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This page is created to include any and all known Sutton burial sites. These Suttons are not all from the same family, although you will find many connections among these listings.

If you know of any Sutton Burial Sites other than those listed here, please contact Belinda Melton DePhillip with this information so it can be included on this page.

SUTTON, O F 4/1/1863-8/10/1918 - Blossom Cem, Lamar Co, TX

SUTTON, Oden b. 10/8/1917 - Clarks Grove Cem, 3217 Williams Mill Rd, Maryville, Blount Co, TN

SUTTON, Odis 1909-1971 - Tool Cem, Henderson, TX

SUTTON, Oklahoma Elizabeth Jefferson d. 11/16/1998 Age 86 d/o James Jefferson & Amie Bullman Taylor; w/o Cecil W Sutton - Greenlawn Memorial Gardens, Spartanburg, SC

SUTTON, Ola 12/7/1889-3/17/1900; d/o H & L B - Oak Grove Cem, Washington Co, ARK

SUTTON, Ola 7/25/1910-3/2/1999 Age 88; w/o Andrew J Sutton d. 1964 - Mount Washington Cem, Independence, MO

SUTTON, Ola Blanche 2/21/1897-2/22/1923; d/o William & Alonza Sutton; w/o Wesley Bryan Sutton 4/24/1897-5/20/1957 s/o William Milton Sutton & Sarah M Dawson - Westview Cem, Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Ola G 8/30/1902-1/4/1981 - Laurel Grove Cem, Walden Creek Rd, Sevier Co, TN

SUTTON, Ola Hickcox 7/10/1925-3/2/1999 Age 88; w/o Andrew J Sutton d. 1964 - Mt Washington Cem, Kansas City, MO

SUTTON, Ola May 9/10/1910-7/3/1911; d/o John Ulysses & Mattie J Sutton - Berea United Church of Christ, Altamahaw, NC

SUTTON, Olee Sr d. 5/26/2000 Age 89 - Dublin Memorial Gardens, Dublin, GA

SUTTON, Olive wife of Himan Sutton, 1/8/1800-12/10/1893 - LaMars, Iowa

SUTTON, Olive d. 1/14/1915 Age 82; w/o John A Horton - United Church Cem, Frome, Southwold Twp, Elgin Co, Ont, Canada

SUTTON, Olive d. 5/20/2001 - w/o Joseph Francis Stone - Mt Tamalpais Cem, San Rafael, CA

SUTTON, Olive A 4/26/1915-8/25/2003 Age 88; d/o Charles Thaddeus Sutton & Mary Magdeline McConnell; w/o Wilfred Hogue d. 9/8/1983 - St Benedict Cem, Carrolltown, PA

SUTTON, Olive E - Lebanon Cem, Fayette Twp, Lawrence Co, OH

SUTTON, Olive N 1910-1930 d/o Joe H & Lizzie T Sutton - Sutton Cem, Osage Co, KS

SUTTON, Olive P d. 12/31/2001 Age 92; w/o Chesley Chess Sutton d. 9/21/1995 - Pleasant Hill Cem, Wallback, WV

SUTTON, Oliver c1777-10/19/1828 - Newman Cem, Pawtucket Ave, E Providence, RI

SUTTON, Oliver I 4/18/1889-10/5/1893; s/o M O & Frankie Sutton - Whigham Family Cem, Grady Co, GA

SUTTON, Oliver P 9/30/1813-7/7/1851 - St George's Episcopal Church, Perryman, Hartford Co, MD

SUTTON, Oliver Perry 11/14/1830-3/21/1902; Wife: Mary Carter 11/25/1835-4/9/1900 - Andalusia Cem, Andalusia, IL

SUTTON, Oliverne M 3/25/1912-11/15/2001 Age 89; d/o Monte Sutton & Estella Bischoff; w/o Duane S Miller - Holy Name Cem, Ebensburg, PA

SUTTON, Olla Crocker 1916-1933 - Antioch Cem, Washington Co, MO

SUTTON, Ollie 9/29/1885-1/5/1965 - Duck River Baptist Church Cem, Cullman Co, AL

SUTTON, Ollie d. 12/18/1999 Age 86; d/o Cornelius Sutton & Burdyne Messer; w/o William Earl Poe d. 1995 - Crawford/Ray Memorial Gardens, Canton, NC

SUTTON, Ollie Mae 4/25/1913-12/10/2001; d/o Phillip M Sutton & Ethel Lee Browning; w/o Eldon Eugene Boyer d. 7/21/1989 - Oakwood Cem, Statesville, NC

SUTTON, Ollie Mai 10/26/1919-11/2/1943 - Greenwood Cem, Greenwood Rd, 4 mls E of Charlotte, Dickson Co, TN

SUTTON, Ollo 1/5/1896-2/25/1897; d/o Jefrey Norvel & Sarah J Sutton - Bankston-Smith Family Cem, Oak Grove, Jefferson Davis Co, MS

SUTTON, Oly 8/30/1876-8/30/1876 s/o Nathaniel Sutton & Dazerine Grafford - Mt Air Cem, Hwy E, n of Curryville, Pike Co, MO

SUTTON, Oma Adeline Roberts 4/29/1890-3/26/1991 - IOOF Cem, Metropolis, IL

SUTTON, Omer Wilson 5/19/1912-12/7/2003 Age 91; s/o Marcus Sutton & Elle Green; Wife: Elsie Rushing - Garden of Memories, Sikeston, MO

SUTTON, Onan 4/18/1881-1/27/1945 - Duck River Baptist Church Cem, Cullman Co, AL

SUTTON, Opal d. 8/22/2000 Age 77; d/o Ed & Ella Sutton; w/o 1. Elton Dukes 2. Herman G Weeks - Tift Memorial Gardens, Tifton, GA

SUTTON, Opal Martin 5/11/1915-4/16/1997 - Duck River Baptist Church Cem, Cullman Co, AL

SUTTON, Opalea 1921-1988 - Cumberland Memorial Gardens, Lily, KY

SUTTON, Opallee 9/17/1926-11/6/1926 - Adams Cem, Claiborne Co, TN

SUTTON, Ophelia d. 10/1/1998 Age 84 w/o Rodney Sutton - Hillcrest Cem, Newton Grove, NC

SUTTON, Ora Eli 1884-1961; Wife: Evalena Langley 1880-1971 - Lawn Croft Cem, Boothwyn, PA

SUTTON, Ora G 2/26/1890-1978 - Harshaw Methodist Church Cem, Murphy, Cherokee Co, NC

SUTTON, Ora M 1869-1941 - North Cem, Butler, Butler Co, PA

SUTTON, Oran De Loss 1868-1935 - Bear Creek Cem, Fairview Twp, Butler Co, PA

SUTTON, Oren Wescott 4/24/1849-11/16/1920; s/o Etsel Sutton & Ann Turner; Wife: Mary Elizabeth Morris - Elkton Cem, Douglas Co, OR

SUTTON, Orlando F 1871-1927; Wife: Alice H 1874-1953 - Hollywood Cem, Richmond, Richmond City, VA

SUTTON, Orlando W 12/25/1852 or 1849-4/25/1913 - Grove Cem, Bath, NY

SUTTON, Oren 1905-11/11/1968 Age 63 - Bloxsom Cem, Wells Co, IN

SUTTON, Orpha Luella 4/26/1895 - 4/11/1957 w/o Johnie A Sutton - Miller Cem, Wells Co, IN

SUTTON, Orra 1/9/1877-1/25/1878 - Peru Cem, Walnut Twp, Madison Co, IA

SUTTON, Orville 3/1/1910-7/15/1976 - Bucklin Cem, Block B12, Lot L25, Bucklin, Ford Co, KS

SUTTON, Orville 8/19/1910-11/4/1941 s/o John David Sutton & Edith Mae Fiscus; Wife: Pearl Gleason - Highland Cem, Oilton, OK

SUTTON, Orysia 2/24/1931-9/30/2000; d/o Julius & Maria Bilous; w/o Jim Harry James Sutton - Kettleby Cem, Toronto, ONT, CAN

SUTTON, Oscar d. Mar 1916 - Hollywood Cem, Richmond, Richmond City, VA

SUTTON, Oscar s/o George Mock Sutton & Emily Jane Hostetter, 12/27/1880-9/14/1968, 1st Plot - Maxwell Cem, Maxwell Sites Rd & Sutton Rd, Maxwell, Colusa Co, CA

SUTTON, Oscar F 1823-10/26/1903 Age 80y 11m 9d; s/o Rev Elijah Sutton; Wife: Margaret 1831-2/6/1871 Age 40y 7m 1d - Murray Cem, Co Rds 400N-150E, Lancaster Twp, Wells Co, IN

SUTTON, Oscar H 4/1/1888-3/1/1978 - Reichart Cem, Reichart, LeFlore Co, OK

SUTTON, Oscar W 12/27/1925, MS PVT US Army - Pleasant Grove UM Church Cem, Lawrence Co, MS

SUTTON, Ossie Lee d. 10/3/2004 Age 85 - St James Cem, Scotland Community, Havana, FL

SUTTON, Otho M 8/15/1847-Feb 1913 - Hollywood Cem, Richmond, Richmond City, VA

SUTTON, Otis "Preacher" d. 4/20/2002 Age 88; s/o Walter Sutton & Airy Hunter - Harbison Cem, Abbeville, SC

SUTTON, Ottis B 1849-1875; s/o Alfred F Sutton & Sally Ann Clark - Sutton Cem, Lyme, Huron Co, OH

SUTTON, Ottawa 5/22/1837-12/22/1874 s/o James Sutton & Sarah South - Sutton Valley Cem, Anderson Co, KS

SUTTON, Otto; Wife: Mary Anne Crone - Thornrose Cem, Staunton, VA

SUTTON, Otto 10/28/1899-2/9/1980 s/o John Sutton & Lydia C Wood - Sutton Cem, Iron Co, MO

SUTTON, Otto Whitfield 3/2/1900-10/29/1975 - Forrest Park Cem, W Shreveport, LA

SUTTON, Owen P 4/6/1875-4/7/1927 - Proctor Cem, Grundy Co, MO

SUTTON, Owen W 12/8/1916-4/30/1945, TEC/5; s/o George Hardy Sutton & Rachal Hodges; Wife: Beulah Dare West - Westview Cem, Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Owen Wilber 5/16/1873-1/10/1874 - McKendree Methodist Episcopal Cem, Blackhorse, Harford Co, MD

SUTTON, Ozwin T 3/31/1813-4/21/1848 Poole-Sutton Cem, S Bossier, Bossier Parish, LA

SUTTON, Mrs P T d. Apr 1912 - Hollywood Cem, Richmond, Richmond City, VA

SUTTON, Page Tillman 4/11/1841-9/17/1919, PVT Co B "Caroline Light Dragoons 9th VA Cav - Hollywood Cem, Richmond, Richmond City, VA

SUTTON, Pamela 7/28/1810-11/5/1892; d/o Isaac W Sutton & Pamela Reed; w/o Hosea Hunt - Sutton Cem, Huron Co, OH

SUTTON, Para Lee Polly d. 12/18/2003 Age 80 - Woodlawn Cem, Asheville, NC

SUTTON, Parks Taylor d. 10/6/2002 Age 66; s/o John Quince Sutton & Mamie Parks; Wife: Lorene Dills - Crestlawn Cem, Blue Ridge, GA

SUTTON, Parmelia Jane d. 10/6/1906; w/o James W Sutton, Jan 1829-aft 10/6/1906 - Bryan City Cem, Bryan, Brazos Co, TX

SUTTON, Patience 9/30/1825-1/22/1904; d/o Joel Harris & Rebecca Blount; w/o Benjamin Sutton - Harris Cem, Hardeman Co, TN

SUTTON, Patricia b. 1915 - Prairie Cem, Mercer Twp, Butler Co, PA

SUTTON, Patricia Ann 12/19/1929-12/18/1999 Age 69; d/o Cecil E Ayers & Elsie C Ryan; w/o Ray Sutton d. 1971 - Beckman Cem, St Joseph, IL

SUTTON, Patricia Ann b. 3/17/1950 - Duck River Baptist Church Cem, Cullman Co, AL

SUTTON, Patricia d. 1/28/2001 Age 71; d/o Raymond Brown & Eva May Suters; w/o Rev L F Bill Sutton - East Fork Cem, Sylva, NC

SUTTON, Patricia Lou d. c7/12/2001 Age 68; d/o John & Grace Sutton; w/o Raymond J "RJ" Collins - Our Lady of Hope Cem Frazer, Tarentum, PA

SUTTON, Patrick 4/1/1859-12/1/1924; Wife: Margaret O'Keefe 1864-3/24/1935 - Calvary Cem, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, OH

SUTTON, Patsy A 1901-1982 - Maplewood Cem, Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Patsy Ann 11/29/1946-6/14/2001 Age 54; d/o LeRoy Sutton & Gertrude Schriner - Fairmont Cem, Blue Rapids, MS

SUTTON, Patsy H b. 5/2/1939 - Elam Baptist Church Cem, Co Rd 8, Elamville, Barbour Co, AL

SUTTON, Patsy Lou Lambert d. 7/4/2000 Age 61; d/o Woodrow Harley Sutton & Dora Dean - Billington Cem, Waco, TX

SUTTON, Pattie W Perry, Feb 1847-8-8-1918; w/o Capt W M Sutton - Cashie Baptist Church Cem, Hwy 17, Windsor, Bertie Co, NC

SUTTON, Patty d. c9/4/2000 Age 78 - Fairview Cem, La Grange, NC

SUTTON, Patty Lorena b. 11/22/1921; d/o Ben F & Mary Elmore Sutton w/o Sherwood Sutton b. 11/27/1921; s/o Preston Sutton & Lou Pearl Anderson - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Patty S 11/22/1921-9/5/2000 - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Paul 1895-1968; s/o Benjamin Franklin Sutton & Sybil Ann Duncan; Wife: Bessie Duncan 1895-1975; d/o Joseph W Duncan & Columbia Robinson - Duncan Cem, Kingsville, MO

SUTTON, Paul 4/8/1898-11/14/1946; s/o James Morrison Sutton & Doty Richards; Wife: Selma E Ross 1905-1980 - Pleasant Ridge Cem, Stratton, NE

SUTTON, Paul d. 8/11/1899 Age 3 mos (cholers infantum) - Moundview Cem, Knox Co, OH

SUTTON, Paul 9/21/1904-1/10/1930 s/o John David Sutton & Edith Mae Fiscus - Highland Cem, Oilton, OK

SUTTON, Paul Austin c. 10/29/1915 Age 15y 7m 15d; s/o W F Sutton - New Albany Cem, New Albany, KS

SUTTON, Paul B 4/2/1906-2/26/1999 Age 92; s/o Anderson P Sutton & Gertrude Fisher; Wife: Myrtle Smith - Garden of Memories Cem, El Campo, TX

SUTTON, Paul C 2/16/1910-10/31/1982 TF Co B 51 Armed Inf Bn 4 Armed Div WWII; Wife: Helen G Wright 1900-1976 - McDowell Cem, Indiana Co, PA

SUTTON, Paul E 1914-1/23/1995 Age 80; Wife: Gladys I 1921-8/25/1988 Age 67 - Lewis Lake Cem, Brunswick Twp, Kanabec Co, MN

SUTTON, Paul Frederick 5/29/1916-12/18/1993 Age 77; s/o William & Emma Sutton; Wife: Roberta - Bronnenberg Cem, Chesterfield, IN

SUTTON, Paul Leroy 1/22/1943-12/7/1999 Age 56, US Navy; s/o Rev Floyd & Geneva Sutton; Wife: Barbara Jean Sweeney - Enid Cem, Enid, OK

SUTTON, Paul R 1911-1974 - Prairie Cem, Mercer Twp, Butler Co, PA

SUTTON, Paul R d. 11/4/1999 Age 81, US Army WWII, Purple Heart; Wife: 1. Margaret Graham 2. Rachael Schroder - Bosque-Bello Cem, Fernandina Beach, FL

SUTTON, Paul Reginald 1900-1955 (actual birth date 1899) Wife: Mildred DeArmond 1906-1974 - Los Banos Cem, 16575 Center Ave, Los Banos, CA

SUTTON, Paula M Bracher d. 8/18/1886 - Appleton City Cem, St Clair Co, MO

SUTTON, Pauline d. 10/27/1898 Age 53 - IOOF Cem, Neosho, Newton Co, MO

SUTTON, Pauline 1/5/1913-11/9/2000 Age 87; w/o Verbe - Grandview Cem, Johnstown, PA

SUTTON, Pauline 11/12/1914-3/25/2004 Age 89; d/o Charlie Sutton & Byrd Duggan; w/o Orton James Howard - Oak Ridge Memorial Park, Knoxville, TN

SUTTON, Pauline 8/15/1916-2/28/2001 age 84; d/o William & Cottie Sutton; w/o Huey Brown - Second Zion Grove Baptist Church, Plymouth, NC

SUTTON, Pauline d. c9/11/2001 Age 77; d/o Lester Norkett & Alice Benfield - Forest Hills Cem, Columbia, SC

SUTTON, Pauline 11/12/1914-3/25/2004; d/o Charles Sutton & Byrd Duggan; w/o Orton James Howard - Oak Ridge Memorial Park, Oak Ridge, TN

SUTTON, Pauline Estelle Hardy d. 10/19/2003 Age 85 - Hardy Family Cem, Seven Springs, NC

SUTTON, Pauline S Brown d. 12/1/1998 w/o Obed Lee Brown Sr - Gardens of Faith Cem, Baltimore, MD

SUTTON, Pauline Jiram d. c9/16/1988 Age 67, d/o Gilbert & Elizabeth Sutton - National Cem, Nashville, TN

SUTTON, Pearl - Lyons Public Cem, Graceland Addition, Lot 98, Lyons, Rice Co, KS

SUTTON, Pearl 11/20/1859-11/25/1859; d/o Alexander Richard Sutton & Huldah Hooker Hardy - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Pearl 1867-1930 d/o F A & C R Sutton - Hemphill Cem, Donegal Twp, Butler Co, PA

SUTTON, Pearl d. 3/3/1945 Age 61y 18d - McCormick Cem, Wabash Twp, Tippecanoe Co, IN

SUTTON, Pearl b. 1893 - Ben Lomond Cem, Sevier Co, ARK

SUTTON, Pearl A 1/7/1902-11/19/1984 - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Pearl A d. 2/26/2001; w/o Zeb M Sutton Sr - Forest Lawn Cem, Richmond, VA

SUTTON, Pearl Clista 2/20/1890-2/8/1968; d/o William Cullen Sutton & Mattie Stephenson; w/o Oscar Lee Munson - Blue Water Cem, Livingston, Polk Co, TX

SUTTON, Pearl Moye d. 12/30/1999 Age 83 - Ayden Cem, Ayden, NC

SUTTON, Pearl N "Polly" d. c10/1/2001 age 91; d/o Charles Stubbs & Lillian Hazelton; w/o Ralph E Sutton Sr - Highland Memorial Park, Johnston, RI

SUTTON, Pearl Parks 10/9/1899-9/6/1989 - Olney Presbyterian Cem, Gaston Co, NC

SUTTON, Pearl S Fouch d/o John Rackerby Sutton & Louisa Ann Sutton, 1880-1966 - Maxwell Cem, Maxwell Sites Rd & Sutton Rd, Maxwell, Colusa Co, CA

SUTTON, Pearlie 11/21/1946-1/6/1990 - Dunn Cem, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Pearlie P 1907-1907; d/o John E Sutton & Florence Ross - Asbury Cem, Ashbury Rd, Craven Co, NC

SUTTON, Peggy 10/24/1933-12/31/1999 d/o Ewing B Sutton & Jessie Irene Kyre; w/o Jess James Shaffer - IOOF Cem, Smithfield, PA

SUTTON, Peggy Ann Parker d. 12/13/1998 Age 70 - Lakeland Memorial Park, Charlotte, NC

SUTTON, Peggy Ferguson d. 10/17/2004; w/o William A Sutton - Montlawn Memorial Park, Raleigh, NC

SUTTON, Peggy Joyce Burke d. 10/10/1998 Age 59 - Twin City Cem, Twin City, GA

SUTTON, Peggy M d. 2/11/2004; d/o Joseph Newton Pentecost & Leola Pearson; w/o William H Sutton - Memory Gardens Cem, Hope, AR

SUTTON, Penny R 5/9/1940-8/25/2002; w/o George E Querry - Evergreen Cem, Detroit, MI

SUTTON, Percy Augusta d. 5/6/1989 - Dyess Cem, Rosinton, Baldwin Co, AL

SUTTON, Percy B 9/12/1879-7/8/1964 - Bishop Cem, Hartselle, Morgan Co, AL

SUTTON, Percy M b. 1928 - Bethel Cem, Covey Hill, Quebec, CAN

SUTTON, Permelia 3/21/1848-2/10/1899; w/o Benjamin Sutton - Otter Creek Cem, Ponce de Leon, Holmes Co, FL

SUTTON, Perry Allen d. 9/9/1998 Age 44 - Andrews Old Cem, Andrews, TX

SUTTON, Perry N 1942-1966 - Moore Cem, Arlington, Tarrant Co, TX

SUTTON, Perry Oliver 9/21/1894-4/23/1955; Wife: Marie Westbrook - Wagner Cem, Letts, Louisa Co, Iowa

SUTTON, Peter - Low Cem, Royal, AR

SUTTON, Peter, Corp Co "H" 51st IL Inf - Phelps/Weeks Cem, Staunton, Macoupin Co, IL

SUTTON, Peter 1/12/1777-1/18/1853 Age 76y 10m; s/o John Sutton & Elizabeth Aubel; Wife: Mary Polly Philhower d. 8/11/1858 Age 87 - Fairmont First Presbyterian Churchyard Cem, Tewkesbury Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ

SUTTON, Peter d. 1/22/1853 Age 75 - United Church Cem, Frome, Southwold Twp, Elgin Co, Ont, Canada

SUTTON, Peter 4/5/1831-6/20/1901; s/o John Sutton & Cynthia Phillips; Wife: Hannah Marr 2/25/1825-2/23/1898 (Sunset Hill's Cem, East Jordan, ONT Can) - Black Cem, Dutton, ONT, Canada

SUTTON, Peter J - Co F, 15th, NJ - Union Prisoner buried in Confederate Section, Old City Cem, Lynchburg, VA

SUTTON, Peter J d. 2/24/1885 Wife: Nancy A d. 3/5/1898 - Woodlawn Cem, Clinton, IL

SUTTON, Peter W 9/28/1817-2/10/1898; s/o John Sutton & Joanna Bird Williamson; Wife: Frances Jennie Bird 4/18/1821-4/26/1884 d/o Thomas Stewart Bird & Sarah Swazey - Rose/Groveland Twp Cem, Oakland Co, MI

SUTTON, Peyton Edgar; Wife: Lilly Mae Stewart - Sutton Cem, Medaryville, IN

SUTTON, Phebe 10/19/1913 - Sugar Creek Cem, Rushville, Buchanan Co, MO

SUTTON, Phebe d. 3/19/1895 82y 2m 19d - Concord Church Cem, Concord Twp, Butler Co, PA

SUTTON, Phil H 1/2/1898-7/23/1963 - Harmony Cem, Near Sutton, ARK

SUTTON, Philip (no dates) - Sutton Cem, Winston, Co, AL SUTTON, Philip Leon 5/13/1911-5/20/1912; s/o Court Williams Sutton & Iris Carter - Elmwood Cem, 824 S Dudley, Memphis, Shelby Co, TN

SUTTON, Phillip 10/9/1837-8/30/1910; Wife: Nancy 11/16/1834-4/22/1914 - Sutton Cem, Osage Co, KS

SUTTON, Phillip A 9/9/1850-8/21/1919 - Curlew United Methodist Church, Rolando Dr & Curlew Rd, Palm Harbor, Pinellas Co, FL

SUTTON, Phillip James 7/19/1925-1/17/1945 - Curlew United Methodist Church, Rolando Dr & Curlew Rd, Palm Harbor, Pinellas Co, FL

SUTTON, Phillip Karnes 9/17/1900-8/13/1967 - Oakwood Cem, Rt 20, Princeton, WV

SUTTON, Phillip "Nip" 5/17/1924-3/24/1991 - Pleasantville Cem, Pleasantville, NJ

SUTTON, Phillip Reeves 6/5/1943-1/28/2002 Age 58; s/o Sam Sutton & Lena Barber; Wife: Earlene Carson - Woodlawn Cem, Claremore, OK

SUTTON, Phillip S; (no dates) Infant - Oakwood Cem, Rt 20, Princeton, WV

SUTTON, Rev Phillip Sayers 4/9/1828-4/15/1896 s/o John D Sutton; Wife: Victoria Mahood 1838-1921 d/o Alex Mahood - Oakwood Cem, Rt 20, Princeton, WV

SUTTON, Phillip Taylor 6/24/1833-3/27/1902; Wife: India Freeman 4/7/1835-3/30/1912; d/o Samuel Freeman - Hollywood Cem, Richmond, Richmond City, VA

SUTTON, Phillip William bur. 2/27/1997 s/o Ella Mae Sutton; Wife: Dorothy Lee - Spring Grove Cem, Hartford, CT

SUTTON, Phineas 1765-1836 - Rocky Creek Baptist Church Cem, Monroe Co, GA

SUTTON, Phoebe 12/28/1812-3/19/1895 - Concord Church, Concord Twp, Butler Co, PA

SUTTON, Phoebe d. 1/29/1905 Age 85 - Sutton Cem, Franklin Co, KS

SUTTON, Phyllis Darlene 1932-1944 d/o Roy & Jessie Sutton - Sutton Cem, Osage Co, KS

SUTTON, Phyllis Faunette 2/1/1937-4/12/2003 Age 66; d/o Robert Sutton & Nellie Schindler; w/o Jess Rose - Eagle Point National Cem, Medford, OR

SUTTON, Phyllis M 8/26/1922-7/25/2004 age 81; d/o Roy Sutton & Marie Wolfe; w/o William Crary - Minden Cem, Minden, NE

SUTTON, Phyllis Miller 8/14/1920-8/31/1992; w/o Ham Sutton - Sutton Church Cem/AKA New Hope, Hwy 62, Pocahontas, ARK

SUTTON, Phyllis Reynolds 1/31/1932-3/21/2004 Age 72; d/o George h Sutton & Minnie J C Buse - Richmond Grove Cem, New Holland, IL

SUTTON, Phyllis Strayer d. 2/27/2003; w/o Eugene Clayton Sutton - Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens, Baltimore, MD

SUTTON, Pink 8/17/1871-3/16/1927 - Tennessee Cem, Cleveland, Bradley Co, TN

SUTTON, Platt 7/25/1775-8/13/1852, 77y 1m 18d, War of 1812; s/o Jeremiah Sutton & Elizabeth Johnson; Wife: Elizabeth Sterling 1778-2/22/1843 age 65 - Concord Pres Church Cem, Hooker, Concord Twp, Butler Co, PA

SUTTON, Platt 1795-4/22/1864 - Prickett Cem, Pleasant Twp, Grant Co, IN

SUTTON, Platt Roberson 1/8/1842-2/8/1927 GAR; s/o Joseph Sutton & Jemima Morrow; Wife: Sarah Jane Campbell - Concord Church Cem, Concord Twp, Butler Co, PA

SUTTON, Platt d. 4/22/1864 Age 69 - Prickett Cem, Francis Slocum Trail, nw of Marion, Grant Co, IN

SUTTON, Pleasant Craddock 1850-1914, Lot 10, Grave 266 - Wife: Isabelle D DeLappe 1857-1940, Lot 744, Section 13 - Hollywood Memorial Park, Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

SUTTON, Plum Jasper d. 12/16/1999 Wife: Charlotte - Oakdale Cem, New Bern, NC

SUTTON, Polly D 3/15/1919-2/14/2001 Age 81, Women's Army Corps WWII; w/o Francis Sutton - Tahoma National Cem, Kent, WA

SUTTON, Porter Odry s/o James E Sutton & Alvertie Queen - Jun 1893-4/28/1962 - Lot 428, W Corner Lawn, SW Corner Back - Wife: 1. Margaret Lorine Crocker 1898-12/29/1930 Lot 428, W Center Lawn, Center Back - Wife: 2. Helen Virginia Clark d. 5/2/1991 Lot 18, Blk 14, Section K, N Grave W end - Forest Lawn Cem, Norfolk, VA

SUTTON, Porter Odry Jr Apor 1915-11/14/1934, Lot 428 W Center Lawn, NW Corner Back - Forest Lawn Cem, Norfolk, VA

SUTTON, Prentice 6/18/1910-10/31/1996 - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Preston d. 12/30/1937 Age 28 - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Preston Nunn 10/28/1899-9/29/1949; s/o Joshua Nunn Sutton & Fannie Ellen Peele; Wife: Lou Pearl Anderson 1/7/1902-11/19/1984; d/o Grainger Martin Anderson & Hattie Lou Hinson - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Preston Sherwood 11/27/1921-8/17/1996, US Army WWII, Purple Heart; wife: Gladys Estelle Sutton 6/7/1917-9/5/1963 - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Preston Silas 11/19/1886-1/30/1962; s/o Thoams Hillary Sutton & Martah Elizabeth Bush Tackett - Turkey Creek Cem, Calhoun Co, MS

SUTTON, Preston Taylor d. 6/15/1902; s/o Loe E & Ella W Sutton - Hollywood Cem, Richmond, Richmond City, VA

SUTTON, Prince Henry 3/17/1895-5/22/1939 - Olney Presbyterian Cem, Gaston Co, NC

SUTTON, Priscilla d. 8/10/1828 Age 64 - Piscatawaytown Burial Grounds, Edison, Middlesex Co, NJ

SUTTON, Priscilla 1/20/1847-6/21/1932 w/o David S Sutton - Shiloh Baptist Church Cem, Lawrence Co, MS

SUTTON, Priscilla Minasian d. 6/14/2001 Age 55 - Woodlawn Cem, Everette, MA

SUTTON, Priscilla Talmadge 1892-1969; w/o Dolson Sutton - Andover Presbyterian Cem, Andover, NJ

SUTTON, Prudence McCollum 1777-3/26/1848 - Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church Cem, Basking Ridge, Somerset Co, NJ

SUTTON, Queen - Rutledge Cem, Rutledge Rd, Poteet, Atascosa Co, TX

SUTTON, Queen Mary 1/30/1875-1971; w/o Clarence Ensor - Wiseburg Cem, White Hall, Baltimore Co, MD

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