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Generation 1

John Tilden b. c1415 d. 9/12/1463 Crotehole, Benynden, Kent Co, Eng [Will] m. Joane ??? d. 6/15/1474 [Will]

Generation 2

Agnes Tilden b. bef 1438

Thomas Tilden b. bef 1445 d. 7/28/1479 Beneden, Kent Co., Eng m. Margaret ??? d. aft 1480

John Tilden b. bef 1463 d. 4/1/1492 Marden, Kent Co. Eng m. Joane d. aft 1492

Robert Tilden b. bef 1445 d. 7/11/1479 Beneden, Kent Co., Eng [Will] m. Alice ??? d. aft 1480

Alice Tilden b. aft 1438 d. aft 1479

Generation 3

Children of John Tilden and Joane ???

William Tilden d. aft 1492

Thomas Tilden d. 1513-1514 Marden, Kent Co, Eng m. Joane ??? d. aft 1492

Joane Tilden d. aft 1492

Children of Robert Tilden and Alice ???

John Tilden b. aft 1461
Johane Tilden b. bef 1458

Generation 4

Children of Thomas Tilden and Joane ???

Richard Tilden b. c1475 Beneden, Kent Co, Eng d. 1554-1558 Marden, Kent Co., Eng m. Joane ??? b. c1477 d. aft 1557 Kent Co, Eng

John Tilden d. aft 1513

Alice Tilden d. aft 1513

Helen Tilden d. aft 1513

Joane Tilden d. aft 1513

Generation 5

Children of Richard Tilden and Joane ???

John Tilden d. aft 1554

Robert Tilden d. aft 1554

George Tilden d. aft 1554

Richard Tilden b. 10/15/1520 Beneden, Kent Co, Eng d. 1/26/1565-66 Tenterden, Kent Co, Eng [Will] m. c1540 Kent Co, Eng to Elizabeth Glover b.c1515 Beneden, Kent Co, Eng d. 12/30/1585 Cranbrook, Kent Co, Eng

Anne Tilden d. aft 1554

Generation 6

Children of Richard Tilden and Elizabeth Glover

Julyan Tilden b. c1548 d. aft 1572 m. 6/21/1568 Tenterden, Kent Co., Eng to Thomas Finch d. aft 1572

Agnes Tilden b. c1550 d. aft 1572 m. 2/14/1568-69 Tenterden, Kent Co, Eng to Peter Pyers d. 4/17/1572 Tenterdon, Kent Co., Eng

Thomasen Tilden b. c1552

Mary Tilden b. 6/8/1556 Tenterdon, Kent Co., Eng

John Tilden b. bef 1543 d. 1/19/1625-26 Tenterdon, Kent Co., Eng m. 1/23/1569-70 Tenterden, Kent Co, Eng to Patience Casslen b. 1545 d. 11/23/1615 Tenterden, Kent Co, Eng d/o George Casslen

Thomas Tilden b. bef 1541 Beneden, Kent Co, Eng d. 6/6/1617 Wye, Kent Co., Eng [Will] [Doc] m.1. 3/10/1576-77 Tenterden, Kent Co, Eng to Alice Bigge b. 1546 Beneden, Kent Co., Eng d. 5/13/1593 Tenterden, Kent Co., Eng daug of Robert Bigge and Elizabeth ??? m.2. 11/13/1593 Tenterden, Kent Co, Eng to Ellen Hubbard b. c1548 Rolvenden, Kent Co, Eng d. bef 1603 Tenterden, Kent Co, Eng m.3. c1603 Alice ??? d. aft 1617 [Doc]

Catherine Tilden b. 9/30/1554 Tenterden, Kent Co, Eng

Alice Tilden b. 4/6/1559 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d. 9/30/1560 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng

Mary Tilden II b. 5/15/1561

Generation 7

Children of John Tilden and Patience Casslen

Anne Tilden b. 11/5/1570 Mayfield, Sussex, Eng d. aft 1/2/1629-30 m. 7/26/1587 Tenterden, Kent Co., Eng to William Hatche b. 12/9/1563 Tenterden, Kent Co., Eng son of Thomas Hatche and Joane Brissenden

Rachel Tilden d. 3/17/1572-73 Tenterden, Kent Co, Eng

Richard Tilden

George Tilden b. 2/28/1573-74 d. 1/4/1604-05 Tenterden, Kent Co, Eng m. ???

Elizabeth Tilden b.4/23/1576 m. 7/23/1594 Tenterden, Kent co, Eng to Peter Finche

Judith Tilden b.8/17/1578

Samuel Tilden b. 9/25/1580 d. 3/3/1623-24 Tenterden, Kent Co, Eng m. 5/28/1612 Tenterden, Kent Co, Eng to Rebecca Giles

John Tilden b. 11/4/1582 m.1. 1625 Anne Twisden d. 5/27/1636 m.2. 11/16/1637 Cicely May

Daniel Tilden b. 12/16/1584 m. 6/23/1612 Judith Short

??? Tilden b. c1587 d. c1587

Jonathan Tilden b. 10/28/1588 m.1. 6/17/1616 Anna Hall m.2. Alice Hall

Children of Thomas Tilden and Alice ???

Freegift Tilden b. 5/29/1604 [Doc]

Children of Thomas Tilden and Alice Bigge

Sarah Tilden b. 8/30/1579 Tenterdon,Kent Co, Eng m. 11/20/1600 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng to John Stanshame

Abigail Tilden b. 2/26/1581-82 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d. 8/5/1582 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng

Nathaniel Tilden [Doc] b. 7/28/1583 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d.5/25/1641 Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA [Cem] m. 1605-1606 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng to Lydia Bourne Huckstep b. c2/11/1587-88 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d. 7/31/1672 Scituate, Plymouth Co, MA daug of Stephen Huckstep and Winifred Hatch [Doc] [Ship] [Pass]

Joseph Tilden b. 11/28/1585 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d. 1642 London, Eng

Hopestill Tilden [Doc] b. 5/1/1588 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d. 12/19/1661 St. Mary's, Sandwich, Eng [Will] m.1. Deborah Hughes m.2. 8/3/1613 St. Mary's, Sandwich, Eng to Gertrude Grant d. 3/7/1637-38 St. Mary's, Sandwich, Eng

Thomas Tilden b. 5/1/1593 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng

Theophilus Tilden b. 10/11/1590 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d. 4/20/1613 St. Peter in the East, Oxford, Eng

Generation 8

Children of Nathaniel Tilden & Lydia Bourne Huckstep

Sarah b. 1/13/1612-13 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d. 3/20/1676-77 Albemarle Co, Perquimans District, NC m. 3/13/1635-36 Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA to George Sutton b. 4/12/1613 Tenterdon, Kent Co., Eng d. 4/12/1669 Albemarle Co., Perquimans District, NC poss. s/o Ambrose Sutton & Sarah Warner [Doc]

Joseph b. 4/20/1615 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d. 6/3/1670 Scituate, Plymouth Co, MA m. 11/20/1649 Scituate, Plymouth Co, Eng to Elizabeth Alice Twisden b. 3/31/1633 Tenterden, Kent, Eng d. aft 1694 ME d/o John Twisden [Doc]

Thomas b. 10/23/1608 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d. 1/19/1617-18 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng [Doc]

Stephen b. 10/11/1629 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d. 8/22/1711 Scituate, MA m. 1/25/1660-61 Scituate, MA to Hannah Little b. 1638-1640 d. 5/13/1710 Scituate, Plymouth Co, MA d/o Thomas Little & Ann Warren [Doc]

Marie/Mary b.5/20/1610 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d. 3/2/1689-90 Bridgewater, Plymouth Co, MA m.1. 3/13/1636-37 Scituate, Plymouth Co, MA to Thomas Lapham b. 1612 Eng d. 6/15/1644 Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA [Doc] m.2. aft 6/5/1651 William Basset d. 1667 Bridgewater, Plymouth Co, MA [Doc]

Judith b. 10/22/1620 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d. 3/30/1663 m. 1/3/1640-41 Scituate, Plymouth Co, MA to Abraham Preble b. 1/1/1603-04 Wootton, Kent Co, Eng d. 1663 York, ME [Doc]

Lydia b. 9/28/1625 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d. c Jun 1673 Marshfield, Plymouth Co, MA m. 1/15/1661-62 Marshfield, Plymouth Co, MA to Richard Garrett [Doc]

Joseph b. 1/12/1611-12 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d. 3/15/1611-12 Tenterden, Kent Co., Eng

Stephen b. 3/31/1617 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d. 10/2/1619 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng

Thomas b. 1/19/1618-19 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d. 2/1/1704-05 Marshfield, Plymouth Co, MA m.1. Jun 1653 Marshfield, Plymouth Co, MA to Elizabeth Bourne (widow of Robert Waterman) b. c1618 d. 12/12/1663 d/o Thomas Bourne m.2. 1/24/1665 Mary Holmes [Doc]

Winifred b. 10/20/1622 Tenterden, Kent Co, Eng d. 9/14/1627 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng

Lydia b. 5/30/1624 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng d. 9/15/1624 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng

Children of Hopestill Tilden and Deborah Hughes

Sarah Tilden b. c1619 d. bef 1661 m.2. Thomas Rumsey m.1. John Smith

John Tilden d. bef 1637 [Will] [Doc]

Child of Thomas Tilden

Samuel Tilden b. 2/2/1617-18 Wye, Kent Co, Eng

Children of George Tilden and ???


Children of Samuel Tilden and Rebecca Giles


Children of John Tilden and Anne Twisden


Child of John Tilden and Cicely May

John b. 11/4/1638

Children of Daniel Tilden and Judith Short


Child of Jonathan Tilden and Ann Hall

Gregory b.7/28/1617

Children of Jonathan Tilden and Alice Hall

Richard b. c1624 m. Hannah Miller d/o John of Biggleswald Co, Bedford
George b.1627
Anne m. Robert Biggon
Sarah m. Thomas Bedingfield

Generation 9

Children of Joseph Tilden and Elizabeth Alice Twisden

Nathaniel b.1649 d. 12/17/1731 Scituate, MA [Cem] [Doc] m.1. 1673 Mary Sharp m.2. bef 1730 Margaret Dodson
John b. Dec 1652 d. 1739 Scituate, MA [Cem]
Stephen b. 5/14/1659
Samuel b. bef 1659 m. 1694 Sarah Curtis poss daug of Richard Curtis
Benjamin b. 1668 d. 1693
Elizabeth b. 1665 m. 1685 Samuel Curtis, Jr d. 1689
Rebecca b. 1654 m. James Briggs
Lydia b. 1666 m. 1696 William Tickner Jr b. 1664 son of William Tickner and Hannah Stockbridge
Joseph b. 1656
Benjamin b. 1668

Children of Stephen Tilden & Hannah Little

Hannah b. 1662

Stephen 2/5/1663 - 10/3/1727 m. c1685 Mary Powell

Abigail b. 1666 m. 1685 Charles Stockbridge

Mary 7/12/1668 - 8/13/1724 m. 1/3/1692 James Thomas m. poss Benjamin Stockledge

Judith 1670 - 7/29/1714 m. 6/27/1693 William Pabodie

Joseph b. 5/13/1672 Scituate, MA d. 1712 m. 1/23/1701 Joanna Bowles

Mercy b. 5/1/1674 m. 4/23/1701 Benjamin Stockbridge

Ruth b. 6/1/1676 m. 12/18/1700 Nathaniel Tilden

Isaac b. 8/28/1678 Scituate, Plymouth Co, MA d. 4/15/1771 Hebron, CT m.1. 12/30/1714 Martha Mudge m.2. 6/14/1716 Rebecca Mann d/o Richard Mann

Ephriam 1680 - 5/7/1764

Ebenezer 6/16/1681 - 5/7/1764 m. 1713/1714 Mary Vinal

David 11/16/1685 - 7/3/1756 m. 2/11/1710 Abigail Pitcher

Child of John Tilden

Elizabeth Tilden bef 1637 - bef 1638 [Doc]

Children of Samuel Tilden

Anne Tilden b. bef 1661
Elizabeth Tilden b. bef 1661

Children of Richard Tilden & Hannah Miller

Hannah m. Thanks Holland

Children of Thomas Tilden & Elizabeth Bourne or Mary Holmes

Susanna d. 9/9/1684
John d. 4/20/1685

Generation 10

Children of Nathaniel Tilden & Mary Sharp

Nathaniel b. 1678
Elizabeth b. 1681
Joseph b. 1685 m. 1710 Sarah White d/o Timothy White

Childern of Nathaniel Tilden & Margaret Dodson

Mary b. 1694
Margaret b. 1696

Child of Samuel Tilden & Sarah Curtis

Samuel Tilden b. 1689 m. 1717 Desire Oldham d/o Thomas Oldham & Mercy Sprout

Child of Stephen Tilden & Mary Powell

Stephen c1687 - Feb 1769 m. Mary Powell

Child of Joseph Tilden

Christopher b. 1712 m. Sarah Parrot

Children of Isaac Tilden & Rebecca Mann

Isaac b. 9/26/1715

Rebecca b. 3/7/1715-16 m. 7/20/1738 Hebron, Tolland Co, CT to Isaac Owen

Jonathan b. 4/24/1719 Scituate, Plymouth Co, MA d. 5/2/1720

Judith 4/2/1721 - 7/23/1744

Martha 10/12/1724 - 11/20/1723

Hebran b. c1724

Mercy b. 8/16/1725

John b. 2/8/1728-29 Hebron, CT d. 11/9/1812 m. 1762 Bathsheba Janes b. 1743

Children of Ebenezer Tilden

Mary Tilden b. 1715
Ebnezer Tilden b. 1717

Childern of David Tilden and Abigail Pitcher

David Tilden b. 1711
Abigail Tilden b. 1713
Hannah Tilden b. 1715
Elijah Tilden b. 1719
Mary Tilden b. 1722
Ezra Tilden b. 1724

Generation 11

Children of Joseph Tilden and Sarah White

John Tilden b. 1715 m. 1744 Sybil Thomas
Job Tilden b. 1725

Child of Samuel Tilden and Desire Oldham

Samuel Tilden b. 1718 m. Grace Hatch

Children of Stephen Tilden & Mary Powell

Joseph Tilden b. 7/18/1720 d. 5/17/1820 m. Sarah Richardson
Daniel Tilden b. 11/5/1744 m. Esther Mason b. 11/12/1748 d/o Peleg Sandford Mason & Mary Stanton

Children of Christopher Tilden and Sarah Parrot

Mary Tilden
David Tilden
Joseph Tilden
??? Tilden m. ??? Cady

Children of John Tilden and Bathsheba Janes

Lois Tilden b. 4/20/1763
Lucena Tilden b. 10/31/1764
John Tilden b. 11/7/1766
Anna Tilden b. 10/3/1767
Olive Tilden b. 10/1/1772
Cynthia Tilden b. 9/17/1774
Elam Tlden b. 12/31/1781 Lebanon, CT m. 2/8/1802 Polly Y Jones b. 3/20/1782

Generation 12

Children of Daniel Tilden & Esther Mason

Stephen b. 5/3/1769
Mason b. 5/7/1771
Josiah b. 6/23/1789
Lucy b. 9/20/1773
Esther b. 2/23/1777
Mary b. 3/12/1779
Lucretia b. 10/22/1781
Sabina b. 4/22/1785 m.1. Simeon Babcock m.2. Elijah Burroughs
Lydia b. 4/27/1787
Harriet b. 7/31/1792

Children of David Tilden


Children of Elam Tilden & Polly Y Jones

John 1802-1823
Mary B b. 1809
Moses Y b. 1811
Samuel J b. 1814
George F 1817-1835
Henry A b. 1821
Henrietta A 1821-1839

Children of John Tilden & Sybil Thomas

Thomas b. 9/18/1743 m. 12/4/1766 Scituate, MA to Abigail Hatch
Mary b. 1750
Sarah b. 1725

Children of Joseph Tilden

Bryant P
Abigail m. Nathan Cushing

Child of Joseph Tilden & Sarah Richardson

Stephen m. Dorothy Goodrich

Children of Mary Tilden


Child of Samuel Tilden & Grace Hatch

Samuel b. 1739 MA d. 1834 MA
Nathan m. Narcissa Hatch

Generation 13

Children of Josiah Tilden

Albert Gallatin b. 1823
De Witt Clinton b. 1825
Ruby Ann b. 1827
Mary Ester b. 1829
Daniel b. 1833
Thomas Jefferson b. 1835
Laura Aurelia b. 1837
Sabina Lucretia b. 1839
George R b. 1843
Josiah b. 1845
Children of Mason Tilden

John Marcellus
Henry Clay
Jane b. 1829
Elizabeth b. 1789
Children of Nathan Tilden & Narcissa Hatch

Nelson Hatch m. Elizabeth C

Children of Samuel Tilden Jr (s/o Samuel Tilden & Grace Hatch)

Samuel 1765-1844 m. Margaret Foster b. 1760
Jotham 1767-1843
Charles 1768-1851
Elisha 1770-1852
Calvin 1774-1832
Benjamin 1772-1829
Luther 1777-1857
Mercy 1779-1817
Hatch 1781-1861
Nathan 1784-1856

Children of Stephen Tilden

James Pettis b. c1800
Daniel Rose b.c1802
Stephen Daniel

Child of Stephen Tilden & Dorothy Goodrich

Charles Goodrich m. Lois Hagle

Children of Thomas Tilden & Abigail Hatch

Abigail b. 1767
Deborah b. 1770
John b. 1772
Amos b. 1774
Thomas b. 1775
Mary b. 1777
Lydia b. 1779
Patience b. 1781
Sybil b. 1783 m. G W Stetson
Joseph b. 1785

Generation 14

Child of Charles Goodrich Tilden & Lois Hagle

Charles Newton Duncombe m. Mary Ellen Burgess

Child of Nelson Hatch Tilden & Elizabeth C ???

Nelson Hatch m. Ella Maria Rogers

Children of Samuel Tilden & Margaret Foster

Freeman Foster 1804-1876 m. Eliza Gould 1806-1880 d/o Solomon Gould & Betsy Proctor


Margaret m. Benjamin Smith

Mary m. William Smith

Eveline m. Howard Bowker

Samuel Foster

Generation 15

Child of Charles Newton Duncombe Tilden & Mary Ellen Burgess

William Francis m. Rose Ella Lamont

Children of Freeman Foster Tilden & Eliza Gould

Samuel b. 1844 m. Millicent Dalton
Freeman Foster b. 1837 m. Elizabeth Tarbox
John Gould b. 1840
Charlotte M W b. 1842
Eliza Laura b. 1848
Eveline Bowker b. 1852

Child of Nelson Hatch Tilden & Ella Maria Rogers

Earl Addison m. Janette Brown

Generation 16

Child of Earl Addison Tilden & Janette Brown

Donald Addison m. Elizabeth Emma Ferrell

Children of Freeman Foster Tilden & Elizabeth Tarbox

Charlotte m. Edwad E Allen
Harriet m. Frank Barnes

Children of Samuel Tilden & Millicent Dalton

John Gould 1867-1930 m. Henrietta Andrew
Samuel b. 1864 m. Lillian Berry
Millicent b. 1870
Mabel L b. 1872
Maude Gertrude 12/15/1875-3/27/1953 Elbridge Smart Gerry
Benjamin P b. 1876
Edith b. 1877
Freeman b. 1883 m. Mabel Martin
Charlotte b. 1890 m. John Fabello

Child of William Francis Tilden & Rose Ella Lamont

Crystal Florence m. Gordon St Clair Harrison

Generation 17

Child of Freeman Tilden & Mabel Martin


Children of John Gould Tilden & Henrietta Andrew

John Gould Jr 1893-1967 m. Eloise Gray Hopkins
Samuel J b. 1892
Benjamin Francis b. 1894 m. Dora Evelyn Smith
Charles b. 1894 m. Muriel ???
Helen Gertrude b. 6/16/1897 m. Truman Wallace b. 1/22/1898
Sarah b. 1896
Theodore 1902-1998 m. Mable Margaret Harding
Henrietta Millicent m. Holly B Richardson

Generation 18

Children of Benjamin Francis Tilden & Dora Evelyn Smith

Eleanor Frances m. Anton Joseph Repucci
Norman 1923-1989 m. Phyllis Constantine

Children of Charles Tilden & Muriel ???


Children of John Gould Tilden Jr & Eloise Gray Hopkins

Allen Foster m. Patrica Ann Wildes
Paul Andrew m. Margaret Magwood

Child of Theodore Tilden & Mable Margaret Harding

Edward Theodore m. Marjorie ???

Generation 19

Children of Allen Foster Tilden & Patrica Ann Wildes

Lanie Foster
Gary Martin

Children of Edward Theodore Tilden & Majorie ???

Anne Margaret
Jane Marie
James Allen
David Edward
Michael Dana m. Sandra Juanita Smith
Susan Elaine
Steven Mark

Children of Norman Tilden & Phyllis Constantine

Debra Lee
Norma Jean
Nancy Elizabeth

Children of Paul Andrew Tilden & Margaret Magwood

Paula Ann
Peter Michael
Pamela Lee
Patricia Lynn

Generation 20

Children of Michael Dana Tilden

Jeffery Michael m. Stephanie Elaine Poe
Amber Juanita m. Justin Alan Glynn
Mark Roy

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