Census Records for the Hardy Family

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1850 Census, Savannah River Regiment Dist of Abbeville, SC, Enumerated 8/5/1850
Gallant Hardy 46 M W Farmer 756 real Estate Value
Lucinda W Hardy 48 F W Wife
Samuel 19 W M Farmer
Jane 17 F W
Robert 15 M W Student - Attended School
Susannah 13 F W - attended School
John 11 M W - attended school
Julian 11 M W - attended School
William 9 M W - attended school
Elija 5 F W

1860 Census Talladega Co, Middle Ridge Twp, AL p898
Gallant Hardy 57, M Farmer, $600 Real Estate, $3600 Personal, SC
Lucinda Hardy, 60, F, SC
Robert Hardy, 23, M, laborer, SC
Julia Hardy, 22, F, SC
Gallant Hardy, 14, M, SC

1860 Census Talladega Co, Middle Ridge Twp, AL p898
Wilson Hardy, 17, M, farmer, SC, married within the year
Viny Hardy, 26, F, GA, married within the year

1870 Census, Ashland, Clay Co, AL p31, Enumerated 7/26/1870
Gallant Hardy, 76, M W farmer 600 estate value 321 personal estate value, SC
Elizabeth A, 36 F W Keeps House, AL
Patinus L, 3, M W
Charles C, 1, M W

1870 Census, city of Ashland, Clay Co, AL p2
Wilkins, Wm W 55, maile, white, retail grocer, 680 estate value, 650 personal, GA
V A, 30 female, white, keep house, GA
Elizal, 30, male, white, GA
N L, 13, Male, white, son, AL
A C, 1 mail, White, Son, AL
Hardy, J E, 8 stepson to WW Wilkins, male, white, AL
Hardy, Nancy, 6 step daughter, female, white, AL

1880 Census, city of Ashland, Clay Co, AL p3, 6/1/1880
Wilkins, Wm W, W, M, 65 farmer, GA, GA, GA
Vina A, w, f, 40, wife, keeps house, GA, SC, SC
Ashland, w, m, 11, son, AL, GA, GA
John S, w, m, 8 son, AL, GA, GA
Sallie E, w, f, 6 daughter, AL, GA, GA
Cora L, w, f, 5, daughter, AL, GA, GA

1880 Census, city of Ashland, Clay Co, AL p2
Hawkins, John, w, m, 70, farmer, SC, SC, SC
Poley, w, f, wife, 65, keeps house, SC, SC, SC
James T, w, m, son, 24, farmer, GA, SC, SC
Nancy, w, f, son's wife, 18, keeps house, AL, SC, GA

1880 Census, Clark Twp, Pike Co, AR p457 June 1880
Gallant Hardy W M 76, farmer, can't read or write, SC
Elizabeth A, W F 46, Wife, keeping house, AL
Paulinus, W, M, 14 son, labor on farm, AL
Charles, W M 11 son, at home, AL
Fannie, W F 9 Daughter, at home, AL
Cornelius, W, M, 3 son, at home, AL
James, W, M, 1, son, At home, AL

1900 Census, Bowie Co
Hawkins, James T, head, w, m, Feb 1857, 43, m, 21
Lue L, wife, w, f, Aug 1863, 36, m, 21
Mollie, Dau, w, f, Dec 1881, 18, s
Janie, Dau, W, f, Jan 1884, 15, s
Daisie, Dau, w, f, Sep 1884, 14, s
Tamage, son, w, m, July 18888, 11, s
William, son, w, m, June 1891, 8, s
Samuel, son, w, m, May 1894, 6, s
Gradie L, son, w, m, Mar 1897, 3, s
Beatrice, gr dau, w, f, June 1898, 1, s

1920 Census - Newton Co, MO; E D 149 (Neosho City, Ward 2), sht 7A, 321 Wood St, Household 539/570
Jacob B Thompson, head, male, White, Age 40, married, MO, MO, MO, Jitney Driver, Taxi Line
Vona, wife, Female, White, Age 37, married, KY, KY, KY

1920 Census - Newton Co, MO; E D 150 (Neosho City, Ward 3), sht 2B, 904 N High St, Household 797/938
Wilford D Hardy, Head, Male, White, Age 31, married, MO, US, US, Salesman, Retail Grocery
Lula; Wife, Female, White, Age 23, married, MO, TN, MO
Martha; daughter, Female, White, Age 3, Single, MO, MO, MO
Harold; son, Male, White, Age 1 6/12, Single, MO, MO, MO

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