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SUTTON, Karen E 7/27/1949-5/27/2002 Age 52; d/o Lera Taylor; w/o Dennis A Sutton - Valhalla Memory Gardens, Huntsville, AL

SUTTON, Karen Janice Jan Burditt 6/16/1947-12/8/2003 Age 56; d/o Eugene Sutton & Norma Coats - Ilwaco Cem, Ilwaco, WA

SUTTON, Karla d. c12/14/2000 Age 33; d/o James L Sutton & Margaret Sutton; w/o Roger Woodall - Old Sardis Cem, Huntsville, AL

SUTTON, Karolyn A 1940-7/25/1941 Age 9m - Lewis Lake Cem, Brunswick Twp, Kanabec Co, MN

SUTTON, Karon 8/12/1956-8/13/1956 - Cross Creek Cem, Gala St, Cumberland Co, NC

SUTTON, Karon Perkins Dr 9/2/1861-11/19/1949 s/o George Francis Sutton & S E Browning; Wife: Donia Belle Stinnett 9/1/1860-1/11/1947 - Mt Pleasant Cem, Near Lewisburg, Logan Co, KY

SUTTON, Kassidy 3/11/2003-3/11/2003 - William J Sutton & Amy Langowski - Head of the River Cem, Millville, NJ

SUTTON, Kate (no dates) - Elizabeth Etna Furnace Cem, Lawrence Co, OH

SUTTON, Kate d. 1864 - So Metropolitan (W Norwood) Cem, London, ENG
SUTTON, Kate 10/8/1907 - Pleasant View church, n of Fleming, Jackson Co, IN

SUTTON, Kate Swan 1/29/1900-7/1/1981 w/o Edward Sutton; d/o Matt Sutton & Eliza Donnell SUTTON - Sutton Church Cem/AKA New Hope, Hwy 62, Pocahontas, ARK

SUTTON, Katharyn V 6/27/1914-5/25/2000 Age 85; d/o Nicholas M Sutton & Anna A Heitz; w/o Edwin L Glab d. 12/5/1977 - Mount Olivet Cem, Key West, IA

SUTTON, Katherine (no dates) - Sutton Cem, Winston, Co, AL SUTTON, Katherine d. 5/14/2004 Age 81; d/o Eugene & Mattie Sutton; w/o Anderson Clark Jr - Evergreen Memorial Park, Gary, IN

SUTTON, Katherine I 5/20/1911-12/31/1998 Age 87 d/o Philip & Bridget Grace Sutton; w/o Dorry U Denny d. 7/11/1966 - Grandview Memorial Gardens, Champaign, IL

SUTTON, Katherine Noble 9/29/1909-6/15/2002 Age 92; d/o Jack & Louise Wade - Evergreen Cem, Winston-Salem, NC

SUTTON, Katherine Massee d. 12/28/1998 Age 71 - Goshen Baptist Church Cem, Lincolnton, GA

SUTTON, Kathleen 11/24/1908-4/19/1988; w/o Harry Bottomley 8/7/1907-12/22/1966 - Glentivar Cem, Cartersville, Cumberland Co, VA

SUTTON, Kathleen 3/15/1952-3/15/1952 - Kearney Cem, Kearney, NE

SUTTON, Kathleen H 3/18/1924-8/21/1986 - Friedens Lutheran Church Cem, Gibsonville, NC

SUTTON, Kathleen L Guenther 5/9/1943-6/28/1978; w/o Terry - Englewood Cem, 400 S Vansant Rd, Clinton, Clinton Twp, Henry Co, MO

SUTTON, Kathrin (no dates) - Sutton Cem, Winston, Co, AL SUTTON, Kathryn A d. 4/30/2001; w/o Timothy C Eagan - St Paul's Cem, Watertown, MA

SUTTON, Kathryn Arnett 7/25/1917-7/31/2004 age 87; w/o Woodrow Sutton - Cedar Hill Cem, Vicksburg, MS

SUTTON, Kathryn J d. 5/28/1999 Age 71 - Evergreen Cem, Prairie de Chien, WI

SUTTON, Kathryn "Kathy" Leigh 11/4/1948-1/27/2011; d/o Leon Clyde & Gray Sutton; w/o Reginaold Speight "Reggie Etheridge Jr - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Kathryn M 10/18/1949-2/21/1987 - Rose Hill Cem, Ft Worth, Tarrant Co, TX

SUTTON, Kathryn Mae Lepley 8/12/1914-8/12/1998 Age 84 - Lot 18 Sec 0 Grave 4, Moundview Cem, Knox Co, OH

SUTTON, Kathleen A d. 12/4/1998 d/o Charles Wesley Sutton & Augusta Cecil Lavo - Bethany Cem, Bethany, PA

SUTTON, Katie 9/8/1911-3/26/2000 - Monte Vista Cem, Webster Co, MS

SUTTON, Katie Jeannette 9/24/1882-3/15/1946 Mount Zion Cem, Baltimore Co, MD

SUTTON, Katie S 7/4/1872-11/20/1945; w/o Benjamin Sutton - Asbury Cem, Ashbury Rd, Craven Co, NC

SUTTON, Katie Vaughan, d. c3/27/200 Age 88; w/o Noel Sutton - Montevista Baptist Church, Eupora, MS

SUTTON, Kattie Manning d. 11/11/2001 Age 74; w/o Robert Bob Sutton - Peeled Chestnut Cem, Smithville, TN

SUTTON, Kay Christine 5/22/1951-Apr 1964 Age 12; d/o Mr & Mrs Glen Sutton - Highland Cem, Meeker, CO

SUTTON, Keith C d. c9/12/2003 - Jefferson Cem, Jefferson, IA

SUTTON, Keith Courtis d. 4/24/2004 Age 84, WWII; s/o Heber Sutton & Muriel Courtis; Wife: Donna Scott - Woodhull Cem, Kilworth, Ont, Can

SUTTON, Keith Edward d. 3/13/1983 - Saskatoon's Woodlawn Cem, 1502-2nd Ave No, Saskatoon, SK, CAN

SUTTON, Kelly Almond 3/17/1901-7/3/1975 Age 74 - Exeter Cem, Tulare Co, CA

SUTTON, Kelvin d. 10/13/2010 - Pinelawn Memorial Park, Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Kendrick "Ken" Darrell Sr 8/8/1941-2/14/2009; s/o Felix Lionel Sutton & Laura Ellen Vaughn, adopted by Noah Norwood Sutton & Ethel Vaughn; Wife: Faye Sugg - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Kenneth Aaron d. 11/25/2001 Age 65; s/o Clarence & Beulah Sutton; Wife: Aleece Petty - Barnes Chapel Baptist Church Cem, Polk Co, TN

SUTTON, Kenneth Borden d. 12/19/2002 Age 90; s/o Joseph & Sarah Sutton - Lloydtown Anglican Cem, Newmarket, Ont, Can

SUTTON, Kenneth Cecil d. 1/27/2001 Age 75; s/o Burl Sutton & Dulcie Justice; Wife: Sara Goodyear - Oakbrook Memorial Park, Greenwood, SC

SUTTON, Kenneth Eugene 3/1/1955-3/3/1955; s/o Leo & Jean Sutton - Glenview Cem, Clements, CA

SUTTON, Kenneth F d. 9/13/1999; Wife: Arlin d. 1992 - Calvary Cem, Dayton, OH

SUTTON, Kenneth Iverson 9/19/1858-9/25/1931; s/o Joseph Ratikin Sutton & Mary Minerva Cox; Wife: Mary Mollie J Russell 1859-1907 - M E Church, Centerville, Hickman Co, TN

SUTTON, Kenneth J d. 8/1/1999; Wife: June E - Fairfax Memorial Park, Fairfax, VA

SUTTON, Kenneth Leon 1910-1943 Wife: Minnie Stearns 1910-1998 - Aledo Cem, Aledo, IL

SUTTON, Kenneth Lumoin 9/18/1921-9/27/1921 - IOOF Cem, Hartford City, IN

SUTTON, Kenneth O d. 2/16/1999 Age 64; s/o Jean Sutton; Wife: Ingrid Guentzel - Highland Memorial Park, Milwaukee, WI

SUTTON, Kenneth Ray 1/4/1924-9/27/2002; Wife: Virginia - Chapel Hill Mausoleum, Kansas City, KS

SUTTON, Kenneth Sidney 8/29/1914-4/1/1996 Age 81; s/o Maurice Clay Sutton & Bessie Inez Fowler; Wife: Mary Katherine Hawk d. 3/11/1995 - West Lawn Memorial Gardens, Topeka, KS

SUTTON, Kenneth W b. 1915 - Bethel Cem, Covey Hill, Quebec, CAN

SUTTON, Kenneth W 8/16/1935-7/22/1974; s/o George H Sutton & Minnie J C Buse - Richmond Grove Cem, Logan Co, IL

SUTTON, Kenny "Rock" d. c10/26/2004 US Air Force - Crossroad Cem, County Line, Dooly Co, GA

SUTTON, Kermit K d. 6/25/2003 age 87; Wife: Mary Margaret - Alpharetta City Cem, Alpharetta, GA

SUTTON, Kevin 4/12/1983 - Woodford Bible Christian Chapel Graveyard, Cornwall, ENG

SUTTON, Kevin R 1/27/1962-8/17/2000 Age 38; Sgt 1st Class Army, 61st Medical Det LX; s/o Harry Julius Sutton & Elnora Nance; Wife: Cindy Rhode - Brookside Cem, Watertown, NY

SUTTON, Kinne Reese Sr 7/21/1927-2/12/1972 - Clarkston Town Cem, Clarkston, DeKalb Co, GA

SUTTON, Kinney Lee 7/23/1923-10/25/2003 Age 80, US Army WWII; s/o Carl & Susie Sutton; Wife: Mildred Elizabeth Howse - Duck River Baptist Church, Gadsden, AL

SUTTON, Kirby E 5/25/1866-1/22/1930 - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Kirby W 2/28/1871-1/8/1954 - Evergreen Cem, Lamar Co, TX

SUTTON, Kitty Pope 1879-1947 - University Cem, Sawance, Franklin Co, TN

SUTTON, Krystyn Paige 2001-2002 Age 7 mos; d/o Paul Sutton Jr & Darlene Starr - Willow Pond Cem, Palo Pinto Co, TX

SUTTON, Kyle Duke 9/16/1985-3/18/1986 - Hinote Cem, Rosinton, Balswin Co, AL

SUTTON, Kyle M 2/7/1914-7/5/1997; w/o Carl N Sutton Jr - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

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