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Dear Jack, I am sorry to be so slow answering your letter & request. I have thought about it every day and last night had a dream about it. So thought it about time I wrote what I could. I never had much of a history written down, just a page or two of what Dad told me and what I could remember of what Grandfather Vincent told me when he was living with us. I put that away so well that I haven't been able to find it since you wrote. I do have Grandpa's family Bible. It says on Family Record:

Jacob H Vincent was born Nov 22, 1834
Mary Jane Orr was born Sep 16, 1836. They were married Nov 17, 1861.
Albert H Vincent was born Oct 17 1862
Asa J was born Mar 14 1864
Ellen Thompson Vincent was born Oct 3 1865 Died Dec 5-65
Anna May was born Mar 7, 1868 Died Dec 7, 1869
Robert C Vincent was born this mo not plain, you probably know
Mattie Bruce Vincent Born Sept 25, 1871
Mary Jane born Aug 24, 1874

Then the mother Mary Jane died 10-10-75. Grandfather married again and James Smith Vincent was born Mar 15-1878 Died Mar 21-1881. Lucy May V. born Aug 2, 1880. Aunt Lucy may may know more than I do. I had a Christmas Greeting from her - still living at Kirksey, Ky. 90 this year, very alert & interesting.
I was told by Grand father or my father or both that several Vincent brothers left France because of religious persecution in 1700's but before the Rev, went to England didn't like it there and came to North Carolina. Scattered & one to NY but our ancestor Jacob V settled down on the White River. Became quite prosperous. Sent his son another Jacob back to England for further education. He married an English girl came back and as his mother had died, his father married a widow with children. He didn't like her. He went west thru the Cumberland Gap to somewhere near Shelbyville Tenn. Where my grandfather Jacob H. was born. They had expected to inherit some money from NC but never got any. The stepmother & her children took care of that.
This G grandfather Jacob operated a toll bridge for many years. I don't know whether he owned it or not. My grandfather was lame all his life, at least since he was a small child & kicked by a horse. Walked with a cane. Was quite well educated for his times. Taught school some and taught writing or penmanship evening at home. Knew the bible practically by heart. He was a northern sympathizer in early days of the civil war and after being shot at by snipers a few times moved with his -at that time- small family to Kentucky. I don't know what year but my father was born in Ky in 1864. Grand pa did have a box of letters some of them written in the 1820's from Jacob V in NC to his son the one in TN. I can remember reading them but they have disappeared. I think there are still some, not that old but some of grand pa's sisters in TN to him in KY. They are about 100 yrs old now but I haven't located them. Dad went to TN and stayed with an aunt at least 2 winters to go to a higher school than they had in KY then or at least higher than was near enough for him to go to. If you ever come to CO be sure to come see me maybe I'll have something more then….
Sincerely, Lois
Submitted by John B Vincent

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