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State of IN, Daviess Co Probate Court, Jan Term 1832

The court being sufficiently advised and informs that there are 3 heirs of the estate of the late George Gregory, Dec to wit: Letty Gregory, now the wife of Green McCafferty, Robert Gregory, & Sarah Ann Gregory, the 2 latter being infants, under the age of 21 yrs, the said Robert Gregory being over the age of 14 yrs, comes into court and makes choice of the said Green McCafferty for his guardian. Therefore it is ordered that the said Green McCafferty be and is hereby appointed guardian for the said Robert Gregory & Sarah Ann Gregory, infant of the said George Gregory deceased. Whereupon the said Green McCafferty took upon himself the and sworn unto and acknowledged his bonds in the amount of $800 with Jeremiah Gregory & Thomas McCafferty as his security conditionairs as the court directs. Therefore, the said Green McCafferty is hereby authorized to take upon himself the first aforesaid.
I, John Vanthrop, Clerk of the Circuit and probate Court will and for the County and state aforesaid do hereby certify that the above is a true copy of the record of the probate Court in relation to the appointment of guardians for the orphans of the said deceased.
In testimony whereof, I hence hereunto set my hand and seal to the hereunto affixed in the attached seal of said Probate Court, there being no judgement seal yet procured at Washington 1/12/1832.
John Vanthrop, County Clerk, DPG (Daviess Probate Seal) (Probate Record, 3/2/1832 Daviess Co, IN & Union Co, SC)

The small village of Glendale near Daviess Co southern border has many fine attributes. The area's fertile soil, bountiful game and woodlands offered promise to settlers of the early 1800s.
Early area arrivals included William & Lewis Jones, from SC as early as 1812; also Christopher & Jeremiah GREGORY of SC, Daniel Jackson of NY, & Tolliver Colbert from Virginia (1819).
Green, John & Thomas McCAFFERTY, Joseph Case (1814), Robert Hayes, John Edwards, Elias Stone and Samuel Comer also had settled long before Harrison Twp's creation (1841). Green McCafferty was known for shipping products down river to New Orleans by flatboat in the 1840s, then returning by horseback via the Natchez Trace.
Glendale, about 8 mls SE of Washington, was platted into 40 lots in Feb 1866. Town planners, John Mitchell, William Wilson and William BALDWIN, were Odd Fellow Lodge officers who had great ideas for the town's future.
Steens, Arthurs, Meades, McCAFFERTYS, and other families worshipped at nearby East Union Presbyterian Church. Methodists held services in homes as early as the 1840s, then organized a congregation in 1859 which was served by circuit riders for years. Original Methodist families included Clarks, Bivins, Conleys, Webbers and more. The group met in the IOOF Hall before building a frame church in the 1890s. This church building was sold to the Masonic Lodge in 1964. (1893 murder story told often in Glendale, By Laura Ramsey, T-H Correspondent, 8/13/2003)

Biography of Franklin S Greogry
They had 15 children, William, deceased; George W of Washington; Julia Ann, the widow of Jacob White, of Washington; Laura, the widow of Spillman Jones, and later of Henry Arms, of Washington; Bennett lives at Jonesboro, AR; Melinda is the wife of James R Steen, of Washington; Alford is deceased; Mary is the wife or Perry Risley, of Oakland City, IN; Sanford also lives at Oakland City; Franklin S is the subject of this sketch; John died during the Civil War in the service of his country, an 4 children died in infancy. (History of Daviess Co, A O Fulkerson, p426)

WWI Draft Registration, 3886-3197a 9/12/1818
Enough Sherdian Gregory, RR1, Bicknell, Knox Co, IN, b. 1/14/1886, White
Roll: 1613146, Draft Board: 0
Age: 36, Occupation: Farmer
Nearest Relative: Jane M Gregory, Wife
Registration Place: Knox Co, IN
Height: Medium, Build: Slender, Eyes: Blue, Hair: Greying
Signature: Enoch Sherdian Gregory

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