Three Little Words

Three Little Words
So hard to say the first time
Each of us feeling the same way
Neither of us wanting to be the first to speak
So many feelings behind those three little words
Three little words that remind us of the past
The same words giving promise to a brighter future
Little words not be taken lightly Ė emotionally charged
Three little words so very powerful.

Three Little Words
We have both been hurt with these words before
Three little words had been spoken without feelings
This time itís real, itís perfect, the timing is right
These three little words mean so much to me
They now control everything I do and feel
When weíre apart youíre constantly in my heart
When youíre with me Iím in heaven
When youíre beside me I canít get close enough to you.

Three Little Words
They have changed my life completely
I am finally happy and totally satisfied
You came and filled this empty void in my life
Iíll admit these three little words were not easy to say
Iíve been flying high ever since you said these three words
Honey, this thing we have between us is so perfect
Itís so right, it seems as if we were meant to be
Three little words Ė theyíll change our lives.

Three Little Words
You will be forever a part of me
These three little words are more than just words
They are a commitment from my heart
Should you ever walk away my heart will break
Iíll return to my empty shell of a woman
Please believe these three little words
Come straight from my heart and soul
Three little words that Iíll never take back.


by Brandy Hughes 9/25/2005

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