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Kimbrol was born December 8, 1801 in Chatham County, North Carolina. He was the first son of Robert (Bobbie) and Rebecca “Weathers” Council. He married Ada Yates December 26, 1826. Ada was born in 1808, she is the daughter of Matthew Tyson and Elizabeth “Wimberly” Yates. Kimbrol and Ada lived about a mile and a half from Bobbie and Rebecca. Kimbrol was a merchant and a farmer. He was a tall and strong man. He carried water in “pigins” bucket like wooden containers with staves and no handles. Water was brought in each day from springs that were some distance from the house. (This information came from Irma Ragen Holland a descendent of Robert Council)

Ada “Yates” Council was a very religious women. She was a member of the Mt Pisagh Baptist Church for 46 years. Kimbro, himself was an elder in the Church and is mentioned in the church minutes.

The first time I find Kimbrol in in the 1810 census for Chatham County as the 9 year old son of Robert Council. In the 1850 census he is 48 years old with his family and life looks pretty good.

In 1850 it is called Chatham County, Lower Regiment. This is the census as I find it, spelling Council as Counsill.

Counsill, Kimbro 48 Farmer 1,200
Counsill, Adia 42
Counsill, George 10 Laborer
Counsill, Carolyn 07
Counsill, Calvin 11 Laborer
Counsill, Albert 09 Laborer
Counsill, Paskill 19 Laborer
Counsill, Robert 05
Counsill, Artilla 01
Counsill, Dorsey 22 Laborer
Counsill, Matthew 15 Laborer

Here you see the whole family working and Kimbro has a good value for the times. Robert and Rebecca are here too;

Counsill, Robt 78 Farmer 460
Counsill, Rebecah 70

There is a discrepancy in age as 11 years later Robert reports his age as 92. I think in those days age was not verified, there were no birth certificates, but this is the right Robert.

By 1860 Kimbro is gone by such a tragic means and Adia, his wife is left alone to raise a family. Her faith was strong and it would need to be as the Civil War was coming.

Counsill, Adia 50 Farmer 800 900
Counsill, George 18 Laborer
Counsill, Robert 14 Laborer
Councill, Artilla 12 At Home
Counsill, Ofelia 09 At Home

The year 1862 Ada Counsill’s sons George, Calvin, Albert, Paskill, Robert, Dorsey, And Matthew joined in the efforts of The Confederate States of America. What a time it must have been for her. Her son George Counsill died and never returned, Paskill Counsill killed in Civil War, Matthew Counsill killed in the Civil War, Calvin Counsill killed in Civil War, Robert was wounded, but he did return after signing Oath of Allegiance.

In 1870 I find Ada in Pittsboro as it was called than. She was a tobacco farmer with a land value of $600 and personal estate of $100. She is there with daughters Artilla who is 21 years and had not yet married Duncan Sears, and Jane Counsill who is 19.

Ada “Yates” Counsill died 25 March 1882, one year before my grandfather was born. What an amazing women. She was 74 years old.

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