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Generations 7-8

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Genealogy is an ever growing adventure. The names, dates and places listed below are changing constantly as new information is gathered on these families. If you feel that something is in error here, please let me know. If you can add information to any of these people please share that others may gain knowledge about their families from you. Thank you.

This page updated: 2/12/2012

Legend: [Cem] = Cemetary info, [Census] = Census Records, [Doc1,2,3] = Documentation, [Obit] = Obituary, [Vet] = Veteran info

Generation 7

Children of Benjamin Hardy & Nancy Ann Howell

Susannah Hardy b. c1764 Bertie Co, NC d. NC m. John Simon Herring b. 1748 NC

Lydia Hardy b. 4/26/1768 Lenoir Co, NC d. 1820-1830 Dobbs Co, NC m. 4/26/1786 Dobbs Co, NC to Parrott Mewborn b. 3/11/1765 Dobbs Co, NC d.1807 Lenoir Co, NC son of George Mewborn and Mary Parrott

Elizabeth Hardy b. 1754 Bertie Co, NC d. 1816 Dobbs Co, NC m. Thomas Dawson b. 1738 Lenoir Co, NC d. c1820 s/o Levi Dawson and Mary Elizabeth Waters

Nancy Ann Hardy b. c1758 prob. Wayne Co., NC d. c1797 [Marr] m. Jesse A Aldridge b. c1758 prob Lenoir Co, NC d. c1797 son of Drury Aldridge, Sr and Mary Barrington

Children of Edward Hardy & Winifred Weston

John b. c1765
Jeremiah d. bef 3/17/1819

Children of Humphrey Hardy & Martha T Collins

Joseph [Doc1] m.1. 9/19/1787 Bertie Co, NC to Nancy Hoggard d/o Patrick Hoggard & Winnefred Cobb m.2. bef 1791 to Elizabeth Sheppard d/o Abram Sheppard

John c1767-1854 Johnston Co, NC [Doc1]

Charles d. bef 12/31/1817 Bertie Co, NC

Myles d. Apr 1816 [Doc1] m. bef 1816 to Frances ???

Jonathan b. c1772 Bertie Co, NC d. c1816 Madison Co, AL [Doc1] m. bef 1810 to Susannah Sheppard b. 1786 Dobbs Co, NC

c/o Jesse Hardy & Elizabeth Rasor

John C b. c1773 Bertie, NC d. 1854

Elizabeth c1775-c1830 Lincoln Co, GA m. c1811 to ??? Thompson

Jesse Jr b. 1/26/1776 Bertie Co, NC d. 7/26/1845 Dallas Co, AL [Cem] m. 1800-1810 GA to Celia Golding

Miles b. c1777 Bertie Co, NC d. c1856 AL

Susannah b. c1778 Bertie Co, NC d. c1856 AL m. 6/19/1808 Lincoln Co, GA to Jeremiah P Hardy

Edward b. c1781 Bertie, NC d. bef 1828 m. Martha Standard

Nancy b. c1782 Bertie Co, NC d. bef 1828 m.4/4/1809 Lincoln Co, GA to Samuel Gilmore

James b. c1784 Bertie Co, NC d. bef 1828

Cornelius P b. 6/1/1786 Bertie, NC d. Feb 1865 Jasper Co, GA [Cem] m. 2/7/1810 Lincoln Co, GA m.1. Sarah/Susan Parks b. c1795 NC d. 1851 Jasper Co, GA m.2 Susan Harris

Judith b. c1788 Bertie, NC d. bef 1828

Josiah b. c1790 Bertie, NC d. bef 5/8/1863 Butts Co, GA m. c1810 Mary ??? d. 1857 [Census]

Sophia b. c1792 Bertie, NC m. 9/16/1819 Lincoln Co, GA to James A Wallace

Aquilla b. 3/10/1794 Lincoln Co, GA d. 4/29/1884 Kendron, Coweta Co, GA [Cem] [Vet] m.1. 5/18/1814 Lincoln Co, GA to Mary Polley Steward 1/16/1795 Ga d. 1/4/1869 Kendron, Coweta Co, GA m.2. 2/6/1873 Kendron, Coweta Co, GA to Nancy T Harris Bolar b. 8/5/1815 GA d. 7/25/1901 Kendron, Coweta Co, GA

c/o Jesse Hardy & Nancy Jeter

Whitmel b. 9/22/1820 GA d. 8/30/1906 Lineville, Clay Co, AL [Pict] [Cen] [Cem] [Vet] [MilRec] m. 8/13/1843 Campbell Co, AL to Julyann Louise Barefield b. 12/26/18727 GA d. June 1884 d/o John Barefield & Annie Parker

Dicey m. 12/9/1845 Talladega Co, AL to Benjamin Franklin Hopkins

c/o John Hardy & Sarah Sutton

Elizabeth b. c1789 Lincoln Co, GA d. bef 3/18/1825 m. 4/30/1811 Lincoln Co, GA to Adam Edger

Penelope b. c1784 NC d. aft 1860 GA m. 1/3/1827 Lincoln Co, GA to David Kinder

John Jr b. c1779 m. 1815 to Elizabeth Cowan Matthews b. 1795

Jesse b. c1782

Henry b. 9/1/1794 Lincoln Co, GA d. 4/28/1875 Grand Parish, Montgomery, LA [Vet] m. 7/25/1821 Lincoln Co, GA to Amy Gaunt

Sutton b. 1795 Lincoln Co, GA d. bef 1850 Upson Co, GA m. 6/18/1820 Lincoln Co, GA to Elizabeth Gant

c/o Lemuel "Lamb" Hardy & Mary Elizabeth Sutton

Sarah b. 10/24/1763 Bertie Co, NC d. 2/12/1803 Lenoir Co, NC m. Jan 1779 to Charles Tull b. 12/21/1753 Baltimore, MD d. 10/18/1836 Lenoir Co, NC s/o Isaac Tull

John b. c1765 Bertie Co, NC d. MS m.1. Mary Tyson m.2. Mary Taylor

Winifred b. 1/29/1765 Bertie Co, NC d. 8/12/1841 Greene Co, NC [Cem] m. c1790 Henry Best Jr 4/11/1762-12/2/1839 s/o Benjamin Best Sr & Margaret Williams

Sutton b. c1766 Dobbs Co, NC d. 4/15/1853 Dobbs Co, NC [Cem] m. Martha Taylor b. 1782 NC d. 10/1/1856 Chickasaw Co, MS d/o Elizabeth ??? [Cen]

Edith b. 1768 Dobbs Co, NC d. 1802-1810 Greene Co, NC m. 1790 Drury Aldridge, Jr b. 1766 Dobbs Co, NC d. 1840 Greene Co, NC s/o Drury Aldridge Sr & Mary Barrington

Thomas b. c1774 Dobbs Co, NC d. 2/1/1882 Posey Co, IN [Cem] m. 8/2/1828 Beauford Co, NC to Lucinda Edwards b. 1799 NC d. 7/5/1895 Posey Co, IN d/o Lyle Edwards

William Parrott b. c1769 Dobbs Co, NC m. Cleopatra Parrott

Mary b. c1772 Dobbs Co, NC d. 6/1/1855 Wayne Co, NC m. c1790 Benjamin Best, Jr 1766-9/13/1850 s/o Benjamin Best & Margaret Williams

Martha b. 1775 Dobbs Co, NC m. ??? Taylor

Anne b. 1776 Dobbs Co, NC m. John Pinkney Taylor s/o Wright Taylor & Rebecca Britt

Lemuel III b.2/3/1779 Dobbs Co, NC d. 10/7/1849 Green Co, NC [Will] [Cen] m.1. bef 1802 Lenoir Co, NC to Unity Taylor b. c1783 m.2. 4/18/1804 Lenoir Co, NC to Annie Mewborn b. 7/26/1787 d. 4/30/1815 Lenoir Co, NC d/o Parrott Mewborn & Lydia Howell Hardy m.3. aft 1815 Lenoir Co, NC to Martha Patsy Mewborn b. 2/16/1796 Lenoir Co, NC d. 2/6/1851 Lenoir Co, NC d/o Parrott Mewborn & Lydia Howell Hardy

Elizabeth b. 1780 Dobbs Co, NC d. 1805 Lenoir Co, NC m. bef 1800 John Wesley Gibbons

Nancy b. 3/24/1782 Dobbs Co, NC d. 11/22/1844 Greene Co, NC m. 1802 Lemuel Sugg 2/17/1778-1/14/1852 s/o John Sugg & Elizabeth Murphey

??? Hardy b. c1783 NC

Benjamin b. c1785 Greene Co, NC [Doc2] d. c1841 Greene Co, NC m. bef 1803 Mary Edwards b. c1781 NC d. Greene Co, NC

Child of William Hardee (s/o John Hardee)

Allen Hardee b. 1/19/1802

c/o William Hardy & Sarah Sowell

John b. 6/13/1773 Bertie Co, NC [Doc1] [Doc3] d. 9/25/1854 Opelika, Russell Co, AL [Will] [Cem] m. 11/15/1798 Bertie Co, NC to Elizabeth Ward b. 1773 Bertie Co, NC d. bef 1854 prob Lincoln Co, GA d/o Thomas Ward & Pherby ???

Martha b. 10/17/1752 Bertie Co, NC [Doc1] m. 4/18/1770 Bertie Co, NC to Job Hunter s/o James Hunter & Sarah ???

Lemuel "Lamb" b. 1/20/1755 Bertie Co, NC d. Feb 1797 Bertie Co, NC [Doc1] [Doc2] m. 8/23/1790 Bertie Co, NC to Winifred Boswell

Elizabeth b. 3/25/1757 Bertie Co, NC [Doc2] m. Oct 1787 Bertie Co, NC to Moses Williams s/o Samuel Williams & Mary ???

Sarah b. 4/12/1759 Bertie Co, NC d. Cass Co, IL [Doc1] m.1. ??? Sutton m.2. 10/20/1780 Bertie Co, NC to Ephraim White

William Parrott b. 9/15/1761 Bertie Co, NC [Doc1] [Doc2] d. bef 2/20/1830 Bertie Co, NC m.1. Sarah Fleetwood b. c1763 d/o Henry Fleetwood & Sarah Hooten m.2. Winifred Lawrence d/o Abner Lawrence & Mary ???

Charles b. 6/25/1765 Bertie Co, NC [Doc1] [Doc2] d. 1845 m. Mary ???

Edward b. 3/17/1770 Bertie Co, NC d. 4/3/1837 [Doc1] m.1. 12/23/1796 NC to Lydia Jarvis 1780-12/20/1807 d/o Thomas Jarvis m.2. 12/20/1808 Elizabeth Munden d. 9/11/1813 m.3. 9/24/1816 Dorean Woodhouse d. 12/11/1816 m.4. NC to Lydia Bray

Benjamin b. 7/21/1779 Bertie Co, NC [Doc1] [Doc2] d. Jul 1821 Bertie Co, NC m. c1800 to Eleanor Ward 1780-Jul 1852 d/o Thomas Ward & Pherby ???

Jesse 1769-7/26/1845 Duplin Co, NC [Cen] m. 10/17/1796 Sarah Sutton b. c1773 d/o Benjamin Oxley Sutton & Sarah Hardy

Children of William Parrott Hardy & Elizabeth Hawkins

John Hardy b. 1768 NC d. aft 1810 Bertie Co, NC [Doc2] [Doc3] [Marr] m. 4/9/1793 Windsor, Bertie Co, NC to Jeminah Wilson b. 1772 NC d. Bertie Co, NC poss d/o Edward Wilson I

??? Hardy m. Clair Spier

Generation 8

Alphabetized by Father's First Name
Child of ??? Hardy & Clair Spier

Samuel Hardy m. 1789 Ann Fewox

Child of Allen Hardee (s/o William Hardee)

Epenetus Hardee b. 3/1/1833

Children of Aquilla Hardy & Mary Polley Steward

Nancy b. 5/8/1815 Lincoln Co, GA

Eliza b. 2/23/1817 Lincoln Co, GA d. bef 7/27/1841 Coweta Co, GA m. 4/13/1837 Coweta Co, GA to William Christopher b. 11/14/1813 Lunenburg Co, VA d. 10/30/1892

Ellender b. 10/3/1818 Lincoln Co, GA

John b. 10/3/1820 Lincoln Co, GA

Emily L F b. 9/19/1923 Lincoln Co, GA

William J b. 1/5/1825 Lincoln Co, GA d. 3/6/1905 Coweta Co, GA [Cem] m. 12/26/1844 Coweta Co, GA to Lucy Elizabeth Malviney Shell b. 6/25/1824 Newberry Co, SC d. 1/7/1907 Coweta Co, GA

Sarian Susan b. 4/5/1827 Coweta Co, GA d. 11/5/1921 m. 6/27/1841 Coweta Co, GA to William Christopher b. 11/14/1813 Lunenburg Co, VA d. 10/30/1892

Rufus W b. 4/29/1829 Coweta Co, GA d. 9/26/1891 Coweta Co, GA [Cem] m. 4/5/1846 Coweta Co, GA to Lucy Mariah Bailey b. 2/26/1829 SC d. 2/19/1908 Coweta Co, GA

Mary Francis b. 1/9/1831 Coweta Co, GA m. 12/28/1848 Coweta Co, GA to Samuel Christopher

Aquilla Gilmore b. 11/12/1833 Coweta Co, GA

Samuel Tomson b. 1/3/1836 Coweta Co, GA

Malinda Hannah b. 2/8/1840 Coweta Co, GA

Children of Benjamin Hardy & Eleanor Ward

Humphrey H
Thomas B

Children of Benjamin Hardy & Mary Edwards

William Edwards b. 8/20/1816 Greene Co, NC d. 3/15/1870 [Cen] m. Rosa Ellen Edwards c1825-1881 d/o Thomas Edwards & Rosey Hooker

Nancy b. c1803 Greene Co, NC m. Thomas McDaniel

Mary b. c1805 Greene Co, NC m. Henry Edwards

Eliza b. c1807 Greene Co, NC m. Abraham Hardy

Benjamin Jr b. c1811 Greene Co, NC m. Christina Edwards

Jesse W b. c1811 Greene Co, NC [Cen] m. c1824 Laney Tyson d/o Seth Tyson & Lany Harper

Lemuel E b. 2/3/1809 Greene Co, NC d. 6/16/1887 Greene Co, NC [Cem] m. 12/5/1834 Elizabeth Tyson b. 9/2/1815 Greene Co, NC d. 1/11/1876 Greene Co, NC [Obit] d/o Seth Tyson & Lany Harper

Child of Charles Hardy

Martha Hardy

Children of Charles Hardy

Harriet Lee m. Thomas Southerland

Children of Cornelius P Hardy & Sarah/Susan Parks

Elizabeth b. 6/20/1827 Lincoln Co, GA d. 12/31/1893 Jasper Co, GA [Cem] m. 2/15/1849 William Page White b. 12/1/1815 Jasper Co, GA d. 3/11/1905 Jasper Co, GA

John Thomas b. 1/28/1830 GA m. 1862 Phoebe Josephine Allen d. 1901 d/o John Asbury Allen & Nancy Goodman Crawford

Cornelius M 1832 - 1886 Jasper Co, GA [Vet] [Cem] m. Ariminta J Hodge/Hillman 1846-1932 Eastman, GA

Alford D b. 10/11/1835 [Vet]

Joseph J b. c1838 [Vet]

William Parks 1811-1894 m. Maria Susan Duncan 1810-1894

Children of Edward Hardy & Lydia Jarvis

Thomas Asbury b. 3/5/1800 Bertie Co, NC d. 7/27/1876 Vance Co, VA m. 8/5/1831 Norfolk, VA to Elizabeth Margaret Pierce b. 1812 Norfolk, VA d. 1881 d/o David Pierce & Margaret ???

Charles Wesley m. Rebecca Pierce d/o David Pierce & Margaret ???

Children of Henry Hardy & Amy Gaunt

Charles Lunsford b. 2/16/1824 Lincoln Co, GA d. 1/5/1913 Mexia, TX [Vet] m. 1847 Elizabeth Ratcliff d/o Joseph Ratcliff & Annis Johnson

Children of Jesse Hardy & Celia Golding

Sebron b. 10/10/1804
Mitchel G b. 11/6/1806
George Washington b. 10/9/1808 Lincoln Co, GA m. Elizabeth Thomas
Thomas Jefferson b. 1/16/1811
Cornelius b. 4/6/1813
Robert Jesse b. 3/11/1815
Hamilton/Hampleton b. 4/14/1816
Henrietta b. 2/1/1816 m. ??? Gibson
Susan Ann b. 1821 m. ??? Lovett
Emily b. 4/8/1824 m. John Hardy
Mary Ann b. 3/7/1826
Elizabeth b. 4/16/1828 m. Thomas J Tanner 6/8/1818-6/30/1901
Benjamin Franklin b. 2/5/1829
Catherine b. 6/5/1830 m. ??? Harris
William John b. 4/9/1831
Reom Ransom b. 1/8/1833 m. Martha Thompson
Aquilla b. 4/20/1834
John R b. 1/6/1823 Dallas Co, AL d. 1/24/1883 [Cem] m. 1848 Autauga Co, AL to Almira Gray b. 10/28/1829 d/o John Gray & Nancy Mullen

Children of Jesse Hardy & Sarah Sutton

Thomas Fleetwood 3/8/1798-2/16/1854 Lenoir Co, NC m. c8/23/1825 Duplin Co, NC to Charity Mathews

Barbara b. 5/25/1800 Lenoir Co, NC d. 4/18/1889 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] [Cen] m. Issac Hines c1795-9/15/1875 Lenoir Co, NC s/o Daniel Hines

Blaney b. 1/23/1803 Lenoir Co, NC d. 9/26/1822

William Hedrick b. 10/25/1805 Lenoir Co, NC d. 10/24/1849 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. 2/20/1840 Tempy Virginia Nethercutt b. 8/16/1819 Duplin Co, NC d. 5/2/1893 Strabane, Lenoir Co, NC [Cen] d/o Loftin Nethercutt & Nancy Barfield

Piersey b. 5/10/1808 Lenoir Co, NC d. 7/29/1850

Benjamin b. 2/5/1811 Lenoir Co, NC d. 9/24/1849

John F b. 7/23/1814 Lenoir Co, NC d. 1/18/1850

Jesse F b. 3/11/1818 Lenoir Co, NC d. Jan 1851 [Doc] m. c1845 Elizabeth Jane Hines c1824-c1890 d/o Daniel Hines & Rebecca ???

Andrew Jackson b. 2/13/1821 Lenoir Co, NC d. 9/1/1894 Warsaw, Duplin Co, NC [Cem] m. 9/7/1841 Catherine Nethercut b. 3/30/1822 Duplin Co, NC d. 1/16/1899 Duplin Co, NC d/o Loftin Nethercutt & Nancy Barfield

Children of John Hardy

Aquila d. bef 11/12/1805
Penelope m. Eleem Lockhardt
Elizabeth m. Needham Powell

Children of John Hardy & Elizabeth Ward

Alfred Ward b. 12/6/1809 Lincoln Co, GA d. 5/26/1850 Cotton Valley, Macon Co, AL m. bef 1832 Monroe Co, GA to Sarah Heath Chappell b. 1810 Monroe, Hancock GA? d. aft 1870 Douglasville, Cass Co, TX

Hugh Hollingshead m. ELizabeth Hunter

Aquilla b. 1800 NC d. 1868 Green Co, AL m. Louisa poss Crabtree





Pheroby Feraby/Leasaley b. 12/29/1805 GA d. 12/18/1880 Camp Hill, Tallapoosa Co, AL [Cem] m. 12/21/1820 Lincoln Co, GA to David Ward Lockhart b. 7/20/1800 Augusta, Lincoln Co, GA d. 10/31/1878 Tallpoosa Co, AL s/o Joel Leslie Lockhart & Charlotte Vincent

William W b. 8/23/1799 m. 12/26/1821 Lincoln Co, GA to Mary Vincent Lockhart b. 5/29/1804 d/o Joel Leslie Lockhart & Charlotte Vincent

Ellenor d. c1847 m.1. ??? Chenault d. bef 1829 m.2. 12/27/1829 Lincoln Co, GA to Joel Leslie Lockhart Jr b. 6/6/1802 Lincolnton, Lincoln Co, GA d. 4/7/1885 s/o Joel Leslie Lockhart & Charlotte Vincent

James Ward d. bef 1854

John Parrott c1801-8/17/1848

Mary G d. bef 1854 m. 11/23/1824 Lincoln Co, GA to Gabriel Parks

Louisa d. bef 1854 m. ??? Bennett

Charles d. 1833

Child of John Hardy & Jeminah Wilson

Eldred/Etheldred Hardy b. 6/7/1794 Bertie Co, NC [Doc2] d. 6/4/1877 Bluffs, Scott Co, IL m. 4/30/1816 Elizabeth Margaret Castelo/Castellow 1798-4/14/1878 Naples Precinct, Scott Co, IL d/o James Castelaw & Elizabeth Cobb

Children of John Hardy Jr & Elizabeth Cowan Matthews

Jesse Hardy 7/31/1816-1875 m. 1841 Mary Funderburke 1822-1905

Penelope Hardy b. 8/28/1817 Lincoln Co, GA d. 1872 Conecuh Co, AL [Cem] m. Lincoln Co, GA to Solomon Purnell

Sutton Hardy b. 5/20/1819 d. died as a child

Children of Jonathan Hardy & Susannah Sheppard

Calvin Jones b. 1805 d. Tippah Co, MS m. Julia Treadwell
Rufus Sheppard
Hestira R
Sarah Ann
Nancy Croom m. Alexander C Blair

Children of Joseph Hardy & Elizabeth Sheppard


Children of Joseph Hardy & Nancy Hoggard

Jeremiah b. c1789 m. 6/19/1808 Lincoln Co, GA to Susannah Hardy

Children of Josiah Hardy & Mary ???
Sarah b. c1811 m. 12/19/1833 Butts Co, GA to Thomas M McClure

Permelia b. c1813 m. 1/19/1832 Jesse W Duncan

Mary b. c1818 m. 10/25/1838 Wiley Jones

Elbert b. c1819 m. 2/27/1840 Sarah Woodfin

Jesse b. c1823 m. 1/1/1846 Mahala Henderson

Josiah Jr 1825-Aug 1864 Petersburg, VA [Vet]m. 1/26/1843 Butts Co, GA to Diannah/Diana Martha Andrews 2/18/1825-2/25/1910 Butts Co, GA [Cem] d/o John Andrews & Jane Blair

John b. c1827 m. 2/19/1849 Sarah Henderson

Jacob b. c1828 m. 2/4/1847 Mary Beauchamp

Margaret b. c1829 [Cem] m. 1/22/1849 Butts Co, GA to J Cordey Barnes

Susan b. c1830 m. 3/15/1853Frederick Phillips

Children of Lemuel Hardy III & Annie Mewborn

Susannah b. 12/9/1806 Lenoir Co, NC d. bef 1844 m. Irvin Moye s/o Wyatt Moye

Mary S b. 12/26/1808 Lenoir Co, NC d. Greene Co, NC m. James Redmond Broome

Parrott Mewborn b. 1/17/1810 Lenoir Co, NC d. 9/20/1866 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m.1. bef 1833 Lenoir Co, NC to Louisa Truett Daniel b. 5/30/1816 NC d. 4/22/1840 Lenoir Co, NC d/o Stephen Daniel & Huldah Smock m.2. 1842 Sarah M Aldridge b. 4/1/1818 Lenoir Co, NC d. 6/4/1883 Lenoir Co, NC d/o William Y Aldridge & Mary Aldridge

Lydia b. 3/12/1812 Lenoir Co, NC d. 1/20/1845 Lenoir Co, NC m. 1/24/1833 Lenoir Co, NC to Justus Gilbert Daniel 12/25/1811-5/16/1899 Lenoir Co, NC s/o of Stephen Daniel & Huldah Smock

Sarah Sallie b. 8/2/1814 Lenoir Co, NC m. Alexander Mosely Dawson c1815-c1884 Lenoir Co, NC

Children of Lemuel Hardy III & Martha Patsy Mewborn

Annie H b. 8/10/1816 Lenoir Co, NC m. Joshua Hardy s/o Sutton Hardy & Martha Taylor

Unity b. 2/14/1818 Lenoir Co, NC d. 10/23/1861 MS m. 10/1/1838 James Redmond Broom d. MS

Elizabeth b. 2/15/1819 Lenoir Co, NC d. 8/15/1885 m. Henry Hardy Gibbons b. 10/14/1818 Greene Co, NC d. 7/14/1887 Mt Olive, NC s/o John Wesley Gibbons & Mary Vines Speight

Lemuel Mewborn IV b. 3/17/1822 Lenior Co, NC d. 4/17/1863 Green Co, NC [Cem] [Cen] m. 2/20/1845 Lenoir Co, NC to Temesia Ann Mewborn b. 11/20/1822 Greene Co, NC d. 7/20/1904 Beaufort, NC d/o Parrott Mewborn II and Mary Polly Jane Aldridge

Edith Ann 9/9/1823-1862 Pamlico Co, NC m. bef 1844 Reubin Barrow 1799-8/30/1874 s/o John Barrow & Susan Herring

Louisa b. 11/5/1827 m. aft 1850 William Henry Cunninggim s/o William Henry Cunninggim & Edith Gibbons

Nancy Louisa 1/22/1830-11/29/1866 m. 2/29/1848 George Mewborn b. 12/26/1824 Greene Co, NC d. 11/3/1859 Greene Co, NC s/o Parrott Mewborn Jr & Mary Polly Aldridge

Benjamin George b. 11/13/1831 Greene Co, NC d. 6/13/1873 Jason, Greene, NC [Cem] [Vet] m.1. 3/23/1852 Greene Co, NC to Mary Ann Mewborn b. 3/11/1832 Greene Co, NC d. 4/19/1864 Greene Co, NC d/o Parrott Mewborn II & Mary Jane Aldridge m.2. 7/3/1864 Greene Co, NC to Temesia Ann Mewborn b. 11/20/1822 Green, NC d. 7/20/1904 Beaufort, NC d/o Parrott Mewborn II & Mary Jane Aldridge

Levi S 12/26/1833-1850

Jesse Hutchins b. 9/6/1837 Greene Co, NC d. 2/6/1895 Dover, NC [Cem] m. 7/19/1855 Lenoir Co, NC to Martha Ann Stanton d. 3/20/1891 Greene Co, NC d/o Washington M Stanton & Gatsy Truett Daniel

Child of Lemuel Hardy III & Unity Taylor

Martha Patsy b. 6/10/1802 Green Co, NC d. 11/1/1864 m. 1818 John S Aldridge 1795-1869

Children of Lemuel "Lamb" Hardy & Winifred Boswell

Thomas b. 1778-1787 [Doc2]
William Parrott b. 1778-1787 [Doc2]
Elizabeth b. 1778-1797 [Doc2] m. James Smith

Child of Sutton Hardy & Elizabeth Gant

William m. 10/5/18?? Anne Hatch

Children of Sutton Hardy & Martha Taylor

Susan b. 11/8/1822 NC d. 12/4/1897 m.1. ??? Hardy m.2. 11/9/1843 Zachariah Gibbs Phillips b. 7/27/1814 VA or AL d. 2/8/1884

Joshua Henry/Taylor b. 3/20/1807 Dublin Co, NC d. 7/18/1874 Clay Co, MS [Doc] [Cem] m.1. 7/11/1833 Anna H Hardy b. 10/10/1816 Lenoir Co, NC d. 8/19/1857 d/o Lemuel Hardy & Martha Patsy Mewborn d. 8/19/1857 m.2. bef 1870 Hannah b. c1811 m.3. Rebecca ??? m.4. Mary Taylor d. Clay Co, MS

Robert D b. 6/5/1814 NC d. 8/13/1880 Webster Co, MS [Cem] m. 12/29/1842 Perry Co, AL to Mary Ann Schaffer b. 2/17/1824 SC d. 12/12/1890 Webster Co, MS d/o John M Shaffer & Mary Dolly Smith

Unity Francis b. 1796 NC d. 9/15/1864 West Point, Clay Co, MS m. William Matthew Wooten b. 1774 Lenoir Co, NC d. 8/7/1846 West Point, Clay Co., MS son of John Wooten, Jr and Sarah Hewes

William Thomas b. 3/29/1820 Bertie Co, NC d. 5/17/1899 [Cem] m. 1/29/1850 Tryphienia Ball 6/5/1829-2/18/1891 d/o Burwell Ball & Susan ???

Benjamin S b. 12/4/1856 NC d. 11/3/1915 Webster Co, MS [Cem] m. Martha Jennie Wooten

Mary b. c1810 NC

Martha T b. c1828

Children of Thomas Hardy & Lucinda Edwards

Elial b.1830 NC d. 6/10/1910 m.1. Anna Pride m.2. Emma Bradley

Lucy M b. 1833 IN d. 1869 IN [Cem] m. 10/4/1851 MD to Peter James Baker s/o Isaac Baker Sr & Mary ???

James b. 1836 IN

Thomas B 1842-2/11/1865

Williamson Gaswick 2/21/1845-1/8/1920

William M b. 1846 ARK

Mary L b. 1847 ARK

Henry b. 4/5/1851 IN m.1. Sarah Axton m.2. Josephine Stewart m.3. Sarah Gordon

Child of William Hardee & Nanza ???


Children of Whitmel Hardy & Julyann Louise Barefield

Nancy Ann b. 12/9/1850 Randolph Co, AL d. 12/4/1915 Dubach, LA m. c1866 Clay Co, AL to Thomas Florence Owen s/o Thomas Owen & Nancy Weldon

James Marion b. 5/26/1844 Campbell Co, GA d. 4/26/1928 Clay Co, AL [Vet] [Cem] m. 6/3/1866 Clay Co, AL to Nancy E Payne

John Henry b. 6/12/1846 Lineville, Randolph Co, AL d. 10/11/1884 Dubach, LA [Doc] [Cem] [Vet] [MilRec] [Pic] m. 1/1/1865 Lineville, Clay Co, AL to Margaret Elizabeth Mary-Molly Smith [Pic] b. 10/30/1844 Chambers Co, AL d. 3/13/1938 prob d/o Washington S Smith & Emily K ???

Jesse b. 1849 Randolph Co, AL m. c1873 Clay Co, AL to Sallie W ???

Marge J b. c1852 Randolph Co, AL

Mary J b. c1854 Randolph Co, AL

William Jackson b. 1856 Randolph Co, AL [Marr] m.1. 10/2/1876 Lineville, Clay Co, AL to Sallie L Barnwell m.2. TX to Ida Moore

Dicey E b. Oct 1857 Randolph Co, AL [Marr] m. 11/2/1876 Lineville, Clay Co, AL to Thomas M Reaves

Jacob R b. Feb 1860 Randolph Co, AL d. 1945 Clay Co, AL m. 10/10/1881 Clay Co, AL to Alice F McClintock

Sarah Melissa Sallie b. Feb 1862 Clay Co, AL m.10/29/1879 Clay Co, AL to William McEagor Arnett

Elvira b. Apr 1867 Clay Co, AL m. 11/29/1887 Lineville, Clay Co, AL to James D Jeter

Roxanne A b. c1868 Clay Co, AL m. ??? Jenkins

L O b. c1871 Clay Co, AL

Children of William Parrott Hardy and Cleopatra Parrott

William Hardy
Sarah Elizabeth Hardy
Winifred Hardy
James Hardy
Lydia Hardy b. 1849

Child of William Parrott Hardy & Sarah Fleetwood

John W b. 4/10/1790 Bertie Co, NC d. 5/5/1873 Bernadotte, Fulton Co., IL [Bible] [Will] m.1. 9/10/1823 Northampton Co, NC to Clarey E Burress d. 10/8/1845 Cass Co, IL m.2. 11/24/1849 Cass Co, IL to Mary Jane McNabb b. c1834 MD

Generation 9

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