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Original settlers in Newberry County were Thomas Hardy Sr & his wife, Phoebe Jeter. They had 8 children - riding on horseback from Lundenburg Co, VA down thru the woods of the Carolina to Newberry Co. They built a log cabin there. Their entourage included wagons of personal belongings, farm tools, livestock, eleven or more slaves.
They traced their ancestry to the Norman Knight le Hardi, who was the first of their name to come across from the channel from France. In Virginia the Hardys had been part of a very large and moderately prosperous family. In England, the family was notable as farmers, Horsemen.
In mid 1500 Sir John deHardy was Lord Mayor of London. He was descended from Sir John deHardy of Bedfordshire and Lady Margaret, d/o Michael de la Pole, a younger s/o the Earl of Suffolk.
Sir John, Lord Mayor, m. Lady Mary deStanley, whose ancestry included lords, ladies, the Duke of Earl & of Westmoreland. Through their parentage on the distaff side, the Hardys could thus trace their lineage to King Edward.
Sir John deHardy, Lord Mayor of London, thus gave the future Hardys of this Union claim to royal blood, no matter how distant & diluted. ("Our Fathers' Fields" by James Everett Kibler, 1998 [A Southern Story])

"John Hardy was born in England and belonged to the landed gentry. He was no doubt related to in some way to Thomas Hardy of Bradford, MA, John Hardy of Salem, MA, and Richard Hardy of Stamford, Conn." ("Hardy and Hardie, Past and Present", 1935, Authored by H Claude Hardy, PhD of White Plains, NY and Rev Edwin Noah Hardy, PhD of Greenwitch, Conn, pp236-37)

John Hardy (1613-70), from Eng to Va; owner of the famous Hardy Mill; said to have been burgess, 1641-52; granted 1150 acres in Isle of Wight Co 1666; m. 1632, Olive Council (d post 1670) (The Compendium of American Genealogy, Immigrant Ancestors, edited by Frederick Adams Virkus, Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc, Baltimore, 1980, p36)

John Hardy of Bedfordshire, Eng, born 1613, died 1670, came from England to Virginia about 1666, and was granted land in Isle of Wight County. (Wurt’s Magna Charta, John S. Wurts, Germantown, PA, 1947, p.2133)

Lucy Hardy, daughter of #11 above, was born in Isle of Wight County, VA, d. bef 1699, m. in 1670 Hodges Counil, born in England, d. in Isle of Wight Co 1699, He received grants of 1200 acres from the VA Governors and purchased 300 acres. He left two Wills on file in Isle of Wight Co, each recorded the same day in 1699, with the same people mentioned in both, but with a different division of land between heirs. He was possibly the s/o John Council who m. second in 1666 Alice, widow of Richard Jeffries. (Magna Charta, Part VII by John S Wurts of Germantown, Philadelphia, PA, 1954, Brookfield Publishing Co, p2137).

Lucy Hardy was "daughter of John & alice Hardy. John Hardy was the son of John and Olive (Council) Hardy who were married between 1620 and 1630." [Worth S. Ray "The Bryan Family" as quoted in "Bryant Backtrails" Kemma Publ Co., Evansville, Ind. vol. 2 #1&2 (Jan-June 1970), page 21.]

Thomas Hardy, who was one of twelve men specially chosen by Governor Winthrop of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1633 to settle a plantation at Agawam, now Ipswich, signed a protest against the departure of John Winthrop, Jr., to go to Connecticut soon after the settlement was completed, and became a most influential citizen. His brother John, of Salem, Massachusetts, was Town Clerk in 1674... ("Hardy and Hardie, Past and Present", 1935, Authored by H. Claude Hardy, Ph.D. of White Plains, N.Y. and Rev. Edwin Noah Hardy, Ph.D., of Greenwitch, Connecticut, excerpts from pages 18-21)

In Virginia, George Hardy, of Isle of Wight County, took an active part in public affairs. He served as a member of the House of Burgesses from 1641 to 1652. One of his descendants, Honorable Samuel Hardy, who was educated at William and Mary College and whose remains rest in Philadelphia with those of Innes, Tazwell, Macon, Reade and other gallant and patriotic Virginians, was a contemporary of George Washington. He served as a member of the House of Delegates in 1781, and was a member of the continental Congress from 1783 to 1785. He was a lawyer and his magnificent power, it is said, placed his at once in the front rank of statesmen. He was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses from 1772 to 1774... ("Hardy and Hardie, Past and Present", 1935, Authored by H. Claude Hardy, Ph.D. of White Plains, N.Y. and Rev. Edwin Noah Hardy, Ph.D., of Greenwitch, Connecticut, excerpts from pages 18-21)

Mary Jackson (Elizabeth, Alice Pierce) to whom, with her sister Sarah, their grandmother deeded 150 acres of land in Isle of Wight county, 1647, married Captain George Hardy, who in 1648 had patented land across the creek from Alice Bennett. George Hardy, who made a deposition 9 April 1670 stating that he was 37 years of age, named I his will, 5 March 1693/94 - 9 June 1696, Isle of Wight two sons, two daughters and grandchildren. (Adventurers of Purse and Persons VA 1607-1625, Compiled and edited by Annie Lash Jester, 1956, p.271)

George Hardy, (1633-1693), from Eng. to Isle of Wight Co, VA., c1660; burgess, 1642-52; m. Mary Jackson (The Compendium of American Genealogy, Immigrant Ancestors, edited by Frederick Adams Virkus, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc, Baltimore, 1980, p.36)

Captain George Hardy came from England before his parents about 1650. He was the owner of the Old Hardy Mill in Isle of Wight County, which is still standing. He owned large estates in both Isle of Wight and Surry Counties and had an interest in several vessels. He was a liberal supporter of the established Church. (Hardy and Hardie Past and Present, H. Claude Hardy and Rev. Edwin Noah Hardy, The Syracuse Typesetting Co., Syracuse, NY 1935, pp.238-239)

Sarah Jackson (Elizabeth, Alice Pierce) married Arthur Smith II, who with his wife gave to George Hardy deeds for the land on Blackwater in Isle of Wight County, 1666, the deeds reciting that Sarah, wife of Arthur Smith II and Mary the wife of George Hardy were d/o Richard Jackson and granddaughters of Alice Bennett.(R, Isle of Wight Co, W & D, #1 pp.69, 70, Val. Pps. II 595)

John Hardy received a grant for 1150 acres of land in the Isle of Wight County in 1666. He was a prominent, influential citizen and churchman. (Hardy and Hardie Past and Present, H. Claude Hardy and Rev. Edwin Noah Hardy, The Syracuse Typesetting Co., Syracuse, NY 1935, pp.236-237)

Thomas Hardy (1670-1710/11) ingerited the famous Hardy Mill. He had large estates in Isle of Wight and Surry Counties. He took a prominent and active interest in religious and public affairs. (Hardy and Hardie Past and Present, H Claude Hardy & Rev Edwin Noah Hardy, The Syracuse Typesetting Co, Syracuse, NY 1935, p239)

John Hardy m. Olive Council, 1632 and had among other issue: 1. John Jr. made a will Oct 7, 1676, probated June 9, 1677; names his wife, Alice Hardy, Daughters, Olivia Driver, Lucy Council and Deborah Hardy He married Alice Johnson, a widow. They had: Olive m. Giles Driver; Lucy m. Hodges Council; Ann m. Robert Burnett; Isabel m. William Mayo; Deborah-untraced. 2. Olive m. John Pitt 3. George b. 1622 4. Richard b. 1640 ("Colonial Families of the Southern States of America", by Stella Pickett Hardy, p261-262)

HARDY, John: Leg. daughter Olive Driver, wife of Giles Driver; daughter Lucy Councill, wife of Hodges Councill; daughter Debora Hardy; daughter Olive Driver's two children; daughter Lucy Councill's three children; my wife's grandchild John Johnson; son-in-law Robert Burnett; William Mayo. Wife Alice Extx. D. 10/7/1675. R. 6/9/1677. Wit: Richard Rennalds, Will Jenkins. (IOW Will & Deed Book 2, p146; abstracted by Blanche Adams Chapman, Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight County, VA 1647-1800 (Smithfield VA: 1938; reprint Baltimore MD: Genealogical Publishing Co, 1975)

Olive Hardy, d/o John Hardy named in her father's 1676 will as married to Giles Driver and mother of Driver children was married 3X's. Olive Hardy m1 Giles Driver Children: Robert, Charles, Giles Jr, John, and daug Hardy Driver. Giles Driver's will was probated on 9 June 1677, wife Olive was sole executrix. His nephew, John Council, and newphew-in-law, Richard Wooten (husband of Lucy Council) appraised Giles' estate. (W&DB 2, p.146) (IOW Great Bk, p.133-4). Olive Driver, relict of Giles Driver m2 John Bromfield in 1677 (W&DB1, p.431 & W&DB 2, p.454). They had a daug Anne Bromfield (IOW WB2, p225/appraisal of Bromfield estate). Anne is identified in her step-father's, John Pitt's (IOW W&DB 2, p454). Olive Bromfield, relict of John Bromfield m3 Lt Col John Pitt and had 7 children: Robert, Sarah, John Jr, Prudence, Henry, Mary and James Pitt (Pitt's will proved on 1/9/1703)

"John Pitt's wife was the relict of Mr Giles Driver, and gave her dau Hardy five sheep, one young mare &c., warranting the sd. mare to her the sd. Hardy Driver: Deed 8 July 1680" (Isle of Wight County Records; William & Mary's College Quarterly--JSTOR demo database)

John Hardy, will probated 1677, came before 1654 to Virginia with his brother, George Hardy. He was a member of the House of Burgesses in 1668, and a Justice of the County Court about 1675. He married Alice Bennett, the widow Johnson, daughter of Thomas Bennett and Alice, widow Pierce. Thomas Bennett was born in Wilvescombe, Co., Somerset, England, and died in Virginia after 1632, having come on the Neptune in 1618, a member of the House of Burgesses from Mulberry Island in 1632. (Wurt’s Magna Charta, John S. Wurts, Germantown, PA, 1947, p.2133)

IOW Court Orders: "Olive Bromfield deposes, age 31, that in May last she was at home with her husband at supper, also Robert Savage and his wife and Thomas Ashe and Eliz. Ash.... this 9th day, 10th month, 1679"

2/9/1680 - "John Bromfield - Dying intestate, administration requested by his relic, Oliffe, in behalf of his orphans. Recorded 2/9/1680, Security - Col Pitt, Mr Thomas Giles"

John Pitt’s wife was the relict of Mr Giles Driver, and gave her dau Hardy five sheep, one young mare &e, warranting sd. mare to her the sd. Hardy Driver: Deed 7/8/1680. (VA Land Records. Abstracts from Isle of Wight Co Deeds & Other Records. Vital Records #1, 1600s-1800s. Broderbund Software's Family Archive CD #174)

2 Dec 1710...John Councell of Newport Parish to John Mackmiall of the same...300 acres in Newport Parish(being land John Hardy of the lower parish willed to his dau.Lucy Councell who was the mother of the said John Councell and left it to him) on the southeast side of John Fulgram Swamp adjoining William Westray and William Joyner. Wit: William Greene,Henry Pitt and John Councell Thomas Cutchan Rec. 26 Feb 1710 (ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY VIRGINIA DEEDS 1647-1719, COURT ORDERS1693-1695, and GUARDIAN ACCOUNTS1740-1767 by William Lindsay Hopkins p.100, IW DB 2 1704-1715 pg. 171)

22 Oct 1714...John Joyner to Daniel Batton...370 acres (being formerly the land of John Hardy,dec'd.,and was a patent granted said Hardy who willed it to said Joyner.) John Joyner Wit:Francis Parker,Thomas Williams and James Haelton Rec.22 Nov 1714 (ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY VIRGINIA DEEDS 1647-1719, COURT ORDERS1693-1695, and GUARDIAN ACCOUNTS1740-1767 by William Lindsay p.100 Hopkins, p. 109, IW DB 2 pg.305

"Hodges Council made his will in Isle of Wight 1699. He married Lucy daughter of John Hardy, Justice of the County Court, about 1675..Hodges Council, in his will of 1699, mentions daughter Christian wife of Edward Bryan." [Boddie, Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight, page 216]

William Hardy, (born 1727 of Isle of Wright County, Virginia, wife Mary Elizabeth Winn ) was a Revolutionary War soldier. He entered the Army on February14, 1778, and served in the company of Captain William Grimes, in the 15th Virginia Regiment commanded by Major Gustav Wallace. He was transferred in June to Lieutenant Colonel John Cropper's company, 11th and 15th Virginia Regiment, commanded successively by Lt. Col. John Cropper and Col. Daniel Morgan. He was again transferred about December of 1778 to Captain David Mason's company, 11th Virginia Regiment in which he served until February, 1779, when the company's Munter roll shows he was discharged. His will was dated 21 Oct 1790, of Lunenburg County, Virginia. (Hardys and Hardies: Past and Present, authors and compilers H Claude Hardy & Edwin Noah Hardy, Originally printed : Syracuse, NY : Syracuse Typesetting Co, 1935, p242)

Will of Richard Williams of Lunenburg, Planter to: Daughter, Ann - "I have given to my daughter, Ann on her marriage with JOHN HARDY, as much of my estate as I shall give to either of my daughters. I land her 1 Negro girl named Judith until my youngest daughter is 18 years old or marries." Wife, Agnes.
Executors were his son Nicholas Williams and son-in-law JOHN HARDY. The will was signed 1 Oct 1769 by Richard Williams (Lunenburg Co, VA Will Book 2, p61)

Peter Hardy b. 1/24/1786 made first iron mould and bored plow in New England. The original plow is on exhibition at Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC (info from Lila of VA)

13 Dec 1790 an indenture was made between John Day of Edgefield Co and JOHN HARDY of Edgefield Co for a parcel of 163 acres on Sweetwater Creek, Witnesses were: Joseph Cunningham [son-in-law of John Hardy and husband of Sarah], J Pulliam [witness for Day] and ANN HARDY. (from Carol Hardy Bryan) 14 Dec 1790 an indenture was made between John Day of Edgefield Co, SC and JOHN HARDY of [Edgefield] for 70 acres on Sweetwater Creek. Witnesses were: Joseph Cunningham, J Pulliam, and ANN HARDY. (from Carol Hardy Bryan) Part of the bequests of Richard Williams going to the children of his daughter ANN HARDY: Sarah Cunningham [husband was Joseph], Richard Hardy, Mary Anderson [husband was Allen Anderson], Daniel Hardy, Robert Hardy, Covington Hardy, John Hardy, William Hardy. (In Lunenburg Co, VA Will Book 6, 1802-1809)

Estate of Daniel Williams, Lunenburg County, Virginia recorded 12 Jan 1804
Agnes Williams [his mother]; Lucy Walker [his sister]; Martha Smithson [his sister]; Chas Love & wife Susannah [Susannah, his sister]; Orphans of Nicholas Williams now Elizabeth Wyatt; William Williams; John L Williams and children of ANN HARDY, DECD.: Joseph Cunningham & wife Sarah; Richard Hardy; Allen Anderson & wife Mary; Daniel Hardy; Robert Hardy; Covington Hardy; John Hardy; William Hardy; Eldred Williams; John Ragsdale & wife Patience; Rennison Tisdale and wife Mary. (from Carol Hardy Bryan)

1815 land tax for Lunenburg County:
Charles HARDY on Hounds Creek 8 mls E of courthouse
Henry HARDY on Hounds Creek, 7NE and 8NE
John C HARDY on Hounds Creek, 8NE
Stith HARDY estate, in possession of Catherine HARDY, on Hounds Creek, 9NE
Vincent HARDY on Hounds Creek, 8NE

Henry Thomas Stainback Hardy's farm was called Wattsboro. His wife, Mary Campell Wilson Hardy ran the Wattsboro post office for 47 years out of her livingroom of her house after the Wattsboro Country store owned by Dr. Boswell burned down in 1890. The Wilson farm that Mary Campell came from is right across the road from Reedy chapel. This area of Lunenburg County was known as Loves Mill. A mile down Reedy Creek towards Wattsboro and on way back in the woods is the family plot of Charles Madison Hardy and his decendents both Hardy and Hawthorne.
The first family home in Lunenburg of all the Hardys is White Hall located 1 mile west of Kenbridge off Rt 652 on Big Hounds Creek. William (15th Virginia Regiment Revolutionary War) son of Richard II Hardy is buried in the family plot behind the house. His son Covington is also buried here and so is William Hardy's wife Mary Elizabeth Wynne. Covinton Hardy son of William added to the house and his son Vincent Hardy built directly across the Big Hounds Creek from Whitehall and named his plantation Breezy Valley. Covington Hardy's son Henry Hardy Inherited White Hall. (Craig W Hardy, great grandson of Henry Thomas Stainback Hardy)

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