HARDY FAMILY 1613-1984

by: Mrs. Mary Susan Hardy Wood

Provided by her granddaughter-in-law: Carol Wood

The name of this family both in this country and in England is variously spelled: Hardy, Hardie, Hardee. It is affirmed that this numerous family with different spellings are descended from the Norman Knight DeHardy. The family were Vikings who came into the area of Scotland belonging to the McTavish clan. They went into Ireland where a county (?was) still named Hardy. From there they went into England. The earliest Hardy for whom there is an authentic record in America was: 1. John Hardy b. 1613 d.1670 who came from England to Virginia before 1666 to Isle of Wight Co. He married Olive Council in 1632. She died after 1670. From them descended all of the persons embraced in this genealogy. (It lists the rest of the lineage which I have on my web page at: http://www.my-ged.com/hardy ).

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