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Many of these poems have been set to music, therefore they are now songs. Should you be a songwriter and want to use any of these words please contact me at:

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Forgotten Lady
The Good With The Bad
How Am I Suppose To Forget You?
No Friends
Only In My Dreams
Please Call
Where is . . .
Wife For Sale


Dear Daughter


All Alone With You
Borrowed Time
I Fell In Love With You
I Love You, You Love Me
I Wish I Could Tell You
It's Love
Lovers In Paradise
The Man I Loved and Married
My Heart
My Hero
One Man
A One Night Stand
Our Love Is Like A Fire
Seconds, Minutes, Hours
Stormy Weather
The Roses
This Woman's
Three Little Words
Tomorrow Will Be Ours
Why Was I So Lucky?
Wrap Your Arms Around Me and Stay
You Are Everything I've Dreamed Of
You, the Phone Lines, and Me
Your Love


Gotta Keep Running
Here and There
He's Gone
The House Over There
I Don't Want Him To Know
I'm Walking Out The Door
On The Rebound
Secret Place
Separate Ways
She Can't Take It Much More
She Hopes
Some Memories Never End
Stuck in the Middle
Those Days Are Gone - I
Those Days Are Gone - II
What's Going On?
When You're In Love
Why Can't We . . .
Why Did I Ever Let You Go?
Why Her?
You and I
(You're Pushing Me Towards) Another Man


After The Sun Goes Down
One Thing On Her Mind
Silly Little Games
Would You Let Me?

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