Hardy Bible Records

Hardy Bible Records

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Andrew Jackson Hardy b 2/13/1821
Blaney died 9/26/1822

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William Hardy and Sarah Sowell m 11/26/1751
Martha b 10/17/1752
Lamb b 1/20/1751
Elizabeth b 3/25/1757
Sarah b 4/12/1759
Parrot b 9/15/1761
Charles b 6/25/1765
Edward b 3/18/1770
John b 6/13/1773
Benjamin b 7/21/1777
Jesse b 1769

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Jesse Hardy and Sarah Sutton was married 10/17/1796
Fleetwood b 3/8/1798
Barbara b 5/25/1800
Blana b 1/23/1803
William b 10/25/1805
Pirsey b 5/10/1808
Benjamin b 2/5/1811
John b 7/23/1814
Jesse b 3/11/1818

John W. Hardy’s bible was found in 1994 in the possession of Jean Tegg in Cass Co., IL.
It says “Amercan Bible Society” on the front cover and was printed by O. Franshaw, No. 20 Sloat Lane - New York - 1819. It was written either in different hands or with different pen-points and has ink blots, etc. so am sure the events (except for John W’s birth) were written at time of event.
Pg 1 - almost illegible - but looks like “From trascripe of...Pr...from...Book....the...” then “J.W. Hardy the son of Wm. P. Hardy & Sarah Fleetwood was born on 10th day April our Lord 1790.”
Pg 2 - September 20, 1823 The 25th of April 1 J.W. Hardy was married to C.E.Buress
Pg 3 - J.W. Hardy and C.E. Burress was married Septr 25th 1823.
Mary Fletcher Hardy the daughter of J.W. Hardy & Clar.. Hardy his wife was borne Dcr 8th 1825 sixteen minutes after 5 oclock in the morning.
Sarah Fleetwood Hardy the daughter of J.W. Hardy & C.E. Hardy his wife was borne [hole] 3rd 1828 about nine oclock in the morning.
Jeheu [other people have read this name differently - as Tehune, etc.] Nicholls Hardy the son of J.W. Hardy & C.E. Hardy his wife was born Febr 3rd 1830 about 1 or 2 oclock in the morning.
Ann Nicholls [illegible] March 19th 1832
Pg 4 - Jeheu Nicholls Hardy the son of J.W. Hardy & C.E. Hardy his wife died August 8th 1833 about 12 oclock in the day. he was about 3 years and six months five day & 10 or 11 hours
Simon Roche [pronounced Rock] Oliver Hardy the son of J.W. Hardy & C.E. Hardy his wife was born January 2nd 1834 about 11 oclock.

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