My Heart

We were young, we fell in love
We both fell so deeply in love
You had my heart.

We loved and hurt each other too much
You hurt me, I hurt you
We went our separate ways
You took my heart with you.

Iíve had so many failed relationships
I blamed these failures on my love for you
You still had my heart.

Because you had my heart I refused to be loved
I couldnít fall in love because I was still in love with you
I kept my feelings for you deep inside of me
You still had my heart.

I moved through life with an empty space inside
I thought about you and cried for you for so many years
You still had my heart.

Over the years we had searched for each other
We both moved from state to state so many times
I changed my name way too many times
You still had my heart.

I was so surprised when you finally found me
I was so happy, I was so excited
The man that took my heart just found me
You still have my heart.

I welcomed you back into my life with open arms
Opened my home and all my emotions to you
You still had my heart.

I wanted life to be the way it was so long ago
I wanted the fun and love we had way back when
You still had my heart.

After 20 years of being apart
I discovered we had both changed
We grew in opposite directions
You still had my heart.

This time when you left, I kept my heart
I can now live life without you haunting me
I can now close this chapter of my life
I now have my heart.

by Brandy Hughes 9/11/2005

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