Our Family and the World War II

Wars Our Family Served In

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BIGGS, Kempe Parker 12/5/1923-10/30/1943 Choisel, Soloman Islands; s/o Alvah Jefferson Biggs & Mattie Francis Parker

BATCHELOR, Archie Jr 3/21/1920-3/31/2004, US Army WWII; s/o Archie Batchelor Sr & Maude Forbes

BATCHELOR, Drewry Clinton 9/7/1900-1/26/1960 NC PFC AAF WWII; s/o John Sidney Batchelor & Temperance A Harper

BATCHELOR, Floyd Jr 3/27/1921-12/3/1992; s/o Floyd Roy Batchelor & Emma Lee Forbus

BATCHELOR, Orlin Elwood 2/6/1917-4/5/1946 Sicily, MO Pvt 350 Inf 85 Inf Div WWII; s/o Floyd Roy Batchelor & Emma Lee Forbus

COUNCIL, Clinton Philmore 6/20/1924-10/18/2005 s/o James Rufus Council & Sophia Bell Pierce - US Navy, WWII

COUNCIL, David Campbell Jr 7/4/1925-6/5/1996 s/o David Campbell Council Sr & Ethel Leola Moore - WWI, US Coast Guard, Gunner's Mate

COUNCIL, Robert Harward 3/3/1919-8/12/1944 s/o Thomas Claude Council & Martha Lillian Harward - KIA - Missing in Action in WWII - over the English Channel

HARDISON, David G s/o Marcus Nathaniel Hardison & Sarah Ann Hill; Wife: Jeanie Elizabeth Glenn

HARDISON, John Clarence 5/3/1920-4/2/2004 s/o John Ransom Hardison & Lula Bullock - WWII User Army

HARDISON, Robert Jeremiah Jerry 12/8/1888-11/7/1960 s/o James David Hardison & Winna Ellen Predonia Donna Ownby - WWII US Army

HARDISON, Wallace Everett 8/21/1908-4/26/1977 s/o William Thomas Hardison & Italia Hives Tallie - Marine

HARDY, Charles Robert 6/10/1919-9/30/1944; s/o Royal Lou/LeRoy Hardy & Nancy Rozanne McCubbin - Army, Killed in Germany

HARDY, Edward Alphonso 4/4/1909-3/31/1964; s/o Herman Franklin Hardy & Mollie Elizabeth Walters - S2 USNR

HARDY, Graydon 3/20/1914-1/27/1945 LT Air Force; s/o Valuras John Hardy & Grace Paswater

HARDY, Joseph Lemuel 12/20/2011-4/2/1919 Army; s/o Marion Langhorne Hardy & Eloise Kornegay

HARDY, Ralph Arnold s/o Robert Lee Hardy & Nellie Emery; Wife: Helen Myers

HARDY, William Bull 7/11/1926-5/17/2005 US Army; s/o George Cicero Ferdinand Hardy & Sarah Catherine Schrulknight

SUTTON, Clifford Earl s/o Frederick Wesley Sutton & Elizabeth Hanna Worman

SUTTON, Richard Leon 12/17/1920-5/15/1966 s/o Frederick Wesley Sutton & Elizabeth Hanna Worman

SUTTON, Robert Samuel 1910-4/18/1979 s/o Frederick Wesley Sutton & Elizabeth Hanna Worman

TANKERSLEY, James Frederick 3/3/1909-7/27/1988; s/o Frederick Stranton Tankersley & Ruby Mae Gorman - US Army

TANKERSLEY, Morgan 6/26/1907-2/11/1994 s/o Collier Talbert Tankersley & Lena Johnson - PFC WWII, Normandy, Rhineland, Central Europe, Ardennes - 4 Bronze Stars, 1 Purple Heart

TANKERSLEY, Thomas Delbert 1/12/1915-8/10/1944 s/o Jasper Newton Tankersley & Laura Elizabeth Atkerson - US Army, Entered at Ft Oglethorpe GA in 1939, PFC, L Co, 11th Inf Regt, 5th Int Div - Killed in action in Angeres, France

TANKERSLEY, Velon 9/15/1915-12/26/1985 s/o Collier Talbert Tankersley & Lena Johnson - MSgt US Army WWII

VINCENT, Holly D 7/11/1914-10/7/1965, Army & National Guard; s/o John Henderson Vincent & Minnie D Lawrence

VINCENT, Jack Phillip in the Phillipines; s/o John Henderson Vincent & Minnie D Lawrence

WOOTEN, George Henry d. 7/30/1944 Normandy, France, PFC 29th Inf Div; Carolina son killed in action honored on wall of honor on US Battleship NC; s/o Bryant Henry Wooten & Hattie R Rawls

WOOTEN, John Leary b. 1918 d. 1964 - Sgt, 538 Quartermaster Co

WOOTEN, Percy McDonald 1/14/1925-8/19/1959 s/o Bryant H Wooten & Hattie Ruth Rawls - NC Sgt Co D 329 Inf WW II BSM; WOOTEN, Sidney Clay 5/16/1907-12/26/2003, Major General Army; s/o William Preston Wooten & Katharine Clay

WOOTEN, William Alonza b. 11/2/1904 d. 1/9/1987 - US Army (Pacific) PFC 742 MIL POLICE BN

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