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Book 1 Henrico Co VA Records p144 2/1/1685
To all whom these presents may come, Greetings & C: Where as John Clyborn late of this Co of Henrico in VA decd did die intestate and leave an estate behind him in divers goods and chattels & where as Mary ye widow and relect of ye sd. John Clyborn did at ye court holden in Varina for this county of Henrico ye 18 day Jan last past on her own behalf obtain an order of ye comisson of administration to be granted her on ye sd decd's estate and whereas there is a clause in an act of _________ made at Green Springs Ac (D) 1676 wch. impowers any Town Justice of ye Quorum in their respected counties to sign probates & letters of administration now know ye that by virtue of ye sd ___________ of __________ we Thomas Cocke & Richard Cocke Senr. , Gents two of his majesties Justices of ye Pease in Quarum for ye above sd County of Henrico doe (for ________ better ordering and securing ye estate of ye sd decd.) according to ye sd order of ye court give & grant unto ye sd Mary Clyborn ye admcon (administration) of all and singular ye Goods & Chattels of ye decd's estate of what nature quality or condicion ___________ they be _______ whose _______ custody they doe remain with full power authority to act & doe in all matters & cases in as large & ample manner to all intents and purposes as by law (as Admx. of ye decd's.)she is impowered to doe , & we doe by these presents order ,& appoint ye sd Mary Clyborn at ye next Court held for this county to present unto them upon oath a true & perfect inventory of ye sd estate taken according to law & further that (as for as assets) she doe pay all debts as are due or owing from ye sd decd,s. estate unto any person or persons whatsoever which if (after such debts are paid) any surplusage remain that she give a true & perfect account of when _____________ to law fully required given under our hand this first day of Feb. 1685 Recorded Feb 1685
(signed) wit. John Randolph, Thomas Cocke, Richard Cocke
p253 recorded Feb 1685/86
An inventory of John Clyborn's estate taken by Littlebury Epes, Subscribed 11/17/1685. 1 Bed-1 Rug-1 Sheet-& 1 bolster and Pillow
1 feather bed bolster and pillow - 400
3 canvis sheets -old - 00
1 canvis bed filled with cattails and turkey feathers - 20
1 small ------------------------- 00
1 small table & chairs - 50
5 swine- 1 Fox (?) - 300
Total bt. over - 770
2 cows 2 heafers 1 yearling - 1000
4 puter dishes old-1 plate-8 spoons - 60
1 old tankard & 2 saucers - 10
1 small iron pot & hooks - 30
2 small chairs & pot - 120
1 spice mortar & pessle - 20
1 Lock--- ---- ---- - 40
1 old dirolas (?) table cloth & 2 pillows - 10
2 ------ & 8 shirt (?) - 30
28 ---t cups -- ---- ditto - 75
brought over - 2180
brought forward - 2180
1 spinning wheel - n/v
3 sowes - 120
1 Indian reed baskett - 10
1 silk grassac-d - 5
1 old broadcloth coat & 1 leather waist coat lined with cotton - 5
1 old cotton hat 1 old felt - 5
2 smoothing irons 1 brush-old - 10
1 horse and old saddle - 600
1 verry old trunk and box - n/v
1 ----- tub and 2 barrels - 50
1 child's waist coat & 1 ------ - n/v
1 dintart (?) 1 piercer 2 awls - 50
2 pales and 2 half tubs - 30
1 harrow 1 hatch (?) all old - 3
4 narrow hoes and 2 broad all old - 5
2 pr leather gloves 4 old poningers (?) - 8
1 pr wool cords ---- 1 small kettle - 15
1 ----- sauce pan 1 bead tray (?)
1 milk ditto10 1 small trunk and 2 towells - 20
1 canoe ----- breack(h)es & coat white - 40
....candle stick & 1 pr.old sheep shears - 5
carried over 3116
brought over 3116
1 ducking bag 1 bed spread 2 hides (?)- 10
1 old chamber pot and 3 or 4 lbs of feathers-new - 30
about 1 1/2 lbs yarn & 2 pr knitting needles --
1 old spiggot 1 old faucett 1 old craddle --
15 yds ------ 1 new meal sifter 1 old ditto --
1 hominy sifter --
2 hives of bees & 1 qt honey - 5
1 old frying pan & 15 old pickling jars - 15
1 pr old andirons & 3 1/2 ---- 5 yds ribbon - 30
100 10 d nails --
4 1 pr old sissors 1 old curry comb --
1/4 m pins (?) 2 old broken chair frames -
1 grindstone all old --
about 2 1/2 lbs wool 1 black half knife old (?)- 10
1 servent maid about 13 mos to serve - 10
2 sets of quilt pieces & shirt buttons - 4
1 whet stone but-- set in puter --
2 pr verry old silver shirt buttons - 2
1 claw hammer - 10
Total 3246

In obedience to ye order of ye court we met at ye house of John Clyborn and have appraised his estate except 1 bedd and 1 rugg, 1 pr kiddiminster curtains and valance, 1 blanket,1 pr sheets bedstead and pillow all old, 1 dishes, 1 pot left to ye widow. Appraised by John Stewart, Giles Carter, Will Hobson, and Daniel Price. After debts paid, remainder to be divided between wife and two children. Inventory sworn to by Mary Clyborn Executrix.
Sworn before me Richard Cocke, Henrico Court
Appraised by Cocke the whole is 3246
Jno.Stewart 2 -------- + 636
Mary Cliborn
Giles Carter 3882
Ye admx swears to this inventory, Will Hobson, Danl Price in open court wit: John Randolph recorded (all the above figures were in pounds of tobacco)

Order Book 1678-1693 page 301 - 1/18/1685 Upon the peticin of Mary Clyborn order for comission of admn:cin granted her on estate of her late husband Jno Clyborn decd. she giving security according to law. Abra: Womeck & Edward Stratton Jun enter themselves for (for Mary Cliborn) securities for her due adm: cin in ye estate of Jno. Cliborn decd. Giles Carter, Daniel Price, Jno Stewart (of Curls) & William Hobson are appointed on Tuesday next to appraise ye estate of Jno Clyborn decd & Mr. Rich'd Cocke is hereby to swear them

Henrico Court Record Book 2, 1678/93 Feb. 1685 Judgement is granted to Capt. Cocke plt agt Mary Clyborn adminstryx of Jno Clyborn decd for eight hun'd twenty eight pds tobacco & casq according to seperately dated September 10th 1685 no part of which hath been yet rec'd as appears by ye plts oath in court) als exec

Henrico Court Record Book 2, p211 June 1686 In the suit comenced (pr writt of Sicre Facias) pr Mr. Cha. Blanchvile plt agt Mary Cliborn Admr of John Clyborn decd for four hund fifty pds of tob and casq & sixty one pds of tob costs being a judgm't obtained agt ye decd in his life time the plt upon oath ye said order; upon wch judgmt is rendered agt ye sd admm'r for one hundthirty eight pds of tob & casq being ye ballance. als exec.

Order Book 1678-1693 p214 8/2/1686 Petetion of Jemeriah Brown, who married Elizabeth one of the daughters of Thomas Shippy , dec'd. granted - Mr Francis Epps and Mr. John Worsham to deliver what is due him in right of his wife from Mrs Martha Shippy , Adm'x. --recorded-(Thomas Cliborn's foster parents)

Order Book 1678-1693 page 224 December 1688 - Upon the petition of Edward Stratton Jun and Abraham Womeck secureties for ye widow Clyborn's due adm:con they are released from their bond for the same - she is ordered to enter new securities. Thomas Holmes and Timothy Allen in ye court enter themselves for ye widow Clyborn's due adm:con on ye estate of her husband John Cliborn decd.

Order Book 1678-1693 p228 1688 - Rich:d newcomb being ye last court order'd to present & acct made up of ye debts & credits of ye estate of Jno Clyborn decd wch not having perfected ye list of debts he offer'd is return'd & respite given him until ye next court to complete the acc:t.

Order Book 1678-1693 Feb 1688 Rich'd Newcomb not appearing according to ye court order of this court formerly made to present an acc:t made up (debts & cred) of ye estate of Jno Cliborn dec'd the same is referr'd until ye next court. 3June 1689 page 301 Rich Newcomb did this day exhibit in writing an Acc:D: & Cred: of ye estate of John Clyborn dec'd according to Order of Court wch sd acct was this day examin'd & allow'd of.

Order Book 1678-1693 page 224 1 Aug 1687 Timothy Allen, security for the administration of Mary, relict of John Clyborn, deceased, desires to be acquited of same as said widow is now married to Thomas Newcomb 1 Aug 1689

6-1-1689 Henrico Wills and Records Book 5 p.67
Accounts of Estate of John Clyborn by Richard Newcomb, Adm'r of Thomas Newcomb, who married the adm'x of John Clyborn. The Estate of John Clyborn Decd.
To pd Mr Chas Plachevile by order of ye Court - 138; By Estate apprasil as an inventory 3882
To Pd Mr John Plesants By wrongfully pd.
by order of ye Court 2460 Mr Plesants ye To pay Mr.Richard Cocke order of ye Court G. Fee 133 w/out charge 51 To pay app'sl of Estate 120 By things left unresolved 900 To 1 gallon rum for app'sl 40 4833 To 1 ditto for funeral 40 Dr. 3562 To pd. sheriff fees for 3 by ye ballance sub'sd 30 remaining 1271 To Mr John Plesants fee for to be divided between widow and two children

Henrico County Court 6/1/1689 - Richard Newcomb administrator of Thomas Newcomb who married Admx. (Mary Clyborn) of John Clyborn decd.this day according to order of ye court appear and present ye above account and make proof of ye same w receipts VC wch was by ye court allowed of and orderd to be. (Note Mary and Thomas Newcomb both dead at this time. Did the 2 boys, John Cliborne Jr and Thomas Cliborn get the Remainder? Harold Claiborne)

Last Will and Testement of John Cliborne proved by Jonas & John Cliborne 6/6/1766 - Chesterfield Co, Va.
Will Book No 1 p547. At side of document - Clyborne Will.
In the name of God, I, John Cliborn of the county of Chesterfield - missing- To son, Jonas, 1/2 the tract I bought of Anthony Wilkinson on north side of Wintopock Creek and 1 shilling. To son John, other half of above tract, a cow and calf and 1 shilling. To son George 1/2 of the tract I live on, adjoining the house now building for him. To son Thomas, other half the tract and house I live in ________ _________ Rest of my estate divided among my 5 children: George Cliborn, Thomas Cliborn, Frances Cliborn ,Phebe Cliborn, and Ginnett Cliborn. Sons Jonas and John to be Executors. Dated 1764-proved June 1766, Witness: Joseph Ashbrook, Francis Cheatam, George Brown. (his wife, Jannett-Jean-Jane not mentioned - she was still alive she may have been in missing portion.
p548 Inventory of John Cliborne, Value L 133/7 by Thomas Bass, Jr, James Elam, Jordan Anderson. (John Sr of Dale Parish)

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