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9/8/1722. SUTTON, Richard, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co, yeoman; will of. Son, Nathan. Other sons and daughters, not mentioned by name. Real and personal estate. Executors - wife, Sarah, brother Daniel SUTTON, and brother in law Peter RUNYON. Witnesses - Jno BURROWE, William HUNT, Elizabeth BURROWE.
Proved 2/28/1732. (Lib B, p385)

4/5/1740 Will of Moses Sutton, Pepack, Essex Co, NJ
Weaver. Jane Sutton, widow, rounounces right to administer, and desires John Sutton, her eldest son, be appointed. Witness - Benjamin Mann. Administered 4/14/1740 listed as 60R, Somerset Co, NJ (Calendar of NJ Wills, Vol II 1730-1750 Part II)

10/13/1740. SUTTON, Peter, of Metuchin, Middlesex Co, weaver; will of. Wife, Sarah. Brothers and sisters; no names given. Real and personal estate. Executors - wife, Sarah, James CAMPBLE and John BLACKFORD. Witnesses - William McCREERY, Alexander THOMPSON, Richard SUTTON. Proved 11/1/1740. (Lib C, p359)

1/10/1745. SUTTON, Daniel, of Mansfield, Burlington Co, blacksmith; will of Wife, Mary. Son, Daniel Jackson, 1/2 of plantation on Rackoon Creek, which I bought of my father-in-law, John JACKSON, and Margaret his wife. Son, John Jackson, the other half. Brother-in-law, John JACKSON, to give my son John the plantation he bought of Joseph FOSTER, and then son Daniel to have my entire plantation at age. Daughters - Catherine, Mary, Elizabeth and Jane. All my children under age. Lot on Pearl Street, adjoining Samuel BARKER, left me by my father. Lot on Salem Street I bought of Thomas CLARK. Executors - wife and John JACKSON. Witnesses - John WELDIN, Robert SUTTON, Jno. RAWORTH. Proved May 21, 1746. (Lib 5, p245)

10/23/1754. SUTTON, Joseph, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co, yeoman; will of. Wife, Priscilla, use of personal and all of real, except 19 acres. Eldest son, Henry, after the death of my father, Thomas SUTTON, the said 19 acres, which lies on highway between Piscataway and New Brunswich, and which joins Moses FITZ RANDOLPH. Youngest son, Jacob, the place where I live; also the lot I bought of William ROBERT and Edward POTTER; also that lot which was my father Thomas SUTTON's, homestead, with 3 acres of salt meadow, at Roundabout, after the decease of my father. After the death of my wife, the personal estate is to be given to my 2 daughters and granddaughter, Priscilla FOSTER. (The said daughters are named Sarah and Priscilla). If my said granddaughter dies before she comes of age, then her share is to go to her sister, Johannah FOSTER. Executors -- sons, Henry SUTTON, of Woodbridge, and Jacob SUTTON, of Piscataway, and my friend, Isaac FERRIT. Witnesses - William POTTER, Ebenezer COLLINS, Josiah DAVIS. Proved 4/21/1762.
4/24/1762. Inventory, made by William POTTER and James WALKER. (Lib H, p93)

MARY JACKSON SUTTON, Will dated: 4/7/1759, Proven: 12/30/1759, Burlington Co, NJ...lists children: John, Daniel, Jane, Mary & Elizabeth.

8/25/1758. SUTTON, John, of Somerset Co; will of. Wife, Mary, 1/3 of the moveable estate and 1/3 of the land. Daughters, Elizabeth, Anne, Lois and Mary, 70 pounds each. To sons, Jeremiah, Abner and Philip, my land. Executors -my brother, David SUTTON, my wife and son, Jeremiah. Witnesses - Joseph POUND, John POUND, Adoniiah POUND. Proved 1/22/1761.
1/15/1761. Inventory, 252.1.0 pounds, made by William WORTH and Nathaniel AYERS. (Lib G, p356)

4/7/1759. SUTTEN, Mary, of Mansfield, Burlington Co, widow; will of. Children - John Jackson, Daniel Jackson, (under age), Jean, Mary and Elizabeth. Farm in Gloucester Co. Personal property. Executors -- daughter, Mary and son, Daniel. Witnesses - William FOLWELL, Thomas BOULTON, Jonathan FENIMORE. Proved 12/31/1759. (Lib 9, p305)
12/17/1759. Inventory, 796.8.11 pounds., including bonds and book debts, 367.13.11 pounds; made by Jonathan FENIMORE and William FOLWELL.
3/11/1761. Account by Joseph COX and wife, Mary, late Mary SUTTON, the executrix named above, who report for distribution a balance of 680.16.3 pounds.

3/30/1766. SUTTON, Robert, of Burlington Co; will of. My house and lot in Burlington, and my meadow, to be sold, and the money divided among my 5 children, Robert, Daniel. James, and John SUTTON, and daughter Deborah BIRD. Witnesses -- An PRICE, Christopher FLOWER, Gabriel BLOND. Proved 6/25/1766.
6/25/1766. Whereas Robert SUTTON made his will and appointed no executor, therefore James SUTTON, of Burlington, mariner, is made Adm'r with will annexed, and John CARTY of same place, taylor, goes on his bond.
6/24/1766. Inventory, 88.15.6 pounds, made by Joseph HOLLINSHEAD and John CARTY. (File No 8083 C; Lib 13 p25)

9/27/1769. SUTTON, Benjamin, of New Windsor, Middlesex Co Int Adm'rs - Esther SUTTON and Joseph SOUTH. Fellowbondsman - John HEIGHT; all of said place. 9/28/1769. Inventory, 74.12.10, made by John HEIGHT and Andrew DAVISON.

WILL OF ANNA FREEMAN [Widow of 1. William Sutton 2. Andrew Freeman]...sons John Sutton & Micajah Sutton, daughters: Hannah Mordin w/o John, Margaret Sutton, Mary w/o Robert Alberson, Jarium [sic] Cool w/o Peter, Ann Sharp w/o William, Carnah Shotwell w/o Clarkson & Prudence Drake w/o Ebenezer. Others; Gr Ch, Mary & Hannah Cummans. Executors; William Sharp & Micajah Sutton.

8/11/1783. SUTTON, Ephraim, of Somerset Co, yeoman; will of. Wife, Phebe, 1/3 of moveable estate and 20 pounds. Sons, James Governeur SUTTON and David SUTTON, all my land, and James is to have the east half. Son, Jesse, 10 shillings. Daughter, Levinah, 5 pounds. Son, William, 30 pounds. Executors -- friend, Joseph ALLEN, his son David, and my sons, James G and David. Witnesses -- Dennis COLES, Levi COLES, William COLES. Proved 12/7/1790. (Lib 31, p518)

In the name of God, Amen. I Isaac Sutton of Union Twp Fayette Co and Commonwealth of PA being weak in body but of sound mind and memory (blessed be God) do this 29th day of Apr Anno Domini 1799 Make and Publih this my last will and Testament in manner following (that is to say) Impremis I give to my son Samuel Sutotn 30 acres of land adjoining his other land and the Remainder of my Plantation (It being the same that William Creige now lives on Containing 100 acres more or less) to be equally dividied according to Quantity and Quality between my two Sons Jacob and Samuel to hold the same with its Appurtenances unto them their heirs and assigns forever. I give to my son Isaac my riding horse, and then after my debts are paid all my goods, money, or money due, and wearing apparrel to be equally divided between my 3 sons above named. And I do ordain and appoint my Son Isaac to be my Sole Executor of this my last will and Testament, hereby revoaking (sic) all other Wills by me heretofore made. In Witness whereof I the siad Isaac Sutton have set my hand and affixed myseatl the day and year fortst above written
Isaac Sutton (seal)
Signed, seald, published and declared by the sd. Isaac Sutton as and for his last will and Testament in the presence of us whose names are hereunder written who each of us did subscribe our name as witnesses at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other
George Reed, John Sutton , Isaac Sutton (Son of Moses) (Fayette Co PA Orphan Court Record Book 1 p45, Will dated 4/29/1799, Probated 5/25/1799

12/10/1805. SUTTON, Henry, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co; will of. Wife, Mary, furniture for a room at her disposal; also the interest from money from sale of moveable estate, the use of 2 lots of salt marsh or meadow lying in Piscataway meadow, one known as the BUNN lot and the other bought of John ARNOLD , during her widowhood. Daughter, Priscilla NEIFFIC, the cow and household furniture now in her possession. Daughters, Mary SUTTON and Caty SUTTON, each a cow and the furniture called theirs. Son, John, the BUNN lot, after the expiration of wife's widowhood; and son, Henry, the lot bought of John ARNOLD. Remainder of estate to be divided as follows; sons, Joseph, and Henry, each 20 pounds; daughter Priscilla NEIFFIC, 20 pounds; daughters, Mary SUTTON and Patty SUTTON, each 40 pounds. Grandson , Samuel SUTTON (son of Joseph SUTTON), 20 pounds. Grandson Henry SUTTON (son of John SUTTON), 20 pounds. Grandchildren, Esther SUTTON and Henry SUTTON (children of son, Henry SUTTON), 20 pounds. Remainder to be divided between my children, ie, Joseph, John, Henry, Priscilla NEIFFIC, Mary SUTTON and Caty SUTTON. Executors - friends, John LANGSTAFF, Sr and James LANGSTAFF, Sr, both of Piscataway. Witnesses - John DUNHAM, Elijah DUNHAM, Azael F. RANDOLPH. Proved 2/5/1807 12/6/1806, Inventory, 38.08 pounds; made by Samuel GILMAN and Robert ARNOLD. (File 10155 L)

7/3/1809. SUTTON, JONATHAN, of Mansfield, Sussex Co Int Inventory (not totalled); made by Peter PRINE and Elisha BIRD (BURD). Includes "cash in the widdows hands". Sworn to by Rebecca SUTTON, John HOCKENBURY, 7/10/1809. (File 1213 S)

March 15 in the year of our lord 1814
I have bin in a low state helth for a long time and not expecting ever to Receive my helth again but being sound in judgment and in my mind I procead to Make my last will and testament and I put and make all my property in the hands of my wife Ezebeth Sutton of Both land horses goods and cattle and sheep to be at her discretion to Rais the family till my sons Jonathon and Philip comes to be men then the land to be eqully devided betwean them two the said Jonathen and Philip Sutton is to maintain their mother while She livs if she continues single and to Provide for the small children till they are grown Jeremiah as he is gone to live with Benson Miner to larn the hattes trade his Traid and what he is to git from said miner to be his part James my yongest son I wont him to have a peace of land when he becomes a man there will be more mony when the mony debts is collecti-- then will pay off Land ---- int--- with a little Addition he can a Small place of 40 acors or 50 Intes. lind before sind
These signatures follow:
Benjamin Sutton, Thomas Childre, Elizabeth Childre

Family dispute over the will of BENJAMIN SUTTON, Mar 1830 & Mar 1834
.....Jeremiah Sutton and Jane Sutton vs. Elizabeth Sutton, Philip Sutton et al, in a chancery suit concerning around one hundred acres purchased in 1812-13 or 14 by Benjamin Sutton (now deceased) in Preble County, Ohio. Mentioned in this entry was Ann the wife of John Spencer, Hannah the wife of Richard Phelin, Rhoda the wife of John Watts, Jane Sutton late the wife and now the widow of James Sutton deceased (who was the son of Benjamin dec.). Elizabeth was mentioned as the widow of Benjamin and Philip and Jonathan as the oldest sons, and Jonathan had died in 1826 and James had died in November of 1829 aged around twenty two, leaving a widow Jane but no children.Jonathan had left his widow Catherine and one child Cyrene and Catherine had later married Thomas Thompson. Sarah Miner a daughter of Benjamin deceased had died five years since leaving as her heirs: Joshua, John, Aaron, Betsy and Philip Miner who were all underage. Some of the heirs had sold Benjamin's real estate in Preble Co. and invested in Johnson Co. real estate, which the other heirs felt that they had a claim in. dated March 1834. [The actual court case is written up in 22 very difficult to read pages]

BENJAMINS SUTTON, will dated 1837, proven 1841 Brown Co, OH.....No mention of a wife, heirs: daughter, SARAH BEASLEY, widow of NATHANIEL and her children, son: TINGLEY and his children.

In the name of God Amen. I Samuel Sutton of Union Twp Fayette Co & State of PA Farmer Being weak of body but of sound mind Thanks be to Almight God, Takeing (sic) into view the uncertain state of mortality and desirous of settling and disposing of my earthly property in the manner which I conceive most Just and Equitable among my Children do make and ordain this my last will and Testament.
First I do give my Soul to God that gave it to me and order my Body to be buryed (sic) in a decent manner becomin my Station in the burying ground in Union belong to the Baptist.
Secondly, I do give and bequeath to my son Moses 13 acres of land including the improvements he has made near the lines of William Gaddis and Thomas Gaddis and $200 in cash besides.
Thirdly I do give and bequeath until my son Aaron $100 in cash.
Fourthly I do give and bequeath unto my son John Sutton the sume of $5 having given him his full share heretofore.
Fourthly I do give and bequeath to my son Samuel Sutton 5 acres of my land adjoining William Brownfield. In consequence of his settling a note for me with William Sutton and $50 over and above what he owes the estate.
Fiftly I do give and bequeath unto my son William the sum of $4 having previously provided for him.
Sixthly, I do will and bequeath unto my daughter Rachel $100.
Seventhly I do give and bequeath unto my youngest son James the sum of $200 when he shall arrive the age of 21 years.
Eightly I do give and bequeath to my youngest daughter Anny the sum of $100 when she shall arrive at the age of 21 or marry.
Ninthly I do give and bequeath unto my son David the sum of $5 having provided for him.
Tenthly I do give unto my son George the sume of $100.
Eleventhly I do give unto my son Jacob the sum of $200.
Twelfthly I give to my son Benjamin the sum of $50.
Lastly I do ordain that my wife Sarah shall have the third part of my personal Property and the use and profits of my lands not heretofore disposed of during her Natural Life for her support and for the purpose of raising & schooling my youngest children and her Decies (sic) the sd. lands shall be sold for the purpose of raising money to degray and pay the Legacies before mentioned except the legacy given by this instrument to my daughter Rachel which shall be paid at her coming to the age of 21 or marrying. And I do make and ordain John Sutton my son and Morris Morris Executors to this my last will and Testament. As witness my hand and seal this 17th day of the month of May in the year of our Lord 18. . .

1/6/1892. I Minerva Blair of Perry Twp, Fayette Co, PA, being of good health of body & sound & disposing mind & memory & having a desire to arrange my worldly affiars while I have capacity so to do, do make, declare & publish this my last will & testament in manner following, that is to say, I desire & order that all my just debts, funeral expenses & charges of proving & executing this my will be in the first place fully paid & satisfied & after payment thereof,
I give & bequeath to my daughter Christina Shaffer the picture of Taylor, my large glass pitcher & my Parlor stand & hearth rug.
Second: I will & bequeath to my son Olin S Balir my analysis of the Bible, my Gold glasses & my yellow flowered bed spread.
Third: I will & bequeath to my daughter Pelina Lynn the Mother Sutton quilt, cake stand & cover, the sitting room carpet & window curtains, the upper hall carpet, my glass rolling pin &
Fourth: I will & bequeath to my daughter Anna Bell Clark my wash stand & set, my new clock, my silver spoons & 4 of the best roller blinds & the 2 Mother Sutton Chairs.
Fifth: I will & bequeath to my son Grant S Blair my bed lounger, 1 white blanket & his father's coverlet & the small framed picture of parents & picture of Ansley, the Parlor chairs & hanging lamp.
Sixth: I will & bequeath to my daughter Settura Russell my side saddle, the motto "forget us not", my green & brown quilt, my talbe Caster & trimmings, my parlor curton & poles, set of silver knives & forks, my new Irish linen table cloth & my parlor rocking chair & trimmings.
Seventh: I will & bequeath to my daughter Malissa Carson my checkered glass Bowl, gilt edge dish & large album, my silk umbrella, the motto "Thou God see'st me", my feather bed & pillows, my carving knife & fork, a large buff linnen table cloth, my book Entitled "Stories of Jesus" & my gold barash pin.
Eighth: I will & bequeath to my son A Dunn Blair our good bed with two changes of linen & best bedspread, our white blanket, coffin star quilt, wonder quilt & our comforter, my large picture of Parents & picture of the house, our bureau & setting room chairs, the rifle gun, crib & trimmings, two of the best roller blinds & our blue glass dish.
Ninth: I will & bequeath to my daughter Joy T Wells my "Davis" sewing machine, my New Bible, my old stand & parlor vases & my new coat.
Tenth: the remainder of my property I direct & order that it be sold & divided equally between my surviving children, share & share alike.
And I nominate & appoint my son in law, Andrew Carson & my son Grant Blair of Vanderbilt, Executors of this my last will & testament. In witnes whereof and the said Testatrix Minerva Blair have to this my last (will) & testament set my hand & seal 1/6/1892

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