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Fellow Isle of Wight researchers --

I'd like to ask for your help in sorting out the HARDY family of early Isle of Wight Co. VA. The following information is a pastiche of different sources and is almost certainly wrong in some of the details. I'd like to ask for your help in identifying the original sources of the information and which version of the facts is best supported by the evidence.

I will be very grateful for any additional information, or for leads to published or online sources, that will help to clarify this lineage. GEDCOMS would be welcome, particularly if they contain sources, citations and notes that will help us to weigh the preponderance of evidence. Thank you all, in advance, for your assistance.

Paul B. Phelps, Alexandria VA

John HARDY Sr. was b. about 1613 at Wetwang, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, and emigrated to VA before 1666; he d. about 1670 in IOW Co. We have him m. to (variously) Olive COUNCIL and Alice BENNETT, with the following children: George, Richard, Emanuel, Thomas, [+]John Jr, Olive, Deborah, and Alice.

John HARDY Jr. was b. about 1635-1637 in Bedfordshire and came to VA with his father. His (rather than his father's) seems to have been the will was made 6 Oct 1676 and probated 9 Jun 1677. We have him m. to (variously) Alice WORTHINGTON, Alice TUCKER, Alice JOHNSON, Dinah ???, and the same Alice BENNETT, with the following children: Olive, Ann, [+]Lucy, Isabella, and Deborah.

Lucy HARDY was b. 1659-1662 in IOW Co. VA and d. before 1699. She m. 1670-1675 to Hodges COUNCIL Sr., who was b. 1640-1657 and made his will on 10 Apr 1699. They had the following children, whose birthdates are subject to a wide range of estimates: Hodges Jr., Christian, John, Lucy, Robert, [+]Hardy, and one other daughter.

Thank you for your reply, Lila. Every new detail helps to pin down this slippery family. You've added a new date of d. for Olive and raised questions about the names and dates of her children.

Current information indicates that John Sr. and Olive (Council) HARDY had the following children:
Capt. George b. abt. 1633
Richard b. 1634-1640
Emanuel (?) b. abt. 1635
Thomas b. abt. 1635
John Jr. b 1635-1637
Olive b. 1638-1640
Deborah (?) b. abt. 1641
Alice (?) b. abt. 1643

You've added the last name to this list. This Lucy, if she were b. abt. 1645, might be a better match for the one who m. Hodges COUNCIL and had three children before 7 Oct 1675, but it would also mean that the John HARDY whose will was dated that day was John =Sr.= rather than John Jr., and that opens another can of worms. Everyone admits that this is a difficult family; we certainly appreciate your help in trying to sort them out.

Current information indicates that Hodges was b. 1640-1657 and d. abt. 4/10/1699; his will presented that date does not mention wife Lucy. The will of John Hardy dated 10/7/1675 mentions "daughter Lucy Councill, wife of Hodges Councill [and] daughter Lucy Councill's three children." This suggest that she and Hodges m. c1670, or before, but this conflicts with other evidence that she was b. 1659-1662. Since she did not survive her husband, this also makes it more unlikely that she had another husband -- unless I've got the wrong generation entirely . . .

There is a book called, "Hodges Council and his Descendents". The Library of Congress has it. Perhaps someone should take a look to see what it says. It is often quoted as a source in other documentation I've seen. Jennifer Bell

The following is added as food for thought:
In 1666, at age 56, John Hardy Sr. received his first land grant. As we all know land grants or "patents" were many times delayed for years, so he probably had been in the Colonies for well over 20 years at the time. He was granted 1150 acres for importing 23 persons including himself, his FIRST wife Olive Council, six of his children (George, Thomas, Richard, Isabel, John Jr., and Ann) as well as his future son-in-law William Mayo all of whom were born in England and he had never received a grant of land for their importation. After Olive's death about 1640, John married Alice Bennett and had three daughters, Olive, Lucy and Deborah all born in Isle of Wight Co., VA.
In John's 1676-77 will, he doesn't mention any of his sons nor his two daughters by Olive. He does name "my beloved wife Alice" and his three daughters Olive Driver, wife of Giles Driver; Lucy Council, wife of Hodges Council; and Deborah Hardy (his daughters by 2d wife Alice Bennett). He did name his grandchildren... Drivers, Councils and Ann Burnett.
I have a copy of "Hodges Council and His Descendants". It states that the reason John Hardy Sr. didn't mention his sons was that their Uncle George has left them legacies.
We know that John's daughter Ann died shortly after the death of her father. She was married to Robert Burnett who subsequently married Joan Allen Williamson, d/o Arthur Allen and Alice Tucker. Burnett in his 17 July 1679 will left a legacy to his daughter Ann by his 1st wife, Ann, d/o John Hardy. Martha Lackey

Martha adds new information to the story, but her account also highlights one of the central mysteries of this family, namely: Whose will was written in 1675 and recorded in 1677? Martha indicates that it was the will of John Sr, but other sources indicate that John Sr. d. c1670, and that the 1675 will was that of John Jr.
This also points out another, related mystery, namely: Which of the two Johns was the husband of Alice BENNETT (c.1613-c.1677)? Martha's information suggests that Olive DRIVER, the wife of John Sr, d. c1640 and he m. (2) Alice BENNETT soon thereafter. However, other sources indicate that Olive Driver HARDY did not d. until 1675-1687; and that Alice BENNETT m. (1) c1635 to a Mr. JOHNSON, by whom she had a son, and upon his death m. (2) c1657 to John HARDY Jr, who must have been many years her junior.

We would all be interested in hearing your ideas on these questions, and we would all be grateful for any new documentation or evidence you can bring to bear. Paul B. Phelps

Just as there are two John HARDYs, so there are two Olive HARDYs, and two Giles DRIVERs for that matter. This only adds to the confusion about this family. Olive Sr, if I may call her that, was b. 1638-1640 and was the daughter of John HARDY Sr & Olive COUNCIL. Olive Jr was b. c1656 and was the daughter of John HARDY Jr & Alice BENNETT. The question is, which one m. Giles DRIVER?
Giles DRIVER Sr b. c1631; will dated 12/12/1676 recorded 12/29/1676 (IOW W&DB 2:147). If Giles had 5 children by Olive before that date, as named in the will above, then they would have to m. bef 1668, and probably more like 1658. That would have to be Olive (Sr)
However, if they had 5 children in Dec 1676, then why would the 10/7/1675 will of John HARDY (Jr, if I'm right) refer to "daug Olive Driver, w/o Giles Driver . . . [and] daug Olive Driver's 2 children"? Surely she didn't bear triplets in the interval.
Jerry Enfield has solved this problem by giving Giles an unnamed first wife and making her the mother of the 3 eldest children. That being the case, however - if Olive HARDY is Giles' 2nd wife - then there would be no need for their marriage to take place much bef 1673, in which case she could easily be Olive Jr (then 17) rather than Sr (then 33 or 35).
This question makes a difference because of Olive's subsequent childbearing career. Following the account above, after the death of Giles DRIVER in 1676, Olive m.2. 1677 John BROMFIELD and had a daughter Anne c1678, and then m.3. c1680 to Lt Col John PITT and had (another) 7 children by him. (Jerry Enfield suggests that at least 4 of these children were by John's first wife, Sarah MOONE, and that Olive was the mother of only 3.)
If Olive HARDY is the mother of all the children attributed to her, it is now 1693 or later, at which time Olive Sr would be 65 years old - rather late in life to still be having babies. Even if 4 of the PITT children are by an earlier wife, she would still be bearing 3 children in the 1680s, well past the age of 40. Olive Jr on the other hand, would only 36 years old in 1693, and even younger in the 1680s - and thus a much better fit for the dates of these children.
2 additional items: Jerry shows yet another marriage for Olive HARDY, to Rev Andrew MOORE (his 2nd) aft Jan 1702/03, and he gives her date of death as c5/31/1725. She apparently left a will that names Robert PITT and John, Henrietta, Sara, and Mary MONRO (yes, children of her last husband's 1st marriage).
I recognize that I'm extrapolating far beyond the available information, and that my reading of Olive is influenced by my belief that the 1675 will is that of John Jr, rather than John Sr. The best antidote is more information - could I ask that anyone with the (full text) of wills for John HARDY (Sr or Jr) or Giles HARDY (Sr or Jr) or Olive HARDY (Sr or Jr) please post them to the Website? I urge any of you who haven't done so to visit Jerry's website . And of course I welcome comments, corrections, and brickbats either in private or to the entire group.
Paul B Phelps, Alexandria, VA

The full text of John Hardy's Will provides us with the correct date, 10/7/1676, not 1675, & a lot of useful details on the location of John's land holdings. I wonder if any others in the group have platting software or other tools to turn this into a map?
The full text also reveals that daug Deborah had not yet m. in 1676, arguing for a younger family (& thus for John Jr, rather than John Sr). Deborah appears to have m. c1680 to Bridgeman JOYNER.
It also reveals that John JOHNSON, the grandson of Alice (Bennett Johnson) HARDY, was under age 17 & thus b. 1659-1676. This confirms her earlier m. to an unnamed JOHNSON, perhaps as early as 1635 but certainly by 1655, in order to produce a son bef 1656 (& possibly as early as 1639) who would be father to this grandson. This argues for an older Alice, possibly even b. 1613, although it doesn't help with my case for the younger John HARDY.
I'd also like to suggest a reading for some of the questionable terms in the text of the will. For example, the "draft brinded (?) ox called Swan" that John leaves to Hodges COUNCIL is probably "brindel" or brindled - tawny gray with darker spots and stripes. The "rapidr (?)" he leaves to Robert BURNETT is probably his "rapier" or sword, and the "bolt" may be a small, hand-held crossbow, although it could also be something like a cudgel or slapjack -- a club =shaped= like a short arrow or crossbow projectile. Paul B Phelps, Alexandria, VA

Reply to the "Our Fathers Fields Controversy". James Kibler states that Thomas Hardy 'the Old Pioneer" was not mentioned by Landon Bell's "Old Free State" this simply is not true. Kibler, I feel was convinced that since Samuel Hardy, s/o William Hardy of White Hall Lunenburg Co, VA was supposedly m. to Thomas Hardys oldest daug Elizabeth; & since William & Thomas Hardy were neighbors on the Big Hounds Creek in Lunenburg Co that they must be brothers also. William Hardy, my 5th grgrfather & Thomas Hardy were only distant cousins, & of different generations. Williams grgrfather was John Hardy b. 1613; while Thomas' grgrgrfather was John Hardy b. 1613. I feel the Belinda Hughes findings on the De Hardy Family which match with Landon Bell's pretty well show this to be true. Craig W Hardy

I believed that the John Hardy will (prob 9 June 1677) was that of John Hardy II 1632-1677. I was simply going by the dates and the authors of Hardy and Hardie Past and Present and other secondary sources seemed to have gone on that same theory. Why would it be John Hardy Sr when we have that he died in 1670? My question is where would a person look for the elusive John Hardy, Sr b. c1613 will? Would it be in England since it hasn't appeared in the VA Records yet. I'm new at this and I'm just asking? Right now I have two Olive Hardy's, One the child of John Sr married to John Pitt, and one child from John Jr the wife of Giles Driver and John Bromfield. According to the documentation below they are one and the same. Bennetta Elliott

January 15, 1999
From the six following books which mention JOHN HARDY & OLIVE COUNCIL being m. 1632, I am accepting that fact:
The Old Free State by Landon Covington Bell, p 216
Hardy Family History by American Genealogical Research Institute 1978, p 28
Colonial Families of the Southern States of America by Stella Pickett Hardy, p 261
Our Fathers' Fields by Prof. James Everette Kibbe
Hodges Council of VA and Descendants by Judson Council, p 16
Historical Southern Families V.4 by John Bennett Boddie
Olive Council's parents were John Council and Elizabeth Drake. She was b. 1615 d. 1675.
From "Colonial Families of the Southern States of America":
John Hardy m. Olive Council, 1632 and had among other issue: (p.261-262)
1. John Jr. made a will Oct 7, 1676, probated June 9, 1677; names his wife, Alice Hardy, Daughters, Olivia Driver, Lucy Council and Deborah Hardy. He m. Alice Johnson, a widow. They had: Olive m. Giles Driver; Lucy m. Hodges Council; Ann m. Robert Burnett; Isabel m. William Mayo; Deborah-untraced
2. Olive m. John Pitt
3. George b. 1622
4. Richard b. 1640
[Thomas b. 1635 (someone wrote this with ink in the book) Is he one of the children?]
Please note that Landon C. Bell's book: "The Old Free State" indicates the same four children for John Sr. & Olive; as well as the same five children for John Jr & Alice.
So, that means that the will of John Hardy was John, Jr.'s will. His three daughters were mentioned in the will, as well as the son-in-laws, and grandchildren. Not sure why the daughter, Isabel wasn't mentioned.
From the book of "Hodges Councill of Virginia and Descendants", p16 (will on p17)
4th - "Mrs. Chapman 'THINKS' John Hardy b. 1613, 'married (after the death of his first wife) Alice, who was a widow Johnson.' His children are obviously by his first wife. He had sons who preceded him to Virginia with his brother George Hardy, who left them large bequests, which explains why he did not name them in his will."
I realize that Stella Hardy Pickett helped Landon Bell write the Hardy portion of his book and she wrote the Colonial Families of the Southern States of America. However, after reading the will of JOHN HARDY many times, I've come to the conclusion that it was John Jr's will. In Pickett's book, it states that the will was written 1676 and probated 1677. John SR died in 1670 so he couldn't possibly have written the will.
In view of the above facts, I will correct my Hardy data accordingly. Unless someone can come up with a more verifiable conclusion. Lila of VA

In view of the following I believe Lucy Hardy's birth was c1650. Her dau Lucy Council's b. c1675, approximately the same as her husband, Richard Wooten Jr, birth. I'm very interested in the comments from others researching the Hardy/Council/Wooten lines.

1. In 1676 Lucy Hardy was married and the mother of three children when John Hardy in his LWT identified her and named her husband, Hodges Councill. (IOW WB2 p146). The three children were later identified as Christian, Hodges Jr and Lucy.
2. Lucy's husband, Hodges Council (Sr) b. c1653 based on the fact that he acquired land in his own right in 1674 (IOW DB1, p.30). In 1674 a man could witness wills, deeds, etc, but was considered a minor and could not own land until he reached the age of 21.
3. Lucy was probably about 3-4 years younger than her husband.
4. In 1703, Lucy's 2d dau, Lucy Council b. c1675l m. Richard Wooten (Jr) (IOW DB 4 p98). Richard b. c1675 (between 1672-1680). Lucy Council Wooten was probably an infant when her grandfather, John Hardy died.
Lucy Hardy d. 1682-1699. She relinquished her dower rights to a gift of land deed to Lucy Vick, dau of Joseph Vick in 1682 (IOW W&DB 1 p480), but was not alive when her husband, Hodges Council, died in 1699 (IOW WB2 p419)
Martha Lackey


Will of John Hardy dated 10/7/1676

John Hardy (1613-70), from Eng. to Va.; owner of the famous Hardy Mill; said to have been burgess, 1641-52; granted 1150 acres in Isle of Wight Co. 1666; m. 1632, Olive Council (d post 1670) (The Compendium of American Genealogy, Immigrant Ancestors, edited by Frederick Adams Virkus, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc, Baltimore, 1980, p.36)

John Hardy of Bedfordshire, Eng, born 1613, died 1670, came from England to Virginia about 1666, and was granted land in Isle of Wight County. (Wurt’s Magna Charta, John S. Wurts, Germantown, PA, 1947, p.2133)

Lucy Hardy was "daughter of John & alice Hardy. John Hardy was the son of John and Olive (Council) Hardy who were married between 1620 and 1630." [Worth S. Ray "The Bryan Family" as quoted in "Bryant Backtrails" Kemma Publ Co, Evansville, IN Vol 2 #1&2 (Jan-June 1970), p 21]

Sarah Jackson (Elizabeth, Alice Pierce) married Arthur Smith II, who with his wife gave to George Hardy deeds for the land on Blackwater in Isle of Wight County, 1666, the deeds reciting that Sarah, wife of Arthur Smith II and Mary the wife of George Hardy were daughters of Richard Jackson and granddaughters of Alice Bennett.(R, Isle of Wight Co, W & D, #1 pp 69, 70, Val Pps II 595)

John Hardy, will probated 1677, came before 1654 to Virginia with his brother, George Hardy. He was a member of the House of Burgesses in 1668, and a Justice of the County Court about 1675. He married Alice Bennett, the widow Johnson, daughter of Thomas Bennett and Alice, widow Pierce. Thomas Bennett was born in Wilvescombe, Co, Somerset, England, and died in Virginia after 1632, having come on the Neptune in 1618, a member of the House of Burgesses from Mulberry Island in 1632. (Wurt’s Magna Charta, John S Wurts, Germantown, PA, 1947, p.2133)

John Pitt’s wife was the relict of Mr. Giles Driver, and gave her dau Hardy five sheep, one young mare &e, warranting sd. mare to her the sd. Hardy Driver: Deed 8 July, 1680. (VA Land Records. Abstracts from Isle of Wight County Deeds & Other Records. Vital Records #1, 1600s-1800s. Broderbund Software's Family Archive CD #174)

2 Dec 1710...John Councell of Newport Parish to John Mackmiall of the same...300 acres in Newport Parish(being land John Hardy of the lower parish willed to his dau.Lucy Councell who was the mother of the said John Councell and left it to him) on the southeast side of John Fulgram Swamp adjoining William Westray and William Joyner. Wit: William Greene,Henry Pitt and John Councell Thomas Cutchan Rec. 26 Feb 1710 (ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY VIRGINIA DEEDS 1647-1719, COURT ORDERS1693-1695, and GUARDIAN ACCOUNTS1740-1767 by William Lindsay Hopkins p.100, IW DB 2 1704-1715 pg. 171)

"Hodges Council made his will in Isle of Wight 1699. He married Lucy daughter of John Hardy, Justice of the County Court, about 1675..Hodges Council, in his will of 1699, mentions daughter Christian wife of Edward Bryan." [Boddie, Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight, page 216]

For info on John Hardy b. 1613 in England who married Olive Council p. 216
Son, Richard Hardy born 1640 d. 1734 m. Mary Vincent - p. 218
Son, Richard Hardy, jr. b. 1699 m. Mary Covington - p.219
Son, William Hardy (was in military service - DAR link) - p. 220
Son, Covington Hardy m. 1767 Catherine Beuford p.222
Son, Miles Hardy b. 15 Jan 1777 m. 22 Nov 1803 Hannah Pettus p. 225
Son, Robert Hardy b. 1810 m. Mary Marable - p. 238
('The Old Free State' by Landon Bell)

HARDY, John: Leg. daughter Olive Driver, wife of Giles Driver; daughter Lucy Councill, wife of Hodges Councill; daughter Debora Hardy; daughter Olive Driver's two children; daughter Lucy Councill's three children; my wife's grandchild John Johnson; son-in-law Robert Burnett; William Mayo. Wife Alice Extx. D. October 7, 1675. R. June 9, 1677. Wit: Richard Rennalds, Will Jenkins. (IOW Will & Deed Book 2, p146; abstracted by Blanche Adams Chapman, Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, 1647-1800 (Smithfield VA: 1938; reprint Baltimore MD: Genealogical Publishing Co, 1975)

Olive Hardy, d/o John Hardy named in her father's 1676 will as married to Giles Driver and mother of Driver children was married 3X's. Olive Hardy m1 Giles Driver Children: Robert, Charles, Giles Jr, John, and daug. Hardy Driver. Giles Driver's will was probated on 9 June 1677, wife Olive was sole executrix. His nephew, John Council, and newphew-in-law, Richard Wooten (husband of Lucy Council) appraised Giles' estate. (W&DB 2, p.146) (IOW Great Bk, p.133-4). Olive Driver, relict of Giles Driver m2 John Bromfield in 1677 (W&DB1, p.431 & W&DB 2, p.454). They had a daug. Anne Bromfield (IOW WB2, p.225/appraisal of Bromfield estate). Anne is identified in her step-father's, John Pitt's (IOW W&DB 2, p.454). Olive Bromfield, relict of John Bromfield m3 Lt. Col. John Pitt and had 7 children: Robert, Sarah, John Jr., Prudence, Henry, Mary and James Pitt (Pitt's will proved on 9 Jan 1703)

IOW Court Orders: "Olive Bromfield deposes, age 31, that in May last she was at home with her husband at supper, also Robert Savage and his wife and Thomas Ashe and Eliz. Ash.... this 9th day, 10th month, 1679"

Will of Giles Driver: Sons Robert, Charles, Giles, John, dau Hardy Driver; wife sole executor. Dated 29 1676; 9 June 1677 (Isle of Wight County records)

"John Pitt's wife was the relict of Mr Giles Driver, and gave her dau. Hardy five sheep, one young mare &c., warranting the sd. mare to her the sd. Hardy Driver: Deed 8 July 1680" (Isle of Wight County Records; William & Mary's College Quarterly--JSTOR demo database)

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