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This Indenture made the 14th day of January Anno Domini 1668 Between Thomas Wood Sonne of Arthur Wood and Sarah Wooton, his mother & Relict of Arthur Wood decsd of the one part and Richard Bennett of Blackwater of the other part... by these presents for ever pass over unto him the said Richard Bennett his Heirs Extrs Adms and Assigns for ever, A certain parcel of Land containing One Hundred Acres...Beginning upon the Mouth of the South Branch and soe runing along the Branch to a marked pine, and from the said marked pine to __?__ into Tho. Woods and his broadth (?) to runn also northerly by the Main Swamp, this aforesaid Land lying att Blackwater in the County of Isle of Wight, this said land being included & contained in a pattent of Seaven hundred & forty six acres taken up by Francis (?) England in the year of our Lord 1645..." signed (by hand) Tho. Wood, Sarah Wooton (her mark). Wit: Thomas Wooton (by hand), Richard Wooton (by mark)
Proved in Open Court for the Isle of Wight County this 16th day of Nov 1669. Signed by John Jennings, clerk. The deed was proved by Thomas Wood and Sarah Wooton in open court. (IOW WDB I, pp 199-200)

Know all men by these presents that I Nocholas Cobb __?__ liveing in the Upper Prsh of the Isle of Wight County, in Virga planter for a valluable consideration, found in hand pd att and before the sealing of delivery hereof. For wth I do acknowledge my self to be fully sattisffied, by Richard Watton of the same County planter, doo for me & my heirs make over bargain sell alienate & confirm to the sd Richard Watton, his heirs exts adms & assigns for ever a certain parcell of Land bounded as followeth beginning att a small pine standing by the Cartpath side toward James Mannings, to a Redd Oak __?__?___ which is a corner tree standing by Cartpath side thereof Cross __?__ by a lyne of Trees to a Red Oak standing upon a Branch side which funneth down between James Mannings & Peter Greaves and from the sd Red Oak up the Branch to a Red Oak standing near the head of the Branch from there along a line of marked trees to the southwest lyne in the pocoson & soe along the South West Line to the first station. This parcell of Land being part of a patten, of three hundred acres of Land, with all proffitts rights priviledges & Comodities whatsoever, thereunto belonging, to have and to hold the premises (?) to him the said Richd Watton...(etc.)... in Confirmation hereof I sett my hand & seal this 20 of Octob 1681. signed Nicholas Cobb (by hand), wit. John Bond (by hand) & one other. Recorded 9 Nov 1681. (IOW WDB 1, pp.474-5)

Deed of Sale, Jas. Wooten from Solomon Williams, 22 Dec. 1766, Edgecombe Co., N.C. Deed Records C:423, Register of Deeds, Tarboro, N.C. 50 acres.

Deed of Sale, N.C. State Grant to James Wootten, No. 24, 10 Dec. 1778, Edgecombe Co., N.C. Deed Records 3:484, Register of Deeds, Tarboro, N.C. 550 acres.

Survey for James Wootten, 10 August 1778, N.C. Grant Records, N.C. State Archives, Raleigh, Book 31:24. 550 acres, south side of Tar River and joining Hillary Hodger and William Wootten. Chain Carriers, Richd. Bolton, Junr. and Amos Wootten.

This Indenture... 30 December 1779... between William Wotton... of Edgecombe Co., NC... and John Barnes..Southampton Co., VA... Witnesseth that the said William William Wotton for and in consideration of just and full sum of Nine hundred and fifty pounds current money of Virginia... the said William Wotton... doth hereby grant... unto the said John Barnes... all my rights and Title to that Plantation... and parcel of Land... in the Parish of Newport and County of Isle of Wight in Virginia on the Beaver Dam Swamp, being part of a patent granted to Matthew Strickland, Robert Lawrence, and Hodges Council, the entire property whereof became vented in the said Council, who devised the same by his last Will and Testament in Writing, Recorded in the County Court of Isle of Wight, the Sixth Day of August 1699, to his Daughter, Lucy Council, and to the heirs of her Body, who afterwords married to one Richard Wotton, and the said Richard Wotton and Lucy, his wife both dying, the said Lands descended to their Son and heir Richard Wotton, from it descended to Hardy Wotton his Son and heir who departed this life intestate without issue, whereby the said Plantation and Land descended to the aforesaid William Wotton as eldest Brother and heir at Law to the aforesaid Rich. Wotton, the younger, and being all the lands whereof the said William Wotton stands seized in the said County of Isle of Wight, containing by estimation two hundred acres... Beginning at the beginning tree and running the old line to Fleming's line, then turning and running with Fleming's line that parts this two hundred acres at Flemings, and then turning to the Beaver Dam Swamp, then with the Swamp to the Beginning... Signed by X William Wotton.
Wits. by M Micajah Griffin, by hand Giles Whitney, by hand William Barrett.
At a Court held for Isle of Wight County... 3 Aug 1780... This Indenture of bargain and Sale was partly proved by the oathes of Meajah Griffin & Giles Whitney, two of the Witness's thereto& Confirmed and at a Court held for the said County... 5 Jan 1790... Micajah Griffin came into Court and made Oath that he saw William Barrett sign his name as a Witness hereto and ordered to be recorded. Teste Francis Young, Attorney at Law.(Southampton Co, VA DB V, p456)

William Wooten of Edgecombe Co, NC gives Joel land in a deed of 3/30/1790, for "love and affection." (Deed Book 6, p430)

Deed of Sale, James Wooten to Joshua Wooten, 10 Feb. 1794, Edgecombe Co., N.C. Deed Records 8:666-667, Register of Deeds, Tarboro, N.C. 125 acres, part of 550.

Deed of Sale, James Wootten from Britain Edwards, 5 Jan. 1795, Edgecombe Co., N.C. Deed Records 8:363, Register of Deeds, Tarboro, N.C. 100 acres in Pitt Co. and Edgecombe Co.

Deed of Sale, James Wootten to Joel Wootten, 19 Jan. 1797, Edgecombe Co., N.C. Deed Records 8:665-666, Register of Deeds, Tarboro, N.C. 150 acres, part of 550 acres.

1/8/1799 Edgecombe, NC - Eli Wootten witnessed dead from Hardy Norville to Keton Everette for land formerly belonging to Amos Wooten (Edgecombe NC DB 10 p73)

Joel Wooten (md. a Miss Jordan), who emigrated to this section in 1806. He came first to Bulloch Cty and later to Telfair. He & 2 sons were on the 1st jury at the lst court held in Telfair Cty. (“History of Telfair County” by Floris Mann, pub. 1954)

"The Wooten(s) of this section are descended from Joel Wooten (married a Miss Jordan) who emigrated to this section in 1806 from NC. He came first to Bulloch Co, GA, and later to Telfair Co. He and two sons were on the first jury at the first court held in Telfair Co. Joel Wooten reared six sons, who moved out into other sections of the country. Reddin Wooten to Thomas Co, Bryant to Coffee Co, and John to Chattahoochee, FL. Richard, Henry, and Simon Wooten lived and died in Telfair Co, GA. Simon married Jane McArthur. He was for many years Clerk of the Court in Telfair County, GA. He reared five sons all of whom rendered valuable service to the Confederacy. One of them, William H Wooten went to TX just prior to the War Between the States. He was Captain and Quarter Master of the Indian Division of the Confederate Army." (History of Telair Co, GA by Floris Perkins Mann p 8-9)

"Page 23 of the History of Telfair Co, GA by Mann: "The first court was held on 4/13/1810." Listed among those who served on the Grand Jury at that time were: "Joel Wooten." "Reddin Wooten" was listed among the first "Petit Jurors" drawn for the first court, 4/23/1810; also "Richard Wooten." (Some Families from the Heart of Georgia by Marilyu Burch Smallwood, 1988

Will of Priscilla Warren of Pitt Co - 1/11/1811 - Nov Court 1820 - 6 oldest children - Elizabeth Lang, Stephen Rodgers, Sarah Wooten, Priscilla Turlington, William Rodgers, John Rodgers - estate divided equally after debts are paid Exec were John Lang, Josiah Wooten WIT Anna Brown (?) Benjamin Walston (ABSTRACTS OF WILLS EDGECOMBE CO, NC 1733-1856 by Ruth Smith Williams & Margarette Glenn Griffin)

Shadrach Wooten to Charity Wooten (Daughter), 4 Oct 1811 the following Negroes: Negro girl by name of Patt abt 12 yrs old; Negro girl by name of Sarah abt 9 yrs old; Negro boy by name of Jerry abt one yr old (A-189 "Abstracts of Earliest Columbus Co, NC Deeds, 1808-1818 Vol I" by Williamson, p81)

John Wooten, Thomas B Wooten, Shadrach Wooten, Robert Wooten, Charity Wooten, Henry Wooten & Richard Wooten (Heirs & children of Shadrach Wooten, Decíd) to Mary Wooten (widow of Shadrach Wooten, Decíd), 8 Oct 1812; Seven Negroes: David, Amy, Jude, Clary, Frank, Edmund, & Lazarus (B-4 "Abstacts of Earliest Columbus Co, NC Deeds, 1808-1818 Vol I" by Williamson, p.81)

Amos and Priscilla Wooten's land was divided among his children by lots. William Wooten was awarded Lot #9- 86 acres begining at a gum in Autrey's Creek running South to a corner pine, West 69 1/2 poles to a lightwood stake, a corner of Lot No. 8, then North to a gum in Autrey's Creek and a corner of Lot No. 8, then down creek to the beginning. Disposal of Lot #9: William Wooten to Jesse Wooten both of Edgecombe, 23 Oct 1813, 86 acres, the tract of land drawn by William Wooten in the division of his father Amos Wooten, dec'd and known as Lot No. 9. Witnesses Sam Ruffin and Elisha Johnson. May Court 1814. (Edge DB 15, p64)

Gray Cobb and his wife Winny Wooten sold this 210 acres to her cousin Amos Wooten. Since the real right to this land was Winny's, not Gray's, the Court had Justice H. Austin examine her to make sure she was selling the land of her own free will. (Edge DB 20, p.274)

Bladen Co, NC 4 Feb 1815 Shadrack Wooten to Daniel Shipman-$100... 3 tracts of lands... runs to the run of Western Prong the dividing lines of Shade Wooten & Mrs. Meares...adj lands of Jas. Shipman, Jr. cont. 215 acres. Wit. A. Powell, E. Shipman. August Term 1815. J.S. Purdie, C.C.

“After all, ‘suitability’ is the true foundation for marriage. If the partied be suited to one another, in age, situation in life . . . temper, and constitution, these are the ingredients of a happy marriage - or at least, a convenient one - which is all that people of experience expect.” “Suitability was all too often involved in common commonness of mind, though the language of love suggested something grander and the Southern advice literature something more ennobling. HARDY WOOTEN, a young and unmarried physician of pioneer Lowndesboro, AL, condemned the young bloods in his neighborhood because they made their distrust of feminine brains all too plain. Lacking any ability to carry on ‘intellectual discourse’, he said, ‘they could only consort with women through the ‘sensual gratifications’ of perpetual dancing’. Yet, WOOTEN himself was scarcely immune from the convention of seeking out a wife with less education and intelligence than he possessed. Stung by local gossip, he abandoned a friendship with a woman separated from her husband and married Ermassenda Rochelle, an eighteen year old girl of little education. ‘He had been looking, he reasoned, for ‘unsuspecting innocence - a native jewel, unpolished by art’.”
In a discussion on widows . . . “For the instance, HARDY WOOTEN, the physician of Lowndesboro, AL, complained that his mother Jershua Wooten, a GA matron, was ‘a widow who could not suppose that anyone could manage her affairs so well as herself’, a very arrogant position for her to take . . . As a result, she had given ‘herself an abundance of unnecessary trouble an inconvenience’. Nevertheless, from the inadvertent evidence that WOOTEN supplied in his diary it is clear that Jershua had made a success of the same farm that her deceased husband had burdened with heavy debts. She even managed to retire his obligations.” (Wooten, Autobiography, Vol 1, 1813-1837 p202 & 240)

Inventory and Sale of James Wooten, 1821, Edgecombe Co., N.C. Original in Inventories and Account of Sales, 1820-25:228-229, 239, 357, 473, County Records 037.514.19, N.C. State Archives, Raleigh.

Priscilla Warren - inventory and acount of sale by Josiah Wooten & John Lang Sr Exec - 1821 - heirs were Elizabeth Lang, dec; Stephen Rodgers; heirs of Sarah Wooten; Priscilla Turlington; heirs of William Rodgers, dec; John Rodgers or his heirs - 1822 (ESTATE RECORDS, 1820-1850 by Joseph Watson)

Deed of Sale, Henry Wooten to Clemment Shivers, 12/5/1823, Pitt Co, NC Deed Records CC:307-308, Register of Deeds, Greenville, NC

#890 - Petition - Nov 1825 - for division of Negroes and other estate by William Lang, John Lang, Stephen Lang, Robert Lang, David Lang (minor with John Lang his next friend), Shadrack Wooten, William Wooten, Ella Wooten, Elisa Wooten & John Wooten (last 2 minors with Josiah Wooten their next friend), stating the dec died testate in l811 with Exec John Lang & Josiah Wooten. in her Will she left Negroes and other estate to 6 oldest children - Elizabeth Lang, Stephen Rogers, Sarah Wooten, Priscilla Tarlington, William Rogers,& John Rogers. She left land on Black Swamp adj Joshua Eason & Isaiah Langley consisting of 102 acs. Records indicate Elizabeth Lang & Sarah Wooten had also died leaving as heirs the above; Priscilla Tarlington had also died leaving several children (none named) in VA & AL. William Rogers had died leaving an only child Polly who lived in Liverpool in Great Britain; Stephen Rogers lived in Green Co & John Rogers in KY (RECORDS OF ESTATES, EDGECOMBE CO, NC, 1761-1825, by David Gammon)

Mar 13, 1826 - Elizabeth Wooten sells slave Hannah to Henry Wooten for $250. [Henry is s/o Joel and Elizabeth] Witnesses Simon Wooten and Duncan McArthur. [Joel's widow, Elizabeth is selling one of her slaves to her son. On this date, Elizabeth made two other sales to Simon Wooten. She sold Simon a slave and 202 1/2 acres of land, both witnesses by Henry Wooten. (Special Study IX p. 191, Wooten and Related Families Assoc, Richard Wooten, Telfair Co, GA Deed Book H, p 123)

Henry Wooten, to "my son" James Wooten, 4/7/1828, Pitt Co, NC Deed Records EE:252, Register of Deeds, Greenville, NC One sorrell colt about one yr old.

Division of the Lands of Henry Wooten, ordered by the Court, Sept 1828, Pitt Co., N.C. Deed Records GG:48-49, Register of Deeds, Greenville, NC Priscilla Wooten to receive Lot no. 1, containing 80 acres. Patsey Wooten to receive Lot no. 2, containing 89 acres. Sally Wooten to receive Lot no. 3, containing 96 acres--Beginning at a sweet gum of No. 2 on the run of Autrey's creek and with that line south ten west three hundred and twelve poles to a stake in the...east three hundred and forty two poles to an ash on the run of autrey's cree, thence to the winds of the same to the corner of no. 2...rendered said land at four hundred dollars.... Lot no. 4, to James Wooten, containing 91 acres. Lot no. 5, to Leven Edwards and his wife [not named], containing 91 acres.

Will of William Isler, Jones Co, 12/3/1833, March term of court 1834.
Wife: Ann Isler, Sons: Simmons Isler, Edwin B Isler (to E.B.S. "tract" purchased of John Isler)
Daughters: Eliza Wooten, Rebeccah Herring
Executor: Council Wooten, C.C.H. Bryan
(Descendants of Christian Isler, by Sybil Hyatt)

Deed of Sale, Lewis Dilday of Pitt Co., N.C. to Joseph Tugell, 1 Jan. 1842, Edgecombe Co., N.C. Deed Records 24:73-75, Register of Deeds, Tarboro, N.C. Land in Pitt Co. adjoining lands of Joseph Tugell, known as dower land left by James Wooten to his son Henry Wooten and his wife Betsy. Lewis Dilday now the husband of said Betsy. Sally Wooten, heir of Henry Wooten. 50 acres.

Deed, Joseph Tugwell from Lewis Dilday, both of Pitt Co., N.C., 1 January 1842, Edgecombe Co., N.C. Deed Records 24:73-76, Register of Deeds, TArboro, N.C. Land lying in Pitt Co., on the south side of Autrey's Creek adjoining lands of said Joseph Tugwell and more particularly known as the Dower Land left by the former James Wooten to his son Henry Wooten & his wife Betsey during their natural lives. Said Lewis Dilday known the husband of said Betsey...the quantity of 50 acres. Further agree to sell our interest in another piece of Dower Land which included part of the Lott that was set apart to Sally Wooten one of the heirs of the said Henry Wooten to the said Joseph Tugell husband of the said Sally Wooten for $62, including the whole of interest in said lands that myself and wife Betsey.

Deed, Joseph Tugwell & Sally Tugwell his wife to James L. Cobb, all of Pitt Co., N.C., 4 August 1845, Pitt Co., N.C. Deed Records LL:68-69, Register of Deeds, Greenville, N.C. One tract of land in Pitt and Edgecombe Cos., N.C., containing 100 acres more or less...land allotted to the said Sally Tugwell in the division of the lands of James Wooten, decd. Also, Joseph Tugwell sells his interest in another small tract of land lying as before mentioned adjoining the former tract of Stephen Wooten, containing about 22 and 1/2 acres, it being the land purchased by him of Lewis Dilday & wife, her dower in the lands of Henry Wooten, decd. Joseph also conveys the following other property to Cobb: 1 mare and colt, stock of cattle and hogs, house hold and kitchen furniture, crop of corn, fodder, cotton, peas and corn, and one pair of cart wheels and cart body.

Aug 20, 1845 - Henry Wooten to daughter Eliza Wooten for "Natural love and affection", plus $5 cash a Negro girl, Mary age 6 years. (Montgomery GA Deed Book MON p355)

Deed of Sale, Joseph Tugwell and his wife Sarah, to Chapman Norville, 22 Feb. 1847, Edgecombe Co., N.C. Deed Records 24:215, Register of Deeds, Tarboro, N.C. 97 acres known as lot 3 of Lands of Henry Wooten. Also mentions dower of late Widow Wooten.

J E Wooten, an eminent young attorney at law, Savannah, was born in Montgomery Co, GA, 11/22/1856. His father, Henry Wooten, was b. in Burke Co, GA, in Feb, 1801, & d. 11/11/1885. He was planter of considerable wealth and a son of Joel Wooten, of English descent, but a native of NC, who married a Miss Jordon. The mother of our subject, before marriage, was Miss Jane McArthur, a native of Montgomery Co, GA, & d/o Daniel Mc Arthur of NC, & of Scott extraction. She was the mother of several children, of whom five are living, viz: John A, Frank D, Mrs A E Griffin, Mrs Mary Graham and J E, the subject of this sketch.
In 1875 J E Wooten entered Emory College, Oxford, GA, and graduated in 1879. He then went to Savannah, studied law under Hon P W Meldrim, was admitted to the bar in 1880, opened his office in Savannah, and from the very start secured a lucrative practice. In 1882 he formed a co-partnership with A H McDonnell, which lasted until 1886, since when Mr Wooten has conducted the practice on his sole account. He is still a young man, but possessed of rare talents, and has had a large amount of experience since entering upon the active duties of his profession. He is a Democrat in politics and give valuable aid to his party, but is not imbued with any desire for office. (Biographical Souvenir of the States of GA & FL - 1889; p866: Joel Edward Wooten)

Robert Greg McEwen met Belle Augusta Wooten, of Telfair Co, GA, a young lady from a family of means and prestige, but who had, like many, lost their land and other holdings during that terrible war. He and Belle were married here in Marion Co, FL on 23 Dec 1866. Belle had never prepared a meal or sewn a stitch in her life. Her family had owned servants to do these things. It didn’t take her long to learn the art of keeping house. Here granddaughters recall what a wonderful cook their grandmother became. Here cookies were the best; biscuits, cakes and other delicacies they recall with smiles. But, they remember, Grandmother McEwen was very firm, very precise. She was a small dainty lady and very proud. She would never think of outsiders seeing her without her gold brooch and lace collars.
It isn’t known exactly how Robert McEwen and Belle Wooten met; perhaps on a visit with someone. The Wootens were from Towns, in Telfair Co, GA. Belle and all of her brothers and sisters were born there, and her parents died there. I note that Simon J Wooten’s wife was the former Mary McLauchlin. The McLauchlin name may be the key to how this young couple met. McLauchlins were early in Marion Co, over at the Fairfield area. just thinking . . . In case someone is working on genealogy, I’ll just give the names of the Belle Augusta Wooten’s siblings: five sisters, Mett, Florrie (Florida), Susan, Margaret, Mary Ann, and two brothers, Andrew Jackson and John Wooten. (Marion County Remembers, “Salty Crackers” Number Nine by Sybil Browne Bray 1991 p.53-54)

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