Bingham & McDaniel

Written by Pearl Audrey McDaniel Bingham
Published in "History of Greene Co, IN 1885-1989"

Pearl Audry (McDaniel) Bingham is daughter of Hugh & Martha (Porter) McDaniel.

I was 3rd of 5 children, others were Lester, Grace, Mildred & Hilda.

1913 is the year the big flood hit Worthington & also the spring when smallpox was ragin & took so many lives. I was 3 mos old & covered from head to toe with smallpox scabs. Neighbors thought I couldn’t possibly live.

In 1918 near the end of World War 1 dads name was called for the draft. One day my dad & brother were in the river bottom shucking corn & they heard bells ringing and whistles blowing, they knew that meant the war was over & were so excited they came rushing home to tell us the great news.

The passenger train that came through Worthington & we could see it from our home after we had moved down the Cemetery Rd. Dad rode it to Illinois to shuck corn & would tell us to keep watching to see him on the train as it passed. I can still see his white shirt in that window.

When I was 8 years old dad bough a 40 acre farm east of Calvertsville & later on purchased and adjoining 40 acres. We raised wheat & on of the big events of the year was when the thrashing machine came through the area. I can just hear its whistle blowing now. The neighbor men pitched in & helped in the field & we kids & neighbor women would help our mother prepare the big meal for the thrashers. In those days it was a lot of hard & very hot work to cook on the old wood burning range.

In 1923 the new gravel road was built between Calvertsville & Newark. Dad & my brother Lester helped in the construction of it. Dad bought a new Ford truck to haul gravel & Lester used the slip-scraper pulled by horses. This was the beginning of a life long career for Lester. Later he went to work for the Rock Road Construction Co of Chicago & built highways all over the US & in Mexico. He advance to superintendent of the company before he retired.

I remember one day dad went to the dentist in Worthington & had 4 gold crowns put on his upper front teeth. That was stylish rage then. I think they cost $5.00 each.

In 1927 dad was getting his truck loaded with gravel at the gravel pit on White River near Worthington when someone dropped a large disk like object from a pulley high on a pole & it came whirling down & hit him in the head. He never regained consciousness & died in the Linton Hospital.

In 1936 we joined the Mt Calvary Wesleyan Methodist Church near Tulip where I was pianist & my husband was Sunday school superintendent for many years.

In 1980 we celebrated our golden wedding anniversary at Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada. That was such fun.

Also around 1980 is when my husband retired from his building & painting career. We are living a quiet & peaceful life thanks to the Good Lord.

Lebert Bingham & Pearl Audrey McDaniel

The Lebert Bingham Story

Written by Pearl Audrey McDaniel Bingham
Published in "History of Greene Co, IN 1885-1989"

Bingham is an English name meaning on who comes from Bingham, the name of Bynna’s estate in Nottinghamshire.

Lebert Bingham was born Apr 14, 1908 west of Newark to Daniel (1869-1936) & Arabelle (Talbot) Bingham (1872-1942). He was the son of Alfred Bingham (1829-1902); the son of Frederick Bingham (1792-1859); the son of Edmund Bingham I (1774-1852). Edmund & Frederick with their families pioneered to IN from VA through the Cumberland Gap 1927-1929 & settled in Eastern Greene Co. (Edmund’s log cabin has been moved from near Solsberry to the Monroe Co, Historical Museum in Bloomington.)

Lebert tells of childhood references growing up on the little 40 acre fram.

I was 10th of 13 children. There were Otis, Everett, Orea, Benny, Emma, Dewey, Bessie, Roy, Gilbert, (me), Willard, Victor & Dorothy. We walked to the Smith School about 1 ˝ mile through the fields rain or shine carrying our biscuit & egg sandwiches. Occasionally dad hitched up the horses to the sled & took us if there was a big snow.

We had to work hard for everything. When we were in the fields, hearing the dinner bell ring was a joyful sound to behold so we could go eat & rest.

Dad had a sorgum mill & in the fall made sorgum molasses for our use & also people came from miles around with cane for us to grind. We charged 35 cents per gal, on a good days run we could make 25 to 40 gales. I’d sit at that mill day after day & grind that cane, sometimes the weather got pretty cold before we finished. We butchered 3 or 4 hogs every fall for our winter meat & raised wheat & corn & took it to the mill to be ground for our flour & meal. We helped mother make a 55 gal barrel of sourkraut every year & of course there was lots of canning from the garden. Some we put in old stone jars with the sealing wax lids. I remember my sister Bessie melting the wax in a tin cup on the woodrange & spilling it on her foot between her toes. Guess that kept her hopping a while . . .

We raised turkeys to sell in the fall & gees to “pick” to make our feather beds & chickens for eggs & cows for milk & butter & sold cream.

We boys use to go off in different directions & set “snare traps”, I remember one time we caught 200 rabbits in two days & sold them for $40.00. We had hunting dogs & in the winter had a lot of furs to sell. We also raised tobacco to sell.

We would walk to the Kelly Bend Church which was about 2 ˝ miles from home to attend church.

My first car was a Model “T” Ford. It ran pretty fast if the dirt roads weren’t muddy.

IN 1930 I married Pearl Audrey McDaniel, daughter of Hugh & Martha (Porter) McDaniel.

Since this was the early part of the depression & work was hard to find, I worked at odd jobs like shucking corn, cutting logs, hod-carrying, basket weaving, & finally painting on the big viaduct in Greene Co. After that I started my own business as a carpenter & house painter & continued until my retirement around 1980. In addition to building & etc for others, I have built 3 houses in Worthington. One home on W Main St, the one where we live now, & one for our only daughter Norma Jean (Gregory) Steele.

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