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Parrott Mewborn II, (1799-1864), son of Parrott Mewborn Sr. and his wife, Lydia Hardy, married 27 November 1821, Mary (Polly) Aldridge (1802-1881), daughter of Drewry Aldridge Jr. and his wife Edith Hardy. The first few years, after his marriage, Parrott II and Mary lived on land he had inherited from his father. In 1825 he bought a farm five miles away, on Tysonís Marsh, near Jason, in Greene County.

The following is quoted from Parrott IIís papers, ďthis distance was short, but the difference in the neighborhood from that in which I was raised was great. I was raised in Lenoir County. It was rare to hear a white man swear or curse an oath, and there were few neighbors in that ill habit; but in the neighborhood of my new home, it is common as well as (I believe) all other sins . . . Finding myself in such a place of iniquity, and here expecting to raise a family caused me to inquire at the throne of Grace as to what to do. I asked the Lord to teach me where to go, and offered my land for sale. I believe the Lord did teach me and gave me to understand that is was my duty to warn them of their sin, and teach them the way of life.Ē

Parrott Jr. was ordained a Primitive Baptist minister. A church was organized by old Bear Creek Church near LaGrange. This new church was named Mewborn in honor of the first pastor, Parrott Mewborn Jr. His wife, Mary Aldridge Mewborn, was a charter member of this church. A marker in the church yard lists the Charter Members, Pastor , and the Donors of the land.

A school was built for the family and the neighborhood children. It was also called Mewborn. This school was consolidated with the Snow Hill School in the mid twenties. Parrott Mewborn Sr. was a deacon at Bear Creek Church.

The children in this family are: Temesia Ann (1822-1904) married Lemuel Mewborn Hardy (1822-1863 1st., married Benjamin George Hardy (1831-1873) 2nd., widower of her sister, Mary; George (1824-1859) married Nancy Louisa Hardy (1830-1866); Joshua (1827-1907 married Winifred Wooten (1831-1903); Nancy (1829-1864) married John Parrott Gray (1837-1896); Parrott III (1834-1881) married Laney Jane Hardy (1845-1865) 1st., married Winifred (Billie) Hardy (1854-) 2nd., Edith Ann (1836-1915) married John Parrott Gray (1837-1896), widower of her sister, Nancy; Mary (1832-1864 married Benjamin George Hardy (1831-1873); Drewry Aldridge (1840-1928) married Peninah Adeline Dixon (1848-1937); Levi Jesse Hardy (1842-1926) married Ruth Carolina Whitted (1845-1926); and Lydia (1844-1874) married William Graham Whitted (1839-1899).

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