stood the 24 of July in the year 1779. Third agreed by the majority of the Church that Hannah Garard is laid under censure for her misbehavior namely for committing adultery. (Selections from Minutes of the Goshen Baptist Church, Greene Co, PA)

30 October 1784: Agreed to send a letter to JAMES SUTTON to come down next church meeting to discuss cause whereby he is grieved. (Selections from Minutes of the Goshen Baptist Church, Greene Co, PA)

David Sutton’s children were probably born during his residence at Kingwood, New Jersey. He made his Will February 24, 1812 at West Bethleham, Washington County, Pa. and probated October 29th, 1812. He gave one seventh of his estate to each heir. His wife was not mentioned in the Will. Since his daughter Sarah Wilson had died, her children are to share her part of the estate. He also goes on to request that the order in which the were to be paid, is that His son John was first, then an of Sarah children that had reached the age of 21 shall be next. The rest are to be paid by seniority. His property was to be sold as soon as possible after his death. He says in what manner it is to be sold but unable to read that part of the will. He had one exception to what was to be sold and that was his books and one other item unreadable, were to be divided among his children. (History and Genealogical Miscallany by Stillwell)

Benjamin SUTTON Jr listed under column "dismissed." Member prior to 1799 (Records of the Goshen Baptist Church, Greene Co/Washington Co)

Edward DOTY, page 112 under Mary DOTY, it states: "It was thought at one time that Mary m. Zebulon Sutton. Evidence of the marriage is lacking; and the descendants of Zebulon Sutton are no onger believed to be descendants of Edward DOTY.
Jeremiah SUTTON of Butler Co., PA, once thought to have been a son of Zebulon SUTTON, is a son of John SUTTON, a descendant of Pilgrim Edward FULLER." (1991 booklet by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants)

"Zachariah Sutton, who married Frusannah Askew, come to Dooly, now Crisp County, from South Carolina. He was a Baptist minister, and father of John C. Sutton, Sr., who was killed in the Battle of Olustee, Fla., during the War Between the States." (CRISP COUNTY GEORGIA, Historical Sketches by W. P. Fleming)

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