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If you look over the information below I think that you will feel as I do.. that Thomas Sutton married 1) ELIZABETH LUERTON probably cir 1720/21... about the same time he received Plowman land from his father Joseph Sutton in Chowan Co (Oct 1720)...she appears to be the child of Elizabeth and John Luerton and had a brother John Luerton, Jr.....their mother remarried 2nd John Jones and had Mary Jones who married Issac Gregory, mariner (seems he may have departed for parts unknown as she takes back her “ALIAS ) and who also left bequests to the children of her half sister Elizabeth Luerton Sutton. Thomas and Elizabeth Luerton probably could not have had more than 4 children in the ten or so years they were married. My guess is the children of the first marriage should include George, Thomas, and John as they are named by their aunt.....possible William or a sister could be in there too .... Elizabeth could have been pregnant at the time of sisters death. I believe Thomas Suttons 2nd wife was 2) JUDITH HARDISON.... daughter of Jasper Hardison.. married probably 1730-1731 and that JUDITH is the mother of the remaining children. His third marriage appears to be to ELIZABETH LAWRENCE who later married 2) Thomas Speller 3) Samuel Spruill. She appears to have remained childless throughout all three of her marriages.

I do not personally feel that ELIZABETH CHANCE was a wife because I have not seen anything that strongly points in that direction but then everyone needs to draw their own conclusions....and in the world of genealogy “I never say never!” Hope this helps out....



Early Records of NC Vol IV, Stephen Bradley JOHN JONES 7 Jan 1712/13 (no probate) of Cashoake Brother-in-law O...? DANIEL-mare; Sister-in-law HANNAH DANIEL- mare; ELIZABETH LUERTON daughter of JOHN LEWTON-50 acres in the fork of Black Walnut commonly called Rocky Branch. Daughter MARY JONES - rest of my lands & estate, if she should live to be 16, with reversion to my wife ELIZABETH. Ex: wife Wit: JOHN BYRD, THOS ARNOLD, JOHN HOLBROOK

EPHRAIM LEWERTON 10 Oct 1713 ( no probate) Of Chowan Precinct “good health of body” Cousin JOHN son of LOHN LUERTON- 200 acres on Salmon Creek joining Poplar Run; serge, beaver hat, 5 cattle; Cousin WILLIAM son of WILIAM JONES- 170 acres on Black Walnut Swamp joining JOHN JONES. Cousin ELIZABETH LUERTON - 2 pewter dishes, 4 plates, an iron pot...., 3 chairs at JOHN HARDY’s. Cousin ANN JONES - pewter dish, 3 chairs at JOHN HARDYS. Cousin MARY JONES - 2 pewter basins...etc. Sister MARY JONES - trunk. Cousin WILLIAM LEWERTON - cow, calf, heifer.... REBECCA HARDY-looking glass. Ex: friend JOHN HARDY Wit: WILLIAM JONES, JOHN HOLBROOK

Deed Book #1 Chowan County NC - by Hoffman #376: pg 180 ELIZABET JONES of Chowan Prect., widow spinster to ELIZABETH LUERTON my daughter whom I bear unto my husband JOHN LEWERTON deceased, and MARY JONES my daughter whom I bear unto my late deceased, husband JOHN JONES 20 Jul 1714 for the love and affection I bear towards my children.....260 acres Black be held in common or severally: ELIZABETH 60 acres and 200 acres to MARY. Wit: JOHN HAWKINS, JOHN HARDY, MARY SKITTLETHORPE

Early Records of NC Vol V, Stephen Bradley JASPER HARDISON planter 8 May 1733 probated 5 Nov 1733 Of Albemarle Co.” very sick & weak in body” Wife MARY HARDISON - a negro, goods & chattels. JOHN HARDISON-640 acres on ss of Deep Run.....MARY CARKEET - cow and calf; JUDAH SUTTON - 50 pds, mare; son JASPER HARDISON- 200 acres on Cheat Neck. CHARLES HARDISON - Cheat Neck ..JOSHUA and THOMAS HARDISON, land joining MR. CARKEET....RICHARD & JOSEPH HARDISON- Roses Plantation after my wife’s decease. Ex: wife MARY HARDISON, son JOHN Wit: JOSEPH HUDSON, SAMUEL DURRANCE

Some Bertie County Deeds:

1) THOMAS SUTTON and Wife JUDITH to JOHN LUERTON May 8 1734 - 72 pounds for 640 acres formerly Plowman’s property on Cypress Meadow

2) THOMAS SUTTON and Wife JUDITH to ISSAC GREGORY, marriner May 9 1734. 200 acres for love good will & affection”. Part of a tract” which I elapsed from ELIZABETH JONES...and this same 200 acres I assigned over to MARY JONES 7 Sep 1723 which MARY JONES is now married to the said ISSAC GREGORY....

3) MARY GREGORY to THOMAS SUTTON May 9 1734...Power of Attorney to acknowledge sale

Early Records of NC Vol VI, Stephen Bradley JOHN LUERTON planter 23 Aug 1740 probated 23 Feb 1742 Of Bertie Co. Nephew JOHN GREGORY - all my cattle, etc....with reversion to his mother my sister MARY JONES alias GREGORY. JAMES KETTON - white horse. Sister MARY JONES alias GREGORY - rest of my estate. Ex: sd MARY JONES alias GREGORY, JAMES CASTELLAW, THOS ASHBURN Wit: JOHN RAY, JOHN HILTON

MARY JONES 22 Dec 1745 probated 9 Jan 1748 Of Bertie Co. Cousin ELIZABETH SPRUEL** - gold ring; SARAH HAWKINS daughter of THOMAS HAWKINS- gold ring; THOMAS HACKMAN - my books 60 Pds; Goddaughter MARTHA HARDY- 2 ewes and lambs; Cousin THOMAS SUTTON, son of my sister ELIZABETH SUTTON 180 acres in Cashoake where I now live. Cousin JOHN SUTTON son of my sister ELIZABETH SUTTON - 100 acres Cashoake; “ the women who look after me in my sickness”- all my clothes; GEORGE SUTTON, son of my sister ELIZABETH SUTTON - all my cattle Ex: cousins THOS and JOHN SUTTON Wit: THOMAS HACKMAN, JOHN BURN

(** I do not believe this to be the same ELIZABETH SPRUILL referred to below)

MARY JONES inventory Feb 5 1747/48 by THOMAS SUTTON

THOMAS SUTTON 3 Feb 1750/51 probated 2 Mar 1750 Of Bertie Co. Son THOMAS, ....son WILLIAM,.... son GEORGE....son JASPER.....wife ELIZABETH.....son JOHN ......children WILLIAM, GEORGE, JOSHUA, PARTHENIA, MARY , ELIZABETH, JESPER, SARAH & JUDITH.... Ex: friend JOHN HARDISON of Tyrrell Co., EDWARD RASOR of Bertie Co Wit: PETER WINANTS, ARTHUR WILLIAMS, STEPHEN RASOR

Record of Estate THOMAS SUTTON ( Bertie Co) Inventory May 14 1751 by JOHN HARDISON, including property that belonged to the wife of the deceased before he married her. Division of the estate according to the will Aug 24 1753 among 1) THOMAS SUTTON, eldest son, 2) JOHN SUTTON, 3) WILLIAM SUTTON, 4) GEORGE SUTTON, 5) JOSHUA SUTTON, 6) PARTHENIA SUTTON, daughter, 7) MARY SUTTON, daughter, 8) ELIZABETH SUTTON, 9) JESPER SUTTON, 10) SARAH SUTTON, 11) JUDITH SUTTON, and 12) the widow’s share was paid to THOMAS SPELLER, who married the relict ELIZABETH SUTTON

Record of Estate of THOMAS SPELLER(Bertie Co.) Inventory July 12 1754 by ELIZABETh SPELLER. Division of Estate ordered Jan 24 1759 with 1/3 paid to SAMUEL SPREWEL in right of his wife Elizabeth, and 2/3 paid to the minor children of the deceased....Division of negroes Mar 1759: 1) SAMUEL SPRUEL for his wife ELIZABETH - negroes ***CHLOE & MOLL, 2) to JOSEPH KNOTT for his wife- Mingo , 3) to THOMAS SPELLER - Issac, (rest is torn & more names appear to be missing)

*** See will of SAMUEL SPRUILL below

Tyrrell County Wills 1729-1811-by Bradley SAMUEL SPRUILL SR. 25 May 1765 Of Bertie Co and Tyrrell my wife ELIZABETH SPRUILL, 1 negro wench CLOE, all my cattle in Bertie , lend to her Issac, Able, MOL, Dick, Sesar during her life or sons SAMUEL,STEPHEN , SIMEON, JOHN, JOSEPH.....

Will of THOMAS LAWRENCE (1761 Bertie Co.) witnessed by among others SAMUEL SPRUIL

Will of JASPER SUTTON (1772 Bertie Co.)....” my plantation and land where ELIZABETH SPRUILL now liveth”.

Will of HUMPHREY LAWRENCE (1772 Bertie Co.)..”.sister ELIZABETH SPRUILL”

Will of ELIZABETH SPRUIELL ( 1787 Bertie Co)..... “ I give and bequeath to SAMUEL SPRUILL one negro called POMP.....” to my brother ROBERT LAWRENCE” many bequests to Lawrence family “appoint my two cousins THOMAS LAWRENCE AND FREDERICK LAWRENCE executors”....

One other observatioin......since Mary Jones wrote her will in 1745 mentioning only the three nephews and since Judith and Thomas are married by 1734, my guess is that perhaps only those three are the children of Eliz and Thomas Sutton.....Elizabeth would already have been dead by the time Mary wrote her will....sounds like Mary would have left a bequest to any nieces if there were any since she left something to friends and goddaughter. Thanks, Mary

I can refer you to a book by Marjorie Sutton Oliver, "The Suttons of England and North Carolina". In that book she has Thomas Sutton with the dates in your querry of August 1997 as married to Elizabeth Chauncey b 8 December 1801, married ca 1720. She was the daughter of William Chauncey, Sr and Deborah Symonds of Pasquotank. Thomas and Elizabeth Chauncey's children were Thomas, John, Elizabeth, William, Parthenia, George, Judith, Joshua, Jasper, Sarah and Mary who was born 6 November 1747 d in 1800 married Lemuel Hardy, my husband's ancestor. There is a will of Thomas Sutton proved 2 March 1750 in which he names the above children and his wife Elizabeth. You may download this will from Bertie County Wills on the Internet.

Jessie Hardy

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