by: Ima Eula Mewborn

Winifred Wooten (Apr. 17, 1831 - Jan. 25, 1903 m. Oct. 11, 1853 Joshua Mewborn (Apr. 18, 1827 - Jan 29, 1907), son of Parrott Mewborn II and his wife, Mary (Polly) Aldridge. Joshua Mewborn’s grandparents were Parrott Mewborn I and Lydia Hardy; and Drewry Aldridge II and Edith Hardy. This couple had the following children: John Moses (July 25, 1854 - Aug., 28, 1900), Mary Ann Temesia (Sept. 6, 1856 - Oct. 8, 1875), Nancy Jane (Nov. 20, 1858 - July 24, 1891), Edith Elizabeth (Oct. 2 1860 - Nov. 12, 1897), Joshua Parrott (Sept. 25, 1862 - Feb. 14, 1943); he was a lawyer, George Thomas (April 17, 1866 - Oct. 1, 1891); he was a physician, Joanna Winifred (Sept. 29, 1870 - July 25, 1872), Ebbie Eugine (June 4, 1874 - April 20, 19650, Infant Son (b. & d. Sept. 1, 1868).

Joshua Mewborn was a Civil War Veteran. He was in the 49th Regiment, Artillery. He served as a Deacon of Mewborn Church for 40 years - this is on his gravestone. He was called, “The Fireside Preacher”. He had three brothers who were preachers: George, Parrott III and Drewry Aldridge. All these brothers served in the Civil War, except George who died in 1859. The youngest brother, Levi Jesse Hardy, was also in the war. Temesia Whitted Benton, a great-granddaughter, lives at the old home place and owns the Joshua Mewborn family Bible.

John Moses Mewborn, son of Joshua Mewborn and his wife, Winifred Wooten, married Jan. 21, 1874 Barbara Ann Fields (May 8, 1854 - July 24, 1938) daughter of Alexander Fields and Mariah Mooring. Barbara Ann Fields’ grandparents are, Shadrach Fields and Mary Farmer; and James Mooring and Patience Best. This couple had the following children: Noah Ulyssis (May 23, 1876 - Mar. 4, 1954), Ada Elizabeth (Nov. 2, 1877-1950), Mary Temesia (Aug. 6, 1879 - Mar. 12, 1962), John Moses (Jan. 25, 1883 - May 22, 1903), Ora Winifred (May 2, 1885 - Feb. 14, 1927), Eula Virginia (Sept. 11, 1887 - Oct. 11, 1966), Joshua Eugene (Mar. 21, 1889 - July 3. 1975), Nancy Jane (Oct. 10, 1891 - living in Farmville), Nina Deborah (April 21, 1894 - Aug., 22, 1905), Royal Alexander (Dec. 15, 1896 - May 22, 1977). This family made their home on land that John Moses inherited from his parents. It adjoined his father’s homeplace and the old Mewborn mill pond on Tyson’s Marsh in Greene County. Royal Alexander Mewborn, the youngest child inherited this old place. His daughter, Mary Jane Mewborn Exum, owns this farm today.

The mill pond was a gathering place for the neighborhood. The men fished while they had the wheat and corn ground into flour and meal. The young men and boys swam or rowed boats here. This pond was used by the local churches for baptisms. Many of my relatives were baptised here, including my father and mother, George Lemuel Mewborn and Eula Virginia Mewborn.

The neighborhood school, named Mewborn, was also in this vicinity. My mother attended this school, also my oldest brother, the late Dr. John Moses Mewborn, of Farmville, Pitt County. This school was consolidated with the Snow Hill School in the mid-twenties. Mewborn was a small, two room, country school.

Eula Virginia Mewborn m. Oct. 4, 1905 George Lemuel Mewborn. Eula Virginia was the daughter of John Moses Mewborn and his wife, Barbara Ann Fields. George Lemuel Mewborn was the son of Drewry Aldridge Mewborn and his wife, Peninah Adeline Dixon. The children in this family are: John Moses (July 28, 1906 - Oct. 26, 1971), a physician, Ima Eula (b. May 30, 1912), Beulah Barbara (b. May 17, 1913), Nina Lee (Oct. 1, 1914), George Lemuel Jr (May 16. 1916) Henry Drew (May 2, 1918), Quentin Alexander (Dec. 19, 1919), Marvin Bruce (May 27, 1921 - Jan. 5, 1975), Ailine Eloise (Nov. 2, 1922), Manor (Sept. 10, 1924 - Sept. 4, 1964).

The homeplace of this family was on Highway 58, north from Snow Hill, NC., in the forks of Fort Run and Great Contentnea Creek, on the south side. This place has been called “Nooherooka” since the beginning of the white settlement after the Indians left this area for New York. George Lemuel Mewborn bought this farm from Susan Harvey and her husband, William Best. It was Susan Harvey’s inheritance from her parents. The old John Harvey home was next door to our home and this old mansion burned in 1981. There is a lonesome place against the sky when we look in that direction. It is sad to see many of the old homes lost forever. Through the years we have found many Indian artifacts on this farm, and this has increased our interest in Museum collections. There is a state marker nearby with the following information: “NOOHEROOKA” - Tuscarora Stronghold. Site of decisive battle of the Tuscarora War, Mar. 20-23, 1713 when 950 Indians were killed or captured. Site 1 mi. N.”

My parents had fourteen grandchildren as follows: Fay McNeill Mewborn, Linda Lee Mewborn, John Moses Mewborn Jr., Barbara Rae Mewborn, (children of Dr. John Moses Mewborn and his wife, Sarah Margaret McNeill of Farmville). Nell Dixon Garner, Dan Fields Garner, (died at birth), (children of Varner Rayford Garner and his wife, Nina Lee Mewborn). George Lemuel Mewborn III, Noland Mattocks Mewborn, Robert Fields Mewborn, (children of George Lemuel Mewborn, Jr and his wife, Eva Cornelia Mattoacks “Connie”). Marilene Mewborn, Dr. Quentin Alexander Mewborn, Jr, Brenda Carolyn Mewborn, (children of Quentin Alexander Mewborn and his wife, Mary Ellen Mozingo). Marvin Bruce Mewborn, Michael George Mewborn, Stephen Parker Mewborn, (children of Marvin Bruce Mewborn and his wife, Mable Gray Parker).

Sources: Joshua Mewborn Bible, John Moses Mewborn, & George Lemuel Mewborn Bibles.

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