Age: 22

MARINE: James graduated from Paris Island, SC on 11/15/2000 to serve as a US Marine
Rank: Lance Corporal
James finally gained 5 pounds while at boot camp, he's up to a whopping 125 pounds!!!

SOCCER: 1987-1996

CROSS COUNTRY: 1998, #1 runner on Varsity High School Team,
#1 runner in Tri-County Area, #16 runner in the State

CROSS COUNTRY: 1999, #1 runner on the Varsity High School Team, #1 runner in the county

WRESTLING: 1996-1999 #3 wrestler on Varsity High School Team, #5 Wrestler at Regionals
1996: 103 lb class, 1997: 103 lb class, 1998: 112 lb Class; 1999: 119 lb class

Occupation: Diesel Mechanic
Loves to rollerblade, hike and bicycle
Drove: 1997 Camero until the accident on 9/14/2002
Pictures of car after accident:
Car 1
Car 2
Car 3
Car 4
News Article about crash

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