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Ralph Fletcher (m. Elizabeth Sutton), Perquimans County 2/20/1726-1727, 1/21/1728, Will: Sons: Ralph ("my manner house & plantation"), George ("my lower house and plantation"), James, Josua. Daughters: Jane and Elizabeth Fletcher. Executors: Richard Skinner and Richard Cheasten. Witnesses: Elizabeth French, Sarah Skinner, Thomas Rattliff. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Crew

Benjamin Force (m. Damaris Sutton) ...his will, Date: 8/16/1734, Location: Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ
Yeoman; will of. Children--Thomas, Benjamin (living in New England), Charity Freeman, and Hannah (wife of John Noe). Grandsons--Henry and Thomas Palmer Force, sons of son Thomas. Lands formerly belonging to William Bunn, joining lands of Joseph Bloomfield, John Noe, Jun'r, John Morris, John Wilkison; land on Rahway meadows joining Daniel Brittain, John Jaquashies, John Dillies, John Trueman; land purchased of Hugh Marsh, which he bought in 1670; lands joining Daniel Thorp, Jonathan Dillies, Jonathan Bishop. Executors--friends Jacob Thorn, Ebenezer Johnson and John Noe, Jun'r. Witnesses--J. Stevens, John Bishop, Thomas Force, Jun'r. Proved Nov. 30, 1734. (Calendar of NJ Wills, Vol II 1730-1750, p182)

Peter Jones will probated in Perquimans Co, NC April 1752 names children: John, to whom he bequeathed "plantation whereon I now live" & land at "Mile Branch." To son Wililam he left 170a, son Peter "plantation wheron I now live" dau's: Mary, Hannah & Margaret Jones, Sarah Sutton, Rebecca Denman, gr-son Thomas Sherwood, Exrs son John & dau Mary.
The division of Mary Jones estate (d of Peter) 1/1/1758: Heirs of Mary Jones dec'd: Rebecca Denman, "sister of half blood", Sarah Sutton "sister of whole blood", Hannah Hinds "sister of whole blood" . . (History of Perquimans County, Records of Deeds, p365)

WILL OF CORNELIUS CLAWSON DATED 8/18/1758 Clawson, Cornelious, Sr, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co, NJ. Wife, Mary. Children--Cornelious, William, Zachariah, Mary Shaver, Sarah Potter, JANE SUTTON, Catharine Campbell & Hanna Long. Grandchildren--Benjamin ------, Susannah Drake and Elizebeth Potter. Real & personal estate. Executors--son, Cornelious, & son-in-law, Joseph Campbell. Witnesses-- Elisha Whitehead, John Campbell & Daniel Barto. Proved 9/11/1758. Lib F, p551, 8/29/1758, Inventory, £429.6.1 incl bills, bonds, book debts and cash, 192.12.8; made by John Hepburn and Reune Runyon

Somerset Co Gravestones--Mr Abner Sutton, Minister of the Gospel, d. 26 Feb 1791 in the 50th year. Mary 'wife' of Rev'd Abner Sutton d. 12 Dec 1798 in 56th year. (Genealogical Magazine of NJ)

Rev Abner Sutton (1741-91) Basking Ridge NJ, second pastor at Mt Bethel Baptist Church, famous revialist; m. 1768 Mary Davidson (1742-98); George Sutton (son of Rev Abner) m-Rozannah, d/o Peter Runyon. (The Compendium of American Genealogy Vol 6 p 550)

2/23/1761 SUTTON, Jane, of Burlington Co Ward. Daughter of Daniel SUTTON. Guardian -- Arent SCHUYLER, of Burlington, yeoman. (File No 7177 C)

James Sutton was the first pastor of Tuckihoe Baptist Church, Gloucester, NJ, in 1771. He resigned to go to Cowmarsh, DE; then western PA. He was the first pastor and one of the six founders of the North Ten Mile Baptist Church in 1773, in what is now Washington Co, PA. He served until 1781, being succeeded by Rev John Corbly for two years, who in turn was followed in 1783 by James’ brother David Sutton.
In 1783, together with Col McClean, James Sutton was appointed a trustee of Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA, by its founding Act of Assembly. One year later, 10/30/1784, when the Mount Moriah Baptist Church of Georges Township was constituted as a branch of the Great Bethel Baptist Church, he was installed as its first pastor.
In 1787, James Sutton moved to Monongalia Co, VA, where he was installed as the pastor of the Mount Pleasant Church. James preached in Ohio, and is recorded as the pastor of the first church organized in Warren Co, OH in 1797. This was the Clear Creek Baptist Church at Ridgeville, located only a few miles from where David Sutton settled in Warren Co. James also preached in Kentucky. ( by Mary Lou Hermiller)

Benjamin Sutton was received as a member of the Forks of Cheat Baptist Church, August 1785. The church was organized 5 Nov 1775 by Rev. John Corbley--included Presbyterians, Baptists and Methodists. A difficulty between Brother James Sutton and the church was settled 1 Mar 1781. In Sept 1787 Brother Benjamin Sutton appointed to notify both David Scott and Thomas Evans to appear at the next church meeting in October. At the October meeting Benjamin Sutton applied for a letter of dismissal, which was granted on condition that he present "a receipt from Mrs. Byron," p. 146. (James Morton Callahan's History of the Making of Morgantown, WV: A Type Study in History, 1926, pp. 144-46)

Abraham Sutton & Philip Hewit were appointed guardian May 3, 1791 for Phoebe, Sarah, David, Mary and Ann Frazee, children of David Frazee all under age 14. (Washington Co, PA courthouse Orphans Court Docket A, page 89)

William Winters was a brother-in-law of Amariah Sutton who took up the last manor survey comprising of 599 acres on the east side of Lycoming Creek. Sutton being unable to hold the entire tract, Winters obtained the eastern half which was afterwards known as the "Grier Farm". Winters was a native of New Jersey. He died 29 Jun 1794 age 66 years, 3 months and two days. Winters had two wives and 19 children. Winters was buried in the old cemetary near his residence. ("History of the West Branch Valley")

2/5/1800. SUTTON, John and Rachel, of Hunterdon Co Wards. On petition of Andrew SUTTON, the father of said children, infants under 14 having estates, that he be made their Guardian. Guardian - Andrew SUTTON. Fellowbondsman - Philip HYLER and Conrad APGAR; all of said Co. (Lib 38, p. 438; File 1943J)

8/11/1800 SUTTON, John, of Somerset Co Ward Son of Abner SUTTON, of said Co, dec'd; being out of the Wardship of his Guardian in Soccage, by his petition makes choice of George SUTTON, of the City of New York, as his Guardian. Fellowbondsman - John WORTH of Bernard Twp said co. (Lib 39, p146; File 1153R)

Sutton, Moses G 1806-1875 Berrien [County]
Moses G Sutton was b. in Wilkinson Co, [GA], 1/30/1806. His parents were from NC. He m. in Wilkinson Co, 1/12/1827 to Eliza Webb d/o Dawson and Phoebe Webb.
Mr and Mrs Sutton moved to Lowndes Co, 1847, in company with her parents. They lived in the Cat Creek district until about 1854 when they moved to near the present day Poplar Springs Baptist Church. In 1856 they were cut out of Lowndes into Berrien County. They were charter members of Poplar Springs Church when it was constituted in 1858, and remained members until their deaths.
Mr Sutton served as Justice of Peace, 1148th district, 1861-64. He d. 7/17/1875. Mrs. Sutton b. 12/3/1810, Wilkinson Co, and d. 3/26/1857. They were buried at Empire Church. (Pioneers of Wiregrass GA, Vol 4, pp 291-2 by Folks Huxford 1960)

The newspaper epitaph says " In memory of David Sutton who died October 22, 1812, age 82 years. He was a laborer in the Gospel Ministry about 57 years." Another article states Rev. David Sutton of West Bethleham age 82, born 1730, died of cancer". (Washington Co, PA by Crumrione, p.669)

"Joseph Sutton settled in this county about 1819. He was from Westmoreland Co, but a native of NJ. The children of Joseph and Sarah Sutton who reached mature years were three: John, James and Jane (Morrow). John, the oldest, lived some years on the old homestead then went to Armstrong County and afterward returned to Butler County. He died in 1864 in Fairview Twp. His wife was Mary Sutton, the mother of eight children, six of whom are now living." (The 1883 History of Butler Co., page 384)

27-Mar-1822 - Marriage recorded: Jacob Sutton to Judith Blount, by Lewis Holland, J.P. [Note: Judith Blount was widow of Isaac Blount, aka Isaac TURNAGE, thought to be adopted son of Jacob B. Blount of Pitt County NC and mother Selah Turnage. Judith's maiden surname was FRIZZLE.) (MARRIAGE RECORDS OF PULASKI CO GA to 1935 p.809)

Land Record - Preble Co, OH - Deed dtd 3/11/1823.
Phillip Sutton & wife Sarah of Preble Co, OH to William Neal of Preble Co, OH. Part of the q section entered by Benjamin Sutton & Thomas Childress of Preble Co, OH. NEq, section 29, twp 8, range (blank), it being the SW corner. $150 in hand. Signed: Phillip (his X mark) Sutton & Sarah (her X mark) Sutton. Witness: Jeremiah (his X mark) Childers & Peter Hughes, JP. Vol 5, pg 444. (from photocopy of original record). (Contributed by Mary)

Original Land Grants - MO, issued to Jonas Sutton:
4/1/1825 80 A. MO 0120-, 037
5/31/1827 80 A. MO 0130-,046
5/17/1828 80 A. MO 0130-, 299 on Shoal Creek
3/6/1829 80 A. MO 0130-,386 on Shoal Creek
9/7/1838 80 A. MO 0240-, 489 on Shoal Creek

Original Johnson Co, IN Land Purchases
Isaac Sutton 2/4/1823
Jacob Sutton 4/23/1824
James Sutton 1/19/1836
Jonathan Sutton 11/5/1822
Philip Sutton 3/14/1823

Early Johnson Co, IN Landowners
Isaac & Alice Sutton, Book B, Johnson Co, IN
Jacob & Abigail Sutton, Book A, Johnson Co, IN
Jane Sutton, Book A, Johnson Co, IN
Jonathan Sutton heirs, Philip Sutton, Elizabeth & Cyrena, Book C, Johnson Co, IN
Philip & Sarah Sutton, Book A, Marion Co, IN

Elizabeth Sutton was the widow of Benjamin Sutton, of Preble Co, OH, mother of Jonathan and James Sutton. The constituted a family and lived on the northwest quarter of Section 33, Twp 14 North, Range 3 East, until Jonathan Sutton died, in the year 1826. They had emigrated only 2 yrs before. He left a wife and 1 child. James Sutton died also, a few yrs after his borther, on the same farm. Also a son-in-law of Elizabeth Sutton, named Miner, and several of his children, died about the year 1926 on the same land. The widow continued to reside in the neighborhood for many yrs after their death. She was an excellent woman, and full of religious fervor. She was a skillful and efficient female doctor, and was of great service in nursing the sick. (“A Historical Sketch of Johnson County Indiana”, by D D Banta, 1881, pp 141-142)

p. 222 James Spencer & wife Anne, Richard Phelin & wife Hannah, John Watts & wife Rhoda & Jane Sutton VS Elizabeth & Philip Sutton, Thomas Thompson Jr & wife Catherine, Gyrene Sutton infant heir to Jonathan Sutton deceased & Joshua, Aaron, John, Betsy & Philip Miner infant heirs of Sarah Miner deceased in a chancery suit. Mar 1830. (Johnson Co, IN Court Records 1823-1853, Civil Order Book A)

9/18/1827 Catharine Sutton the widow of Jonathan Sutton deceased petitioned the court to set off her dower in Jonathan's real estate. Irena Sutton was mentioned as a minor heir. A commmision was appointed to do this. (Probate Order Book A, p116, Johnson Co, IN)

Sep 1828 Catherine Sutton the widow petitioned the court to set off her dower in the estate of Jonathan Sutton deceased. Jonathan had left one child Cyrene a minor. A commission was appointed to set off her dower, which they do and report to the court. (Comoplete Record Book 1, p199, Johnson Co, IN)

9/9/1828 The dower assigned to Catherine Sutton the widow of Jonathan Sutton deceased was entered here. (Probate Order Book A, p156, Johnson Co, IN)

11/15/1849 A Report here by Jacob Sutton the guardian of Cyrena Sutton (Probate Order Book C, p357, Johnson Co, IN)

Jacob Sutton came to White River Township [Johnson Co, IN] from Ohio, on foot, with a pack on his back and twenty-five dollars as the sum total of his wealth. He did not, however, sit down and repine over the smallness of his fortune, but, with a stout heart, went to work, and soon found the means to enter eighty acres of land for his home place, and he, moreover, called in an energetic assistant in the person of Abigail Doty, daughter of John Doty, the old pioneer, by authority of Thomas Lowe, Esq, on the 21st day of November 1825, and located on the east half of the southeast quarter of Section 18, Township 13 north, Range 3 east, near the Bluffs. by uniting a small tannery with his farm, and practicing strict economy, he secured a competency, and, although the good wife has long since ceased her labors and gone to receive a glorious reward, yet the old pioneer still lives, and still manages, by taking in a widowed kinswoman, to run a house of his own. He is stout and cheerful, and now 78 years of age. He has tow sons and a son-in-law in the township, who, in industry and economy and good citizenship, walk in the footsteps of their worthy, venerable and aged father. (“A Historical Sketch of Johnson County Indiana”, by D D Banta, 1881, pp 142-143)

2/8/1837: This day came Jonas Sutton and Sarah Sutton his wife and in open court executed and acknowledged a power of attorney to Uriah Sutton and Micajah Sutton. (Co Court Records, Clay Co, MO)

Uriah lived at Kimball's Mountain, in Somerset County, NJ, and attended the Presbyterian Church at Basking Ridge. He was captain of NJ State Troops (see Stryker's "Officers and Men of NJ", p 413) and there is record of his presence at the battles of Monmouth, Watsessing, and Connecticut Farms. His granddaughter, Mrs Ruth Howell, states that, when the Continental Army lay at Morristown, Washington often dined at his house. A large dog used to follow the general about, and on its back Uriah's little son Stephen (Mrs Howell's father) was often allowed to ride. . . . Uriah attained the great age of 98 years, dying in 1839, at the home of his son Stephen in Bound Brook, NJ He was blind for nearly 30 years before his death. ("Genealogical Notes of the Sutton Family of New Jersey" by Edward F.H. Sutton published in 1900)

Jonas Sutton d. 9/19/1845, a yr before his death, 10/8/1844 he signed a partnership agreement with a Mr Smith and Mr Ogden, "The said parties jointly agree to erect and establish a saw and grist mill at the same place where the said Suttons saw mill has formerly been for the purpose of sawing and grinding . . ." A horse mill and mill irons were among items sold at his estate sale. (Sharron Chambers)

Zebulon Sutton settled in the town of Albany in 1853. He purchased at that time a tract of land on Sect 31, and built a frame house upon it, for which he bought the lumber from Sauk City, and idd the work himself. He was born in Washington Co, PA, 10/14/1801. His early life was spent in his native county. When 18 yrs old he was apprenticed to learn the cabinet maker's trade. After serving 3 yrs he returned to his home and opened a shop, and did custom work 5 yrs, then removed to Cornersburg, Trumbull Co, OH in 1828. On 1/24/1831 he was appointed postmaster of the place, and ran his shopand office till 1838, at which time he sold out, resigned his office and moved to Delaware Co, remaining there until 1853. He then came to Green Co, WI where he now lives in the enjoyment of good health and plenty to eat. Since coming to Green Co he has devoted his time principally to agricultural pursuits. He has since resided on Sect 31, where he at first settled. AT his trade he is a skillful workman, and has in his house some fine specimans of his handiwork, done since he was 80 yrs old, and without the aid of glasses, as his eyesight has not yet failed. He is also able to read and write without glasses.
He was married in 1827 to Rebecca Burt, who was born in Westmoreland Co, PA 5/27/1807. They have 3 children living - Almira, George and Sarah. Mr and Mrs Sutton have been married 57 yrs and are in the enjoyment of good health . . . On the 50th anniversary of their marriage their friends and relatives, to the number of 82 gathered at their residence to comgratulate them on their long and happy wedded life . . . valuable tokens of their respect and esteem. Their son, George, was born in Trumbull Co, OH 9/9/1835 and came to WI with his parents, with whom he made his home until 1870. He then went to KS and settled in Pottawattamie Co, and remained until . . Albany, where his wife died in 1880. He now lives with his parents adn carried on their farm. (History of Green Co, WI", Union Publishing Co, Springfield, IL, 1884, p710)

Died in Houston Co, GA on the 20th inst, Benjamin Sutton, aged 92 yrs 2 mo 10 d, b. Middlesex Co, NJ 3/10/1759 served in the Revolution, J Dunwoody (Marriage & Death Notices from the So Christian Advocate 1837-1860, Issue if 6/13/1851)

Agreement concluded 11/25/1822 in which Aaron Sutton, Andrew Sutton & others, the heirs and legatees of John Sutton, late of Tewksbury, dec'd who neglected or refused to mention the name of his daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Schuyler who is now prevented from recovering an equal share as those mentioned in the will of John Sutton agreed that Elizabeth should be entitled to her share subject to the will in respect to the share or dividend due Charity, wife of Conrad Apgar. The legatees were Aaron, Andrew, John, Richard and Peter Sutton, Andrew Schuyler, Wiliam Philhower, Harmon Huffman, Hannah Potter, Philip Philhower, Conrad and Charity Apgar, Philip Crater, Susannah Crater and Peter Philhower. Wit: John Haas and Thos D Jenkins. 2/8/1826. (Old Hunterdon Book, p434 Volume I, special deeds p36)

James Sutton was a native of Fayette Co, PA. Married Martha Thompson, a native of Chester Co, PA; they moved to Morgan Co, OH then to Ioaw, in 1851; they settled in Farmer's Creek Twp, Jackson Co, {IA} where he resided until his death; she is still a resident." (The History of Jackson Co, (Iowa), 1879)

Sylvester Sutton (s/o Benjamin Sutton & Elizabeth Roup) bought a pony farm in Texas. He was caught in a blizzard, go pneumonia, and died - date unknown. (per Rovena Sutton Windsor)

David Sutton (s/o Benjamin Sutton & Elizabeth Roup) was about six years old, he was crossing a foot log bridge when a dog ran up and pushed him off. Benjamin saw his son fall into the stream but Benjamin coul not swim so David drowned. (per Rovena Sutton Windsor)

Nelson Micahel Sutton & Arta Lamb had no children but were court appointed foster parents to Lovilla Love. The Love farm adjoined thiers. Mrs Love died shortly after childbirth. When Lovilla was about three, Nelson Michael Sutton noticed a lack of activity on the Love farm, upon investigation found Mr Love dead from an accident and Lovilla had been alone for several days on the farm. They took her in. Nelson Michael Sutton decided to go gold hunting in Colorodo, Lovilla refused to go with her foster parents. The court granted her permission to marry Nelson Michael's brother, Harry Elbert. Lovilla got her wish to be buried in Rice County where she had spent her whole life. (per Rovena Sutton Windsor)

Newspaper Article, 1904 - Cypress Twp - MO - Samuel Sutton
On last Tues, Feb 23rd, the (?? Corner of article missing) at the residence of R S Ellis, in Cypress twp, this county, the surviving brothers and sisters of the Sutton family. Uncle Samuel Sutton, who, with his aged wife (Mary G Patterson), lives with their daughter Mrs Hannah Ellis, is the oldest, being 88 yrs old. The other brothers present were Capt Simeon Sutton of Bethany, and Harvey Sutton, of LaSalle County, IL And Julia A Gard of Cypress twp, this county, together with quite a number of children and others related to the different Sutton families.
The above named brothers and sister are the survivors of a family of 11 children, all of whom lived to a good old age except one, Jacob Sutton, who died soon after the civil war ended, from exposure while serving in the Federal army. The combined ages of the 3 brothers and sister are 323 yrs, an avg of 80 yrs and 9 mos. It was an affecting sight to see these old people living their lives over again the few short hrs they were permitted to be together, as one brother had not been seen by the others for 44 yrs.
An enjoyable time was spent by all those present and after a bountiful repast was served, prepared by Mrs Ellis as she knows well how to do a photographer appeared and photographed the venerable people and their descendants in several different groups. After which well wishes and hand shaking being over the friends and relatives began to leave for their homes.
Among those present, besides those mentioned above, were: Mrs Capt Sutton, Mr And Mrs J H Sutton, and Mrs W H Gillispie, of Bethany; W G Sutton, Rutland, IL; J P Sutton, Happy Valley, Mo; Dr and Mrs B M Sutton, Bridgeport, Mo; and Wm H Sutton and family, Cypress, MO.
Written by J H Sutton (Contributed by Vickie)

JOHN P SUTTON, for Presiding Judge
Was born in OH, 11/7/1839, and has resided in Harrison co for 32 ys, and is a farmer by occupation. During the war he served in Co B 54th Regt OH Vol Inf. Has been Collector and also Clerk and Assessor of Cypress twp is a member of the Baptist church. He taught school for 20 yrs in Harrison and Daviess co in succession. During his military life he served a while in Andersonville, GA Prison. Mr. Sutton is an uncompromising Republican, and is one among our best citizens and very popular in his own neighborhood and over a large district of country in the county. His qualifications for the position he seeks is of a high order, and if successful he will undoubtedly make a good record. During every political campaign he has always been an active and efficient worker for his party, which, has gained for him many friends in every part of the county; where he is known. (Contributed by Vickie)

Galveston Daily News, Sunday, September 14, 1873. They in turn had copied the story from "The Dispatch of the 5th".
"Lampasas County. - The Dispatch of the 5th publishes the following particulars of the killing of Dixon and Sutton: "On Friday night last, the 29th of August, deputy sheriff Sweet, summoned a posse of men for the purpose of arresting Bill Dixon, for whose arrest papers had been placed in his hands. The deputy sheriff was informed that there was a probability of Dixon being strongly backed by his confederates, consequently he summoned an efficient force for his assistance. The officer and his party remained over night about one mile and a half from Sutton's, the father-in-law of Dixon, where they were informed that Dixon was making his head-quarters. On the following morning (Saturday, 30th of Aug.) it was suggested by some of the party in company with the officer, that they should approach the house, Sutton's residence, without him, believing, as they said, that Dixon would be less apt to offer resistence [resistance]. To this proposition the deputy sheriff acquiesced, and accordingly, four men approached the house. Upon their arrival they found Dixon and Sutton absent, but in a few moments they returned. A conversation then ensued between the parties on various topics, when finally the officer, Mr. Sweet, approached the house from the creek west of the place; he and Owens, one of the posse, spoke simultaneously and told Dixon to surrender. Sutton arose instantly from a sitting position, drawing his pistol and firing on the arresting party. Dixon arose about the same time with his pistol drawn, but before he could do any execution, he received his death wound from the hands of one of the opposite party. Sutton continued to fire until he had shot three or four times, when at length he fell lifeless to the ground. There were no papers in the hands of the officer for Sutton's arrest; but he seemed inclined to resist the arrest of his son-in-law, Dixon. We are informed that Dixon had in his possession at the time of the killing a stolen horse, and that for some time past he has been in the habit of handling freely the property of others. We are also informed by some of the parties present at the time of the inquest, that Sutton had on a false beard. Previous to this we have heard of no accusations of dishonesty against Sutton. During the fracas Dixon fired only once, and received but one shot. Sutton fired three or four times, and received four shots. Annexed is the verdict of the jury of inquest: 'We, the jury, find that Philip Sutton and Wm. Dixon came to their death at the hand of the deputy sheriff, A. Sweet and his assistants, in the lawful discharge of their duty.' Jury - H.C. Fountain, A.L. Jones, R. Fowler, A.P. Lee, H.B. Anderson, F.G. Morris." Karen Gauny Crisalli

Mrs Tacy Teters date of death 10/15/1891, age 69y 10m, housekeeper, married. b. PA, d. Farmers Creek Twp, buried 10/16/1891 Sutton Cem (Farmers Creek Twp, Jackson Co, IA, row N3). Cause of death pneumonia, complication heart trouble, duration of disease 6 days. (Jackson Co, IA Death record, book 1, p97)

Martha Sutton date of death 10/15/1891, age 87y 8m, housekeeper, widow. b. PA, d. Farmers Creek Twp, buried 10/16/1891 Sutton Cem (Farmers Creek Twp, Jackson Co, IA, row S4). Cause of death Old Age, complication stomach trouble, duration of disease 20 months. (Jackson Co, IA Death record, book 1, p97)

Sat, 10/17/1891: "Two of Farmers Creek township's grand old women, Mrs Martha Sutton, & her daughter, Mrs Washington Teter died on the same day, Thurs. Mrs Sutton was 90 yrs old & her daughter was an old lady. Both came to IA in 1851." (The Maquoketa Excelsior, Maquoketa, IA)

To descendants of John Benjamin Sutton & Mercy Ann Cutler, Sutton Valley, Anderson Co, KS:
Dec. 7, 1999
The "Sutton Boys" (and a couple of girls) played once again last night, much to the enjoyment of friends and family at the home of Mary (Sutton) Eye in Garnett, KS. Their gatherings are getting to the point that once a year is about as often as they get together. Most of the musicians are in their 70's and 80's, and the notes took a few beats to fall into place and a couple of times two different songs were being played at once, much to the laughter of those in attendance. The Sutton Boys started playing together in Sutton Valley, Greeley, Scipio and Duncan's Dance Barn near Lane in the 1920's. Most of the people that gathered at Mary Eye's last night were children when their fathers, uncles and friends gathered together on Saturday nights to entertain themselves and neighbors. I grew up attending many family gatherings in the 1960's. I would be in a neighboring room or outside and probably making fun of the outdated music (since I was growing up with rock and roll). Even though I didn't participate very often, the music became very familiar to me. I even played with them in the late 70's at dances to make a little extra money while in college. And up until a couple of years ago they would play about once a month in Harris, KS.
Last night I was witnessing the end of an era. Parkinson's, Alzheimers and other affects of old age are taking their toll on the musicians. The minds were not sharp, but once the music started the fingers seemed to know what to do on their own. I'm sure that they will play again and as often as possible, but they may be missing some of their members in the next year or two.
These Suttons are descendants of John Musicians:
Mary (Sutton) Eye, age 97, piano
Lowell Sutton, age 82, saxophone
Evert (Ed) Fink, age 88, guitar and banjo
Lionel Sutton, age 76, drums
Raymond Sutton, age 84, vocals and guitar
Alta (Sutton) Kennard, age 90, organ
Pete Eye, age 67(?), piano
Claron Cole, saxophone
Best Regards,
Philip Sutton

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