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Generation 7

Alphabetized by Father's First Name

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Generation 7

Unknown Parents of:

William Sutton b. 1727 m. Sarah Turner b. 1730

Children of Aaron Sutton & Rachel Mary Steiner

John b. 1738 Fairmont, Hunterdon Co., NJ d. 11/21/1822 Fairmount, Hunterdon Co, NJ [Doc] [Cem] m. c1762 NJ to Elisabeth Aubel b. 1743 Hacklebarney, Chester Twp, Morris Co, NJ d/o Andreas & Hannah Abel

Rachel b. c1740 Peapack, Somerset Co, NJ d. aft 1777 m. Joseph Farley

Aaron b. c1742 Peapack, Somerset Co, NJ d. 4/15/1828 Somerset Co, NJ m. Mercy During c1751-10/26/1827

Richard b. c1745 Peapack, Somerset Co, NJ d. aft 1777 m. ??? Chidester

Children of Abner Sutton & Ann Hayden


Children of Abner Sutton & Mary Runyon Davison

Sarah 4/11/1769-11/30/1812 m. 1804 Israel Coon
Ann 12/25/1770-1/27/1771
David 1771-5/17/1852 m. 1806 Mary A Brown b. 1788
George b. 8/1/1773 [Doc] m. 11/23/1805 Rebecca Conklin
Jeremiah 8/8/1774-5/2/1748 m. Hannah Billington
John b. 2/25/1776 Basking Ridge, NJ d. 5/15/1779
Rozanne 11/15/1780-4/28/1811
John 9/3/1783-11/30/1806 [Doc]

Children of Abraham Sutton & Mary Chenowith

Joanna b. 5/23/1761 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ d. 4/1/1836 Fayette Co, IN m. 1778 Washington Co, PA to Ebenezer Heaton

Ann b. 2/18/1763 Ft Cumberland, MD

Mary b. 8/30/1764 Ft Cumberland, MD m.1. David Frazier m.2. c1790 Simeon Porter

Andrew c1765-c1814 PA

David b. 3/15/1766 Lone Pine, Washington Co, PA d. 8/15/1845 Jennings Twp, Fayette Co, IN [Cem] [Doc] m. 2/17/1788 Connersville, Washington Co, PA to Anchor Fox d. 8/11/1855 d/o Absolom Fox & Christina Bonham

Sarah b. 9/12/1767 Lone Pine, Washington Co, PA d. Fayette Co, IN m. 2/15/1787 David Fox

William b. c1769 Lone Pine, Washington Co, PA d. 1881 Pleasant Valley, PA m. Delilah Slaught

Children of Amariah Sutton & Letitia Haines

Isaiah b. c1755 Middlesex Co, NJ d. c1823 Green Co, OH m.1. bef 1777 Esther ??? b. bef 1752 m.2. 4/25/1816 Green Co, OH to Elizabeth Hanby

Amariah b. aft 1755 NJ d. 4/24/1833 Williamsport, Lycoming Co, PA m. Ruth ???

Asenath b. c1755 NJ m. NJ to Aaron Hagerman b. c1754

Mary C b. 6/9/1774 NJ

Dorothy b. aft 1755 NJ m.1. Joseph Reader m.2. Joseph William

Arod b. 1758 NJ d. 1793 PA [Vet] m. bef 1793 Hannah Okeman

Susannah b. aft 1755 NJ m. ??? Williams

Every b. aft 1755 NJ m. ??? Walton

Children of Amos Sutton s/o Amos Sutton & Jane Clawson

son b. c1788
daughter b. c1790

Children of Amos Sutton & Jane Robins

John b. Jan 1803 Delaware Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ d. 2/2/1885 Delaware Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ

Sarah b. 9/19/1789 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, NJ d. 6/19/1863 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, NJ m.1. James J Fisher m.2. 1/6/1813 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, NJ to Jacob Large

Mary b. c1797 Hunterdon Co, NJ m. 4/6/1816 Hunterdon Co, NJ to Lewis Holcomb

Lucretia b. c1801 Hunterdon Co, NJ m. 10/28/1820 Hunterdon Co, NJ to Ralph Holcomb

Rachel b. c1795 Hunterdon Co, NJ m. 2/25/1815 Flemington, Hunterdon Co, NJ to William Skillman

Deliliah b. c1791 Hunterdon Co, NJ m.1. Alexander Rea m.2. 7/20/1811 Flemington, Hunterdon Co, NJ to Archibald Buchanan 1790-1819

Nathan b. aft 1780 Hunterdon Co, NJ

Jonas b. Mar 1804 Hunterdon Co, NJ d. 12/18/1879 Delaware Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ

Jonathan b. c1785 Hunterdon Co, NJ

Elizabeth b. c1788 Hunterdon Co, NJ d. Aug 1867 m. 11/24/1810 Flemington, Hunterdon Co, NJ to Elijah Chamberlin b. c1785 NJ d. May 1867

Children of Benjamine Sutton & Molly Jacobs

David b. 7/3/1775 Salisbury, CT d. aft 1861 MO or IA m. Mercy Salmon d. Jefferson Co, IN

Daniel b. 1743 CT or MD

Children of Benjamin Sutton & Sarah Tingley

Tingley b. 6/8/1782 Monongalia Co, VA d. 4/4/1843 Brown Co, OH m. Elizaeth Morrow b. 1790 VA

Sarah 1780-1841 m. 11/3/1796 Nathaniel Beasley

Ortho 1784-1845 Brown Co, OH

Children of Charles Sutton & Mary Tillier

Benjamin b. 3/10/1759 Middlesex Co, NJ d. 6/20/1851 Houston Co, GA [Doc] m. Susannah Newton d/o James Newton


Phineas b. c1765 VA d. c1836 [Cem] m. Nancy Medlock b. c1772 SC d. c1854 Monroe Co, GA d/o Samuel Medlock

Children of Cornelius Sutton & Elizabeth Applegate

James Davis b. c1770

Jesse M b. aft 1770

Joseph Davis

Nellie b. aft 1770 So Amboy Twp, So Middlesex Co, NJ m. U M Stevenson

William Stevenson b. aft 1770 m. 7/16/1850 Posey Co, IN to Nancy E Cross
Jane b. 10/27/1770-10/27/1770 West Union, WV [Cem] m. c1794 Nathan Davis Jr b. 6/21/1772 NJ d. 5/23/1866 West Union, WV s/o Nathan Davis

Hannah b. 1774 m. c1795 Joseph Davis

Sarah 1/3/1779-3/18/1863 Clark Co, OH m. 2/23/1979 Jesse Maxon

Cornelius b. 6/20/1780 NJ d. 8/30/1859 Randolph Co,IN m. 12/9/1806 Warren Co, OH to Judith Babcock b. 1794 NJ

John N b. 10/20/1785 NJ d. 3/3/1869 Logan Co, OH [Cem] m. 11/23/1807 Harrison Co, WV Rachel Ruth Davis b. 7/25/1792 PA d. 4/26/1853 Salem, Harrison Co, WV d/o William Davis & Elizabeth Johnston

Amos b. 10/17/1789 NJ d. 2/9/1870 Greene Co, OH m. 3/27/1817 Greene Co, OH to Rachel Davis m.2. 9/2/1806 Harrison Co, WV to Sarah Lippencott

Children of David Sutton Jr & Phebe Ann Winters

John Benjamin b. 12/10/1769 Kingwood, Somerset Co, NJ d. 10/23/1854 Linn, Osage Co, MO [Doc] [Cem] m. 9/15/1802 Hamilton Co, NW Territory, OH to Mercy Ann Cutler b. 10/14/1786 Somerset Co, NJ d. 6/4/1876 Garnett, Anderson Co, KS d/o Benjamin Cutler & Mary Cozad

Sarah b. 1764 Kingwood, Somerset Co, NJ d. 11/25/1806 Sugarcreek Twp, Greene Co, OH m. 9/23/1784 Washington Co, PA to Daniel W Wilson b. 4/21/1759 Middlesex Co, NJ d. 9/7/1847 Montgomery Co, OH s/o John Wilson & Lydia A Thatcher

David b. 1767 Kingwood, Somerset Co, NJ d. 1791 Harrison Co, WV

James b. 1770 Kingwood, Somrset Co, NJ d. 1/2/1852 Liberty, Union Co, IN m. Susanna Buckingham

Andrew b. 1772 Kingwood, Somerset Co, NJ m. Anne Paul

Mary Ann b. 1773 Kingwood, Somerset Co, NJ m. 1801 Washington Co, PA to Samuel Parkhurst Jr b. 4/15/1775 Morris Twp, PA d. 8/5/1860 s/o Samuel Parkhurst & Sarah Gard

Catherine b. 1779 Kingwood, Somerset Co, NJ d. 11/25/1850 Washington Co, PA m.1. ??? Cooper m.2. 9/13/1837 David Frazee

Children of George Sutton & Cloannah Smithwick

poss William Smithwick

Children of Henry Sutton & Mary Langstaff

Priscilla b. aft 1751 Piscataway, Middlesex Co, NJ d. aft 1805 m. 2/1/1800 NJ to Garret Neppa

Mary b. aft 1751 Piscataway, Middlesex Co, NJ d. aft 1805

Caty b. aft 1751 Piscataway, Middlesex Co, NJ d. aft 1805

John b. c1758 Piscataway, Middlesex Co, NJ d. aft 1805

Henry b. 11/5/1758 Piscataway, Middlesex Co, NJ d. 4/20/1841 NJ m. Nancy Sutton

Joseph b. c1762 Piscataway, Middlesex Co, NJ d. aft 1805

Children of Isaac Sutton and Rachel Doty

Jacob b. 1750 Somerset Co, NJ m. Rebecca Gaddis

Israel b. 1751 d. Licking Co, OH

Isaac b. c1752 NC d. 1812 m. Mary Elizabeth Carr d. 1827

Samuel b. 10/30/1754 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ d. 5/30/1812 Uniontown, Fayette Co, PA [Will] m. 2/9/1774 Fayette Co, PA to Sarah McCoy b. 1/15/1758 Uniontown, Fayette Co, PA d. 8/3/1822 Uniontown, Fayette Co, PA d/o James McCoy and Ann Bruce

David b. 1755

Benjamin b. 1759



Susannah m. Ephraim Gard b. Mar 1776

Children of James Sutton & Elizabeth Standin

Edmund b. 12/16/1786 Chowan Co, NC

Joseph b/ 9/4/1788 Chowan Co,NC

Mary b. 4/27/1790 Chowan Co, NC d. 8/11/1794 Chowan Co, NC

Richard b. 2/21/1792 Chowan Co, NC

Henderson Standin b. 1/17/1794 Chowan Co, NC d. c1869 Tyrrell Co, NC [Mil] [Doc] m.1. 2/17/1818 Tyrrell Co, NC to Sarah M Wynne 10/9/1800 Tyrrell Co, NC d. 6/22/1838 Tyrrell Co, NC d/o Jeremiah Wynne & Susan Hoskins m.2. 3/22/1840 Tyrrell Co, NC to Joanna Paramore d. bef Sep 1844 Tyrrell Co, NC m.3. 9/4/1844 Tyrrell Co, NC to Elizabeth Paramore b. c1818 Tyrell Co, NC d. aft 1885 Tyrrell Co, NC

James b. 1/29/1797 Chowan Co, NC d. 3/19/1798 Chowan Co, NC

Elizabeth Standin b. 1/19/1799 Chowan Co, NC d. 5/21/1816 Chowan Co, NC

Deborah Standin b. 2/19/1802 Chowan Co, NC

Sara b. 8/12/1804 Chowan Co, NC

Children of James Sutton & Hannah Cox

Elizabeth b. c1772 Fayette Co, PA d. aft 1834 Marion Co, IN [Doc] m. c1790 Benjamin Sutton c1772-1814 s/o Moses Sutton and Susannah Cox

James b. 9/10/1770 Washington Co, PA d. 6/2/1821 Butler Co, OH [Cem] m.1. 8/25/1801 Hamilton Co, OH to Elizabeth Bell b. Mar 1785 Washington Co, PA d. 8/22/1810 Butler Co, OH d/o Nathaniel Bell & Mary Timmons m.2. 6/21/1812 in Butler Co, OH to Nancy Heaton

Nehemiah b. 1769 Welch Tract, DE d. 11/20/1853 Fayette Co, PA [Cem] m. 1800 Jane Brown d. 1852

Hannah b. c1775 Fayette Co, PA d. 10/20/1801 OH m. 1/6/1796 Bourbon Co, KY to Richard Colliver b. c1773 VA d. 7/17/1839 Montgomery Co, KY

Martha b. 1766 Fayette Co, PA d. Caldwell Co, KY m. 1/7/1786 Pittsylvania Co, VA to Elijah Bennett d. Caldwell Co, KY

William b. 2/14/1787 Washington co, PA d. 6/28/1869 Green Twp, Parke Co, IN [Cem] m. 10/28/1813 Somers Twp, Butler Co, OH to Mary Stout c1798-c1850 d/o Abel Stout & Theodosia ???

David b. 1778 m. 9/4/1803 Juliette May

John b. c1765 KY

Mary b. 1790 m. 2/15/1814 Thomas Powell

Susannah b. c1778 Washington Co, PA d. 5/17/1847 Marion Co, IN m. 11/20/1799 Harrison Co, WV to Jacob Bennett

Children of Jeremiah Sutton and Elizabeth Johnson

Platt b. 7/25/1775 Piscataway, Middlesex Co, NJ d. 8/13/1852 Butler Co, PA [Cem] [Deed] [Vet] [MilRec] m. Elizabeth Sterling b. 1778 NJ d. 2/22/1843 Concord, Butler Co, PA

Phoebe (Polly) b. bef 1763 m. ??? Vorhees

Joseph b. 1771 d. Concord Twp., Bulter Co., PA m. Sarah Latimore [Doc]

Jeremiah b. 1800 PA d. bef 1840 IN m. Mary Ann Davis b. 1808

Children of John Sutton & Ann Turner

Benjamin Oxley b. 1752 Johnson/Lenoir Co, NC d. 1837 Dobbs Co, NC m. bef 1770 NC to Sarah Hardy d. 1846 d/o John Hardy Jr & Penelope ???

Thomas b. 1756 Dobbs Co, NC d. 1789 NC

William b. 1756 Dobbs Co, NC d. 1804 Bladen Co, NC m. 7/7/1779 New Hanover Co, NC to Susannah Hennesey b. c1759 New Hanover Co, NC d. Bladen Co, NC

Sarah b. 1758 Dobbs Co, NC d. 1812 Lincoln Co, GA m. 1778 John Hardy b. 1756 Tyron, NC d. 1818 Warren, GA

John Jr b. 1760 Dobbs Co, NC d. aft 1828 NC m. c1797 Lenoir Co, NC to Ferebee Isler b. 1765 d/o William Isler & Hester Williams

Mary b. 1763 Dobbs Co, NC

Ann Elizabeth b. 1765 Dobbs Co, NC

James b. 1767 Dobbs Co, NC

Children of John Sutton & Dinah Bonham

Anchor b. 2/14/1775 Locktown, Hunterdon Co, NJ d. 2/7/1834 Locktown, Hunterdon Co, NJ
Mary b. 4/25/1777
Uriah 1779-1849 m. Anna Bonham 1785-1861
Elizabeth 1781-1857 m. Joseph Bosenbury
Dinah b. 1784 m. John Prall
Prudence b. 1788 m. Jeremiah Opdyke
Sarah 1791-1860 m. John Hockenberry

Children of John Sutton & Mary ???

William b. bef 1768

Amelia b. bef 1768

Children of John Sutton & Ruth Stout

David b. c1770 NJ d. c1833 m.1. Sarah Sallie Fulkearson d. 1/29/1862 m.2. 1/7/1791 Mercer Co, KY to Dinah Fulkerson

Catherine b. c1766 m. ??? Petty

Jehu b. c1775 NJ d. 6/7/1874 Licking Co, OH m. 1790 Henderson Co, KY to Nancy ???

Isaac b. c1768 m. 10/29/1807 Mercer Co, KY to Elizabeth Jefferies

John b. 9/15/1772 Welch Tract, DE d. 6/21/1825 Logan Co, KY m. c1794 Fort Nash, TN to Mary Deloache b. 8/9/1777 TN or NC d. 7/9/1837 Logan Co, KY d/o Wiliam Deloache & Purity Ruffin

Rhoda b. c1778 d. Mortonsville, Woodford Co, KY [Cem] m. Jeremiah Wilson b. 1758

Children of Jonas Sutton & Sally/Sarah Wilson

Joshua b. 1785 VA d. 1860 Perry, TN m.1. 7/30/1807 Pulaski Co, KY to Mary Polly Ratikin b. 8/7/1789 PA d. 5/27/1830 Bedford Co, TN m.2. aft 1830 Margaret Vickery b. c1789 VA

Rebecca b. 1787 VA m. 2/16/1811 Lincoln Co, KY to Thomas Noakes b. c1793 KY

Mary b. 1789 Lincoln Co, KY d. Jul 1874

James R b. c1790 Lincoln Co, KY d. c1885 Laurel Co, KY m. 6/10/1816 Lincoln Co, KY to Margaret Noakes

Lydia b. 1795 Lincoln Co, KY m. 1830 Lincoln Co, KY to Berryman H Orvander

Elizabeth b. 1797 Lincoln Co, KY d. 1860-1870 Rockcastle Co, KY m. 4/25/1818 Lincoln Co, KY to Samuel Riggs b. c1798 NC

Sarah b. 1798 Lincoln Co, KY m. 6/20/1814 Lincoln Co, KY to Thomas Warren

Micajah b. 7/18/1799 VA d. 1867 Pulaski Co, KY m. c1820 Crab Orchard, Rockcastle Co, KY to Eleanor Haggard b. 1798 KY d. aft 1870 d/o Henry Haggard & Mary ???

William b. 1801 Lincoln Co, KY m. 3/14/1829 Lincoln Co, KY to Mary Adams

Margaret b. 1802 Lincoln Co, KY d. aft 1860 KY

Jerusha b. 8/13/1806 Lincoln Co, KY d. 7/22/1871 Richmond Co, IL [Cem] m. 1/18/1826 Lincoln Co, KY to Aaron Riggs b. 10/15/1805 NC d. 3/15/1884 Richland Co, IL s/o Hiram Riggs

Uriah b. 1811 Lincoln Co, KY d. aft 1880 Mt Vernon, Rockcastle Co, KY m.1. 4/1/1831 Lincoln Co, KY to Eunice Delaney b. c1809 KY d. 1855 Rockcastle Co, KY d/o Joseph Delaney & Elizabeth ??? m.2. 11/17/1858 Mt Vernon, Rockcastle Co, KY to Telitha Williams/Clark

Jonas Jr b. 1813 Lincoln Co, KY d. Clay Co, MO [Doc] m. 2/14/1834 Clay Co, MO Sarah Martin b. c1817 KY d/o Joseph Martin & Nancy Brown

Susan d. c1855

Children of Jonathon Sutton & Hannah Hayden

John b. 12/1/1782 Peapack, Somerset Co, NJ d. 8/29/1856 m. 9/21/1813 Rostraver Twp, Westmoreland Co, PA to Ernea Amy Budd d/o Joseph Budd & Susannah ???

Nathaniel b. 1/17/1784 Peapack, Somerset Co, NJ d. 2/24/1850 St Clairsville, Belmont Co, OH m. 6/28/1807 Somerset Co, NJ to Catherine Sutton b. 3/22/1787 Bedminster, Somerset Co, NJ d. 12/9/1835 St Clairsville, Belmont Co, OH d/o Levi Sutton & Jane Johnson

Elsie b. 5/5/1786 Peapack, Somerset Co, NJ d. 12/21/1858 m. 12/17/1817 NJ to William Aaron Van Dorn

Manoah b. 9/15/1787 Peapack, Somerset Co, NJ m. 11/20/1820 Elizabeth Frazer

Susanna b. 10/6/1788 Peapack, Somerset Co, NJ m. 12/17/1817 Belmont Co, OH to James Reed

Lewis b. 3/31/1793 Peapack, Somerset Co, NJ d. 4/27/1882 St Clairsville, Belmont Co, OH [Cem] m. 4/1/1817 Belmont Co, OH to Eleanor McWilliams d/o David McWilliams

Zachariah b. 7/12/1795 Peapack, Somerset Co, NJ d. 2/12/1835 Belmont Co, OH [Cem] m. 12/7/1815 Belmont Co, OH to Nancy King 11/6/1796-5/29/1871 d/o John King & Dorothy Hall

Charity b. 8/1/1800 Peapack, Somerset Co, NJ d. 6/16/1845 Belmont Co, OH m. 5/27/1817 William McFarlane

Children of Jonathon Sutton & Mary Campbell

Jonathon LeRoy 1810-1879 m. c1834 York Co, SC to Jane Adaline C Ross 1813-1899

Children of Jonathon Sutton & Mary Polly Irwin

James Irwin 1783-6/26/1830 [Cem] m. Mary Maclaine 1784-6/27/1864
Alexander 1785-1860 m. bef 1/10 Mary Knox Candleish 1785-10/26/1869
Adaline 1811-1886 m. Francis Adams b. 1802
Jane Caroline 1813-1903 m. Franklin Alexander Miller 1808-1876
Hugh Campbell 1815-1816
John Eumenas 1816-1819

Children of Jonathan Sutton & Rachel Colyer

Jacob b. 10/12/1773 Basking Ridge, NJ d. 12/27/1852 Sparta, NJ m. 1797 Hannah Rorick 4/21/1777-3/27/1865 d/o Michael Rorick & Lucretia Harden

Zebulon b. 2/1/1762 Somerset Co, NJ d. 7/1/1826 Newfoundland, W Milford Twp, Passaic Co, NJ [Vet] m. 3/2/1786 NJ to Mary Lewis 8/30/1768-4/7/1856 PA d/o Edward Lewis & Martha Wetherby

Mary b. c1767 Somerset Co, NJ

Sarah b. c1771 Somerset Co, NJ

Hannah b. c1765 Somerset Co, NJ m. Joseph Miller

Rebecca b. c1769 Somerset Co, NJ m. Cornelius Wiesner

Children of Jonathon Sutton & Rebecca Batson

Sarah b. aft 1774 NJ m. Timothy L'Hommedieu

Hannah b. aft 1774 NJ m. 1/30/1807 Sussex Co, NJ to Jacob Garner

Samuel b. aft 1774 NJ m. Charity ???

Aaron b. aft 1774 Free Union, Danville, NJ m. c1810 Danville, Warren Co, NJ to Experience Sutton b. 1789 Free Union, Danville, NJ

Thomas b. aft 1774 NJ m. Eliza Snyder

James b. c1796 NJ d. Hackettstown, NJ m. Mary ???

Isaac b. aft 1774 NJ d. 1815 NJ

Eunice b. aft 1774 NJ m. 1824 Ebenezer Drake

Rebecca b. aft 1774 NJ m.1. 9/5/1814 NJ to Jacob Shepherd m.2. 1841 Jacob Blackwell

Children of Joseph Sutton & Mary Betson

Elsie b. NJ m. c1813 Zebulon Landon

Samuel b. 3/24/1782 Mansfield Twp, Sussex Co, NJ d. c1879 OH m. 1/5/1807 Sussex Co, NJ to Elizabeth Slack 1790-1861 d/o John Slack & Elizabeth Swank

John b. 2/24/1784 Mansfield Twp, Sussex Co, NJ d. 6/14/1856 Burlington m. 9/14/1812 Sussex Co, NJ to Mary Bates 3/26/1788-2/6/1871 Ontario, CAN

Amos b. 9/24/1786

David b. 2/23/1789

Elizabeth Batson b. 10/16/1791 NJ d. 2/8/1873 m. 2/28/1811 Sussex Co, NJ to Archibald Ayres 5/5/1781-4/22/1862 s/o Ezekiel Ayers & Euphemia Van Wyke

Joseph b. 6/9/1794 Independence Twp, Sussex Co, NJ d. 1832 m.1. bef 1815 ??? m.2. 7/24/1830 Warren Co, NJ to Marcia Lovering b. 1800 Independence Twp, Sussex Co, NJ d. 11/18/1873

Mary b. 8/16/1797 NJ d. 11/14/1868 Jersey City, Hudson Co, NJ m. 11/1/1815 Sussex Co, NJ to George Herberton 2/19/1789-7/13/1863 Jersey City, Hudson Co, NJ

Phebe b. 2/13/1800 m. 5/20/1818 John Roll b. 7/11/1795

Children of Joshua Sutton & ??? Meyers or Mercer

Jonas Sutton b. 8/24/1782 NJ d. 9/13/1854 Montgomery Co, IN [Cem] m. 12/1/1808 NJ to Sarah Ott b. 4/14/1790 VA d. 2/7/1853 Montgomery Co, IN

Peter b. bef 1797 VA d. c1849 m. 12/15/1829 Elizabeth Liptrap 1807-aft 1850 d/o James Anthony Liptrap

Cornelius b. aft 1780 VA m. Nellie Johnson

Catherine b. bef 1797 VA m. George Hunter

Mary b. bef 1797 VA m. Jacob Colaw

William b. aft 1780

Child of Joshua Sutton & Ann Sheppard

David b. 1745
Benjamin b. 1748
Josiah b. 1750
Jessie b. 1752
Jacob b. c1755 New Hanover, NC d. 3/20/1838 Louisville, Baker Co, GA [Vet] m.1. Louise Rene Cotte b. c1768 Pitt Co, NC d. c1820 Jefferson Co, GA d/o William Cotes m.2. 3/27/1822 Pulaski Co, GA to Judith Frizzle/Blount [Doc]

Children of Joshua Sutton & poss Catherine Ashburn

Elizabeth m. 3/27/1788 Bertie Co, NC to Josiah Rasor

Children of Joshua Sutton & Nancy ???

Joshua Jr
Betsey m. Jacob Shepherd

Child of Levi Sutton (s/o Moses Sutton & Jannetye Boice

Levi b. 2/6/1764 Bedminster, Somerset Co, NJ d. 12/28/1836 Bedminster, Somerset Co, NJ [Cem] m. c1786 Somerset Co, NJ to Jane Johnson

Children of Moses Sutton & Susannah Cox

Philip b. 1770 Bridgewater, Somerset Co, NJ d. 1846 Muscash, Huron Co, OH [Vet] m. Uniontown, Fayette Co, PA to Charlotte Hopwood d/o John Hopwood

Isaac b. 1770 Bridgewater, Somerset Co, NJ d. Jul 1831 Peru Twp, Huron Co, OH m. 1790 Uniontown, Fayette Co,PA to Pamela Reed

Moses b. 12/27/1786 Fayette Co, PA d. 9/23/1865 Ottawa, Putnam Co, OH m. 1/27/1815 Licking Co, OH to Sarah Chenoweth b. 6/28/1793 MD d. 6/14/1866 Putnam Co, OH

Levi b. 7/25/1789 Fayette Co, PA d. 10/5/1852 Lyme, Huron Co, OH m. 3/24/1814 Fairfield Co, OH to Katherine Crist 3/9/1795-8/22/1874

Benjamin b. 1772 Fayette Co, PA d. 8/24/1814 Easton, Preble Co, OH [Will] [Doc] m. c1790 Elizabeth Sutton b. 1772 d/o James Sutton & Hannah Cox

Elizabeth b. c1774 Fayette Co, PA m. 4/9/1792 Joseph Fielding d. 1795

Hannah b. c1776 Fayette Co, PA m. 1799 Jacob Bennett

Samuel b. c1782 Fayette Co, PA

David b. c1791 Fayette Co, PA d. c1833 Union, Fayette Co, PA m. Nancy Hagen

??? b. 1780 Faytette Co, PA

Children of Nathan Sutton & Elizabeth Julia Robbins

John B b. 5/10/1793 Mohawk Valley, NJ d. 1856 Lapeer Co/Oakland Co, MI [Cem] m. 4/1/1817 Sussex Co, NJ to Joanna Bird Williamson b. 5/31/1789 Warren Co, NJ d. 1831 Hacketstown, NJ d/o Eisha Bird

Mary b. aft 1787 NJ

Levi b. aft 1787 NJ

Grace b. aft 1787 NJ

Amos b. aft 1787 NJ

Nathan b. aft 1787 NJ

Elizabeth b. aft 1787 NJ

Jonas b. aft 1787 NJ

Delilah b. aft 1787 NJ

William b. aft 1787 NJ

Children of Nathan Sutton & Sarah Coleman

Benjamin b. 1/10/1792 Sussex Co, NJ d. 1/8/1839 Mennard Co, IL m. 3/11/1813 NJ to Elizabeth Raub 2/18/1784-c1837 Cass Co, IL d/o Michael Raub & Anna Kuhl

Isaac R b. 1/24/1804 Warren Co, NJ d. 5/12/1889 m. Sarah A Weller

Nathan b. 7/12/1806 Warren Co, NJ d. 6/21/1844 m. 6/5/1835 Alvira Chubb

George b. 2/17/1810 Warren Co, NJ d. 5/9/1890 m. Catherine O Pray

Mary A b. 1794 Warren Co, NJ d. 1865 m.1. Joseph Baird m.2. c1812 prob NJ to William Banghardt

Sarah b. 1798 Warren Co, NJ d. 5/16/1859 m. NJ to John Nixon

Abraham b. Mar 1792 Warren Co, NJ d. 2/4/1804 Warren Co, NJ

Child of Nehemiah Sutton & Mary ???

Margaret b. NJ m. 2/5/1804 Cranbury, Middlesex Co, NJ to John Nesbitt b. Ireland d. Bernards Twp, Somerset Co, NJ

Children of Peter Sutton & Phoebe Kinnan

Gawin b. 2/21/1774 Somerset Co, NJ d. 1851 m. Jane Ward 1778-1863

Malachia 8/27/1777-6/1/1853 Lewisville, Indiana Co, PA m.1. Rebecca Loughry 7/10/1779-3/9/1852 Lewisville, Indiana Co, PA m.2. Sally Fisher


Mary 1781-1851 Indiana, PA m. Sylvanus Ayers s/o Jonathan Ayers & Susannah Kinnan



Phoebe m. William Harrold

Thomas b. 3/5/1784 NJ d. 2/7/1833 Indiana, Indiana Co, PA m. 4/11/1809 Rebecca Loughry b. 12/8/1787

Peter II m. Martha McAnulty d/o James McAnulty & Isabella McLain

Polly m. ??? Nixon

Children of Samuel Sutton & Mary ???

George b. 9/24/1752 Perquimans, NC d. 1/18/1754 Perquimans, NC
George b. 1/18/1754

Children of Samuel Sutton & Sarah Jones

John R b. 1/31/1756 Perquimans, NC d. c1856 White Co, GA [Vet]

George Sutton b. 11/16/1757 Perquimans, NC d. 6/18/1827 Perquimans Co, NC m.1. aft 12/27/1777 Perquimans, NC to Sarah Barclift 4/7/1762-10/8/1812 d/o William Barclift & Ann ??? m.2. 5/11/1815 Perquimans Co, NC to Jemima Goodwin d. 2/8/1827

Mary b. 2/22/1760 Perquimans, NC d. 3/14/1782 Perquimans, NC m. Joseph Perisho

Samuel b. 11/13/1762 Perquimans, NC d. 1/29/1793 Perquimans, NC m. 12/3/1784 Elizabeth Barclift d/o William Barclift & Ann ???

Children of Stephen Sutton & Deborah Justis

Nancy m. ??? Anderson

Hannah Ann b. 5/29/1814 Anderson, Hamilton Co, OH d. 3/27/1887 Glendale, Hamilton Co, OH [Cem] m. 10/20/1835 Hamilton Co, OH to William Mears

John b. c1817 Hamilton Co, OH d. bef 1846 OH

Harriet A

Harvey W

Stephen Justis b. 6/29/1816 Anderson, Hamilton Co, OH d. 12/18/1905 Hamilton Co, OH m. Bridget Cordelia Mitchell d. 1879

Children of Stephen Sutton & Hannah Wood

Benjamin b. 1789 NJ d. 6/1/1823 Newtown, Hamilton Co, OH

Aaron b. 8/16/1791 NJ d. 9/4/1858 Hammond, Spencer Co, IN [Cem] m. Hannah M Johnson b. 5/8/1805 NJ d. 2/22/1863 Spencer Co, IN

Tingley b. 2/25/1797 NJ d. 7/14/1871 Newton, Hamilton Co, OH

George K 1799-12/24/1823 Newtown, Hamilton Co, OH [Cem]

Elizabeth b. 1809 OH d. Hamilton Co, OH m. ??? Stewart

Children of Thomas Sutton Jr (s/o Thomas Sutton & Elizabeth Luerton)

Thomas III b. c1759 Sutton Town, Sampson Co, NC d. 6/21/1840 Bossier Parish, LA [Vet] m. 1785 Lucretia Blackman 1760-7/20/1844 Bossier Parish, LA d/o William Blackman & Mary McKinnie

Mary d. aft 1778

Children of Uriah Sutton & Elizabeth Bockover

Stephen b. 2/2/1775 Somerville, Somerset Co, NJ d. 3/9/1846 Bound Brook, Somerset Co, NJ m.1. 1798 Basking Ridge, NJ to Sarah Bedell 3/31/1781-1/21/1807 d/o Nathan Bedell & Ruth Morrell m.2. 1808 Somerville, Somerset Co, NJ to Abigail Martin b. 5/31/1786 Compton, NJ d. 1859 Jacsonville, IL

Peter b. aft 1771 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ

Elizabeth b. 1/30/1771 Somerset Co, NJ d. 12/27/1821 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ m. 11/26/1795 Morristown, Somerset Co, NJ to Barnabas Doty b. 11/12/1771 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ d. 1835 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ s/o Joseph Doty & Grace Colyer

Phoebe b. c1788 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ d. 1/24/1869 m. 12/19/1807 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ to Hezekiah Norris

Katherine b. c1795 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ m. 6/2/1813 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ to John Reynolds

Gertrude b. c1791 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ m. ??? Brush

Ann b. 8/9/1778 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ d. 10/15/1827 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ m.1. Barnabas Doty m.2. 12/1/1804 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ to Stephen Doty b. 4/6/1784 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ d. 6/16/1843 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ s/o Joseph Doty & Grace Colyer

Mary "Polly" b. c1781 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ d. 3/17/1838 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ [Cem] m. 1/7/1804 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ to Job Johnson b. 1789 NJ d. 1/14/1833 Somerset Co, NJ s/o William Johnson

Children of William Sutton & Ann Hawkins

Elizabeth b. 1770 NJ

John b. 5/14/1773 NJ d. 5/3/1856 Westminster Twp, Middlesex Co, Ont, Can [Cem] m.1. bef 1797 NJ to Eve Cramer d. c1806 m.2. 1807 Euphany Smith b. 1788 NJ d. 1867 Westminster Twp, Middlesex Co, Ont, Can d/o Samuel Smith & Hannah ???

Micajah b. 1787 NJ m. 1812 Woodhouse, Norfolk Co, Ont, CAN to Rachel Freeman

Hannah/Joanna b. c1776 NJ m. 1/24/1832 Dundas, Wentworth, Ont, CAN to John Mordin b. 1/21/1768 Bethel Twp, Northhampton, PA

Margaret/Peggy b. 1794 NJ

Mary b. 1777 NJ m. Robert Alberson

Jerusha b. 1780 NJ m. Petrus Kuhl b. 1775

Jarium m. Peter Cool

Ann b. 1783 NJ m. 1804 Sussex Co, NJ to William Sharp

Sarah b. 1785 NJ

Carnah/Keziah b. 1793 NJ m. 1810 Clarkson Freeman Shotwell b. 1789

Prudence b. 1790 NJ m. 1813 Sussex Co, NJ to Ebenezer Drake

Children of William Sutton & Lavinia ???

Catherine b. aft 1759 Hunterdon Co, NJ

Henry b. aft 1759 Hunterdon Co, NJ

John b. aft 1759 Hunterdon Co, NJ d. c1831 Union Twp, Warren Co, OH

Mary b. aft 1759 Hunterdon Co, NJ m. John Sibbens

Sallie b. aft 1759 Hunterdon Co, NJ m. ??? Parker

William b. c1766 Hunterdon Co, NJ d. 9/5/1834 Deerfield, Warren Co, OH

Enoch b. c1772 Hunterdon Co, NJ d. 1838 Miami Co, OH m. 10/28/1793 New Providence, Essex Co, NJ to Betsy Clark

James b. bef 1777 Hunterdon Co, NJ d. c1792 Essex Co, NJ

Child of William Sutton & Mary Francher

Benjamin W b. 1801 Walnut Grove, Randolph Twp, Morris Co, NJ d. 1891 Walnut Grove, Randolph Twp, Morris Co, NJ m. Electa Mills d/o Timothy Mills & Abigail Ludlum

Child of William Sutton & Mary Robins

Elizabeth b. 1797

Child of William Sutton & Susan Connell

poss Lemuel

Children of Zachariah Sutton s/o Amos Sutton & Jane Clawson

daughter b. c1788

John b. 12/20/1790 Derry Twp, Westmoreland Co, PA d. 5/14/1852 Mercer Co, OH [Cem] [Mil] m. c1816 Hamilton Co, OH to Sarah Doty b. 12/30/1788 Derry Twp, Westmoreland Co, PA d. 2/17/1861 Mercer Co, OH d/o Timothy Doty & Elizabeth Brees

Hannah b. c1972 m. Eliakim Marsh

Anna b. 1795 m. Jacob Compton

daughter b. c1797

daughter b. c1799

son b. c1800

Abigail b. 12/6/1801 m. Andrew Guy

daughter b. c1804

Elijah b. 1/22/1806

Children of Zebulon Sutton & Sarah Hull

George b. 12/21/1782 Morris Co, NJ m. 1805 ??? Cooper

Henry b. 11/11/1783 Morris Co, NJ m. Elizabeth Hayden

Mary b. 5/28/1786 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ

Hannah b. 11/24/1798 Morris Co, NJ

Elizabeth b. 12/4/1792 Washington Co, PA

Amos b. 11/12/1795 Washington Co, PA d. 1832 Knox Co, OH

Hulda b. 6/5/1798 Washington Co, PA

Zebulon b. 10/14/1801 Washington Co, PA d. 2/8/1891 Green Co, WI [Doc] m. 5/15/1827 Rebecca Burt b. 5/27/1807 Westmoreland Co, PA d. aft 1884 d/o Nathaniel Burt

Sarah b. 4/5/1804 Washington Co, PA m. John Warrick b. 1794 Washington Co, PA d. 1823 OH

Generation 8

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