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Legend: [Cem] = Cemetary info, [Cen] = Census, [Doc] = Documentation, [Vet] = Veteran info

Generation 11

c/o Abraham Wooten & Priscilla Minshew

Infants (4) d. Jeff Davis Co, GA [Cem]
Elmina b. 1869 Telfair Co, GA d. 1929 GA m. ??? Surrency
Mary Jane b. Apr 1870 Telfair Co, GA d. 1930 GA

c/o Absalom Wooten & Sarah Molinda Bowles

Mary Spencer 2/20/1852-12/30/1862

M Pierre 4/20/1854-10/28/1856 [Cem]

Walter Verany b. 6/7/1856 m. 11/28/1894 Mollie Norris

Abner Marcus 12/18/1858-4/17/1923 m. 1/3/1894 Mary Alicia Treanor b. 11/7/1867 d/o Duke Treanor & Cherie ???

Absalom b. c1859

Margaret Jane b. 8/19/1861 m. 5/9/1886 Marcus E Sloan d. 4/18/1902

M Piree 2/23/1866-1913

Gustavus Aadolphus 11/25/1867-1939

Mollie Alice b. 4/2/1870 Marshall Co, MS d. 1944 Tate Co, MS [Cem] m. 1/28/1887 Shade William Wooten 1/18/1856-7/31/1912 Tate Co, MS [Cem]

Child of Allen Whitfield Wooten & Tabitha Virginia Whitfield

Mary Tabitha b. 1855 Lenoir Co, NC d. 1926 Wayne Co, NC m. 1883 Lenoir Co, NC to James Edward Griswold b. 1848 Wayne Co, NC d. 1927 Wayne Co, NC

Children of Amos Wooten & Hester Lee Lanier

Jonathan C b. Jul 1851 m. Nancy J ??? b. 1858

Marietta C b. Aug 1875

Amos S b. Oct 1877 m. Alice M ??? b. 1877

Lucretia b. 1880

Bryant Henry 12/7/1884-5/14/1967 Maple Hill, Pender Co, NC m. 1/22/1908 Hattie Ruth Rawls 9/6/1886-12/17/1974 Maple Hill, Pender Co, NC

Oscar V 5/11/1886-3/7/1948 Pender Co, NC [Cem] m. Maude Lanier 6/7/1889-3/15/1919 Pender Co, NC

Walter H b. Jul 1888

Children of Amos Wooten & Louisa Norvil

Stephen Chapman b. 1838 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 1862 m. 12/20/1860 Susan Wilkinson b. 1841 d. Wilson, NC

William B b. 1843 Edgecombe Co, NC

Mary Eliza b. 1850 Edgecombe Co, NC m. ??? Briggs

Amos Monroe b. 3/24/1853 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 5/10/1920 Pitt Co, NC m. 3/5/1877 Edgecombe Co, NC to Amanda Milicent Lewis b. 11/24/1855 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 5/1/1937 Pitt Co, NC d/o Kinchen Lewis & Millicent Eason

Andrew Thomas b. 10/15/1855 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 2/23/1906 Edgecombe Co, NC m. bef 1882 Georgeann A ??? 8/7/1856 - 3/29/1927 Edgecombe Co, NC

Elizabeth Ann b. c1857 Edgecombe Co, NC m. ??? Edwards

Children of Andrew Jackson Wooten & Cornelia Ann Courson

Eugenia Bell 6/4/1877-4/21/1969 m.1. Thomas Samuel Sanders m.2. William Wade Grant

Thomas Jackson 12/30/1878-9/9/1968 [Cem] m. 11/24/1906 Cora Bell Wooten b. 12/12/1885 Coffee Co, GA d. 12/22/1965 d/o Bryant Lee Wooten & Ellen Harper

William Lee 12/30/1878-3/14/1954 m. Ruth Atkinson

James Walter B. 2/16/1882 Coffee Co, GA d. 12/6/1960 Coffee Co, GA m. Sarah Catherine Fletcher

Amanda Clardie

Children of Benajah Wooten & Permelia Edwards

Mary E b. 1846

William Henry Franklin Benajah 9/30/1848-10/14/1919 Edgecombe Co, NC m. ??? Williaman b. Oct 1847

Permelia Williams b. 1852

Children of Bryant H Wooten & Sabarah Jane Lanier

Bryant H, Jr

Betsy b. 1853

Amos J 1/29/1866-3/23/1936 Pender Co, NC [Cem]

Benjamin B 2/17/1868-2/28/1940 Pender Co, NC [Cem] m. Lucy J King 8/9/1871-1/29/1942 Pender Co, NC

Ivey Thomas 3/29/1876-8/2/1957 Pender Co, NC [Cem] m.1. Marena ??? m.2. Henrie ??? 3/20/1885-6/1/1908 Pender Co, NC

Children of Bryant Lee Wooten & Susannah Passmore

Noracissy b. 1857 Telfair Co, GA

Elizabeth b. 1859 Telfair Co, GA d. prob Coffee Co, GA m. Dan Kirkland

Bryant Lee II b. 8/31/1860 Telfair Co, GA d. 1/6/1903 m. 9/22/1880 Ellen Harper

Stonewall Jackson b. 1863 Telfair Co, GA

Florida Ann b. 1865 Telfair Co, GA m. Wiliam M Peterson

Jesse Richard b. 4/12/1866 Coffee Co, GA d. 2/25/1933 Coffee Co, GA m. 3/24/1887 Coffee Co, GA to Georgia Ann Massourie Pridgen b. 5/12/1867 Coffee Co, Ga d. 10/23/1928 [Cem] d/o George Pridgen & Mary Merritt

Susannah b. Oct 1869 Telfair Co, GA d. Douglas, GA

William Mack Maxie b. 10/24/1872 Coffee Co, GA d. 3/28/1941 Coffee Co, GA [Cem] m. Coffee Co, GA to Minnie Lou Byrd

Amanda I b. 7/22/1875 Coffee Co, GA d. 3/14/1968 Coffee Co, GA m. William W King

Nelson b. 3/25/1879 Coffee Co, GA d. 1/30/1946 Coffee Co, GA m. Daniel Smith

Children of Council B Wooten & ??? Rayfield

Cathaleen 1887 - 1910
Grace b. 1892
Blanche b. 1895
Mary J b. 1897
Council B Jr. b. 1902

Child of Council B Wooten & Catherine C Wooten Darden

Richard Council 4/18/1873 - 1928 m. Annie Edwards
Child of Council B Wooten & Rosamond Mercer

Lula b. c1858 m. Maurice W Tift

Children of Council Bryant Wooten & Ida Lucy Mclester

Infant d. 7/29/1878 Cusseta, GA

Hortense Caroline b. 8/21/1879 Russellville, Macon Co, GA m. 7/24/1901 Macon Co, GA to Thomas A Baker b. 1/25/1869 Sumpter Co, SC

Susie Lee b. 1/23/1884 Russellville, Macon Co, GA m. 12/18/1909 Macon Co, GA to William Fisher Johnson b. 10/17/1877

James Mclester b. 2/13/1882 Russellville, Macon Co, GA m. 2/22/1901 Vienna, GA to Frances Susan Lasseter

Marie Ida b. 8/31/1886 Russellville, Macon Co, GA m. 8/19/1925 Julius Ralph Middlebrooks b. 12/22/1888

Annie Laurie b. 7/18/1889 Macon Co, GA m. 9/17/1911 John Thomas Whittle b. 4/3/1880

Laura Gray b. 9/1/1892 Russellville, Macon Co, GA m. 8/30/1914 Rufus Dorsey Sams b. Feb 1800

Louise b. c1889 Russellville, Macon Co, GA

Kathleen b. 9/10/1892 Russellville, Macon Co, GA m. 8/30/1914 James Knight Hogan b. 7/27/1891 Chipley, GA

Council Bryant b. 11/11/1893 Russellville, Macon Co, GA m. 6/23/1922 San Francisco, CA to Emma Duty
Esther b. May 1898 Macon Co, GA d. Sep 1899

Child of Council Simmons Wooten & Cora E Wooten

Elizabeth b. 1880 La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC d. 1973 Wayne Co, NC m. 1905 Robert Jesse Southerland Jr b. 1871 Wayne Co, NC d. 1948 Wayne Co, NC s/o Robert Southerland & Anna Witherington

Infant b. 1884

Child of Edward Wooten & Eliza Yonge Jewett

Edward Yonge Wootten b. Wilmington, NC d. Wilmington, NC m. Ruth Irma James

Children of Edward G Wooten (s/o Shadrach Wooten Jr & Sarah Elizabeth Speight


Children of Eli Wooten & Amanda ???

Emmet b. c1847 Burke Co, GA
Oscar b. c1849 Burke Co, GA

Child of Ephraim Wooten & Trezina ???

Adeline b. 1860

Children of Hardy Vickers Wooten & Charlotte Rochelle

Garvin b. c1839 Lowndesboro, Lowndes Co, AL d. 1888
Rochelle b. 1844 Lowdesboro, Lowndes Co, AL d. c1863 Mt Jackson, Shenandoah Co, VA
Ellen Ella b. c1843 Lowndesboro, Lowndes Co, AL m. Joseph Mark Howard
Ida b. c1845 Lowndesboro, Lowndes Co, AL
Zoe b. c1847 Lowndesboro, Lowndes Co, AL

Child of Henry Dukes Wooten & Lula Kauffman

Minnis Amelia

Children of Hughes Wooten & Mary Ann Burkhalter

Flourney b. 1856 Telfair Co, GA
Andrew b. 1858 Telfair Co, GA

Children of James Wooten & Lucy ???

William David b. 1847 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 1912 m. Mary Ann Abrams 1854-1912

Polly b. 1849

Children of James David Wooten & Dorcus Archer

John Bryant 3/11/1846-5/4/1922 Spring Hill, Decatur Co, GA m. 9/15/1865 Decatur Co, GA to Lucy Harrell 1848-1937

Juritha b. c1850 m.1. Micahel Dollar m.2. Ole Kirkland

Harriet Jane b. c1852 m. John Daniel Harrell

Martha Ellen b. c1854 m. ??? Dollar

Dorcus Elizabeth b. c1860 m.1. James Brook m.2. Andrew Kelly

Children of James David Wooten & Mary Ann Brown

Eli Bryant b. c1865 m. Cousin Molly Pinson
Catherine b. c1867 m. Seaborn Harrell
Molly b. c1872 m. Preston Parker
Margaret E b. c1875

c/o James Monroe Wooten & Frances Walker

Eldridge b. Feb 1883

Clara Bell b. 10/9/1884 Lumber City, GA d. 4/25/1956 Lakeland, FL [Cem] m. 1904 George Wylier Sears s/o George Sears & Clementine Browning

Bula b. Dec 1886

Ruby b. Oct 1890

Jermine Jimmie b. Aug 1893

c/o James Monroe Wooten & Josie Ann Bryan
James Singleterry Wooten b. 11/24/1863 Louisburg, Franklin Co, NC d. 11/6/1943 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m.1. 11/28/1900 Pitt Co, NC to Lela Gardner b. 9/19/1876 Pitt Co, NC d. 5/21/1904 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC d/o George Washington Gardner & Eliza Dawson m.2. 9/20/1905 Pitt Co, NC to Mamie Gardner 10/4/1874-3/2/1960 d/o George Washington Gardner & Eliza Dawson

William Oliver Wooten b. 3/11/1868 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC d. 6/5/1938 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC

Josie Wooten b. 6/19/1876 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC d. 3/3/1948 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem]

Mabel Wooten b. 12/24/1881 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC d. 8/9/1952 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem]

Maud Bryan Wooten 11/29/1873-1/30/1943 Kinston, NC m. Joseph A Street

Estelle Wooten b. 9/4/1878 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC d. 7/5/1945 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. Ferdie Johnson Ashford b. 7/6/1880 Sampson Co, NC d. 1/30/1963 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC s/o Thomas B Ashford & Anna Johnson

c/o James Murphy Wooten & Virginia Lane

Herbert Lane b. 1/21/1876 Pitt Co, NC d. 4/21/1886

Ethel Viriginia b. 8/18/1879 Pitt Co, NC d. Oct 1961

Alfred Vernon b. 9/21/1882 Pitt Co, NC d. 3/17/1929 Grifton, Pitt Co, NC [Cem] m. 12/7/1904 Helen Laroque Moore b. 3/29/1885 Kinston, NC d. 7/1/1951 Arlington, VA d/o Levi Jacob Jake Moore & Mary Bright Parrott

Leon Murphy b. 9/6/1886 Pitt Co, NC d. 3/31/1957 m. Eleanor Lucy Conrad

Children of James Roach Wooten & Rebecca A Taylor

Edward Brooking 2/21/1874-2/21/1874
Rebecca 6/24/175-1942
James Roach Jr b. 3/4/1877 Cuthbert, Randolph Co, GA d. 3/8/1951 Monroe, Ouachita Parish, LA [Cem] m. 2/11/1902 New Orleans, LA to May Burch Lee b. 2/9/1881 Farmerville, Union Parish, LA d. 6/30/1968 Monroe, Ouachita Parish, LA d/o John Martin Lee Jr & Martha Nevada Burch

Children of James Shadrach Wooten & Martha Janette Hardy

John b. 12/10/1856 Sardis, Panola Co, MS d. 6/16/1947 Little Rock, Pulaski Co, AR [Cem] m. 4/10/1881 Clay Co, MS to Emma Ann Junkin d. 1/8/1918 Little Rock, Pulaski Co, AR

Martha F b. 1859 Sardis, Panola Co, MS d. Oct 1913 Pheba, Clay Co, MS [Cem] m. James Sansing

Rosa b. Sardis, Panola Co, MS d. MS m. William Jasper Aycock d. MS

c/o James Sterling Wooten & Catherine Kate T Speight

Abner 11/15/1869-4/9/1871 [Cem]

Allen C 6/3/1872-9/19/1881 [Cem]

Eva A 5/12/1878-8/18/1889 [Cem]

Daisy 8/15/1880-3/29/1967 [Cem] m.1. Allen Kendrick Smith 9/9/1867-6/6/1907 m.2. Rev A S Barnes

Children of Joel Wooten & Nancy Hurly Roberts

Thomas Hardy b. 4/26/1840 Merriweather Co, GA d. bef Aug 1850

Frances Mourning b. 10/1/1837 Merriweather Co, GA

Emily Jane b. 1842 Merriweather Co, GA

William Augustus Joel b. 1844 Merriweather Co, Ga m. 1/5/1865 Lafayette Co, MS to Georgia Anna Waldrip b. 6/3/1844 Lafayette Co, MS d. 9/8/1867 Lafayette Co, MS

Nancy Hurly b. 12/11/1846 Merriweather Co, GA d. 11/14/1927 Lafayette Co, MS m. 12/10/1869 Lafayette Co, MS to Thomas Benton Waldrip b. 6/15/1848 Lafayette Co, MS d. 11/18/1889 Lafayette Co, MS

Hiram Roberts b. 1850 Merriweather Co, GA m.1. Lauretta Eugenia Carrothers b. c1854 m.2. 10/3/1874 Lafayette Co, MS to Cyrene Emma Waldrip b. 11/13/1855 Lafayette Co, MS d. 4/17/1881 Tyro, Tate Co, MS

Martha Ellen b. 1854 Merriweather co, GA

Alonzo b. 1858 Merriweather Co, GA

Child of Joel Byrd Wooten & Mary Roberts

John b. 1842 Thomas Co, GA
Martha Jane b. 1843 Thomas Co, GA m. 4/28/1861 John L Holloway
Redden b. 1846 Thomas Co, GA
Joel Byrd Jr b. 1847 Thomas Co, GA m. 1/17/1878 Sallie Wing
James b. 1849 Thomas Co, GA
Nancy b. 1851 GA m. 11/20/1872 Benjamin F O'Neal
Jasper Dock b. 1853 GA m. Eliza Tharrell
Jacob b. 1857 GA m. Mary Roberts
Bird b. 1857 GA
Elizabeth b. 1859 GA m. Daniel Vann
Van Bruen b. 1858
Susan b. 1859
Hesekiah b. 1862 GA m. Frances Alderman
Mary b. 1844 Twiggs Co, GA m.1. GA to Ansel Parish m.2. 4/16/1861 Joel B O'Neal b. 1840 Twiggs Co, GA

Children of Joel Edward Wooten & Anna Pace


Children of John Wooten & Hulda Jane Clements

James Richard 6/25/1850-10/19/1925 m. Priscilla Cato Passmore

Susanna b. 1853

Joel Timothy b. Jun 1852 m. Susanna Fletcher

John b. 1854

Mary Ann b. Sep 1855 m. John Shaw

William Melvin/Melville b. 12/21/1856 Telfair Co, GA d. 12/12/1936 Telfair Co, GA [Cem] m. 12/21/1876 Telfair Co, GA to Sarah Lavina Studstill 6/30/1858-11/5/1954 d/o Ziba Studstill & Lavinia Garrison

John Bunion 7/16/1859-5/2/1919 m. Sophia Frances Adams

Willis Hall b. 1869 m. Cornelia Ann Bland

Martha Elizabeth 4/12/1863-1/5/1923 m. Daniel Tate Bland

Cornelius H 7/29/1867-4/22/1923 m. Mary Jane Adams

Hulda Jane b. 11/6/1872 Telfair Co, GA d. 11/4/1927 m. 2/23/1888 Telfair Co, GA to Lafayette Bland b. c1868

Children of John Alexander Wooten & Jane McEachin

Charles Henry 3/7/1870-7/16/1914 m. Mary Fentress

William Alexander b. 3/3/1871 Telfair Co, GA m. Dana Marchman

Ida Jane b. 1/30/1873

Susannah b. 12/3/1873 m. William J Jordan

John Lee b. 11/3/1877 m. Eloise Turpin

Mary V b. 3/15/1879

Annie b. 6/4/1883 Scotland, Telfair Co, GA m. Willis Jackson Wilkins

Mac b. 12/6/1884

Eva M b. 9/15/1888

Children of John Allen Wooten & Mary Margaret Anders

Johanna b. 8/25/1859 Columbus Co, NC d. 10/5/1926 Columbus Co, NC [Cem] m. 5/6/1880 White Hall, Bladen Co, NC to John Pickett Council b. 1/31/1855 Council, Bladen Co, NC d. 12/23/1929 Lake Waccamaw, Columbus Co, NC s/o Kinchin Kitchin Council & Catherine A Sikes

John Fletcher b. 6/9/1846 Bladen Co, NC d. 5/5/1903 Bladen Co, NC [Cem]

Robert Shadrach b. 3/10/1848 Bladen Co, NC d. 10/25/1858 Bladen Co, NC [Cem]

William Patrick b. 11/17/1849 Bladen Co, NC d. 5/9/1872 Bladen Co, NC [Cem]

James Alexander b. 7/14/1851 Bladen Co, NC d. 2/22/1926 Bladen Co, NC [Cem] m. Julia Braddy

Ann Cromartie b. 2/7/1853 Bladen Co, NC d. 7/21/1918 Bladen Co, NC [Cem] m. 8/23/1871 Bladen Co, NC to Samuel Norman Ferguson 5/1/1848-10/20/1929

Richard Lafayette b. 5/12/1854 Bladen Co, NC d. 8/6/1855 Bladen Co, NC [Cem]

Mary Elizabeth b. 8/30/1856 Bladen Co, NC d. 5/31/1872 Bladen Co, NC [Cem]

Hannah Eleanor Nollie b. 1/17/1858 Bladen Co, NC d. 4/4/1932 Bladenboro, Bladen Co, NC m. 12/12/1877 NC to Charles Owen Mercer b. 12/12/1845 Brunswick Co, NC d. 4/6/1902 Bladenboro, Bladen Co, NC

Child of John Barcliff Wooten & Louisa Rhem

John Z m. Ida Wooten d/o Lafayette Wooten

Child of John Barcliff Wooten & Lucinda Lane

Herman Lane 10/24/1871-8/15/1942 [Cem] m. Nellie Louise Combs b. 3/5/1863 Wayne Co, NC d. 1/6/1925 La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC d/o Garland Combs & Elizabeth Bell

Children of John Council Wooten & Mary A Gornto

Bryant Henry 12/7/1884-5/14/1967 m. 1/22/1908 Hattie Ruth Rawls

Oscar V 5/11/1886-3/7/1948 m. 12/4/1907 Maude Lanier
Walter A 7/31/1888-6/30/1912

c/o John Council Wooten & Nancy J Dixon

Mary Etta 8/6/1875-6/28/1946 Pender Co, NC [Cem] m. 12/5/1907 Perry Raynor 9/26/1884-4/28/1959 Pender Co, NC

Amos Steve 10/22/1877-11/20/1933 m. 12/11/1904 Alice Raynor

Loucretia 1880-10/30/1965 m. 1/19/1896 Bodge Lanier

John Council Jr 10/4/1882-2/25/1899 Pender Co, NC [Cem]

c/o John Hewes Wooten & Vicey John Aldridge

Laura Mewborn b. 9/2/1865 Green Co, NC d. 8/20/1939 Wayne Co, NC m. 9/14/1882 Green Co, NC to James Wooten Bizzell b. Wayne Co, NC d. 1915 Wayne Co, NC s/o Henry Bizzell & Ann Best

c/o John L Wooten & Lillie Hooker

Pattie 1895-1974 m. William Isler Wooten 1893-1943 s/o William Isler Wooten & Mollie Speight

c/o John Shadrach Wooten & Catherine Speight

James Sterling Wooten 1874-1915 [Cem] m. Sudie T Taylor 1879-1918 d/o George Lewis Taylor & Susan Waters

Daisy Wooten m.1. ??? Smith m.2. ??? Barnes

Prentice Wooten

c/o John Shadrach Wooten & Rebecca H Isler

Simeon b. 5/30/1852 Wayne Co, NC d. 5/25/1913 La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. 1/29/1884 Mary "Mollie" Anne Hardee b. 3/19/1856 La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC d. 3/25/1941 La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC d/o John L Hardee & Josephine Potts

Mary Jane 2/26/1860-5/26/1892 [Cem] m. Chauncey Graham Grady b. Mar 1844 Wayne Co, NC d. 9/11/1886 Wayne Co, NC

Susan m. William Speight s/o Abner Speight & Maria Louisa Darden

Bettie m. Edgar Barrett

William Isler 1847-1896 m.1. Molly Speight 1858-1927 d/o Abner Speight & Maria Louisa Darden m.2. Julia Speight b. 1848 d/o Abner Speight & Maria Louisa Darden

Cora 6/8/1858-1/16/1884 [Cem] m. 1879 Council Simmons Wooten 1840-1930 s/o Council Wooten & Eliza Isler

c/o Joseph Fort Wooten & Mary Allena Fleming

Female m. Alphonse Matthews

Lillian Josephine b. 7/26/1897 Barnesville, GA d. 10/12/1988 m. 4/22/1916 Wyatt Bentley Childs

Jane Elizabeth b. 5/5/1899 Barnsville, GA

c/o Joseph W Wooten & Capitola Lovejoy

Lillian Clair b. c1873

c/o Josiah Wooten & Nancy Sutton

John Thomas b. 6/27/1848 Lenoir Co, NC d. 12/3/1929 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. Emaline Matilda Kelly b. 3/31/1854 Bladen Co, NC d. 3/9/1930 Lenoir Co, NC d/o Thomas M Kelly & Elizabeth Allen Wooten

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