Wills of the Wooten Family

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LTW of Thomas Wotton
In the Name of God Amen, I Thomas Wotton being sick & weak in Body, but of good & perfect memorie praised be the almightie God for it, I ordain this my last will & Testament, that is to say I give my soul to God my maker & Christ my redeemer, hoping in his mercies to have pardon for my sinns, my body I Comitt to the ground, to be buried as my executors deem good, I ordain my well loved wife Sara Wotton Richard Wotton my only & true begotten sonne, my Executors of this my last will and Testament That is to Say, after my debts being first paid: I give my wife's sonn Thomas Wood the worth of twohund pence, and no more. And all the rest of my goods, that is to say, land houses cattell & hoggs & household goods I give to my wife Sara Wotton & Richard Wotton my only sonne. And I leave my estate to my wife & sonne wholly & fully. And after my decease, I ordain my sonn: Richard Wotton, wholly executor to look after the estate. And after my wife's decease my sonn Richard to be possessed of the estate wholly, and after my sonn Richard's decease, he having no issue, I give it to my next kinn of Name in Northampton Shire att a town called Castor neere unto Peterborough: And I desire my loveing friends James Sampson and Richard Briggs to be overseers of this my last will & testament. Amen, written in one sheete of paper in the year of our lord God march the 15th day 1669.
Signed (by hand) Thomas Wotton.
Wit. Elizabeth Sampson.
This will is proved by the oath of Mrs. Elizabeth Sampson in open Corte held for the Isle of Wight County this Ninth Day of December 1670 And then Recorded. y m: JnO Jennings Cl Cur

LTW of Richard Wooten (I)
In the name of God Amen this 28th day of Sept 1686 I Richard Wootten of the Isle of Wight County being sick in body butt of good and perfect memory thanks be to God do make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament in Maner and Forme following: first I give and Comit my Soule to God, my Savior and Redeemer, and my body to be buried in such decent maner as my executors shall think fitt and as to my worldly Estate I give as followeth all my just debts being first paid, It I give and bequeath unto my son Richard all this plantation I now live on to him and his heirs for ever, only my sonne Thomas to live on the sd plantation untill Francis Floid Lease be Expired. I give unto my Sonne Thomas all that plantation which ffrancis ffloid now doth live on, for ever. The rest of my estate I give and bequeath between my loveing wife and three children my loveing wife to enjoy the whole dureing her widdowhood but after her marriage the said estate to be Equally divided between her and three children, further I do hereby make my loveinge Wife whole and Sole Executrix. I do hereby Constitute and ordaine Henry Baker overseer to this my last Will in Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the day and yeare above written.
Signed (by mark R/X) Richard Wootten.
Witnesses: Tho Wood (by hand), George Grou (by mark G)
Proved in open Court held for the Isle of Wight County March the 9th 1686 by the oaths of Thomas and George Gro?. to be the last Will and Testament of Richard Wootten and ordered to be Recorded. Test John Pitt Cl Cur
The final stage of probation, approval of the Royal Governor dated 21 Oct 1687. (IOW W&DB 2, p.60)

To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come, I Francis Lord Howard Baron of Effingham his Majties Lieut and Governor generall of Virginia send his greeting in our Lord God Everlasting. Whereas Richard Watten late of this Collony decd did by his last Will andTestament ordain and appoint that Joyce his relict should be executrix of his Said Will and Testament: which said Joyce did at a Court held in for the Isle of Wight County March the ninth 1686/7 make humble suite to that Court: that a probate of the sd Will might be granted unto her for probate of the sd Will might be granted unto her for which Cause full power and lawfull authority is hereby given under my hand and Seale of the Collony this 21th of October 1687. Effingham (IOW W&DB 2, p265)

LWT of William Wooten
In the Name of God Amen I William Wooten of the State of North Carolina and County of Edgecombe being weak in body but of a sound reason mind and menory do make this my Last will Testement;
First I bequeath my Soul to God that gave it and my Body to be buried in a decent manner at the discretion of my Executors.
Item) I give to my __?__ loving Wife Ann Wootten all my property that I am now persest With During her Life Excepting a piece of land lying Between the Hogpen branch and Cosway Branch for James Wootten.
In witness Whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this Twenty Seventh Day of April and in the year 1792. Signed William Wootten (by X mark) (Seal)
Witness: Joel Wootten, Joshua Wootten.
Edgecombe County May Court 1792. The within will was duly proved in open Court ty the Oath of Joshua Wootten and ordered to be recorded. Test Edward Hall C C (IOW WB C, p197)
Note: A later deed shows that son James was the caretaker of his mother, Ann, and administered her estate at death in 1812.
Also, William Wooten deeded "To all to whom these presents Shall Come Know ye that I William Wooton the Elder of the County of Edgecombe and state of North Carolina for the Love good will and affection that I have unto my Sun Amos Wooten of the County & State aforesaid have given granted and confirmed and at this present writing do fuly freely and absolutely give grant and Confirm unto my said son Amos Wooten his Heirs and assigns for ever a certain peace or parcell of land containing of five hundred and thirteen acres lying and being in the county aforesd lying on the south side of Autry's Creek and beginning at a corner gum and water oak..... This 13th Day of February 1783." Witnesses: Joel Wootten, James Wootten. Recorded at February 1783 Court (Edge DB E, pp.255-6)
William made siminiar deed to his sons Joel "...for the love and good will and affection that I bear unto my son Joel Wooten...piece or parcel (40 acres on the south side of Autrey's Creek) of land adjoining the plantation whereon I now do live...excepting my own life and the life of my wife...during which said time I the said William Wooten and my wife are to have hold...and enjoy the same uses privileges and interests as usual without any interruption ...molestation by him the said Joel Wooten... 30th day of March. (1791)" Wits: Hardy Norville, Joshua Wooten. Proven May Court 1792 (Edge DB 6, p430);
and Joshua.Deed of 40 acres made the same day as the one made to Joel. Wits: William Wooten and Joel Wooten. (Edge DB 6, pp.429-430)

Will of Jesse Wooten
In the name of God Amen I Jesse Wooten of Johnston County and state of North Carolina being old and stricken in years calling to mind that I appointed for all men once to die I do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit.
I give to my son William Wooten my still the remaining part of my estate which has not heretofore been given away consisting of household and kitchen furniture stock and plantation utensils to be equally divided between my three sons Sherrod, Wooten, William Wooten and Berry Wooten.
I hereby nominate and appoint William Wooten and Berry Wooten my whole and sole executors to this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this ninth day of September 1806.
Signed in the presence of Charles Adams, E W Massen.
Jesse Wooten (his mark)
Johnston County May Term 1812 - This was the above will exhibited in open court for probate which was duly proven and admitted to record. R Sanders Clk (type from copy of original by Belinda Hughes)

Joshua Wooten's estate papers. His son, Bryant Wooten was bonded as Adm of the estate on 11/9/1812. Part of the land was sold to a Mrs Wooten, the other part to Bryant himself. He submitted his report of these sales at the Feb 1816 Term; Final accounts were audited, & approved at the May 1816 Court Term. In 1823, a deed from the estate (by Bryant) to Stephen Saunders. The papers show the debts of Joshua, an inventory of his possessions. (New Hanover Co, NC Estate Papers, Archieves Call Nr. C.R.070.508.115)

1812 Edgecombe Co, NC -Last Will & Testament of Amos Wootten heirs: 1)Wm., 2)Absalom, 3)Hardy, 4)Eli, 5)Stephen, 6)Jesse, 7)Siley Edwards in right of wf Ann, 8)John Cob in right of wf Winney, 9)Demsy Corbitt in right of wf Millicent, 10)Bryan Edwards in right of wf Elizabeth, 11)Ephraim, 12)Amos, 13)David Wooten another document listed “widow Priscilla, Hardy and Ely of George.”

At Amos Wooten I's death, the 1,153 acres of his estate was divided into 13 Lots as follows:
LOT 1: 81 acres to son, Amos Wooten II. He m1 Priscilla Edwards
LOT 2: 81 acres to dau., Winney Cobb, wife of John Cobb
LOT 3: 81 acres to son, Ely Wooten; m Jerusa Vickers & moved to GA
LOT 4: 81 acres to son Absalom; m. Fanny Bolton
LOT 5: 81 acres to dau, Eliza Edwards, wife of Bryant Edwards
LOT 6: 83 acres to dau Milly Corbitt, wife of Dempsey Corbitt
LOT 7: 82 acres to dau Anne Edwards, wife of Siley Edwards
LOT 8: 86 acres to son Ephraim, m. Polly
LOT 9: 86 acres to son William, m.Lydia Randolph
LOT 10: 86 acres to son Hardy m. Mourning moved to GA
LOT 11: 86 acres to son Stephen m. Elizabeth Bolton
LOT 12: 120 acres to son David, never married
LOT 13: 119 acres to son Jesse, m. Tabitha Bolton
The petition is in the NC Arhcives, loose Edgecombe estate papers, call Nr. C.R. 037.508.137

1815 Edgecombe Co, NC - Last Will and testament of Priselah Wootten, division among: William, Absalom, Hardy, Eli, Jesse, Stephen, Ephraim, Amos, David, Ann(Edwards), Winney(Cobb), Eliza(Edwards), Milley(Corbitt)

Will of James Wooten of Edgecombe Co, NC, 21 April 1821, Original in unbound Wills 1758-1945, #1525, County Records 037.801.34, NC State Archives, Raleigh; also Edgecombe Co, NC Wills E:265, Clerk of Superior Court, Tarboro, NC. Proven 29 May 1821.
Transcribed from a xerox copy of the original.
Stat of North Carolina Edgecombe County In the name of god Amen I Jams Wooten of the Stat and County afore Said being of a Sound And perfect mind And memory Blessed be god for the Same do this the Twenty first day of April in the year of our lord one thosan Eight HunDred and twenty one make and publish this mi Last will And testament in the manner folowing that is to Say
Itms I giv And Bequiath unto mi loving wife Martha Wooten all my Houshold goods and forming utencials of Every kind for her to Resurve to her Self Such as She waants and the Residu to Sell And the monney A Rising thus from for her to Apply it to her own use also I giv her one Sorrel Hors all my Stock of Catel Sheep and hoggs to her and her heirs and isins for Ever Alsow mi Beds geds and All the Resedeu of Eviry kind
Itms I giv And bequith unto my Daughter Sally Taylor and Joseph Talor Children All the land lying on the East Sid of the Herleys Bransh gowing by the name of the Eagel land to them and hers and isins forEver also I Reserve fiftey acres of the said land wher Joseph talors hous know Stans [page 2]
for mi Daughter Saley Taylor and Joseph Taylor to live Durings thare natreal life by paying to my two grand Sons John and Jams taylor one Doller yearly and that the Joseph Taylor shall not Rent the Said that I have reserve to him at all Nor leas to any Person and in Case the Sd Taylor Should Ever Leve the land During his life them thare abov named fifty acres of land the house Ret to be to my grand Children the hous of Saly and Joseph Talor
Itms I giv and Bequath unto my grand Children that is Henry wootens Children all the Resedue of my land that is not all Ready given a way Except hundred acres adjoining the land of Jordan Jhnston and Chars Vins nown by name of the Spain land to Be Sold to pay Except mi Son hennery Wooten pays where heis bound for me in Case that he Dos that the 100 acres of land to belonge to him I Resurve fiftey acres of land now where Henry Wooten Hous know stand to him and his wife During thare natarl lives Besids he is to have the youse of his children land his life time By Paying his Children one Doller yearly the amt to rent nor lase the said land I Reserve mi lisse and sides in the Hole of the land thence from any in Rustion then as is Bov Riter and I here by make ordan my Son henry Wooten Executor to this my last will and testament in witness whare of I have here unto my hand and seal the sd day and year A Riten signed sealed publish and Declared By the said Testator as it is last and tistamont in the presents of us
Jams x Wooten
his mark
Edwin Norwill, John S. Edwards, Edgecomb County May Court 1821

The within paper writing porporting to be the last Will and Testament of James Wootten and was offered for Probate by the Executors thereto which was Contested by Joseph Taylor & Sarah his wife whereupon a Jury was impowered to try the open issue made up under the motion of the Court who find the said paper writing to be the last Will & Testament of the said James Wootten, decd Henry Wootten the Executor named in the said Will was at qualified thereto. Ordered that the same be certified and the Will recorded. Test: A.O. Hearn CC

Will presented for probate, 28 May 1821, by Henry Wooten, Executor, Edgecombe Co, NC Minutes, Co Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions (unpaged) NC State Archives, Raleigh

Last Will & Testament, Edgecombe Co, NC - Jesse Wootten, wife Tabitha, children: Luansa, Redmon, Spencer D, Ephraim, Absalam, Asia. Brother Amos Extr, wit Stephen & Ephraim Wootten

"Whereas William Wooten late of Edgecombe County and state of North Carolina died intestate in the month of October 1830 seized and possessed of a certain tract of land when his heirs...did by unanimous consent...sell at publick auction on 24 November 1831 the land to the highest bidder which was Gray Cobb. The heirs are listed as follows John Sparkmon and wife Nancy, Redding Corbitt and wife Leviny, Thomas Felton and wife Telitha, Gray Cobb and wife Winny, Elizabeth Wooten, Howell Wooten, William Wooten agent for Levi and Ivy Wooten and guardian for Tamsey Wooten, and Nancy, William and Lewis Sparkmon in right of their mother Zilphy Sparkmon. 210 acres on the north side of Autrey's Creek adjoining Levi Mayo, Joshua Killebrew, William Faircloth and the heirs of David Philips. Witnesses Jonathan Gay and David Lang. Feb Court 1832. (Edge DB 20, p252)

Will of Shadrach Wooten 8/17/1845, Nov Term 1845.
Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Sons: Shadrach, John A, Robert. Daughters: Mary Cromartie, Anne M Ashley, Elizabeth C Wooten, Charlotte M Wooten, Henrietta T Wooten. Brother and Executor: Richard Wooten. Witnesses: Dunc J McCall, John A Wooten, Dugald Blue. Clerk: H H Robinson. (Abstracts of Wills, Bladen Co, NC 1734-1900; Abstarcted, Compiled and Mimeographed by Wanda S Campbell, Elizabethtown, NC)

Will of Esther Kornegay dated 19 Feb 1845 - admitted to probate 13 March 1847; son John Wooten, 1 dollar; grandson Willy Cox, 1 dollar; daughter Susan Lam?, 1 dollar; daughter, Harriet Calwell, 1 dollar; son Peter Bond Wooten, 1 feather bed, furniture and 1 dollar; youngest daughters Caroline and Clarisa, Caroline large family Bible, Clarisa my trunk; to both, 3 feather beds and furniture and all balance of estate equally. Joshua Taylor Sr. executor

In the name of God Amen; I Bryant Wooten of the State of North Carolina and County of New Hanover being of sound and perfect mind and memory (Blessed be God) do this ninth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and fifty six. make and publish this my last will and testament in manner following that is to say; that it is my desire that my dear and beloved Brother Amos Wooten shall have all my Lands in new Hanover County and Onslow County and all my cattle Hogs and bees and it is also my desire that my Brother Amos Wooten have all my Household and kitchen furnature and all Property Belonging to me and its also my desire that my Brother Amos Wooten have and collect all the claims due to me both by note or account and I also wish him to pay all my Just dets and it is also my desire that he shall take charge and full possession of all the Property and claims above named and and dispose of the same in any way that he may think Right and propper and I hereby make and ordain; my Brother Amos Wooten Executor of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I the said Bryant Wooten have to this my last will and testament set my hand and sign the day and date first written. Bryant Wooten (Seal)
Assigned sealed published and declared by the said Bryant Wooten the testator as his Last will and testament in the presence of us who were presant at the time of signing an sealing thereof Isaac Rochelle Dickson Burton (New Hanover Co, NC WB C)

Will of Absalom Wooten, signed 2/7/1900, codicil signed 1/8/1902 filed & recorded on 2/15/1902. Names youngest son G A Wooten, daug Mollie Alice Wooten wife of S W Wooten, daug Margaret J Sloan wife of M E Sloan, sons M Pierre Wooten, W V Wooten, and A M Wooten. (Will Book # 1, Tate Co, MS)

Will of Spencer D Wooten, signed 4/17/1889, filed & recorded 8/17/1889. Names wife Francis M Wooten, daugs Fannie L Wooten, Julia A Wooten, Laura Wooten, Ella Maude Wooten, Callie Henderson; sons, Jessee A Wooten, and Spencer D Wooten Jr. (Will Book # 1, Tate Co, MS)

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