The Hercules

Of all such persons as embarked themselves in the good ship called the "Hercules", of Sandwich of the burthen of 200 tons, John Witherley, master, and therein transported from Sandwich to the plantation called New England in America; with the certificates from the ministers where they last dwelt of their conversation, and conformity to the orders and discipline of the church, and that they had taken the oath of allegiance and supremacy. (The certificates, all dated February and March, 1634, are here omitted.)

Masters of Families

Nathanl. Tilden of Tenterden yeoman and Lydia his wife - 7 children - 7 servants
Jonas Austen of Tenterden and Constance his wife - 4 children
Rob. Brook of Maidstone mercer and Anne his wife - 7 childern
Tho. Heyward of Aylesford taylor and Susannah his wife - 5 children
Will. Witherell of Maidstone schoolmaster and Mary his wife - 3 children - 1 servant
Fannet ....... of Asford hemp-dresser
Tho Boney and Hen. Ewell of Sandwich, shoemakers
Will. Hatch of Sandwich merchant and Jane his wife - 5 children - 6 servants
Sam. Hinkley of Tenterden and Sarah his wife - 1 child
Isaac Cole of Sandwich carpenter and Joan his wife - 2 children
A Servant
Tho. Champion of Ashford
Tho. Besbeech of Sandwich - 6 children - 3 servants
Jno Lewis of Tenterden and Sarah his wife - 1 child
Parnel Harris of Bow London
James Sayers of Northbourn taylor
Comfort Starre of Ashford chirurgion 3 children - 3 servants
Jos. Rottes of Great Chart
Em. Mason of Eastwell wid.
Margt. wife of Will. Johnes late of Sandwich, now of New England, painter
Jno. Best of the said parish taylor
Tho. Bridgen of Faversham husbandman and ....... his wife

("Original Lists of Persons of Quality 1600-1700", John Camden Hotten, Reprinted 1980, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc, Baltimore. Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 63-530(History of Sandwich, by W. Boys, 1792, pp.750-1.)

Ship name Hercules of Sandwich from the town of Sandwich to the plantacon called New england in america

Names: Nathanel Tilden , of Tenterden in Kent
Occupation: Yeoman
Wife: Lidia
Children: Joseph, Thomas, Stephen, Marie, Sara, Judeth, Lidia
Servants names: Thos Lapham, Geo Sutton , Edwd fford, Sara Couchman, Marie Perien, James Bennet

(Passengers to America, by Tepper, ISBN# 0-8061-0767-6, 1988, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD 1-800-296-6687, pp. 111-113)

ffrom Mr Thos Gardener Vicar of St Maries in Sandwich 17 Mch 1634/ Wm Hatch of Sandwich Merchant & Jane his Wief / [children] Walter, John, Willm, Anne, Jane/ [servants] Wm Holmes, Joseph Ketchell, Simon Ketchell, Robt Jenings, Symon Sutton, Lidia Wells.

"Ship Passenger Lists - National and New England (1600-1825) Edited and indexed by Carl Boyer, 3rd, Published by the Compiler Newhall, California, 1977 p.146

April 1635. List of persons embarked in the Hercules of Sandwich, Kent, Mr John Witherley, to be transported from Sandwich to New England:

Nathaniell Tilden of Tenterden, Kent, and Lidia his wife; children Joseph, Thomas, Stephen, Marie, Sara, Judith and Lidia Tilden; servants Thomas Lapham, George Sutton, Edward Ford, Edward Jeakins, Sara Couchman and James Bennet.

Jonas Austen of Tenterden and Constance his wife; children Jonas Austen, Lidia Robinson and - Austen, a little child.

Robert Brooke of Maidstone, Kent, mercer, and Anne his wife; children Thomas, Samuel, John, Elizabeth and Dorothie Brooke, and Abraham and James Gallant.

Thomas Hayward of Aylesford, Kent, tailor, and Susanna his wife; children Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Susan and Martha Hayward.

William Witherell of Maidstone, (Kent), school teacher, and Mary his wife; children Samuell, Daniell and Thomas Witherell; servant Anne Richards.

Fannet not (Faintnot) Wines of Ashford, Kent, hemp dresser.

Thomas Bony and Henry Ewell of Sandwich, (Kent), shoe makers.

William Hatch of Sandwich, merchant, and Jane his wife; children Walter, John, William, Anne and Jane Hatch; servants William Holmes, Joseph Ketchell, Simon Ketcherell (sic), Robert Jenings, Symon Sutton and Lidia Wells.

Samuel Hinckley of Tenterden and Sara his wife; children Susan, Sara and Mary Hinckley, and kinswoman Elizabeth Hinckle (sic).

Isaac Cole of Sandwich, carpenter, and Joane his wife; children Isaac and Anne Cole. Rose Tritton of Ashford, servant.

Thomas Champion of Ashford.

Thomas Besbeech of Sandwich; children Mary and Alice Besbeech and Elizabeth, Jane, Sarah and John Egelden; servants Thomas Neuley, Joseph Pacheing and Agnes Love.

John Lewis of Tenterden and Sarah his wife, and child Sarah Lewes (sic).

Parnell Harris of the parish of Boe (Bow), London.

James Sayers of Northbourne, Kent, tailor.

Comfort Starre of Ashford, surgeon; children Thomas, Comfort and Mary Starre; servants Samuel Dunkin, John Turkey and Truthshallprevaile Starre.

Joseph Rootes of Great Chart, Kent.

Emme Mason of Eastwell, Kent, widow.

Margaret, wife of William Johnes late of Sandwich now of New England, painter.

John Best of St. George, Canterbury, Kent, tailor.

Thomas Brigden of Faversham, Kent, husbandman and - his wife with two children. (Kent Archives Office: SA/ZB/2) (The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1776)

Passenger Lists

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