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In mid 1500 Sir John deHardy was Lord Mayor of London. He was descended from Sir John deHardy of Bedfordshire and Lady Margaret, d/o Michael de la Pole, a younger s/o the Earl of Suffolk. ("Our Fathers' Fields" by James Everett Kibler, 1998 [A Southern Story])

In writing about Gilbert Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, Collins says: "In 1 Richard II" (that is the first year of the reign of Richard II) "he was in the King's fleet at sea with Michael de la Pole, Admiral for the North." (Peerage of England, by Thomas Collins, dated 1740-1750, Vol. II, 2nd Edition, 1741, page 45)

"William, Lord Ferrers of Groby; who had to wife Margaret, daughter of Michael de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk and by her was father of Hery, Lord Ferrers of Groby." (Peerage of England, by Thomas Collins, dated 1740-1750, Vol II of the Supplement to the Four Volumes 1750, page 479)

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