Wills of the Durant Family

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Durant, Ann, Widow of George. Albemarle River. January 23, 1694. June 22,1695. Son and Executor: Thomas Durant. This is a noncupative will proven by John Northgate, John Clappar, Elenor Molines, before William Duckenfield. Clerk of the court: W. Glover. Executor qualifed in Palatine Court - John Archdale, Governor, Daniel Akenhurst, Francis _______, Benjamin Laten. Seal of the Palatine on probate. (Abstract of Wills 1690-1760. p. 105)

Durant, George. Albemarle County. October 9, 1688. April 26,1693-1694. Sons: John (1/2 of my plantation”), Thomas (“ye other half”). Nephews: George Durant, Henry Durante (son of brother John). Daughters: Sarah, Matytya, Pertyenia, and Ann Durant. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: John Philpott, Frances Hossten, John Cully. Clerk of Court: Edward Mayo.

Hatch, Anthony Perquimans Aug 1, 1726 Nov 18, 1726. Sons: Edmund and Lamb (lands lying in Neuse in the County of Bath), Anthony (“my plantation”). Lands in Alligator held in common with George Durant (brother-in-law) ordered sold. Wife & Ex.: Elisabeth. Dtr: Elisabeth Hatch. Exs: Richd. Whidby and George Durant (brother-in-law). Wit: J. Sweeny, Thomas Penrice, John Stevens, Parthenia Stevens. Proven before Richard Everard. (Grimes wills, p.156)

Nicholas Crisp, 22 Mar 1727 23 May 1727 Chowan Precinct. Grandsons: Richard Crisp (lands and plantations in Chowan precinct; plantation known by the name of Windlys; lot and warehouse in Edenton; land in Perquimans precinct known by the name of Fendals; the Island called Batts Grove), George Durant. Granddaughters: Mary Durant (plantation and lands in Perquimans precinct lying on Albemarle Sound between Norcombs and Col Harneys), Sarah Durant (“all my lands lying on Moratoke River in Bertie Precinct at and near Shauwaukee and Hennunteh containing 1120 acres); Ann Durant, Elizabeth Durant. Daughter-in-law: Elizabeth Crisp (widow of son John Crisp). Daughter: Hagar Durant. Executors: Edward Moseley & Jeremiah Vail. Wit: Willm. Williams, Humphry Robinson, James Bush. Will proven before C. Gale, C.J. (Abstract of Wills, 1690-1760, Grimes)

Durant, George. Albemarle County. May 25, 1730. September 29,1730. Son: George. Daughters: Anne Durant, Mary Durant, Sarah Durant, Elizabeth Durant. Friend: Anne Longlarther. Executors: Zebulon Clayton, Richard Whidbee (brothers). Witnesses: Thomas Snowden, Elizabeth Gibson, John Stevens. Will proven before Richard Everard. (Abstract of Wills, by Grimes)

Durant, Thomas. Perquimans Precinct. May 8, 1728. April 15, 1734. Sons: Abraham Jetnett and Aaron Moses Durant. Friend: Joshua Dicks. Wit: Zeb Clayton, John Mitchel, Peleg Rogers. Justice of the Peace: Samuel Swann. Clerk of Court: Charles Denman.

Hatch, Anthony, d. Perquimans, Sept 30, 1744 Octs Crt 1744. Sons: Antony (“my manor plantation”), John (plantation joing Solomon Snowden). Wife and Ex.: Elizabeth. Exs: Col. McArora Scarborough, Edmund Hatch (“Brother German”) Wit: T. Williams, George Durant, Sam Scollay. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. (Grimes wills)

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