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This page updated: 1/6/2013

Legend: [Cem] = Cemetary info, [Cen] = Census, [Doc] = Documentation, [Vet] = Veteran info

Generation 12

c/o Abram Willie Wooten & Effie Winifred Creech

John Henry
Edgar Thomas
Willie JohnsonJames Warren m. Mollie Louisa Fields
Mary Lucy Winford
Emma Frances m. Ollie Hill s/o Jesse hill & Ida Creech

c/o Albert Washington Wooten & Cornelia Ann Josephine Blake Branch

Albert Grover 4/21/1891-2/13/1933
Ernest L 2/12/1893-9/25/1969

Children of Alfred Vernon Wooten & Helen LaRoque Moore

Herbert Lane b. 9/21/1905 Pitt Co, NC d. 2/14/1977 Myrtle Beach, SC m.1. Sep 1932 Washington, DC to Elizabeth Jones d. 1972 m.2. Ruth Wendt

Florence Ethel b. 11/12/1907 Pitt Co, NC d. 7/4/1992 Washington, DC m. 4/6/1931 Daniel Cornelius Sullivan 5/29/1907-8/17/1987 Washington, DC

Mary Bright b. 12/8/1911 Pitt Co, NC d. 4/11/1991 m. George Mark Thompson b. 5/14/1912 Washington, DC d. 2/25/1962 Arlington, VA

Susie LaRoque m.1. William Becker m.2. Leverette Barcroft Payne b. 2/17/1919 Arlington, VA d. 11/1/1983 Arlington, VA

Helen Moore b. 2/17/1917 Pitt Co, NC d. 12/6/1998 Fresno, CA m. Joseph Paul Gerrity b. 1/16/1918 PA d. 5/17/1970 St Louis, MO

Alfred Vernon Jr m. Edna Mae Killmon

Philip Graham b. 10/17/1920 Pitt Co, NC d. 10/22/1920 [Cem]

James Parrott m.1. Margaret Gertrude Quinn 1920-1984 m.2. Marie ??? 1926-1997 m.3. Florence Tollison

Guy Graham Moore m. Mary Loretta Ryan

Children of Allen B Wooten & Jackey Louisa ???

Thurman b. Sep 1888 d. Edgecombe Co, NC
Annie b. Oct 1890 d. Edgecombe Co, NC

Children of Amos Wooten & Margaret S ???

Stephen W 8/3/1874-11/4/1944 Edgecombe Co, NC [Cem] m. Ada Owens 7/27/1877-10/20/1940 Edgecombe Co, NC

Amos K b. May 1877 d. Edgecombe Co, NC

Elizabeth Lenora 1/12/1878-1/15/1960 Edgecombe Co, NC m. Albert V Parker 9/16/1874-11/11/1963 Edgecombe Co, NC

Allen L 4/24/1881-1/2/1904 Edgecombe Co, NC [Cem]

Children of Amos Eason Wooten & Mary ???

James Marshall b. Jun 1882 m. Sarah ??? b. Jul 1891
Mary Louida b. May 1885 d. 1928 m. Louis Alonzo Moore 1884-1950
Sally Cora b. Oct 1889
Sarah Rosa b. Jul 1891
Amos Stephen b. Jan 1894
Ernest b. c1899
William Charlie b. Oct 1897
Wiley Walton

c/o Amos Monroe Wooten and Amanda Milicent Lewis

Mary Louisa b. 5/8/1879 Edgebe, NC d. 5/13/1882 Edgecombe Co, NC

Kinchen Robert b. 1/24/1881 Edgebe, NC d. 6/27/1966 Falkland, Edgecombe Co, NC

Stephen Chapman b. 12/9/1882 Edgebe, NC d. 4/27/1910 Edgecombe Co, NC

Amos Monroe b. 9/14/1884 Edgebe, NC d. 4/15/1949 m. 4/3/1911 Margaret Sarah Bullock b. 2/19/1885 Edgebe, NC

Amanda Milicent b. 6/30/1886 Edgebe, NC d. 12/4/1972 m. William Dawson Gaynor

Kindred Thomas b. 4/21/1888 Edgebe, NC d. 9/5/1929 Edgecombe Co, NC m. Jamie Webb 12/31/1896-3/6/1975 Edgecombe Co, NC

Delpha Ann Penelope b. 12/29/1889 Edgebe, NC d. 7/5/1890 Edgecombe Co, NC

William Henry b. 8/11/1891 Edgebe, NC d. 1/17/1978 Greenville, Pitt Co, NC m. 3/3/1914 Carrie Blanche Langley 10/4/1893-Jun 1979 Greenville, Pitt Co, NC

Louis Ernest b. 1/22/1894 Edgebe, NC m. 8/24/1918 Edith Renbert Williamson

Joseph Allen b. 11/15/1895 Edgecombe, NC d. 8/18/1979 Charleston, Charleston Co, SC m.1. 4/21/1919 Nash Co, NC to Mary Tempie Dozier b. 4/14/1896 Whitakers, Nash Co, NC d. 4/16/1967 Rocky Mount, Nash Co, NC [Cem] m.2. 1/10/1943 Ruth Barnes

Arthur Leroy b. 3/12/1898 Pitt Co, NC d. 3/18/1974 Wilson, Wilson Co, NC m. 12/6/1941 Ruth Holloway Curtis 5/10/1907-Oct 1984 Wilson, Wilson Co, NC

c/o Amos Steve Wooten & Alice Raynor

James G 7/2/1909-1/28/1910
James Council

Children of Andrew Thomas Wooten & Georgeann A ???

William b. 9/23/1879 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 11/19/1881 Edgecombe Co, NC
Amanda E b. Dec 1881
Delphia L b. Jul 1883 Edgecombe Co, NC
Benjamin F b. Jul 1885 Edgecombe Co, NC
Andrew T 1/15/1887-1/9/1929 Edgecombe Co, NC [Cem] m. Mollie Rebecca ??? 11/10/1890-2/7/1951 Edgecombe Co, NC
Amos M b. Nov 1888
Abasalom S b. Aug 1889
Samuel J b. May 1893
James R b. Jul 1895

Children of Arthur Speight Wooten & Lillian Dillon

Lillian D b. 11/22/1899 Lenoir Co, NC d. 1/11/1982
Sterling Dillon m.1. 1933 Louise Trotter b. Lawrenceville, VA d. 2/25/1981 Wayne Co, NC m.2. Bertha Eutsler d/o Ernest Eutsler & Edith ???

Child of Benjamin B Wooten & Lucy J King

Sabra C
Ira D 6/10/1899-9/30/1901 Pender Co, NC [Cem]
William C
Roy C 9/18/1904-9/2/1944 Pender Co, NC [Cem]
Clara M 12/27/1907-1/27/1941 Pender Co, NC [Cem]
Sirus/Cyrus James 10/13/1895-10/27/1961

Children of Bryant Henry Wooten & Hattie Ruth Rawls

Louise m. James Hall

Effie Lee m. Marion Newkirk

Lila Mae m. Crowell Hall

Olive m. Joseph Newkirk

Edna m. Edgar Peterson

George Henry 12/20/1916-7/30/1944 Normandy, France [Vet]

Addie Mildred 11/8/1918-2/22/1983 m. 5/3/1941 Z K King

Bernard Jarriott 10/10/1923-2/21/1976 m. 3/11/1950 Doris Jenkins

Percy McDonald 1/14/1925-8/19/1959 Pender Co, NC [Cem] [Vet] m. 6/9/1948 Mazie Bowen

Daisie m. Henry Craft

Children of Bryant Lee Wooten II & Ellen Harper

Mary Ellen b. Coffee Co, GA

Christian b. 4/20/1875 Coffee Co, GA

Sherod b. 6/6/1884 Coffee Co, GA d. 6/12/1885 Coffee Co, GA

Cora Bell b. 12/12/1885 Coffee Co, GA d. 12/22/1965 [Cem] m. 11/24/1906 Thomas Jackson Wooten 12/30/1878-9/9/1968 s/o Andrew Jackson Wooten & Cornelia Ann Courson

George Jacob b. 5/24/1887 Coffee Co, GA d. 3/10/1969 Coffee Co, GA m. 9/26/1915 Ben Hill Co, GA to Isla Mae McLean

Mary Ellen b. 5/1/1889 Coffee Co, GA d. 11/17/1936 m. Jonathan Hill

Oliver b. 3/6/1891 Coffee Co, GA d. 1/19/1919 m. Clara Wood

Nollie M b. 7/18/1896 Coffee Co, GA m. Ernest Pridgen

Bryant Leon b. 10/7/1897 Coffee Co, GA m. Mae Miller

Virgil b. 9/9/1899 Coffee Co, GA m. Bertia Carter

Agnes Estelle b. 6/25/1903 Coffee Co, GA d. 9/6/1903 Coffee Co, GA

c/o Charles Wooten & Mary Fentress

Charles H

c/o Edward Yonge Wootten & Ruth Irma James

Lelia James m. James Alfred Locke Miller

c/o Edwin Becton Wooten & Kathleen Crawford

Edwin Becton 8/29/1914-4/20/1984 [Cem] m. 1941 Hazel Woodard 12/6/1914-1/9/2000 d/o Stephen E Woodard & Martha Jane Atkinson

c/o Gray H Wooten & Rebecca L ???

William G b. Sep 1883
Amanda P b. Jun 1885
John D b. Nov 1889

c/o Herman Lane Wooten & Nellie Louise Combs

Park Barkley 1904-1923
Vadis 1905-1919
Ruby Norine 1908-1994 m. George Leslie Howell 1898-1961
John Stewart 6/9/1911-8/11/1988 [Cem] m. Pearl Gray Mooring 4/19/1913-12/24/1999
Infant son 1913-1914
Marion Thomas 1915-1969 m. Gertie Frances Pike
Janie L
Wilbur 1925-1957

c/o Hiram Roberts Wooten & Cyrena Emma Waldrip

Pearle b. 1877
Whitmill b. 1879

c/o Hiram Roberts Wooten & Lauretta Eugenia Carrothers

Beattrice E b. 4/8/1886
Hidy Dismore b. 3/17/1893 m. 8/15/1920 Maude Lucille ???
Stella b. 6/8/1896

c/o Ivey Thomas Wooten & Henri ???

Bryant H 5/29/1908-6/15/1908 Pender Co, NC [Cem]

Children of Ivey Thomas Wooten & Marena ???

Marvin K 3/16/1926-2/29/1952 Pender Co, NC [Cem]
Robert F 9/6/1920-10/16/1922 Pender Co, NC [Cem]
Cecil H 3/1/1918-3/3/1918 Pender Co, NC [Cem]

Children of James Roach Jr & May Burch Lee

Anna b. 4/23/1903 Cuthbert, Randolph Co, GA d. 4/4/1992 Monroe, Ouachita Parish, LA [Cem] m. 6/28/1924 Monroe, Ouachita Co, LA to Elmer Cuthbert Slagle b. 8/31/1897 Lapeer, Lapeer Co, MI d. 6/22/1964 Monroe, Ouachita Parish, LA s/o Clarence Edward Slagle & Charlotte Isabel Green-Gardner

John Lee b. 11/21/1905 West Monroe, Ouachita Parish, LA d. 6/14/1960 New Orleans, LA [Cem]

Maria Brooking "Ching"

c/o James Singletary Wooten & Lela Gardner

James Gardner b. 9/6/1901 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC d. 8/26/1902 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem]

Lela Gardner b. 12/28/1903 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC d. 7/22/1988 Raleigh, Wake Co, NC [Cem] m. Jesse Willis Parrott Hodges b. 5/22/1903 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC d. 10/6/1997 Raleigh, Wake Co, NC s/o Edward Marion Hodges & Barbara A Parrott

c/o James Shadrach Wooten & Annie Edwards

Annie Edwards b. 5/4/1912 OK d. 5/3/1914 La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem]

c/o James Singleterry Wooten & Mamie Gardner

James Singleterry Jr b. 7/8/1906 Kinston, NC d. 12/24/2000 Asheville, NC [Cem] [Obit] m. 3/18/1948 Eudora Lyell d. bef 12/24/2000

Mary Louise 11/8/1908-6/8/1996 [Cem]

William Harvey m. Katherine Carter

George Robert d. bef 12/24/2000

c/o James Sterling Wooten & Sudie T Taylor

Courtney Earl 2/4/1902-11/13/1902 [Cem]
Daughter 6/9/1909-10/6/1910 [Cem]

c/o James Walter Wooten & Sarah Catherine Fletcher

Cornelia Marguerite 7/3/1915-8/10/1979 m. John Willie Whitaker

James Walter m.1. Dorothy Dockery m.2. Cozetta Flora Deaton Smith

Kathleen m. Duey Kiser

Children of James Wright Wooten & Ellen Hardin

William Arthur d. Memphis, Shelby Co, TN m. Mabel Martin

James Wright Jr b. 9/26/1892 Como, Panola Co, MS d. 9/4/1947 Memphis, Shelby Co, TN [Cem] m. Dorothy Latham

Irene b. 8/2/1890 Panola Co, MS d. 9/15/1898 Panola Co, MS [Cem]

Walter H 1894 - 1970 Panola Co, MS [Cem] m. 7/24/1934 Panola Co, MS to Elizabeth Brunnel Blaylock

Child of James Wright Wooten & Isabella A King

Bertha Theodosia b. 7/23/1885 Como, Panola Co, MS d. 12/7/1962 Osceola, Mississippi Co, AR m. 12/26/1906 Como, Panola Co, MS to Charles Lewis Nichols Sr b. 10/13/1884 Sherman, Grayson Co, TX d. 5/25/1955 Booneville, Logan Co, AR s/o David C Nichols & Mary Emily Elizabeth Brown

Children of Jesse Andrew Wooten & Emma Gillespie

Annie b. Oct 1886 AR
Roger Barton b. 4/3/1890 Thyatire, Tate Co, MS d. Apr 1974 Memphis, Shelby Co, TN

Children of Jesse Andrew Wooten & Molly Sharpe

Ralph Hudson b. 8/30/1893 Independence, Tate Co, MS d. Nov 1969 Memphis, Shelby Co, TN

Jesse D b. 11/6/1898 Arksbufla, Tate Co, MS d. Apr 1971 Memphis, Shelby Co, TN

c/o Jesse Andrew Wooten & Sarah Estelle Maxwell

Lucille Sandridge

Helen Estelle

Herbert Andrew b. 12/9/1906 Senatobia, Tate Co, MS d. Mar 1967 Jackson, Hinds Co, MS

Maxwell b. 10/9/1911 Senatobia, Tate Co, MS d. Mar 1974 Memphis, Shelby Co, TN

c/o Jesse Richard Wooten & Georgia Ann Massourie Pridgen

Susannah b. Coffee Co, GA d. Coffee Co, GA m. Walter Morton

Mary b. Coffee Co, GA d. Coffee Co, GA m. Monroe Knight

George Washington b. 1/4/1887 Broxton, Coffee Co, GA d. 6/14/1939 Broxton, Coffee Co, GA [Cem] m. 1/15/1911 Broxton, Coffee Co, GA to Mamie Edna Jones b. 10/6/1894 Telfair Co, GA d. 10/20/1981 Douglas, Coffee Co, GA d/o Richard Turpin Jones & Margaret Alsippi Stone

Joel B b. 3/10/1891 Coffee Co, GA d. 4/8/1957 Coffee Co, GA m. 12/28/1916 Ellen Knight

Charlie Hayes b. 11/11/1899 Coffee Co, GA d. 9/25/1956 Coffee Co, GA m. 12/21/1919 Dora Lillian Cliett d/o William Thomas Cliett & Algerine Jowers

Thomas Jesse b. 11/8/1902 Coffee Co, GA d. 10/17/1970 Coffee Co, GA m. 12/25/1919 Lavada Cross Hillard

William b. 4/11/1903 Coffee Co, GA d. 7/16/1947 Coffee Co, GA m. 9/16/1923 Adeline Raper

Lovie Catherine b. 1906 Coffee Co, GA d. Coffee Co, GA m. Henry Hillard

c/o John Bryant Wooten & Lucy Harrell

Augustus G 6/27/1866-2/23/1888 Spring Hill, Decatur Co, GA

Hardy Thomas 12/12/1867-12/19/1956 m. Leola Victoria Kinard d. 9/9/1941 Edgecombe Co, NC

Eliza Dorcas 9/16/1870-7/15/1967 Cairo, Grady Co, GA m. John R Singletary

Annie E b. 8/25/1872 m. James Davis

Oscar Jackson 9/16/1875-5/26/1954 m. Martha Singletary

Candice Corrah 11/26/1880-5/15/1971 Climax, Decatur Co, GA m. Simon Brock

Lucy Lavada 1/8/1883-3/11/1958 Moultrie, Colquitt Co, GA [Obit] [Cem] m. c1904 T Josh Davis c1880-6/13/1962 Moultrie, Colquitt Co, GA

William Elisha 1/12/1885-1/14/1969 Camilla, Mitchell Co, GA m. Lula Mae Cammander 4/10/1895-Apr 1978 Camilla, Mitchell Co, GA

Camilla Cornealias 8/17/1887-11/5/1910 m. John Wiley Harrell

c/o John L Wooten (s/o Somon Lee Wooten & Clara Jane Ricks)

William Biston b. 1886

c/o John Sutton Wooten & Emma Ann Junkin

James Albert b. 8/6/1882 Starkville, Oktibbeha Co, MS d. 12/24/1922 Pheba, Clay Co, MS

Presley Eugene b. 4/14/1885 Starkville, Oktibbeha Co, MS d. 5/31/1961 Greenwood, Carroll Co, MS m. Oct 1910 Adelle Eddington

Cumi Janette b. 8/22/1887 Starkville, Oktibbeha Co, MS m. 6/6/1913 Little Rock, Pulaski Co, AR to Matthew Goodson

John Frederick b. 10/12/1889 Starkville, Oktibbeha Co, MS m.1. Margaret Darby m.2. Cary Hewgley

Horace Erwin b. 5/14/1892 Starkville, Oktibbeha Co, MS d. 1977 Little Rock, Pulaski Co, AR [Cem]

Frances Irene b. 1895 Pheba, Clay Co, MS m. James Henry Johnson

c/o John Thomas Wooten & Emaline Matilda Kelly

Lula Elizabeth b. 9/26/1872 Lenoir Co, NC d. 9/24/1937 Indian Springs, Wayne Co, NC [Cem] m. ??? Jarman

Thomas Mitchell b. 10/12/1879 Lenoir Co, NC d. 10/7/1951 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. Eva Pollock 9/19/1884-10/27/1955

Mary Nancy b. 10/18/1882 Lenoir Co, NC d. 3/19/1960 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. George Roscoe Pollock b. 2/5/1878 Jones Co, NC d. 11/7/1954 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC s/o George Pollock & Julia Harris

John Kelly b. 10/6/1887 Lenoir Co, NC d. 11/9/1956 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. Lutie N Jones b. 4/20/1898 Lenoir Co, NC d. 4/5/1971 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC d/o Benjamin Franklin Jones & Elizabeth Langston

William Forrest b. 9/3/1890 Lenoir Co, NC d. 3/10/1973 Tarboro, Edgecombe Co, NC [Cem]

Robert Glen b. 5/28/1893 Lenoir Co, NC d. 5/31/1953 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. Adeline "Addie" Smith b. 11/9/1898 NC d. 8/1/1975 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC d/o John C Smith & Adeline Hollingsworth

c/o Josiah Columbus Wooten & Lucy ???

Spencer W b. Sep 1880
James S b. Mar 1882
Nettie L b. May 1884
John W b. Dec 1885
William B b. Jun 1887
Ollin C b. Feb 1890
Amos C b. Feb 1892
Joseph R B. Oct 1893
Ephraim b. Nov 1895
Lucy C b. Mar 1898

Children of Junius Thomas Wooten & Bernice Brown

Eunice b. 12/7/1912 Columbus Co, NC d. 6/16/1989 m. 4/4/1931 Leo Nance 11/4/1906-10/11/1974

Hilda Jane m. Neil Edwards

Herbert Buck b. 2/25/1918 Columbus Co, NC d. 1972 m. Apr 1956 Eunice Branch Rozier

Eugenia m. 4/30/1938 Bladen Co, NC to Byron Gooden b. 5/21/1918 Bladen Co, NC d. 7/1/1989 Bladen Co, NC s/o George Graham Gooden & Mary Mildred Johnson

infant b. 1923 Columbus Co, NC d. 1923 Columbus Co, NC

Marion Patrick b. 3/17/1927 Columbus Co, NC d. 1993 m. Clara Harrelson

Children of Junius Thomas Wooten & Rena E Shipman

William b. Oct 1887 Columbus Co, NC m. Kate Elkins 8/25/1888-12/6/1958

Shade b. Aug 1890 Columbus Co, NC m. Minnie Page

Milton b. Jan 1892 Columbus Co, NC m. Bertha Page

Mary Lou b. 2/27/1895 Columbus Co, NC d. 2/11/1979 Bladen Co, NC [Cem] m. T X Brown 12/30/1884-1/24/1954

Estelle b. Nov 1899 Columbus Co, NC m. M B Fletcher

Minnie Ruth m. A Q Powell

Tommy m. Gertrude Brown

Children of Lafayette Wooten

Ida m. John Z Wooten s/o John Barcliff Wooten & Louise Rhem
Julia m. Hoke Wooten s/o Albert Wooten

Children of Oscar V Wooten & Maude Lanier

James Emmerson 6/21/1913-10/15/1913 Pender Co, NC [Cem]
Mary Ellen
Stacey Laverne
Infant Daughter d. Pender Co, NC [Cem]
Infant Son d. Pender Co, NC [Cem]

c/o Ray Lee Wooten & Hortense Elizabeth Moseley

Jessie Harper
Shadrach Isler
Ray Lee Jr b. 9/23/1932 Asheville, Buncombe Co, NC d. 12/18/1932 Asheville, Buncombe Co, NC [Cem]

c/o Richard Edward Wooten & Mary Elizabeth Williams

Alice Elisabeth m. Robert Peel Holmes II

c/o Samuel Allen Wooten & Anne Witherington Southerland

Robert Southerland b. 7/25/1901 Lenoir Co, NC d. 3/3/1970 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. Dorothy Wooten b. 10/8/1908 Lenoir Co, NC d. 8/21/1995 Lenoir Co, NC

c/o Simeon Wooten & Mary Anne Hardee

Cecil Crayton b. 2/23/1892 La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC d. 8/18/1924 La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem]

John Simeon b. 6/8/1888 Lenoir Co, NC d. 3/26/1941 La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem]

Leonard E b. 10/9/1881 La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC d. 6/9/1914 Baltimore, Baltimore Co, MD [Cem]

Helen Rebecca b. 3/17/1884 La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC d. 9/9/1963 Wilson, Wilson Co, NC [Cem] m. Edwin Herman Hobbs b. 9/27/1879 NC d. 12/22/1955 Wilson, Wilson Co, NC s/o Simeon P Hobbs & Mary Stevens

Mary b. 4/2/1887-4/11/1960 [Cem] m. James Fletcher Peele 9/3/1884-12/3/1948

Lester D b. 12/10/1894 NC d. 12/9/1933 Guilford Co, NC [Cem]

c/o Spencer D Wooten & Bettie B Mayfield

Odessa 2/15/1903-Jan 1977 TN
Spencer D b. 1/22/1905 Coldwater, Tate Co, MS d. Aug 1958 TN
Foster Hume
Roy 11/25/1909-Oct 1986 TN

Children of Spencer D Wooten & Lorena C Mayfield

Zenie b. Aug 1890 Coldwater, Tate Co, MS

Hoyt B b. 9/29/1893 Coldwater, Tate Co, MS d. Dec 1969 Shelby, Memphis Co, TN [Mil] m. FLoy M ??? b. c1892 MS

Hollis R b. 7/24/1896 Coldwater, Tate Co, MS d. Aug 1986 Shelby, Memphis Co, TN

Willi B b. 11/12/1896

Children of Stephen Chapman Wooten & Susan Wilkinson

William Chapman 5/20/1862 - 6/23/1939 Wilson, Wilson Co, NC [Cem] m.1. Mansina Felton b. 1868 d. Wilson, Wilson Co, NC m.2. Emma Felton 8/8/1873 - 8/8/1951 Wilson, NC

Children of Thomas Jackson Wooten & Cora Bell Wooten

Alma m.1. Vain Dyal m.2. Freeland Crockett
Glenn 10/4/1909-3/28/1992 [Cem] m. Evelyn Joyce
Wilma 9/13/1911-12/18/2002 m. 11/2/1929 Snipesville, GA to C Melvin Jordan
Eugenia m. Earl McRorie
Hoyle 7/15/1915-9/16/1992 [Cem] m. Allen Sinclair
Beulah Christian 1/31/1919-3/14/1998 [Cem] m. Komer Powell
Eddie Clyde 6/14/1921-8/8/1998 [Cem] m. Cora Bell Kight
Samuel Sanders m. Gwendolyn Lamb

Children of Thomas Jones Wooten & Caroline Virginia McNair

Janie Little
Thomas Jones Jr 10/30/1840-Nov 1923 Camden, SC
Ernest Lee

c/o William David Wooten & Mary Ann Abrams

Margaret Rebecca b. 11/11/1872 m. William Edward Harrell 8/11/1876-Aug 1952

James Cora b. 7/31/1875 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 6/8/1944 Rocky Mount, Nash Co, NC m. 1/10/1894 Macclesfield, Edgecombe Co, NC to David Larence Bridgers b. 4/9/1870 Edgecombe Co, NC d. 9/19/1952 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC

Susan b. 1877 m. Willis Pollard

William Elisha 7/3/1881-12/23/1956 [Cem] m. Addie Banner 3/12/1898-5/30/1990

Robert Lee 1/14/1885-11/29/1962 NC [Cem] m. Frances Julia Dunn 9/18/1895-6/25/1963


Elizabeth m. Cooper Abrams

Alonzo d. Daytona Beach, FL m. Lulu Thelma Blake

c/o William Henry Benajah Wooten & ??? Williaman

Patrick b. 1875
Benjamin A J H b. 1876
Permilla D b. Nov 1879

Children of William Isler Wooten & Julia Speight

John Council
Abram Speight
Richard Abner
Simeon Augustus
Kate Estelle
Herbert Theodore
Cora Lizzie

Children of William Isler Wooten & Molly Speight

Julia L
Emma Mae
William Isler Jr 1893 - 1943 m. Pattie Wooten 1895 - 1974 d/o John L Wooten & Lillie Hooker

Children of William Jackson Wooten & Florence Walston

Bettie Elizabeth 1/8/1903-1/19/1903

Mittie Rebecca 11/2/1904-1/9/1987 m. 1927 William Leonard Mann 2/7/1894-8/13/1977 VA s/o Kilby C Mann & Mattie C Mann

William Alonza 1/8/1906-10/30/1971 Durham, NC [Cem] m. 1937 Lizzie Jones 1920-1968

Reddin Franklin 7/30/1908-2/12/1995 Walstonburg, Greene Co, NC [Cem] m. 12/24/1932 Jack Ann Waltson 4/10/1913-10/25/1995 Walstonburg, Greene Co, NC

Jesse 1/24/1910-Jul 1910

Bettie Florence 9/30/1911-1/11/1994 Wilson, Wilson Co, NC m. 1934 Robert Lee Shelton 9/16/1913-1986 Wilson, Wilson Co, NC

Robert 10/17/1913 Greene Co, NC d. 6/2/2003 NC [Cem] m. Edna Ivey Nichols

Repsie Priscilla 3/2/1915-9/17/1992 Wilson, Wilson Co, NC m. 3/2/1941 SC to Paul Anderson Tyndall 1/15/1912-3/3/1980 Wilson, Wilson Co, NC

Mary Virginia 7/29/1918-1990 Fountain, NC m. 1935 Clifton Douglas "Pete" Shelton 6/21/1906-5/2/1993 Fountain, Edgecombe Co, NC
Infant Boy

Children of William Jackson Wooten & Rebecca Elison Craft

Ella 1888-1902

John Worrell Oct 1885 - 1953 [Cem] m.1. 1914 Molly Dildy 1898 - 1940 m.2. Lillian Keel 1902 - 1947

Lillie 1892-1930 Pitt Co, NC m. 1910 Andrew Wesley Horton 1888-1948 Pitt Co, NC

Annie 8/31/1894-9/5/1983 Snow Hill, NC m. Andrew Jackson Jones 10/2/1889-3/2/1953 Snow Hill, NC

Pattie 5/24/1897-Sep 1979 Fountain, Edgecombe Co, NC

Children of William Jordan Wooten & Sarah Anne Meek

Simon Lee 9/17/1883-8/15/1970 Emhouse, Navarro Co, TX [Cem]

Martha E b. 4/22/1887 d. OK m. John Martin

Noah Cunningham b. 3/22/1891 Burnett Co, TX d. 3/10/1976 Greenville, Hunt Co, TX m. 3/10/1916 Celeste, TX to Osceola Lacks 1895-1981

Ada 2/12/1895-Apr 1973 Wylie, Dallas Co, TX m. Lee VanSickle

Mae D

Abraham William 7/1/1889-9/14/1967 Wood Lake, Trinity Co, TX m. Nicie Katherine Turner 1894-1969

Burris/Burns 4/12/1895-Dec 1976 Corsicana, Navarro Co, TX [Mil] [Cem] m. Ola May Reid

Arthur C 11/22/1898-1940 [Cem] m. Cora Ann Camp

Ray 4/12/1895-Mar 1987 Corsicana, Navarro Co, TX m. Jewel Channey


Roxana b. 3/18/1899 m. 1. ??? Body m.2. John Douglas Meader

Lorena m. Rex Gordon

Della M 1/25/1906-2/21/1947 Emhouse, Navarro Co, TX

Lena M b. 3/6/1893 Freestone Co, TX d. 12/11/1979 Dallas, TX [Cem] m.1. Paul Davis 1880-1916 m.2. John B Burks 1886-1962

Children of William Lee Wooten & Ruth Atkinson

Thelma m. John Wilson
Addie m.1. ??? Stone m.2. John Carver

Children of William Melvin/Melville Wooten & Sarah Lavina Studstill

John Melville b. 10/9/1877 Telfair Co, GA d. 12/6/1938 m.1. Ellie Wooten m.2. Gladys ???

Joannah b. 6/8/1879 Telfair Co, GA d. 9/2/1887 Jacksonville, Ga [Cem]

Alice Eliza b. 4/1/1881 Telfair Co, GA d. 2/7/1950 Telfair Co, GA [Cem] m. 5/12/1903 Telfair Co, GA to William Griffen Ray 9/3/1879-2/7/1950 s/o William Nathaniel Ray & Mary Lucinda Walker

Hulda C b. 1/14/1883 Telfair Co, GA d. 4/1/1971 Lumber City, GA [Cem] m. 4/19/1903 Warren Walter Powell 7/20/1881-10/7/1964

Cora/Carrie Lucrecy b. 5/29/1885 Telfair Co, GA d. 4/18/1967 m. 7/31/1903 Jasper C Powell

Rossy 9/3/1887-9/9/1887

William Ziba b. 10/11/1888 Telfair Co, GA d. 12/23/1975 m. 10/12/1913 Jessie Anderson d. 1980

Oscar Amber 2/24/1891-10/26/1945 Telfiar Co, GA [Cem] m.1. 3/26/1911 Ida Clements b. 10/6/1893 GA d. 6/18/1918 Telfair Co, GA m.2. aft 1918 Lola Horton 4/28/1902-10/19/1977

Hallie/s b. 7/13/1893 Telfair Co, GA d. 6/23/1931 Telfair Co, GA [Cem] m. 11/16/1913 Alma McLean 3/28/1893-2/22/1966

Willis Saxton b. 7/11/1895 Telfair Co, GA d. 12/14/1977 Hogan, AL m.1. Albert McLean m.2. Mary Nealie Bowen Carruthers m.3. Myrtle Standridge m.4. aft 1923 Gladys Hays b. 8/29/1891 Hayden, Blount Co, AL d. 1/8/1975 Hayden, Blount Co, AL [Cem]

James Richard b. 8/13/1897 Telfair Co, GA d. 1/27/1963 Marietta, GA [Cem] m. 6/19/1924 Cobbville, GA to Maggie Sue Johnson b. 4/17/1907 Telfair Co, GA d. 12/24/1978 Marietta, GA

Frank Edward b. 10/24/1899 Telfair Co, GA d. 8/16/1963 [Cem]

Children of William Mack Maxie Wooten & Minnie Lou Byrd

Robert [Cem]
Eva m. Taylor Brantley
Minnie m. Archie Turner
William Mack [Cem] m. Magalee Hillard
Henry Claude Wooten 4/22/1909-11/21/1968 Coffee Co, GA [Cem] [Obit] m. 8/25/1934 Coffee Co, GA to Vernie Agnes Cliett b. Boxton, Coffee Co, GA d/o William Thomas Cliett & Algerine Jowers

Child of William Preston Wooten & Katherine Clay

Sidney Clay b. 5/16/1907 Lexington, Fayette Co, KY d. 12/26/2003 Chevy Chase, Montgomery Co, MD [Cem] [Mil] [Mil] m. Mary Gibson

Generation 13

Child of Hoyt Wooten & Floy M ???


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