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Legend: [Cem] = Cemetary info, [Cen] = Census, [Doc] = Documentation, [Pic] = Picture, [Vet] = Veteran info

Generation 10

Child of Absalam Wooten & Fanny Bolton

??? b. bef 1810

Child of Allen Wooten & Lucy Whitfield

Sarah Elizabeth b. 1810 Crossroads, Wayne Co, NC d. 1865 Wayne Co, NC m. 11/10/1829 Dobbs Co, NC to James Bryan Whitfield b. 5/23/1809 Lenoir Co, NC d. 10/1/1841 Seven Springs, NC son of Bryan Whitfield and Winifred Bryan

Allen Whitfield b. 5/22/1808 Sandy Bottom, Lenoir Co, NC d. 1865 Lenoir Co, NC m.1. 2/15/1842 Wayne Co, NC to Tabitha Virginia Whitfield d. 1860 Lenoir Co, NC d/o Wayne Whitfield & Mary Sloan m.2. 3/16/1864 Wayne Co, NC to Jane Hamilton Hutchison

Children of Amos Wooten & Neoma Williams

Sally b. 1832 NC

Lizzy b. 1834 NC

Bryant H 11/1/1835-2/24/1906 Pender Co, NC [Cem] m. 12/23/1859 New Hanover, NC to Sabarah/Sabrey Jane Lanier 9/6/1833-11/17/1910

Amos b. 1838 NC d. 1863 m. 12/4/1858 New Hanover, NC to Hester Lee Lanier b. 1840

Susan Ann b. 1/15/1840 Maple Hill, Pender Co, NC d. 7/9/1916 Tar Landing, Onslow Co, NC [Cem] m. 2/25/1866 Onslow Co, NC to Robert Wilder Dawson b. 12/18/1830 Onslow Co, NC d. 10/26/1907 Onslow Co, NC

Neoma b. May 1844 NC d. 1922 Pender Co, NC [Cem]

Joshua b. 1847 NC

John Council 7/29/1851-11/7/1929 Pender Co, NC [Cem] m.1. bef 1875 Nancy J Dixon 4/25/1857-12/20/1882 Pender Co, NC m.2. Mary A Gornto b. 12/7/1857 Onslow Co, NC d. 7/31/1888 Pender Co, NC d/o Jarell Gronto & Mary Ann Rhodeo

Children of Amos Wooten & Priscilla Edwards

Spencer W b. 1815 Edgecombe Co, NC d. bef 1878 m. 12/30/1843 Edgecombe Co, NC to Jenetta Edwards b. 1814 Edgecombe Co, NC d/o Siley Edwards and Ann Wooten

Mansel b. 1818 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 1867 m. 1/8/1850 Sally Cobb b. 1820 d/o John Cobb & Winifred Wooten

Delpha Ann b. 1820 Edgecombe Co, NC m. 1/23/1845 Stephen W Wooten b. 1820 Edgecombe Co, NC s/o Stephen Wooten and Elizabeth Bolton

Worrell W b. 1823 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 1891 [Vet] m.1. 12/30/1858 Edgecombe Co, NC to Tamsey Asley Corbitt b. 1835 d/o Redding Corbett and Leviny Wooten m.2. aft 1840 Arkansas Hathaway b. c1825

Amos Jr aft 1/1/1814-bef 1848

Child of Arthur Forbes Wooten & Elizabeth Smith

William Henry m. Caroline Winford Howerton

Children of Bryant Benjamin Wooten & Jincy "Mammy" Lee

Simon Lee b. 1/30/1830 Telfair Co, GA d. 12/3/1896 Kimble Co, TX [Vet] [Cem] m. 8/25/1853 Telfair Co, GA to Clara Jane Ricks b. 1835 GA d/o Joel Ricks

Tabitha "Bithy" b. 1832 Telfair Co, GA d. c1885 Coffee Co, GA [Cem] m. 11/26/1846 Telfair Co, GA to Alfred Able Smith 1823-1875 Coffee Co, GA

Bryant Lee b. 11/12/1835 Telfair Co, GA d. 5/19/1907 Coffee Co, GA [Cem] m.1. Narcissa Passmore b. 5/9/1864 d. c1857 d/o John Passmore & Sarah Lee [Vet] m.2. 1858 Susannah Passmore b. 5/5/1844 Telfair Co, GA d. 4/3/1931 Coffee Co, GA d/o John Passmore & Candacy Cato ?? [Cem] [Obit]

Jincy 1837-1862 m. Joseph Garrett

William Jordan b. 1838-1839 Telfair Co, GA d. 4/15/1862 [Vet] m. Zaney ??? b. 1838-1848

Elizabeth Caroline b. 1/19/1840 Telfair Co, GA d. 10/30/1927 Newbury Park, Ventury Co, CA m. 1859 Bryant William Hayes b. 2/4/1835 Telfair Co, GA d. 2/11/1910 Newbury Park, CA

Caroline b. 1841 m. Henry Peterson Bennett

Joel W b. 3/4/1844 Telfair Co, GA d. 2/15/1865 SC [Vet]

Roxann Wooten b. 3/23/1846 Telfair Co, GA d. Feb 1895 Pasco, FL m. John David Spivey

Abraham Lee b. 1848 Telfair Co, GA d. 1915 Coffee Co, GA [Cem] m. GA to Priscilla Minshew b. 1850 Telfair Co, GA d. 1932 d/o Benjamin Minshew

Mary Ann b. 1851 Telfair Co, GA

Children of Council S Wooten & Eliza Isler

John Pugh Williams b. 5/15/1826 Lenoir Co, NC d. 9/17/1862 Sharpsburg, Nash Co, NC [Vet] [Cem]

William Isler 1830-3/3/1837 [Cem]

Charity 1835-12/28/1835 [Cem]

Cornelia S 1837-6/29/1853 [Cem]

Council Alexander 3/27/1839-10/17/1839 [Cem]

Sarah Anne "Sally" 3/22/1828-3/20/1863 [Cem] m. John Joyner 3/6/1821-9/18/1863

Nancy Susan 12/4/1831-6/30/1854 [Cem] m. Richard Lafayette Wooten 4/28/1828 Columbus Co, NC d. 1881 Lenoir Co, NC s/o Richard Wooten & Eliza Jane Williams

Eveline Eliza Fort 11/13/1838-11/8/1904 [Cem] m. William Turner Faircloth 1/8/1829-12/29/1900 NC

Council Simmons b. 11/12/1840 Lenoir Co, NC d. 4/3/1930 Wayne Co, NC [Cem] m. 9/2/1879 Wayne Co, NC to Cora E Wooten b. 6/8/1858 Mt Olive, Wayne Co, NC d. 1/16/1884 Wayne Co, NC; d/o John Shadrach Wooten & Rebecca H Isler

Eliza Jane b. 1843 Lenoir Co, NC d. 1912 m. 1869 George W Sanderlin 1843-1899

Shadrach Isler b. 9/7/1845 Lenoir Co, NC d. 2/10/1904 [Cem] m. 12/1/1869 Henrietta Louise Harper 7/27/1850-3/1/1921 d/o James Madison Harper & Charlotte Elizabeth Parrott

Mary Louise b. 1848 Lenoir Co, NC d. 1908 m. 1879 James Francis Oliver 1832-1905

Children of Eli Wooten & Jerusha Vickers

Martha b. c1807 Waynesboro, Burke Co, GA d. c1860 Decatur Co, GA m. 6/13/1822 Jefferson Co, GA to John M Lodge b. bef 1807

Cynthia b. c1809 Waynesboro, Burke Co, GA d. bef 1820

Elizabeth b. 12/11/1811 Waynesboro, Burke Co, GA d. 3/29/1885 Decatur Co, GA m. 6/20/1835 Jefferson Co, GA to Simeon Lodge b. bef 1820

Hardy Vickers b. 12/15/1813 Waynesboro, Burke Co, GA d. 7/19/1856 Marysville, Blount Co, TN [Doc] [Cen] m. 1/24/1841 Lowndesboro, Lowndes Co, AL to Charlotte Ermmacende Rochelle b. c1817 Lowndesboro, AL d. 1855

Eli b. 1816 Waynesboro, Burke Co, GA m. Amanda ??? b. 1826

James David b. 3/9/1819 Waynesboro, Burke Co, GA d. c1877 m.1. c1845 Dorcus Archer 1832-c1859 m.2. 3/29/1861 Mary Ann Brown c1848-1928

Children of Ephriam Wooten & Polly ???

Eliza b. bef 1831 m. 1846 Edgecombe Co, NC to Levi Mercer b. bef 1831
Drucilla b. bef 1829 m. 1844 Edgecombe Co, NC to Samuel Taylor b. bef 1829
Oliver d. bef 1850
Pricilla b. 1822 m. 1841 Edgecombe Co, NC to Eli W Edwards b. 1816
James b. 1822 m. Lucy ??? b. 1825
Epriam 1827-10/26/1862 m. bef 1859 Trezina ??? b. 1836
Norman b. 1829
Polly b. 1832 m. 1853 John Owens

Children of George Washington Wooten & Julia A Gay

Benjamin F b. 1850 Pitt Co, NC
Susan b. 1857 Pitt Co, NC
Pattie b. 1860
Margaret Maggie b. 11/7/1866 Pitt Co, NC d. 11/21/1896 Pitt Co, NC [Cem] m. 12/10/1888 James Robert Dozier b. 7/12/1858 Nash Co, NC d. 12/26/1936 Pitt Co, NC s/o Frederick Augusta Dozier & Mary Ann Trevathan

Children of Hardy W Wooten & ??? Mournin

Nancy b. c1810 GA m. c1836 GA Wiley Hutchins b. 1800 Pickins Dist, SC d. GA s/o Drury Hutchins & Sarah Isbell

Jane c1810-Jan 1836 m. Andrew Young John Allen b. c1809 d. cJun 1835 Burke Co, GA

Joel B b. 1813 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 11/13/1867 m. 12/18/1836 Marion Co, GA to Nancy Hurley Roberts b. 11/13/1867 Merriweather Co, NC d. aft 1870

Nancy b. c1810 GA

Jane c1810-Jan 1836

Children of Henry Wooten & Elizabeth ???

James b. c1794 Edgecombe Co, NC

Catherine b. c1784 Edgecombe Co, NC m. Levan Edwards

Priscilla b. c1813 NC m. Robert Dilday

Martha b. aft 1810 m. Jesse Corbett


Sarah b. 3/6/1820 Pitt Co, NC d. 2/5/1865 Union Parish, LA m. 6/4/1840 Pitt Co, NC to Lyon Joseph Tugwell b. 6/27/1819 Pitt Co, NC d. 8/25/1888 Union Parish, LA s/o William Tugwell & Mary ???

Patsy b. c1816 NC

Children of Henry Wooten & Jane McArthur

William Henry b. 1828 Telfair Co, GA d. 1864 Boggy Creek, Sebastian Co, AR [Vet] m. Joella Ryals

Reddin Daniel b. 1830 Telfair Co, GA d. 12/13/1862 [Vet] m. Molly Pinnick

Allen Columbus b. 1839 Telfair Co, GA

John Alexander b. 11/1/1834 Telfair Co, GA d. McRae, Telfair Co, GA [Vet] [Mil] m.1. Sarah F Fletcher m.2. aft 1899 Charity Emma McRae m.3. Dec 1867 Telfair Co, GA to Jane McEachin d. 1899 d/o Alexander McEachin & Susannah McKay

Elizabeth b. 2/28/1826 Telfair Co, GA d. 6/28/1866 [Doc] m. 8/21/1845 Telfair Co, GA to Jacob Clinton Clements

Charles Wesley b. 10/13/1832 Telfair Co, GA d. 1850

Duncan Franklin b. 7/4/1845 Telfair Co, GA

Sarah Ann Elizabeth b. 1847 Telfair Co, GA d. 1903 m. 1871 John Wesley Griffin

Mary Abigail b. 1851 Montgomery Co, GA m. 11/28/1870 Montgomery Co, GA to William E Graham

Joel Edward b. 11/22/1856 Montgomery Co, GA d. 12/27/1905 Covington Co, GA [Doc] m. Anna Pace

Children of Henry Wooten & Sarah Jane Bryant

James Shadrach b. 8/10/1816 Columbus Co, NC d. 8/30/1861 Holly Springs, Marshall Co, MS [Cem] [Vet] m. Martha Janette Hardy 5/9/1825 - 2/7/1902

Eliza Jane b. 7/31/1818 Columbus Co, NC d. 12/7/1887 Panola Co, MS [Cem] m. c1842 Panola Co, MS to John Crudup Andrews b. 4/16/1819 NC d. 1/21/1897 MS

Robert b. c1822 Columbus Co, NC

Eleanor P b. 10/4/1823 Columbus Co, NC d. 6/10/1854 Panola Co, MS [Cem] m. Rufus C Balch

John b. c1831 Shelby Co, TN

William Bryant b. 4/7/1833 Shelby Co, TN d. 4/7/1904 Sardis, Panola Co, MS [Cem] m.1. 6/20/1854 MS to Sarah Jane Wright b. 2/18/1830 IN d. 12/19/1879 Sardis, Panola Co, MS d/o John W Wright & Sarah Green m.2. aft 1880 Panola Co, MS to Elizabeth Bowen

Child of James Whitfield Wooten

Mary E d. 12/15/1856 m. Jeremiah E Dumas

Children of Jesse Wooten & Tabitha Bolton

Ephraim W b. 1807 Columbus, Lowndes Co, MS d. bef 1842 NC

Asia b. 1809 Columbus, Lowndes Co, MS d. bef 1841 NC

Luanza b. 1811 Columbus, Lowndes Co, MS d. 1813 MS

Redmond b. 9/14/1814 Columbus, Lowndes Co, MS d. 9/29/1852 Marshall/Tate Co, MS [Cem]

Spencer D b. 3/28/1816 Columbus, Lowndes Co, MS d. 6/30/1889 Tate Co, MS m. 11/5/1855 De Soto Co, MS [Will] [Cem] to Francis M Jackson b. 6/8/1833 Columbus, Lowndes Co, MS d. 2/28/1919 MS

Absalom b. 1824 Columbus, Lowndes Co, MS d. 1899 Tate Co, MS [Will] m. Sarah Molinda Bowles 1834-1899 [Cem] d/o Absalom Bowles

Children of Jesse Wooten and May Berry

Jesse Jr b. c1766 VA

William b. c1778 Johnston, NC m. 1809 Johnston, NC to Winifred O'Neal

Sherwood b. c1780 Johnston, NC

Berry b. c1782 Johnston, NC

Mary b. c1784 Johnston Co, NC m. 11/28/1787 Johnston Co, NC to Benjamin Hill b. 12/13/1761 Johnston Co, NC d. bef 1851 Green Co, AL

Children of John Wooten & Susan ???

Redden C b. 1828 Burke Co, GA d. 1857
Emily A b. 1831 Burke Co, GA m. ??? Waugh
John B b. 1836 Burke Co, GA d. bef 1871
Love Ann b. 1838 Burke Co, GA m. ??? Jones
Julia D b. 1842 Burke Co, GA m. ??? Finley
Ellen b. aft 1850 Burke Co, GA m. ??? Meacham

Child of Josiah Wooten and Catherine Johnston

Jonas Johnston b. 3/26/1830 d. 9/10/1885 SC m. 1860 Laetitia Fitts d. SC [Cem]

Children of Josiah Wooten & Mary Caroline Evans

Nancy b. 10/17/1847 Monroe Co, GA d. 8/7/1900 m. Henry Smith b. c1843

Thomas Henry b. 2/4/1851 Monroe Co, GA d. 2/10/1932 Valdosta, GA m. 1/16/1879 Crawford Co, GA to Annie Laurie Moran b. 6/11/1858 Crawford Co, GA d. 5/11/1905 Monroe Co, GA

Sarah Elizabeth b. 6/11/1853 Russellville, GA m. William Wesley Shipp b. aft 1850 s/o Mary Evaline Walker and ??? Shipp

Council Bryant b. 3/25/1855 Russellville, Monroe Co, GA d. 10/20/1928 m. 10/31/1877 Cusseta, GA to Ida Lucy Mclester b. 1/6/1857 Russellville, Chattahoochee Co, GA d. 9/4/1931

Susan Agnes b. 8/12/1857 Russellville, GA d. 1/18/1877

Joseph Fort b. 11/9/1862 Russellville, GA d. 8/29/1942 m. 10/21/1896 Mary Allena Fleming b. 6/6/1874 Barnesville, GA d. 9/17/1949 Barnesville, GA

Mary Fort b. 5/25/1864 Russellville, GA d. 9/28/1945

Children of Peter Bond Wooten and Esther Aldridge

Peter Bond Jr
Hariot m. ??? Caldwell
Susan m. Robert H Wallis
Mary Elizabeth "Polly" b. c1811 prob Lenior Co, NC d. c1835 prob Wayne Co, NC m. 1828-1830 Sanders Pinkney Cox b. 12/26/1808 Wayne Co, NC d. 8/18/1882 Greene Co, NC s/o Micajah Cox Jr & Sarah Hollowell

Children of Redden Wooten and Martha Ann Dukes

John Dukes b. 1851 Tatnall, GA m.1. 6/29/1886 Telfair Co, GA to Martha P Williams m.2. 6/29/1886 Telfair Co, GA to Lizzie McRaie

Susanna Dukes b. 1854 Tatnall, GA m. 10/23/1869 Telfair Co, GA to William Cooper

Henry Dukes b. 1854 Tatnall, GA d. 5/16/1921 McRae, GA m. 4/26/1890 Telfair Co, GA to Lula Victoria Kauffman

Elijah Dukes b. 1855 Tatnall, GA

Elisha Dukes b. 1857 Tatnall, GA d. 11/28/1906 m. 11/5/1881 Berrien Co, GA to Julia E Futch

Sarah Dukes b. 1859 Tatnall, GA

Children of Redden Wooten and Susanna Byrd

Elizabeth b. 1811 Telfair Co, GA d. 6/20/1843 Lowndes Co, GA [Cem] m. 9/3/1828 Thomas Co, GA to Morgan G Swain s/o canneth Swain & Rebecca Johnston

Easter b. 1813 Telfair Co, GA m. 8/12/1831 Thomas Co GA to Adonriam Vann

Sarah b. 1815 Telfair Co, GA d. 1841 m. 12/1/1834 Thomas Co, GA to Lasa Adams

Joel Byrd b. 1817 Telfair Co, GA d. 1890 Thomas, Brooks Co, GA m. 11/21/1841 Thomas Co, GA to Mary "Polly" Roberts b. 1824 d. bef 1870 d/o Elias Roberts & Nancy Nevill

Martha C b. 4/23/1823 Telfair Co, GA d. 6/22/1872 Berrien Co, GA m. 12/4/1839 Thomas Co, GA to Ezekial W Parrish b. 2/16/1818 GA d. 9/1/1887 s/o Henry Parrish

Redden Byrd b. 1/9/1832 Telfair Co, GA d. 12/31/1899 GA m. 1848 Nancy Edmondson b. 1832 GA d. 1874 GA d/o John Edmondson & Martha Stickland

Children of Richard Wooten & Eliza Jane Williams

Marcissa Dorsey b. 4/4/1823

John Council b. 1/20/1825

Elizabeth Allen b. 9/30/1826

Richard Lafayette b. 4/28/1828 Columbus Co, NC d. 1881 Lenoir Co, NC m. Nancy Susan Wooten 12/4/1831-6/30/1854 [Cem] d/o Council Wooten & Eliza Isler

Children of Richard Wooten & Elizabeth Brannen

Elizabeth Ann b. aft 1820 Edgecombe Co, NC m. 9/5/1844 Telfair Co, GA to John J Clements

John b. 8/17/1827 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 11/24/1901 Telfair Co, GA [Cem] m. 12/28/1849 Telfair Co, GA to Huldah Jan Clements b. 9/11/1831 d. 1909 Telfair Co, GA d/o James Clements & Elizabeth Morrison

Hughes b. 1835 Edgecombe Co, NC m. 8/5/1855 Telfair Co, GA to Mary Ann Burkhalter b. 1837

Hester b. 1836 Edgecombe Co, NC

Cornelius R b. 1839 Edgecombe Co, NC m. 2/4/1858 Telfair Co, GA to Martha Ann Browning b. 1840

Sarah b. 1845 Edgecombe Co, NC

Children of Richard Hardy Wooten & Elizabeth Johnston

Laura J b. 1840 Decatur Co, GA d. 2/25/1865 Camilla, Mitchell Co, GA m. 11/20/1855 Bainbridge, Decatur Co, GA to Christopher Tscharner DeGraffenried

Josiah Daniel b. 12/21/1826 SC d. 1886 m. 1843 Bainbridge, Decatur Co, GA to Harriet Potter



Child of Richard L Wooten & Julia Loftin

John L b. 1868 Marengo Co, AL d. 1932 m. Lillie Hooker 1868 - 1931

c/o Richard Williams Wooten & Elizabeth Adams

Alice b. c1855 Monroe Co, GA
Mary A b. c1857 Monroe Co, GA
William b. c1859 Monroe Co, GA
Richard b. c1861 Monroe Co, GA
Council b. c1863 Monroe Co, GA
Joseph T b. c1865 Monroe Co, GA
Patience b. c1867 Monroe Co, GA

c/o Shadrach Wooten & Abberilla Edwards

John Shadrach 6/30/1824-2/1/1866 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m.1. Catherine Speight m.2. Rebecca H Isler b. 7/6/1827 NC d. 9/21/1862 NC d/o Simmons H Isler

Shadrach Jr b. 2/1/1841 Greene Co, NC d. 11/24/1911 Wayne Co, NC [Cem] m. 2/7/1861 Sarah Elizabeth Speight b. 10/2/1842 Green Co, NC d. 2/16/1917 Wayne Co, NC d/o Abner Speight & Maria Darden

Richard H b. c1834 NC d. c10/15/1872 Marengo Co, AL

Council B b. c1832 NC d. 1913 Perry Co, AL m.1. Rosamond Mercer m.2. 1872 Marengo Co, AL to Catherine C Wooten Darden m.3. ??? Rayfield

Charity E 4/9/1843-Aug 1844 [Cem]

James Sterling 2/3/1848-11/11/1886 [Cem] m. Catherine Kate T Speight b. 9/17/1846 Greene Co, NC d. 2/5/1924 La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC d/o Abner Speight & Maria Louise Darden

Mary Jane d. aft 1872 m. James R Speight

Abarilla 1850-aft 1872 m. Peter Byrum

Edward G 1831-bef 1872

W J 1826-bef 1872 m. Elizabeth J ???

Susan A 10/18/1836-10/15/1870 [Cem] m. 11/274/1852 John W Isler

c/o Shadrack Wooten & Eliza Caroline

William Josiah
Edward Levi m. 12/7/1846 Decatur Co, GA to Mary G Owens
Elizabeth Jane m. William C Dickinson
Richard Allen

c/o Shadrack Wooten & Mary Elizabeth Eliza Murphey

William S b. 8/1/1830 Pitt Co, NC d. 8/21/1836 Pitt Co, NC

John Barcliff b. 10/1/1832 Pitt Co, NC d. 1909 m.1. 10/11/1853 Louisa Rhem m.2. Lucinda Lane

Ann Marie b. 6/13/1834 Pitt Co, NC d. 10/8/1835 Pitt Co, NC

Lewis B b. 1/10/1836 Pitt Co, NC d. 1/25/1863 Raliegh, NC [Cem] [Vet]

Edward b. 10/6/1837 Pitt Co, NC d. 8/19/1925 m.1. 11/8/1871 Julia Taylor m.2. Wilmington, NC to Eliza Yonge Jewett d/o Stephen Jewett IV & Lucy Anna Bradley


Allen S b. 12/27/1838 Pitt Co, NC d. 3/9/1931 m. Lydia Pearce

Alice N b. 8/1/1840 Pitt Co, NC d. 1902 m. 3/3/1868 John Martin Kibler

Oscar b. 4/30/1843 Pitt Co, NC d. 9/22/1863 Chester, PA [Vet] [Cem]

Mary Eliza b. 4/14/1847 Pitt Co, NC d. 7/31/1927 m. Joseph Edgar May

James Murphry b. 4/14/1849 Pitt Co, NC d. Aug 1928 [Cem] m. NC to Virginia Lane 1852-3/26/1929

Charles b. 6/7/1851 Pitt Co, NC d. 6/29/1891 m. 12/19/1878 Signey Rhem

William Spencer b. 6/1/1853 Pitt Co, NC d. 4/1/1943 m. 10/4/1878 Caroline Nelson Gardner

Ida Eugene b. 8/12/1857 Pitt Co, NC d. 3/29/1906 m. 10/12/1875 Alfred May

Julia b. 11/2/1858 Pitt Co, NC d. 11/13/1872

Henry Herbert b. 10/11/1860 Pitt Co, NC d. 10/11/1860 Pitt Co, NC

c/o Shadrach Wooten & Elizabeth Treadwell

Elizabeth C, Sept 1823-8/31/1848 Western Prong, Columbus Co, NC [Cem] m. 5/21/1846 Duncan James McCall 10/10/1824-12/31/1849

Shadrack III b. 10/11/1830 Columbus Co, NC d. 10/9/1906 Western Prong, Columbus Co, NC m. 5/6/1857 Bladen Co, NC to Sarah Elvira Davis b. 9/15/1836 Bladen Co, NC d. 2/15/1909 Western Prong, Columbus Co NC d/o William Davis & Phebe Bannerman

John Allen b. 12/31/1821 Bladen Co, NC d. 5/5/1859 Bladen Co, NC [Cem] m. 5/30/1844 Mary Margaret Anders b. 10/14/1824 Bladen Co, NC d. 1/30/1910 Bladen Co, NC d/o John Anders & Ann Cromartie

Robert 1828-10/5/1846 Western Prong, Columbus Co, NC

Henrietta T, Jul 1834-10/23/1845 Western Prong, Columbus Co, NC [Cem]

William b. Jul 1836 d. 9/28/1844 Western Prong, Columbus Co, NC

Mary Jane b. 1817 NC d. 1861 m. 1836 NC to James Cromartie

Ann M 1825-6/4/1859 near Montgomery, AL m. 3/21/1844 Edmund J Ashley s/o James Marion Edmund Ashley & Nancy Ann Powell

Charlotte Minnie 6/11/1826-3/13/1901 Brunswick Co, NC [Cem] m. 8/4/1846 New Hanover Co, NC to John Campbell Henry b. 8/9/1820 New Hanover Co, NC d. 3/31/1903 Brunswick Co, NC s/o Cornelius Neal Henry & Charity Register
Children of Simon Burney Wooten & Elizabeth Roach

Council Burney b. 8/30/1832 Pulaski Co, GA d. Apr 1900 Albany, GA [Vet] m. 3/10/1859 Selah Ann Rosamond Mercer 7/24/1836-1897

James Roach b. 12/14/1833 GA [Vet] d. 6/23/1881 Cuthbert, Randolph Co, GA m. 3/23/1873 Cuthbert Co, GA to Rebecca A Taylor b. 11/21/1841 Hancock Co, GA d. 4/11/1919 Dawson, GA d/o William Taylor & Maria Louisa Brooking

William 1836-1899 Dawson, GA [Cem] [Vet] m. 1871 Anna P Stevens 1849-1916

Nancy b. 1835 m. 8/10/1851 Samuel Thompson

Mary b. 1838 d. 10/20/1862 Randolph Co, GA [Cem]

David L 10/4/1839-3/31/1909 Morgan, GA [Cem] [Vet] m. 12/7/1865 Elizabeth R Colley d/o John & Mary A Colley

George W b. 1841 [Vet] m. Dec 1886 Martha S Colley d. 1889 Calhoun Co, GA [Cem] d/o G W Colley

Sarah E 1843-1/4/1880 Calhoun Co, GA [Cem] m. 3/3/1870 Lorenzo Dow Monroe Jr
Joseph W 1/1/1847-1/16/1912 Dawson Co, GA [Cem] [Vet] m. 1879 Capitola Lovejoy b. 1859

Simon Burney Jr 3/1/1850-8/3/1896 Morgan, GA [Cem] m. 1/11/1876 Julia Colley 1856-Dec 1895 d/o John Colley

Children of Simon Wooten & Catherine Laslie

William b. 1848 Burke Co, GA
Nancy Bright b. 1850 Burke Co, GA m. William Brownwell Thomas
Henry b. 1852 Burke Co, GA
Octavius b. 1854 Burke Co, GA
Thomas Jefferson b. 1858 Burke Co, GA m. ??? Wilson
James Monroe b. 1858 Burke Co, GA m. Frances Walker d/o Jeremiah Walker & Sarah Benson

Children of Simon Wooten & Margaret McGlothlin

David Beaureguard b. c1866 Burke Co, GA

Martha Elizabeth b. c1830 Burke Co, GA

Redden b. 1830 Telfair Co, GA [Cen] m. bef 1860 GA to Mary ??? b. 1839

Margaret Jane b. 1833 Burke Co, GA

John b. 1834 Burke Co, GA

Mary Ann b. 1836 Burke Co, GA m. James Monroe Wilcox

Susan Catherine b. 1838 Burke Co, GA

Florida Ann b. 1839 Burke Co, GA

Isabella Augusta [Doc] [Pic] b. 1840 Burke Co, GA d. 1/28/1917 Marion Co, FL [Cem] m. 12/23/1866 Marion Co, FL to Robert Greg McEwen b. 4/9/1840 SC d. 1/23/1902 Flemington, Marion Co, FL s/o Joseph McEwen & Mary Bell

Andrew Jackson 12/12/1828-6/13/1905 m. 1/7/1873 Cornelia ann Courson 9/17/1853-5/9/1931 d/o William Courson & Margurite Douglas

Children of Stephen Wooten & Elizabeth Bolton

Henry b. 1811 Edgecombe Co, NC d. aft 1832 m. 7/31/1832 Edgecombe Co, NC to Elizabeth Cobb b. 1816

Amos b. 1813 Edgecombe Co, NC d. Jun 1862 Edgecombe Co, NC m. 1/25/1837 Edgecombe Co, NC to Sally Louisa Norvill b. 1815 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 1861 Edgecombe Co, NC d/o Chapman Norville

Charity b. 4/15/1815 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 11/12/1881 Edgecombe Co, NC m. 1836 Edgecombe Co, NC to Stephen Edwards 12/17/1811-5/8/1854 Edgecombe Co, NC

Elizabeth Ann b. 5/5/1817 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 2/2/1884 Edgecombe Co, NC [Cem]

Stephen W b. 1820 Edgecombe Co, NC m. 1/23/1845 Delpha Ann Wooten b. 1820 Edgecombe Co, NC daug of Amos Wooten and Priscilla Edwards

Benjah b. 1823 Edgecombe Co, NC d. aft 1883 m. 2/23/1846 Permella "Chelly" Edwards b. c1820 Edgecombe Co, NC d/o Siley Edwards and Ann Wooten

Children of Thomas Wooten & Nancy Best

Louisa b. 11/25/1815 Greene Co, NC d. 10/4/1868 Greene Co, NC m. 7/24/1847 Greene/Lenoir Co, NC to Joseph Parrott Hill b. 12/31/1809 Greene Co, NC d. 7/2/1847 Greene Co, NC s/o Abraham Hill & Tabitha Aldridge

John Hewes b. 2/17/1817 Greene Co, NC d. 1/10/1886 Lenoir Co, NC m. Vicey John Aldridge 1837-1881 d/o Thomas Aldridge & Mary Edmundson

Josiah b. 5/25/1818 Wayne Co, NC d. 10/30/1881 [Cem] m. Nancy Sutton b. 7/15/1825 Wayne Co, NC d. 11/25/1896 d/o Hardy Sutton & Annie Hill

Sarah b. 1819 Wayne Co, NC m. Walter Kennedy

Thomas Jr b. 10/29/1821 Greene Co, NC d. 2/8/1888 Lenoir Co, NC m.1. Tabitha Whitley Garland m.2. Smithy Mooring 8/12/1832-1/21/1923 d/o James Mooring & Patience Best

Benjamin b. 1823 Wayne Co, NC

Elizabeth b. 1823 Wayne Co, NC d. 1881 Wyane Co, NC m. Cannon Stocks s/o Abram Stocks & Virginia Fields

Robert b. 1827 Wayne Co, NC

Clement Clemmie b. 11/15/1828 Wayne Co, NC d. 8/7/1875 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m.1. Allen Herring m.2. 1847 Josiah William Aldridge b. 1821 Greene Co, NC d. 1905 Lenoir Co, NC

Winifred b. 4/17/1831 Greene Co, NC d. 1903 Greene Co, NC m. 10/11/1853 Greene Co, NC to Joshua Mewborn b. 4/18/1827 Greene Co, NC d. 1/29/1907 Greene Co, NC s/o Parrott Mewborn II & Mary Jane Aldridge

Mary b. 1832 Wayne Co, NC

Nancy Jane b. 5/27/1835 Greene Co, NC d. 1/18/1913 Snow Hill, Greene Co, NC m. 1854 James P Britt b. 5/29/1830 Snow Hill, Greene Co, NC d. 5/29/1888 Snow Hill, Greene Co, NC s/o Benjamin Britt & Patience Best

Joe b. 1818 m. Nancy Sutton

Sallie b. 1820 m. Walter Kennedy

c/o Thomas Box Wooten & Sarah Lucy Oliver

Sarah Oliver 12/25/1829-12/9/1914 TN m. Matthew F Wooten b. 1827 TN d. 2/26/1867 Memphis, TN s/o William Matthew Wooten & Unity Francis Hardy

Shadrach Oliver b. 4/5/1807 Bladen Co, N d. 10/4/1852 Lawrence Co, TN [Cem] [Cen] m. 12/21/1827 Cumberland Co, NC to Elizabeth Blake b. 8/4/1809 NC d. 11/11/1898 d/o Samuel Blake & Mary Clements

c/o Thomas Box Wooten & Mary Singletary

John William b. 1813 Columbus Co, NC d. aft 1850

Robert D b. 7/23/1815 Columbus Co, NC d. 8/27/1885 [Vet] [Cem] [Pic] m. 10/27/1839 Cumberland Co, NC to Elizabeth Morphis b. 11/17/1819 NC d. 8/17/1905 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC [Cen]

Mary Louisa b. 2/16/1822 Bladen Co, NC d. 6/4/1887 Cumberland Co, NC m. 2/24/1844 Fayetteville, Cumberland Co, NC to Charles Durant Nixon b. 2/22/1822 SC d. 8/13/1892 Linden, Cumberland Co, NC s/o Lewis A Nixon & Elizabeth ???

James Monroe b. 8/11/1827 Cumberland Co, NC d. 8/8/1899 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. 1/21/1859 Josie Ann Bryan b. 9/24/1841 NC d. 6/2/1905 NC d/o Joseph W Bryan & Charlotte Elizabeth Oliver

Child of William Wooten (s/o Josiah Wooten & Sarah Rogers)

Robert F b. c1829 NC m. Matilda Falkner

Children of William Wooten & Lynda Randolph

Nancy b. 1795 NC m. 12/12/1826 Edgecombe Co, NC to John Sparkmon b. c1790 Gates Co, NC d. c1848 s/o Reuban Sparkman & Ann ???

Leviny b. c1791 Edgecombe Co, NC m. 1/22/1825 NC to Redding Corbitt

Telltha b. aft 1791 m. Thomas Felton

Winifred Winny b. 1801 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 12/4/1865 Calhoun Co, MS [Cem] [Doc] m. 1/7/1825 Edgecombe Co, NC to Gray Cobb b. 7/5/1803 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 9/20/1858 Calhoun Co, MS s/o Stephen Cobb & Appie Mayo




Levi d. 1854 NC



Zilpha 1794-c1824 m. John Sparkman b. c1790 Gates Co, NC d. c1848 Shelby Co, TN s/o Reuban Sparkman & Ann ???

Children of William Wooten & Mary Parker


Children of William Matthew Wooten & Unity Francis Hardy

Matthew F b. 1827 TN d. 2/26/1867 Memphis, TN [Cen] m. Sarah Oliver Wooten b. 12/25/1829 NC d.12/9/1914 TN d/o Thomas Box Wooten & Sarah Lucy Oliver

Joshua b. 1829 NC

Bunion b. 1833 NC

Francis Cornelia b. 1841 MS d. 1913 Mertens, TX [Cem] m. MS to Ely Saxon s/o William & Nancy Saxon

Elizabeth c1825-1892 Clay Co, MS m. William H Watkins b. 1/23/1812 NC d. 10/18/1855 Clay Co, MS

Generation 11

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