Wills of the Tilden Family

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“The Will of John Tylden Senior of Crotehole in the parish of Benynden, 12 September 1463. To be buried in the churchyard of St. George of Benynden. To the high altar there are 3s. 4d. To every light of the church 20d. To the church two candles or torches of the value of 13s. 4d. The residue of all goods, not bequeathed, to wife Johan and sons John, Robert, and Thomas Tylden, in equal portions. My wife and sons John and Robert, executors. (Translated from Latin.):
I John Telden of Benynden the “elthry:. 14 September 3 Edward IV. Out of all my lands and tenements being in the hands of John Heytherst, Witt Nynne, and Simon Tylden, my feofees, Jone my wife shall have 6 marks a year during her life. My feofees shall divide all my lands and tenements to my three sons evenly. Each of my two daughters shall have 20 marks at her marriage or age twenty-five years. If son Thomas die before he come to lawful age, etc. (No witnesses or probate.) (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, Vol.1, fo.19.)”(English Origins of New England Families, publised by NEGHS)

“The Will of Joane Teldon, relict of John Telden late of Benynden, 15 June 1474. To be buried in the churchyard of Benynden. To the high altar ther 8d. To the church two torches. Eight loads of stone towards the making of a chapel to the blessed Mary. To Elizabeth, daughter of John Telden. To my daughters Alice and Agnes at their marriage. To son Thomas (not yet twenty) at his mariage the inner “gestyn” chamber. To him certain live stock. The residue of all my goods to my sons John, Robert, and Thomas. I make John and Thomas executors, and Robert supervisor. Proved 1 April 1476 by the executors named in the will. (Arhdeaconry of Canterbury, Vol. 3, fo.1)” (English Origins of New England Families, publised by NEGHS)

The Will of Robert Telden of Benynden, 25 July 1479. To be buried in the churchyard of Benynden. To the high altar there 20d. To every godson 4d. To the mending of the bad way between wodesend and peperbondesgate 3s. 4d. The residue of all my goods and legacies to Alice my wife and John Telden my brother, whom I make executors.
My last will concerning my lands. My foefees of all my lands in Benynden and Cranbrok in the County of Kent are Thoe’ Wat’man, Richard Evynded, Water Denman, John Stace son of Thomas Stace, and John Nenne son of Robert Nenne. To wife Alice during her widdowhood my lands on the den of Crotehole, with reversion after her death or marriage to son john at the age of eighteen years. To son John, after my wife’s decease or marriage, seven pieces of land called hersetgrove, Gretefeld, longfeld, Fyveacres, Griggissmede, and the two pypesland. Provision made for any further child born. To brother John Telden two pieces of land called yaldfeld and yalefeldwode, he to pay to my daughter Johane 12 marks at her marriage, and if she die before legal age and unmarried, reversion to any other daughter I may have, to whom I give 12 marks at marriage. If son John or any other son I may have before eighteen years without heirs of their bodies lawfully begotten,my garden and lands on the den of Crotehole, after the death of wife Alice, to my brothers John and Thomas, they paying to my daughters at marriage or the age of twenty-eight years 20 pounds each. To brother John arrabel land and wood called le knoll, knol wode, whithm, whithm wode, cul’towne, and culv’towne wode, containing twenty acres, in payment of 22 pounds 13s. 4d. which I owe to him; 16 marks which Thomas Hendle of Crnebrok owes me for land there he bought of me, in payment of 50 marks which I owe my said brother; and two pieces of land called Jociscrofte and Slystowne on the den of Telden, in payment of 6 marks which I owe him. Proved 11 July 1480 by the executors names in the will. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, Vol. 3, fo.18) )” (English Origins of New England Families, publised by NEGHS)

The Will of Richard Tylden of Tenterden in the County of Kente, yeoman, 22 January 1565-6. My body to be buried in the parish where I die. To the poor people of Tenterden. To my wife Elizabeth half of my household stuff, and various articles, including barley due me from Wyllyam Gerrys, live stock, all woolen cloth not made into garments, and angle noble, a double ducat, and 20s. The residue of my household stuff to my four daughters, Julyan, Agnes, Thomasen, and Mary Tylden, equally divided, and to each 30 pounds at marriage of age of twenty years. To servant John Mills 30 pounds in satisfaction of an account between him and me, and a cloak. To son John Tylden four pairs of hose, two coats, one of marbyll and another of russet, two hats, two new leather jerkins, a dublet of chamblett, and my white dublet. To Thomas Tylden my son a coat to be had of Peter Peyrs, my next best hat and a pair of hose. To Richard Adams of Benynden a coat dublet and a pair of hose of Winchester russet. To Richard Peyris’s widow. To Thomas Berry. To George Pellond. To Henry Meryote, Mother Crotholl, and John Ilverd. To my servant Richard Cheseman. To Richard Peyrs, son of Richard Peyrs of Tenterden deceased, Myldren Pyers, and Thomas Berry son of Thomas Berry. The residue of my moveable goods to son John Tylden, and I make him and Walter Bygge of Tenterden, tailor, my executors; my son not to meddle in the execution of my testament until he come to the age of four and twenty years, except it fortune Walter Bygge to die. If son Jone die before that age, son Thomas to have his legacy and take his place as executor. If both sons die before said age, then to my daughters. To Walter Bygge for his pains 20s. Witnesses: Wyllyam Cocks, Clerk and curate of Tenterden, Robert Ashenden, Wyllyam Marden yonger, and Peter Pyerse.
This is my last will concerning my lands in Tenterden and Benynden. My wife Elizabeth to have during her widowhood the occupation of my parlor and buttery adjoining, two chambers over them, and the garret loft over, the buttery next the hall door, with use of bakehouse, brewhouse, malt house, the head of my barn called the tan house, east garden, and water (rights ???) of the pits or ponds. Also I give her eight loads of wood and two hundred faggots. My garden called new garden and five pieces of land or wood containing twenty acres at the back side of my messuage in Tenterden, and three other pieces called pigge holes, containing seventeen acres of land and wood,to my wife until my son John Tilden shall accomplish the age of four and twenty years, if she remain my widow so long, and not else. Son John to have the said lands at the said age and pay to my wife 6 pounds 13s. 4d. a year during her life. I give to my wife toward the keeping of my children 6 pounds to be paid out of my lands in Tenterden until my youngest child come to the age of twelve years, and if she die before that time, then Walter Bygg my executor to have the bringing up of my children. To Thomas Tilden my son all my lands and tenements in the parish of benynden, when he shall accomplish the age of four and twenty years. My executor to take the residue of all profits of my lands and tenements in Tenterden and Benynden until my son John come to his said age toward the performance of my will and paying my debts, and when son John accomplish the said age, then he to receive all the profits of the foresaid lands in Tenterden and Benynden before willed to Thomas Tilden until the said Thomas accomplish his said age, and the John to pay to Thomas 50 pounds. My executors shall take own and sell the long houses along the street of my tenement in Benynden, and make a pale and gate for the passage into said tenement, and build a barn there at my house where it stood before thirty-six feet by twenty feet. If either of my two sons die before the age of four and twenty years without lawful issue, the survivor shall pay to my daughters then living 20 pounds apiece. If all my children die without lawful issue, then the said lands and tenements in Tenterden to John Mills and his heirs, and my lands and tenements in Benynden as follows: to my brother-in-law Thomas Glouer of Benynden two pieces of land called Barnfild and Oxenlease lying betwwen a lane ther and his house, and the residue of my lands and tenements in Benynden to the relief of the poor of Tenterden and Benynden, to be letten and the profits distributed by the church wardens. Witnesses: Wyllyam Cocks, Clerke, Curate of Tenterden, Robert Asshenden, William Mardin yonger and Peter Pyers. Proven 15 May 1566 by Walter Bygge, on of the executors named in the will, with power reserved to grant a like probate of John Tilden the other executor names, at the age limited in the will. (Archdeaconry of Cantebury, Vol. 39, fo. 169)” (English Origins of New England Families, publised by NEGHS)

The Will of Thomas Tylden of the parish of Wye in the County of Kent, 14 March 1616-17. To the poor of Wye 20s. 5 pounds to be distributed among the poor ministers. I make my son Joseph Tilden my executor and give him all that debt due me from James Thetcher of Willingdon I the County of Sussex. My wife Alyce shall have the use of all my household stuff and moveable goods during her life, with liberty to dispose of them to all or any of my children during her life and at her death to dispose of them that remain to such of my children as shall be living and not elsewhere. To my son Thomas Tylden 5 pounds.
My will concerning the disposition of all my lands, tenements and hereditaments in the Counties of Sussex and Kent or elsewhere within the Realm of England is as follows: “First my will & meaning is that Nathaniell my sonne his heyres & Assignes shall for ever holde and enioye o peece of fresh marshe land lyinge in the parish of East Guyldeford in the Countye of Sussex called by the name of Cowelees contayneinge by estymation xxx acres accordinge to one deede of feafment thereof by me made to the use of the said Nathaniell Itm I doe will giue and bequeath to the said Nathaniell my sonne & to his heyres forever one peice of fresh mersh land with the appurtenances called or knowne by the name of the Gyve acres lyinge & beinge in the aforesaid Parish of East Guyldeford together with a sufficeint carrying way to carrye driue goe to & for him his heyres & Assignes through one peece of land called the upper peece of the lesser Spanyards lyinge in Guyldfford aforesaid.” To my sons Joseph and Hopestill Tilden their heirs and assigns forever the aforesaid piece of land called the upper piece of the lesser Spanyards containing twenty acres. To sone Freegift Tilden and his heirs forever, if he live to the age of one and twenty years, a piece of fresh mersh land in East Guyldford containing fifteen acres known by the name of the nether piece of the lesser Spanyards and abutting upon Cowe lees aforesaid toward the south, with right of way to said land through the land called the upper piece of the lesser Spanyards bequeathed to son Nathaniel. If Freegift die before the age of one and twenty years, reversion to sons Nathaniel and Hopestill and their heirs forever. During the minority of Freegift 10 pounds a year to be paid to wife Alice toward her jointure of 20 pounds made by me to her during her life, the other 10 pounds of the said 20 pounds to be paid out of the lands bequeathed to sons Joseph and Hopestill. To son Freegift at the age of one and twenty years my messuage with the barn and other buildings, orchard, garden and seven pieces of land containing seventeen acres now in the occupation of the widow Gylbert, lying in the parish of Cranbrook upon the den of Omenden. If he die before said age, reversion to son Joseph and his heirs. Wife Alyce to receive the profits of all Freegift’s land during his minority and use them to see him brought up to learning, and if she die, son Joseph to receive them for that purpose, allowing to Freegift sufficient maintenance and yielding an account to him when he accomplishes his age of one and twenty years. {signed} Thomas Tilden. Witnesses: Suretonhie Nicholes, Robert Hall, and Willyam Avsten. Proved 20 June 1617 by Joseph Tilden, son and executor named in the will. (The will was contested 23 September 1617, the widow Alice Tilden and sons Nathniel Tilden of Tenterden, Hopestill Tilden of the town of Sandwich, and Thomas Tilden and Freegift Tilden of Wye bringing suit agains the Executor Joseph Tilden. 27 March 1618 sentence was given for the confirmation of the will, the judgement being that the testator was sane at the time the will was made. (Consistory Court of Canterbury, Original will, bundle for 1617.) (English Origins of New England Families, publised by NEGHS)

John Tilden “Administration on the estate of John Tilden of Sandwich in the County of Kent was granted 16 February 1637-8 to Hoepstill Tilden, father and creditor of the deceased, during the minority of Elizabeth, daughter of the deceased. (P.C.C. Act Book 1638, fo.149) 29 May 1638 the former grant lapsed owing to the death of said Elizabeth (P.C.C. Act Book 149, fo. 179) (English Origins of New England Families, publised by NEGHS)

The Will of Hopestill Tilden, one of the jurats of the Town and Port of Sandwich in the county of Kent, 19 Nov 1661. I give and bequeath unto and amongst the children sons and daughters of my brother Nathaniel Tilden late of Tenterdon in the said County, gent., 100 pounds to be equally divided between them, 50 pounds within twelve months after my decease and 50 pounds in two years. To John Hughes, nephew of Deborah my now wife, 20 pounds. To My former servant John Iggleden 10s. to buy him a Bible. To my cousin Samuel Tilden 20s., to his daughter Ann Tilden 10 pounds at the age of one and twenty years, and to his daughter Elizabeth 20s. at that age. To my two grandchildren Joseph Rumsey and Thomas Rumsey, sons of my daughter Sara by Thomas Rumsey, 5s. apiece. To wife Deborah the use and benfit of the household stuff, one of my best chambers during her life, and an annuity of 20 pounds to be paid out of the profits of my lands and tenements in Sandwich or elsewhere in the County of Kent. If she stay not with with my executors for three months after my death then she shall have 5 pounds. To the poor people of Sandwich. All the residue of my goods, chattels, and personal estate, and my messuage, lands and tenements in Sandwich in the Isle of Thanet or elsewhere in England, I give to my grandchildren Robert Smith and John Smith, sons of my late daughter Sarah, deceased, Robert to have three fourths and John one fourth, and I make them joint executors of this my will. Witnesses: William Picard and John Verrier. Proved 9 February 1661-2 by Robert Smith and John Smith, the executors named in the will. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, Vol. 71, fo.194) (English Origins of New England Families, publised by NEGHS)

Timothy Hatherly died 24 October 1666. His will, dated 12 December 1664, proved 30 October 1666, named his wife Lydia (widow of Nathaniel Tilden); Edward Jenkins, his wife and children (his niece's family); Nicholas Wade, his wife and children (another niece's family); Susanna, wife of William Brooks, and children (niece); Timothy and Elizabeth Foster (niece's children); Thomas Hanford (nephew); Fear, the wife of Samuel Baker, and the other three children of Isaac Robinson, John, Isaac, and Mercy (children of a deceased niece); Lydia Garrett, his wife's daughter, and her four children; George Sutton, his wife and children; the wife of William Bassett, his wife's daughter; widow Preble, his wife's daughter; Lydia Lapham; Thomas Lapham; Stephen Tilden; Nicholas Baker; "my man Thomas Savory"; and Lydia Hatch, daughter of William Hatch; with his friend Joseph Tilden as executor (MD 16:158). (Plymouth Colony, by Eugene Aubrey Stratton)

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