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This author says that the beginning of the family goes back to Anthony Hardy I of Pembroke, Wales, b. 1605, d 1665. He had a son, John Noble Hardy or Noble Worthington Hardy, b. 1638 (later in the book it says c1639) at Pembroke, Wales, who moved to ‘Dorchestershire’, England. He gives ‘John Nobles’ sons as John, Thomas, Joseph and Anthony, but only developes on John and Anthony.
"Prior to 1700, Anthony and Noble Worthington Hardy came to Virginia and settled on the James River, where the latter married Emily Parker, and daughter of Col. James H Parker of England, who also came to VA about 1700 and settled on the James River.” “Anthony Hardy, b. in England, 1/7/1667, came to VA prior to 1695, d. at New Bern, NC 8/4/1742 m. Everlyn Dulverton.” (On the next page it says 1/7/1657)
“John Hardy and his family settled in the Chowan area, in what is now the Colerain community of Bertie Co, where he lived until his death, which occurred sometime prior to 1719, when the will of his son, John Hardy II, was probated. This will took care of all the persons named in the rights of importation except his wife, Charity, who evidently had passed away.”
This book does give the marriage of William Hardy (John & Charity’s son) to Edith Fewox (Fox) and “among their children were William Hardy, II; Jesse Hardy; Edward Hardy; Robert Hardy; and Lemuel (Lamb) Hardy, I.” (Eastern North Carolina Hardy-Hardee Family [very few references and sources are cited in this book])

John Hardy I, was the first Hardy in our line of descent to come to America. He was born in Dorsetshire, England (1665). His father was John Noble Hardy, who was born about 1639 at Pembroke, Wales, the son of Anthony Hardy I (1605-1665). John Hardy I married Charity O’Dyer in about 1684. He originally came to Virginia and moved to North Carolina in 1704 and owned much property with his son (John II) along Salmon Creek. Charity was the daughter of Gabriel and Mary O’Dyer from Cornwall, England (later living in Westmoreland County, VA). John Hardy I died before 1719.(Hardy-Dunkin Ancestry by James Turner)

16 May 1681 - "Anthony Hardly, lately a servant to Mr. Hugh Yeo (dec) petitioned for his freedom, declaring that Yeo had promised require a year less than the eight years he was judged to serve by order of the court. Mr. William Cleverdon, his present master, was called to answer and asked HARDY to prove his claim." He is referred as Hardy later and he proved his case and received his freedom. (ACCOMACK COUNTY, VIRGINIA, COURT RECORDS, Vol 6, by JoAnn Riley McKey p148)

John Hardy I married Charity O'Dyer in about 1684, probably in England, came to Virginia before 1695 and moved to North Carolina in 1695. John Hardy was given a grant of 640 acres in what became Bertie County in 1704 (Book Q, p.202). He and his son, John II, apparently owned much property along Salmon Creek. John Hardy I and his wife, Charity O'Dyer, lived in Chowan (now Bertie) County on what is believed (from his son's will) to have later been called the Manor Plantation, which is now in the Colerain community. They had only four children mentioned in the right of importation. However, David L. Hardee lists the children of John Hardy and his wife, Charity, as William Hardy I, Thomas Hardy, Mary Hardy, Jacob Hardy, and John Hardy II. They were supposedly all born before he came to Chowan in 1695, as witnessed in the document of importation. John I died before 1719. John and Charity Hardy's children were: John II b. in England in 1690, m. Rebecca Byrd, d. 1719, William I b.in England in 1693, m. Edith Fewox, d. 1760, Thomas, Jacob, Mary m. John Hinton of Edenton. (Hardy-Dunkin Ancestry by James Turner)

Jno Hardy and wife Charrity - to Isaack Allerton etc -- now by death of my sister Mary Butler late wife of Nathaniel Butler - devolving Charrity now wife of Hardy, daughter of Gabrielle Odger as heirs to her sister Mary Butler - recorded 19 Nov 1673 John Harley - Roger Moss Inventory - signed by Anthony Rawlins, John Harley, Wm Row 1707 (Westmoreland Co., Deed Patents 1662-1677 By Frederick Dorman p.70 Westmoreland Co., VA)

William, son of John Hardy, Sr., was born 1685 approx. He died in the 1750’s. He lived a part of his life in Tyrrell Co., NC which is on the south side of the Albemarle Sound. He married Edith Fewox, daughter of James and Anne Fewox of Tyrell Co. Edith had two brothers whose names were Robert and Edward. It was from James Fewox’s will that the name of one of William and Edith Hardy’s children was learned. The will was dated 5 May 1711 and on of the legatees named was “Samuel Hardy, son of Wm. Hardy. William identified another son in 1750 when he deeded 270 acres to Lamb Hardy in Aug. of that year. William Hardy did not leave a will. Consequently, only two of his children were identified for a certainty in the records. The reminder of the children listed were deducted to be his and Edith’s from the trend of the records. There was a great propensity of the parents to name their children in honor of their brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. All the names are real. They are in the records of Bertie County. William Hardy (1685-1750’s) m. Edith Fewox. Issue: Samuel, Lamb (1705-1761) m. Elizabeth Parrott, Robert *, Mary * m. Henry Cobb, Sr., Ann * m. Moses Newbern, Charity * m. Thomas Todd, John *, Edith * m. William Keeter, William Jr. *, (*)There is no proof of the connection; the records indicate the fact.(“Nicholas Cobb Descendants, Neighbors and Relatives 1613-1983”, by Joe Cobb, P.E., R.L.S.)

John Hardy Jr., son of John Hardy and Charity O’Dyer, was born in England in 1690, came to this country with his parents as a small boy, married Rebecca Byrd, and died in February of 1719. He held several positions of note in Chowan County, NC, including officer of the Crown, sheriff from 1710-1711, member of the House of Burgesses, Associate Justice of the General Court from 1716 until his death in 1719. He was also a Vestryman for St. Paul’s Parish at Edenton. He wrote a most elequent will. His “manor plantation” was located near the current village of Colerain, Bertie County, NC, on the Chowan River. He also owned much property along Salmon Creek in Bertie County. John Hardy Jr. wrote his will on 19 Jan 1719. It was entered for probate 16 Mar 1719. He was only twenty nine years old. (The Eastern NC Hardy-Hardee Family, David L. Hardee)

Records tell us the Hardy Family came to Bertie Co about 1690. General Douglas MacArthur is a descendant of this family, through his mother, Mary Pinckney Hardy. Hardy was a Sea Captain who established a trading post at Colerain for the barter of turpentine tar, pitch, staves, barrels and other commodities for the exchange of West Indies products. This successful business had much to do with the starting of the present town of Colerain where it now stands one mile from the river.
Lewis T Smallwood who acquired the Ella E Hardy tract, sold it in 1900 to Lewis Lipsitz. Mrs Frank White purchased the tract from Mr. Lipsitz in 1910. The heirs of Mr. Frank White now own the plantation and a daughter Mrs. Perry lives in the old home. Two beach resorts, Perry and Whites Beaches are located in this estate. (excerpts from 1966 talk by Mrs. White, submitted by Virginia Crilley)

One of the early families in Isle of Wight County, VA was the Hardys. George Hardy was the earliest name and progenitor of the Hardys in that section of VA. It has been said that Benjamin Hardy, an heir of George Hardy, migrated to the Chowan-Bertie Precincts in NC and begat the Hardy clan there. Another genealogist who has researched the Hardy family of NC claimed that the Hardys migrated from England to NC sometime before 1695. (“Nicholas Cobb Descendants, Neighbors and Relatives 1613-1983”, by Joe Cobb, P.E., R.L.S.)

North Carolina in 1695 was virtually a wilderness when John Hardy brought his family to the colony. Substanial settlement had begun only 30 years before. An educated man, John Hardy and his sons were destined to play a role in its development. John was a member of the House of Burgesses in early 1711 when they asked for aid from Virginia to help quell the Indian uprising. In 1716, Governor Charles Eden appointed John Hardy, Esquire, as an Assistant Justice to Christopher Gale, Chief Justice. Over time, John Hardy served in other public positions including justice of the peace, tax collector, and juryman. (Thomas Phillips of Pitt Co., NC and Affiliated Families, by G. Howard and Shirley Brague Phillips, 1992, pp.81-84)

William Hardy I was born in England before 1695 the son of John Hardy I and Charity O'Dyer and a brother of John Hardy II. He married Elizabeth (Edith) Fewox (Fox), the daughter of James and Ann Fewox (Fox)(H.I., pp. 43, 289) who lived in Tyrell County, NC. James Fewox died in 1711 in Tyrell County, NC and mentioned his grandson Lemuel Hardy in is will. William Hardy I was a cooper, owned land in Chowan County (later Bertie County), and was prominent in Colonial affairs. William I and his wife Edith had children as follows: William Hardy II m. Sarah Parrott, Edward Hardy d. after 1784, Jesse Hardy (mentioned in father and brother's wills), Robert Hardy (bought land in Chowan in 1775) d. 1783, Lemuel I (Lamb) m. Elizabeth Parrott (Hardy-Dunkin Ancestry by James Turner)

The Hardy family was in eastern NC by 1695 and William Hardy I was cooper, fulfilling an important need for the Colony. Containers for naval stores, such as tar, pitch and turpentine (as well as whiskey) were in great demand. William Hardy had a distinctive mark, that of a W. (David Hardy, author, [Bertie Co., Bk G p.322])

On the 7th of Oct. 1695, John Hardy “proved his rights” for the importation into NC of himself, wife Charity, sons John Jr., William, Thomas and Jacob and his daughter Mary. He could have come from either England or VA. Since NC did not have a seaport on the northern part of the state, the Hardys probably came into VA first, remained a few years, and then moved to NC.(“Nicholas Cobb Descendants, Neighbors and Relatives 1613-1983”, by Joe Cobb, P.E., R.L.S.)

Gilliam vs Jacobs (Jacocks) l826 Bertie Co lands devised to plantiff Gilliam were granted to John Hardy in l7l7 and were by his Will dated l7l9 passed and divided to his daughter Elizabeth Hardy. Excerpt of Will - mentions Thomas Hardy brother of John Hardy after death of John Hardy, his daughter Elizabeth Hardy married to Nathaniel Hill. They had only one child, Michael Hill b. 10/20/l726. On 5/5/l748 Michael Hill of Bertie Co sold the above land to John Hill. John Hill d. l770 - intestate leaving son Henry Hill. Henry Hill sold the land 5/3/l791 to Moses Gilliam. Michael Hill - d. l760 md Elizabeth. They had son Hardy Hill - b. 2/2l/1756 d. 9/5/l777 intestate - Hardy Hill md ______Jennett____ and they had a daughter Elizabeth - b. 2/18/1776 who md 3/l7/l791 to Jonathan Jacocks who d. 12/2/l8l0 (NC Reports - Supreme Court Cases - abstracted by Roger Kammerer - Vol 7 p4l, Vol ll, pl42)

From the original sent to Martha Marble by Jeanne Hardy Tipton
William Hardy decd Papers for the Division of his Estate among his children 1793, Recorded in Book F p545
An Inventory of the estate of Wm Hardy, Recorded in Book D p330
There is an extensive list of items in this estate and I have not made a full list but it included such items as: 9 Negroes, farm equipment – saws, fire tongs, shovels, hoes, flows farm produce – corn, potatoes, salt, flour, flax, cotton, 5 horses, 34 cattle, 15 sheep, 14 sows, 65 pigs & 47 other hogs, 22 chickens, 25 turkeys & 47 other fowls, 4 stocks of bees, books, furniture – tables, table cloths, chests, 4 beds, 2 pillows, 12 chairs, pots, pans, candles, candle snuffers, candlesticks, glasses, plates, knives, folks one file, one surveyor chair, money scales, 5 spinning wheels, 5 pair of cards, carpenter tools, 1 cart, 67 weight of pewter, 2 saddles, 2 bridles, 2 grindstones, tailor shears, looking glasses, mill picks, writing paper, 40 barrels of turpintine, 1 bag, 2 wallets, 2 towels, and so forth
Inventory taken by Wm P Hardy, Jesse Hardy, Edward Hardy – no date
there are additional sheets for the estate with the valuation and mostly a repeat but some articles not above; a Bible, Prayer Book, yoke of oxen, 3 volumes Mares arithmetic, Harvey’s Meditations, bull, walnut chairs, guns
Negroes as follows – Tom, Dave, Brutus, Andrew, Harry, Daniel, Frank, Simon, Peter, Matt, Abram, woman Bell, woman Penn, girl Rose, girl Easter, girl, Polly
Sum of Valuation of the Inventory – 1124.8 pounds
Lamb Hardy’s on the books of the dec – (I am not sure about the valuation on these so not going to try and guess at it) Elizabeth on the books of the dec, William Parrott on the books of the dec, Charles on the books of the dec, Edward’s on the books of the dec, Total 1199 pounds 9 shilling 8 pence ??
Mrs Hardy’s 1/3 share 399 pounds 15 shillings ?/ pence
Martha’s acct of her father’s, Sarah’s acc of her father’s, Land valued at 200 pound
There is a full page of what the widow received as her 1/3 part The negroes she received were Dave, Ben Rofe
Moses William’s received her share including negroes Tom and Polly
Lamb received Negro Daniel
Another list
Martha Hunter received Wink Bett and assume other items and her part of the estate was worth 110 pounds 08 shillings 12 pence
Lamb Hardy received his 1/6 part of the land, negro boy Daniel, and other sundrys worth 118.08.12
Elizabeth Williams received 2 negroes Poll & Tom and other sundrys worth 118.08.17
Sarah Sutton received Matt & Simon and other sundrys worth 118.8. 11/5
William P hardy received 1/6 of the land, negro Brutus, other sundrys $138.7.8
Charles Hardy received 1/6 part of the land, negroe Andrew, and other sundry 148.6.8
Edward Hardy received 1/6 land, negro Harry, other sundries 119.19
John Hardy received 1.6 part of land, 1 bed and furniture, 2 negroes Easter and Peter 118.8.12
Benjamin Hardy received 1 bed and furniture, 1/6 part of land, 2 negroes Frank and Abram 118.8.12
Mrs Sarah Hardy’s 1/3 part was worth 400.13.6

Lamb Hardy’s Land Bounded as follows – being the old plantation lot – Beginning at the mouth of a branch at the run of the middle swamp, Moses William’s Corner, thence along his line to a pine his and Charles Hardy’s Corner, thence a line of marked trees to a pine in a branch, Wm Hardy’s Corner, thence a long of marked trees t old plantation thence a straight course through the Plantation to an oak saplin about twenty yards below the mill dam, thence a straight course to the run of the swamp at the mill dam, thence down the run of the swamp to the first station.

Wm P Hardy’s Land – Bounded as follows. Being the Mill Lot – Beginning at the Mill dam & run of the swamp, Lamb Hardy’s corner thence along his line to a pine his and Wm P Hardy’s corner in a branch, thence down to a branch to the run of the Beaver Dam branch, thence down the various courses of the run of sd Beaverdam branch to an Island in the swamp, thence the swamp side of sd Island to the great Beaverdam, thence along the Beaverdam to the run of the swamp, thence down the run of the swamp to the first station. Unto which Lot of Land belongs the mill & 1 acre of land at the other end of the mill dam

Charles Hardy’s Land, Bounded as follows: viz – Beginning at a pine in a branch, Lamb Hardy’s & Wm. P. Hardy’s corner, thence along Lamb Hardy’s line to a pine, Moses William’s Corner, thence along Williams & Coffields lines to a pine in Capehart’s line, thence Capehart’s line to a pine, Edward Hardy’s corner, thence along his line to Benjamin Hardy’s corner, thence down a branch carried up Benjamin’s line brought up to another branch, Wm P Hardy’s, thence up sd branch to the first Station

Edward Hardy’s Land Bounded as follows viz – Beginning at a pine in Capehart’s line, Charles Hardy’s corner, thence along Capehart’s line, to a white oak, Jonathan Jacock’s corner, thence his line to a pine, Stephen Smith’s corner, thence along his line to a slash that makes out of the rooty branch, Benjamin Hardy’s line thence down sd slash to a branch, Charles Hardy’s line thence his line to the first station.

John Hardy’s Land Bounded as follows. Viz – Beginning at the great Beaverdam and turn of the swamp, Wm P Hardy’s corner, thence his line to the Beaverday branch, thence up the run of sd branch to a red oak, thence a line of marked trees to a little branch thence up sd little branch to the head, thence a line of marked trees a post oak in Stephen Smith’s line, thence his line to the run of the Middle Swamp thence down the run of sd swamp to the first station.

Benjamin Hardy’s Land Bounded as follows Viz: -- Beginning at a post oak in Stephen Smith’s line, John Hardy’s corner, thence along Smith’s line to Edward Hardy’s corner, in a slash, thence down ??? Edward Hardy’s line to a branch, Charles Hardy’s line, thence down sd branch to another branch, Wm. P. Hardy’s line, thence down sd branch to John Hardy’s line, thence his line to the first station

CHARLES HARDY. Account current 1/1/1818-5/15/1828
Complaint (no date) by Thomas Southerland and Harriett his wife and Nancy Hardy. Record states the dec’d left a will in which he made several specific bequests and directions that the residue of his estate should be sold with the proceeds divided among the children of his brothers. The three (sic) brothers of the dec’d later left the area and the petitioners were not aware if they left any heirs, but 2 gentlemen have appeared who claimed to be Alexander Hardy & Benjamin Hardy, sons of Joseph Hardy, a dec’d brother of Charles Hardy.
The answer (5/15/1828) of Benajah Nichols states that he qualified as exr of the dec’d in Feb 1818. At the time of his death, the dec’d had a suit pending in Bedie Co against Christopher Duckett who had been exr of Miles Hardy who had been exr of Humphrey Hardy. The suit involved a residuary legacy due said Charles by the will of said Humphrey Hardy. This record indicates the following were the heirs of Charles Hardy – 1. the children of his dec’d brother Miles Hardy, namely Harriett, wife of Thomas Southerland and Henry Hardy, 2. the children of his dec’d brother Joseph Hardy, namely Alexander Hardy & Benjamin Hardy, both of Columbia, SC, 3. the children of his dec’d brother John Hardy, namely Robert Hardy of Edgecombe Co, Aquilla Hardy & Haywood Hardy, the last 2 of Johnston Co, Penelope, wife of Elam Lockahart & Elizabeth, wife of Nicholas Powell of Twiggs Co, GA and, 4. the children of his dec’d brother Jonathan Hardy, namely Calvin J Hardy, Rufus S Hardy, Hestira R Hardy, Sarah Ann C Hardy (the last 4 minors and wards of Samuel H Doxely & wife Elizabeth, formerly Elizabeth Hardy) & Susan H Hardy, Mary C Hardy & Nancy Hardy, all married now, but husbands’ names unknown. (Edgecombe Records of Estates 1761-1821, by David Gammon)

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