Vincent Family Pictures

Jacob & Jane M Vincent

Barry Smith Vincent &
Cynthia Ann Paralee Lawrence

John Henderson "Doc" &
Minnie D Lawrence Vincent

Herman, Turla & Holly Vincent
Children of John Henderson & Minnie D Vincent

Standing Left: Annie Mae, Lonnie Dewey
Sitting Left: Martha Jane Merritt Vincent Little - holding Opal (my grandmother), William Little - holding Ruth
Sitting in Front: Jessie Vera, Don "Jack", Verna
Sitting Left of GrGrandpa Berry Smith, Tom Vincent - holding Emorie, Mary Truman Vincent - holding Esther
Sitting in Front: Faye, Ben
Standing: Lora, Dewey
Standing on Right Back: Frank Vincent & Denna, Ulysses
Sitting: GrGrandpa Berry Smith & GrGrandma Cynthiann Perrylee Lawrence Vincent
Sitting Right: Joe - holding Josh, Ida, Carrie, Ruby, Clarence, Sally

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