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We want to find the missing pieces of our families.

Can you help with any of these?

Looking to hear from Thornhill's of OK. ALBERT THORNHILL b. 1854 d. Davidson, OK m. Mary Virgina Hughes 1859-1941 Lubbock, TX. Children: Florence, Melton, Jack, Oscar, Ed, Dolly, Jesse and Ida. I think the Family started in MO, OK, TX, and then some of the children went out to AZ and then CA. I am also trying to find out if my family is Indian. I have been told Mary Hughes was Chickasaw but if anyone has more information please let me know. Elizabeth Thornhill

3/20/2005 - BRYANT THORNHILL c1675-1709 Richmond Co, VA. I have been trying to connect him to England or Scotland. Do you have additional info on any family members who immigrated to America? I will be glad to share all information I have. Thanks. Connie Thornhill Old

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