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This Mewborn family resided in the Albemarle Sound area of NC. Thomas Mewboorn (the old way of spelling the name) and his wife, Eleanor, with their seven children: Thomas Jr., Joshua, Moses, Mary, George, John, and Nicholas are found in Thomas Sr.ís will dated 3 February 1749, Bertie Precinct, County of Albemarle, Province of North Carolina. This will was probated at the Court House in Cashe (Cashie) Bridge, now Windsor. Many Mewborn records are found at Edenton and Windsor of this early family. The earliest record of land transaction is October 16, 1716. George Mewborn, son of Thomas and Eleanor Mewboorn of Bertie County, NC, married Mary Parrott prior to 1763, daughter of Jacob and Martha Parrott of Bertie County, Mary Parrott was age 14 years when she chose William Fleetwood to be her guardian in the same court that Eleanor Mewborn was named Executrix of Thomas Mewboornís will. Mary Parrott was born circa 1735 and her husband was born circa 1730.

In 1763 George Mewborn and his wife, Mary Parrott, sold their land to a Lockhart and moved to Dobbs County, on Falling Creek, near the present village of Institute in Lenoir County, NC. John Parrott, brother of Mary Parrott Mewborn, and his wife, Elizabeth Oxley, daughter of John and Olive Oxley, also moved to Dobbs County and settled on Falling Creek nearer to Kinston. It was important during this era to be on a creek as water mills for grinding wheat and corn were essential.

George Mewborn was a member of the old Bear Creek Church near LaGrange; this was a Baptist Church. Mary Parrott Mewborn was a member of The Church of England in Kinston until about 1770 when a new church was built at Contentnea northwest of Snow Hill, and she was a member here for convenience.

She and her second husband, Thomas Aldridge, lived in what is now Greene County. George Mewborn died in 1766 and left one child, a son, Parrott born 11 March 1765, named for his motherís family. Parrott was sent to Lemuel Hardy Jr. (1730-1797) and Mary Sutton family to be trained and educated with their children.

Lemuel Hardy Jr. was a first cousin of Mary Parrott Mewborn. Parrott Mewborn was with this family during the Revolutionary War. The young sons of Lemuel Hardy Jr., John and Sutton, and Parrott Mewborn were responsible for the home and farm during his absence of three years during this period, a great burden for these boys during this trying time. This old plantation was on Bear Creek near the present village of Jason, Greene County. This old home is described as a large house, first story brick and the second story clapboard.

Parrott Mewborn married Lydia Hardy 3 April 1786, born April 1768, died 1820/30, daughter of Benjamin Hardy (1732-1790) and his wife, Nancy Howell. Benjamin Hardy was a brother of the above Lemuel Hardy Jr. (1730-1797). To this union were born the following children: Annie born 7-26-1787 married Lemuel Hardy III; Hardy born 4-27-1789 married Deborah Parrott; Edith born 9-7-1791 married John Gray; Levi born 9-9-1793 married Deborah Parrott Mewborn, widow of his brother, Hardy, (1st); married Susan Matilda Parrott, (2nd); Martha (Patsy) born 2-6-1796 married Lemuel Hardy III, widower of her sister, Annie; Parrott Jr. born 1-1-1799 married Mary (Polly) Aldridge; Elizabeth born 3-5-1801 married Major Hardee; Lemuel Hardy born 1-26-1803 married Louisa Kilpatrick; and Lydia born 8-9-1805 married Bright Hardee. Parrott Mewborn Sr. returned to his fatherís old homeplace when he was married. He died in 1807 when his son, Parrott Jr., was in his ninth year.

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