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Cases presented to the Grand Jury:
On Sun Feb 10, Mr Martin Elam Drunk ; (Continues with cases)
May 21, I see Martin Elam and Jno. Cliborn Fighting -----(case presentations continue) (Book 1 Henrico Co, Va. Court Records p19 May 1678)

By deposition John Claiborne was 21 yrs old (Will & Deed Book 1677/1692) (This John born in 1658) Deposeth--That to the best of his remembrance see (4) barrels of powder on board ye Bark. and further saith not Jno E(X) C Clyburne (Henrico Co, VA 4-1-1679 Book 1 p89)

Mary Sheppy Cliborn married John Cliborn who deposed he was 21 yrs old in 1679 (Henrico Co. Wills and Deeds 1677/92 p89) 2-10-1680 John Clyburne aged about 34 Yrs there abouts deposeth that the horse in dispute between Royal V & Major Chamberline has 3 white feet, a blaze in his face, one wall eye of an iron- grey colour-and further saith not 2/16/1680 John E (X) C Clyburne (Would have been born 1646) (Book 1 Henrico Co, Va Court Records p154)

6-1-1682 John Clyborne aged about 27 yrs deposeth that the mare in dispute between Thomas Shippy & Edward Hatcher & John Davis had a hole on the left side of her face (to the best of this depth's memory) bigg enough to put an egg in and was of a dark iron grey culler, and a slit in her left ear June 1682 John E (X) C Clyborne (would have been born 1655) (Book 1 Henrico Co, Va Court Records p217)

Order Book, Henrico Co, VA 1678-93 p244 recorded 8/1/1687 - Temothy Allen, security for the administration of Mary (Shippy) relect of John Clyborn, dec'd, desires to be acquitted of same as said widow is now married to Thomas Newcomb. Thos. Newcomb to administer estate. Henrico Record Book #2 1678-93 2/1/1688 p295 Mr Edward Stratton and Martha, the relict of Mr Edward Sratton sen. dec'd to this court each of them exhibiting a peticion agt. ye estate of Thomas Owen dec'd. The one for funeral charges --etc & cont.

Order Book, Henrico Co, VA 1678-93 p267 4/1/1688 - Thomas Newcomb, who married relict of John Clyborn, dec'd; and his said wife now being dec'd leaving Thomas Clyborn, an orphan of 3 or 4 yrs of age. Jeremiah Brown married an aunt of said orphan. Court says that Jeremiah Brown or William Arlington, whose wife was mentioned in bequest of mother of said orphan, if they take him to raise, must give him a cow, a gunn, apparel, and bring him to reading. Arlington refused care of child, and he is granted to Brown.

Order Book, Henrico Co, VA 1678-93 p267 4/1/1688 - John Clyborn, a parentless child of 6 or 7 given to Edward Stratton Jr, as was the desire of the child's mother (Edward Stratton Jr married Martha Shippy Jr aunt of John Clyborn Jr).

8-27-1698 Book 1697-1704 - Will of Edward Stratton (very faint and badly torn) to son Edward Stratton, all my land, etc. To daughter Martha Cox (torn or missing).To loving sister Rebekah Newman (faded) To John Clyborn, Jr, a heifer. To loving wife, the negro man Jack, etc and she to be my executor. John Cliborn Jr was son of John Cliborn and Mary Shippy Clibaorn. Harold Claiborne

Chesterfield Co VA, Wills & Records p780 10/3/1766
William Robertson appointed to guardian to Thomas Clyborne, James Akin appointed guardian to Francis Clark. Francis Lockett appointed guardian to William, James, Betty, (?), and Ann Robertson. Order Book No 3, p780, 1767 Jane (Jennett) Clyborne vs Jonas Clyborne and John Clyborne executors, Frances Cliborne, George Cliborne, Edward Wilkenson and Jennet, his wife - dismissed by plantiff.

Will Book No 2, p257 12/1/1775 - Will of John Folks, Jr. To grandson John Folks (IV) All the land where his father lives on west side of road, and one negro after his fathers death. To son Joel, all the land on south side of road and one negro. To grandson Able Folkes after his parents death, my land in Prince Edward Co. where my son Daniel lives and to Daniel one negro. To daughter Michael items when of age or married. To son Josuah, 100 acres of land off lower end of land I live on, joining Thomas and Isham Cheatham and items. To son Francis, daughter Amy Rud (d) and daughter Edy (Edith) Clyborn each one shilling. Son Able to maintain brother Frank as long as his negro Bob is living. Executors John Folkes, Joel Folkes, Jonas Clyborn.

12/10/1795 - Elizabeth Cliborn of Chesterfield County for love and affection she has for her son in law (stepson) Leonard Cliborn in consideration of future maintenance have sold my rights, title and interest I have in the estate of Jonas Cliborne ,deceased and the same Leonard hereby undertake to furnish his mother in law (step mother) with a comfortable maintenance such as she has been accustomed to receive from her late husband. Signed by Elizabeth Cliborn and Leonard Cliborn and witnessed by Thornton Moore, Wm. Cliborn, and Daniel Cliborn (Chesterfield Co, VA Deed Book 14 p144)

Power of Attorney: Cliborne to Cliborne - Article of Agreement entered into between Leonard Clyborne, James Clyborne, Daniel Clyborne, Ann Clyborne and Margaret Clyborne and John Clyborne and Mary his wife. Which Mary is one of the daughters of Jonas Clyborne, deceased. Whereof the said Jonas Clyborne departed this life intested of a considerable estate - and administration of the estate containing of the tract of land whereon the said Jonas lived. Containing 254 acres more or less also one negro fellow named "Bob" and sundry articles of stock and household furniture and administration on the estate of the said Jonas having been granted to Leonard Clyborne, and the said Leonard Clyborne, John Clyborne, James Clyborne, Daniel Clyborn, Ann Clyborne, Margaret Clyborn, and John Clyborne and Mary his wife, concerning it will be for their intrest and advantage.Have mutually agreed to make sale of the whole estate real and personal of the said Jonas Clyborne, deceased,on credit until the 25th. of December next and they the said John ,James, Daniel, Ann, Margaret, and John Clyborn and Mary his wife do hereby for themselves and their heirs fully empower the said Leonard Clyborne to make sale as aforesaid of the said land, slave and other estate of the said Jonas on credit as above and to make bond with sufficent security for the payment of the money payable to Leonard as administrator reserving however, to the said Leonard the Dower of the widow of the said Jonas during her life in the said land which is agreed shall be laid off adjoiining the land formerly belonging to Henry Cheatham including all the houses and when the said estate shall be sold as aforesaid the said Leonard after deducting one third of the amount of the personal estate of the widow's third and reserving one eight part in the hands of the said Leonard and Daniel as the portion of Jonas Clyborne one of the children of the said Jonas Clyborne deceased, who is an idiot who the said Leonard and Daniel do hereby oblige themselves to support and maintain during his life. The Remainder to be divided unto seven agreed parts,one seventh part thereof is to be paid to each of the parties to Wit; Leonard, John, James, Daniel, Ann, Margaret, and John Clyborne and Mary his wife. In witness thereof the said Leonard, John, James, Daniel, Ann, Margaret, and John Clyborne and Mary his wife have hereuito set their hands and affixes their seals on this 12/28/1795 / Signed, Sealed by all the above in presence of John Cole, Archer Rudd and Edw Walford. (Chesterfield Co, VA Book 14, p201 - 12/28/1795)

Received of Leonard Cliborne the sum of 55 pounds current money in full as a maintenance for life which the said Leonard was bound to give - in witness where of I have here unto set my hand 12/12/1798 in presence of her Robert Wilkinson; Eliza X Clyborne; James Clyborne. (Chesterfield Co Deeds & Records p497 March 1799 )

This indenture made 12/22/1798 Daniel Cliborne & James Cliborne both of Chesterfield Co of the one part and Jordan Anderson of the same County of the other part -------- (price & land description followed-signed by Daniel & James Cliborne- witnessed by Mack Milborn - Jordan Anderson - Richard Elam -Thos Wilkinson: (Chesterfield Co, VA Deeds & Records Bk# 13 12/22/1798)

Birth of Sara Jane Claiborne June 1842 to James E & Elizabeth Claiborne. (Book No. 1 Livingston Co, MO p19)

Birth of Missouri Ann Claiborne, 1844, to James E & Elizabeth Claiborne. (Book No. 1 Livingston Co, MO p19)

2/10/1846 Grand River Livingston Co, MO
Dear brother,
Knowing of no reason why you should not write to us I have set down in spite of your utter neglect to address these few lines to you hoping you may receive with the feeling of love that dictates my pen while I write. I suppose you have been made acquainted with the particulars of our dear Patricks death {this would place Patricks death between 6/7/1844 & 2/10/1846} and has likewise been informed of a more recent affliction and death of our beloved sister Elizabeth who died the 16th. of Dec. {1845} when Mary wrote me both of her children ,(Elizabeths -writen above and between children and ) and Thomas and Arelius, Harriet Anna and mother was all very low, some of them with the fever that proved fatal to our dear sister, I have been much afflicted with the Phthisis or Asthma for twelve months in as much as I am compelled to sit up a part of every night and I fear it will terminate in consumption. There was considerable ague and fever here but not a fatal sickness except in infants. I believe Mrs. Silveys family is now well {James E's wife was a Silvey } as well as Brown has recovered from his sickness. George Wolfskill was married to Miss Harvey in the fall. As I have commenced writing I will give you the neighborhood affairs in paragraphs Last year was the finest crops known in Missouri, there was more and better wheat made than has been known, corn was fine, people ask $1 but some sell at 6 bits per barrel, we have had a fine open Winter but no rain or snow of consequence for several months. Rivers has been too low for much boating, there has been more pork put up in Brunswick than any other point on the river. They paid from $2.37 to $2.75, the latter price Mrs Rowley , Monroe Leaton and Stucky was all who got more than $2.50 {Mrs Rowley was probably Lucys Mother-in-law- indicating Ansul's parents were also in Missouri at this time}.... Our neighbors are in much confusion about the Sixteenth Section Lands and those who have paid the Dr. Mrs. Daniels and Johnson have no titles as there never was any return made of the sales and it is expected it will all be sold over again. Brown has paid nothing, so they say, since you left and few think he can ever pay for his. O K Smith tells me Mr. Silveys very anxious to go to Texas, {no record of this happening} but Howard is entirely apposed to his going. I believe the family would go if he would consent to it. Cap Robinson from VA your place, painted your house and is fixing up nice. Jim Cole has come back unmarried. Mrs. Herfords brother Mr. Robinson is now in Texas. John Gudzell started Monday for Texas. If he likes, many families will go. I expect to Charles F. Mercers grant. I know Mercer, he is a perfect gentleman. I think very hard of you and William as you have never wrote or informed me where I might write to you. Tell Elizabeth I would be very glad to see her and my dear little nieces , but never expect it. Tell her she has children to comfort her, I have none and pray for them and if I can be of any assistance to them I shall not be failing in an aunts duty . From the papers I see some wealthy families of Georgia is emigrating to Texas with their slaves . Perhaps you could do better in your situation by overseeing as any other as all my father's brothers made their all by it , but you who are there can better see what suits you than I that am here {The foregoing sentence indicates the sibling brothers of James Claiborne, the son of Jonas were overseers on Virginia plantations , at least prior to 1839/40} I conclude by requesting to be kindly remembered to Elizabeth and children. Tell William to write to his lonely sister. {this indicates William is alive in Texas with James Elam at this time} I wish you to do the same, your sister Lucy W. Roy {dont know why she signed "Roy"- her name was Rowley} (continued as a post script) Twomby saw Mr Silvey yesterday, he is anxious to go to Texas, but said if he did not go in the Spring he never should as he was about to fix an move some buildings here Howard Twomby sais wont let him go . Mr. Rowley wants five or six families to go with to Texas next Spring a year as he _______ _______ South wont do for this country. John sent some papers a few days since they are moving Granville to Balesford. Tell William to come out with Nelson in the Spring , if we go we shall go to Red River and Trinity Grant owned by Stewart ,Smith, and Peters of Joliet.{it seams Lucy and Ansul planed to go to Texas- this never happened-Ansul died in Livingston Co Mo. and Lucy remarried in MO.} Mr. Hensley is agent. 22 Feb. 1846 - It has been snowing for several days. Coburn brought your letter up to our house. Scot has been sick since last fall and he is now here and send their best respects to you both. Parker has gave out the notion of going to Texas. (Found in James Elam Claiborne's bible - Harold Claiborne)

Request for bounty land by James Elam Claiborne
Sir: I request that my claim to Bounty Land under the 9th act of 2/11/1847, entitled "An Act to raise for a limited time an additional force, and for other purposes",may be examined; and , if I am entitled to land, I wish a warrant certificate for 40 acres which you will please cause to be delivered to me John Underwood of Washington City
I am, respectfully, your obedient servant James E Claiborne
To Commissioner of Pensions, Washington City This request for Bounty Lands was for service in the Mexican War The State Of TX, The Co of Red River On 12/9/1847 appeared before the undersigned, a Justice of the Pease of the county aforesaid, James E Claiborne who being duely sworn according to law, declares that he is the identical James E Claiborne who was a private in Capt Barkley M Ballard Co of TX Mounted Riflemen in the company commanded by Col William C Young.
That he enlisted on 5/30/1846 for the term of 6 months unless earlier discharged. He was marched to the seat of war and discharged at San Antonio on 9/5/1846 by the reason of order of Brigadier Gen Wood.
I never received any discharge, the unit to which I belonged now mustered out of service.
James E Claiborne (signature)
Sworn to and subscribed before me the day above written Alexander M Cooks a Justice of the Pease Red River Co State of TX Co of Red River I George L Lawton Clerk of the co court, in and for the co aforesaid, certify that Alexander M Cooks is a Justice of the Pease, in and for the said co, duely commissioned and sworn, and the signature to the above affidavit is genuine in witness there of and affixed the seal of said county 5/1/1848 George L Lawton Clerk

On 4/3/1855, personally appeared before me, a Justice of the Pease, within and for the co and state aforesaid, James E Claiborne, aged 44 yrs, a resident of Red River Co, in the state of TX, who being duely sworn according to law, declare that he is the identical James E Claiborne who was a private in the company commanded by Capt Bill Ballard in the rgmt of TX Mounted Volunteers commanded by Col Wm C Young in the war with Mexico He volunteered for the term of 6 months and continued in actual service in said war 14 days; that he has henceforth made application for bounty land under the said act of 2/11/1847 and received a land warrant, No. X for 40 acres, which he has since legaly disposed of, and cannot now return. He makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining additional bounty land to which he may be entitled under the act approved 3/3/1855. He also declares that he has never applied for nor received, under this of any other act of Congress, any bounty land warrant other than the one above mentioned. James E Claiborne sg.
We Joseph C Hart & Wm M Bowers residents of Red River Co in the state of TX, upon our oath declare that the foregoing decloration was signed and acknowledged by James E Claiborne in our presence, and that we believe from the appearance and statements of the applicant, that he is the identical person as he represents himself to be. Wm M Bowers, J C Hart
The foregoing declaration and affadavit were sworn to and subscribed before me on the day and year above written and I certify that I know the affants to be creditable persons; that the clamant is the person he represents himself to be, and that I have no interest in this claim John P Dall J P

John W and Brackenridge were killed and Patrick Henry was gravely injured in a dispute over the building of a fence in south central TX in 1878. The man that contracted to have the fence built was named L E Johnson. Martha Sussie Claiborne Stroud, the granddaughter of James Thomas Claiborne found a newspaper article in her grandfather's Bible. The following is all that can be read as this article is deteriated somewhat.A Desperate Shooting Affray 2 Men Killed & 2 Men Wounded On last Mon evening - July 19th about an hour by sun a desprate shooting affair occurred in the NW part of the co between Jim, Tun, Ben, Doc Winters, and John, Buck, and Pat Claiborne in which John Claiborne was killed dead on the spot, his brother Buck shot so bad that he died on the following Thurs; Pat shot through the left shoulder; and Doc Winters shot in the side, the ball passing around and lodging in his back. As near as we could learn facts were briefly as follows: Some time before the shooting Mr L E Johnson had let the contract to build a certain portion of the Abbey pasture fence to the Claibornes and after, hearing or believing, that they had thrown up the contract, let it to the Winters boys. The Claibornes had already cut out about a mile of the right-of-way for the fence and were still cutting on the Mon spoken of. The Winters boys began on this Mon in the cut out right-of-way to dig holes and set posts. The Claibornes heard they were down there at work and in the evening on their way home went by where they were Dick Ellis, his boy Bill Ellis, and another boy Charlie Linney were with the Claibornes. When the Claiborne Party reached the Winters ______ two boys Bill Ellis and Charlie Linney did not stop but ___________ n John and Buck Claiborne _______ le in advance of Dick _________ Claibornes coming ______ down smoking. Two _______ upand went to where _____ were laying on the side
The rest of the article is missing completely. Charlie Linney undoubtedly was Charlie Lindsey, the s/o James Lindsey & Missouri Claiborne Lindsey. Dick Ellis was the husband of Pat Claiborne's mother-in-law, Emma M Ellis, Bill Ellis was her son and half brother to Maggie Robinson Claiborne, the w/o Patrick Claiborne. Claiborne was spelled Clairborn throughout the article. (Proof of this dispute location and graves of John and Buck in Big Foot, Frio Co, TX found in 1999) This occured in Frio Co, TX. An "Abbey Pasture" as a place has not been located. (Harold Claiborne)

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