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CALENDAR OF STATE PAPERS page 2. It is dated 1660 and is a complaint against JOHN BIGGS, surveyer of the highways. It is written in old English and the transcriber has attempted to spell it as it is written.
It is written to: 'To the Right Honorable Sir William Berkeley, Lt. Gov,' and is from JohnEdwards. in the petition
'John Edwards humbley sheweth-That as the fruits and efforets of Corrupt and vile principalls, are all impieties towards God, foe they are the cause of all originall unrighteousenss towards men; for the verity whereof your pe-titionr doth hereby instance in JOHN BIGGS 'a p'son well knowne in the county of Lower Norfolke, who before his undertaking to serve the publique, in the place of a Surveyor of the highways, did, verry ingeniously confesse (what others did think of him) hee did it to sevre his owne p'ticular ends and purposes y hee might obtayne wages for his owne conveniency, which truth is the rather to be beleived in, y the sar many years, as is well knowne in the said County;, hath beene averse to and neglective of the p''formance of the publique dutyes, and as hhis ends were base and selfish such was the p'formance of his worke which hee undertooke, yte of the wages wth in his limitts, which hee had occasion to use, is sufficiently donn, the rest left undonne, to the great annoyance, hindrance, damage and abuse of his Majties good subjects.'
'Yor Petitionr therefore humbly prayes yt the said BIGGS hath herein neglected the p'formance of his duty (unbecoming a good Christian, a Loyall subject and a true Englishman.) Hee may sustayne the penalty which the law imposes upon all such p'tons foe offending, thereby justice shall thake place, wth which God is well pleased, his default expiated, and others detered from running into like offences.'
'And yor Petitionr as in duty bound, shall ever pray, &c.' (Calendar of VA State Papers (Richmond, 1875-93), Vol., 1 p.2)


Norfolk, Co., VA Book “C” p.34: 1 Apr 1661 and 28 Apr 1665: 450 acres bounded on T. Narsworth; Thomas Bigge (his son) and said John Bigge himself for transporation of 7 persons. (Genealogies of Virginia Families, Refs: Court Orders, Norfolk Co., VA, 19 Nov., 1695; Court Orders, Norfolk Co., VA May 13, 1703; Norfolk Co. Order Bk. Nov. 1739)

29 Apr. 1665 - Patent Book 5, p.161 (30). John Biggs, of Low. Norf. Co. 450 acs. E. side of the S. br. of Eliz. Riv., running W.N.W. %c, bounding on a draught of Thistrum Nasworthy &c. 100 acs... granted to Lt. Col. Tristrum Nasworthy 10 June 1654 & by Thomas, his son, assigned to sd. Biggs 4 Jan. 1661 and 350 acs. For trans of 7 pers: Peter Malbone, Margerett Wade, Eliz. Thompson, Jno. White, Jr., Solomon White, Hannah White, Thomas Browne. (NUGENT, Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol.1, 1623-1666 p.446-447)

(1675) A congregation of Quakers lived in Norfolk County, and the names of about forty of them are preserved in the county records. . . they were Frank Baton, JOHN BIGGS, Bitters Barnaby, William Chichester, Mrs Chichester, Ann Godby, Mrs Mary Emperor, Mrs Nicholas Emerson, JOHN Eider, Nicholas Freeman, Benjamin forby, Mrs. Forby, Joseph Gilbert, William Goldsmith, Mrs. Goldsmith, Mary Goldsmith, Thomas Holloway, Mrs. Holloway, James Johnson, Mrs Johnson, John Johnson, Mrs. Ann Jones, Mirhartt Mason, Mrs. Mary Nicholls, Thomas Owens, John Porter,Jr., Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Richard Prinner, William Robinson, Mrs. Robinson, John Robinson, Richard Russell, Mrs. Russell, Robert Spring, Joseph Sammonds, Nicholas Seaborne, William Whitehurst, Richard Whitehurst, Richard Yates, Mrs. Yates and Mrs. Robert Spring.' Here the 40 members are listed along with persecutions and/or fines. Women were listed as Mrs. and the children identified by their first and last name. JOHN BIGGS is not listed as having a wife or a famiy when this list was made. '. . . No further record of persecutions of the Quakers [is found] until 1675, when John Edwards informed against JOHN BIGGS for not having his children baptized. Biggs was sent on to the General court at James City, and fined 1,000 pounds of tobacco for the use of the parish- 1,000 pounds for the use of John Edwards, the informer, and 1,225 pounds for the costs of prosecution.' (ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN QUAKER GENEALOGY Vol.6 pg. 11,12 "Meetings in Lower Norfolk County")

“16 Apr 1675 - The Church in Lower Norfolk County. Present Mr. Jno Porter Segr, Capt. Wm. Robinson, Major Francis Sayer, Mr. Geo Fouler, Mr. Mala Thurston, Justices “Whereas Jno Biggs was Sumoned to this court for nott having his Children Baptised sch could nott positively be proved agt him butt Majr Francis Sayer being a member of this court a neighbor & Relative of the sd Biggs did affirme that he never heard that the sd Biggs had Christened his youngest child though ther hath been a minister in that prsh for the most part of the time Since it was borne. Where upon it was by the Court Referred to the said Biggs his oath whether hee had Soe done or nott Wch hee Refused to Sweare the court doth therefore Conceave him guilty and have ordr that he said Biggs doe betwene this and the 12th of May next Repayre to Some Lawfull minister Wth his children that are nott Baptised, and there to have them Baptised and produce Certif thereof the to next Court or upon default therof the said Biggs to be fined according to Law in that Cases provided. “Att a Genl Court held att James Citty 16th June 1675 Sr Wm. Berkely Knt Gov &c, Sr Henry Chicheley, Coll. Natha Bacon, Tho. Ballerd, Esqr., Coll Joseph Bridger, Coll Phillip Ludwell, dy See Lt coll Wm Cole, James Bray, esqr. “John Edwards informing agt Jno. Biggs... for nott Baptising of his chldren Sith apearing to the Court it is ordered that the sd Bigg pay one thousand pounds of tob and Cask to the said Jno Edwards and one thousand pounds of tob Cask to the pish according to the act, and pay one thousand two hundred twenty & five pounds of tob and Cask in full of his cost. Test henry Harwell CL Cur., October 16th 1678. Present Mr. Wm. Daynes, Capt Robt Bray, Capt Jno. Hatton, Mr. Mala Thurston, Justices.” (Peter Smith, Lowr Norfolk County VA Antiquary, Vol. 5, p.122-123)

Order Bk. 1675-86 (unpaginated). Evidence that John Bigge was a Quaker. June 16,1675, John Edwards informs against him for not baptizing his children, and John Bigge is fined 2000 pounds of tobacco. (Genealogies of Virginia Families, Refs: Court Orders, Norfolk Co., VA, 19 Nov., 1695; Court Orders, Norfolk Co., VA May 13, 1703; Norfolk Co. Order Bk. Nov. 1739)

To the Rt. Hon. Sir William Berkeley, Let. Gov., Capt. Gent. of Virginia, and to the Hon. Concell of State - John Edwards, humbly sheweth, That in October last yr Petitioner in zeal to God’s Glory and true obedience to his Maj lawes, did exhibit twoe p’sentmnts to the Worship the Court of Lower Norfolke: against John Biggs of the same county, the which ... did purport matters and things tending to the high dishonor of Almighty God, and distructive to the peasse and wellfare of his Maj. Good subjects... therefore... whereas the said John Biggs, contrary to the ordinances of the Church of England... refuseth to come to church, and also refuseth to christen his children...yr petitioner humbly prays your Wors. Judg herein and grant yor Petitioner the benefitt of the Acts with his charges... Know all men... That whereas, John Bigges was Ordred by our County Court, held in Apprill, to bring his children to the Holy Ordinance of Baptism, by the 12th of May next ensuing: He, thee said John, did neither bring nor send them to be baptized by me, the present minister of Elizabeth river parish, by the time appointed. As witness, my hand this 12th of June, 1675. William Harne. (Calendar of Virginia State Papers (1652-1781) p.9)

In 1675, JOHN BIGGS (a Quaker) was informed against by John EDWARDS for failure to have his children baptized. The court fined him 1000 pounds of tobacco for the General Court of James City; 1000 pounds of tobacco for the use of John EDWARDS (accuser); and 1225 pounds for costs of prosecution. (Excerpted from an article entitled "Norfolk Quakers", appeared in the RICHMOND DISPATCH, 3 Dec 1892)

Will of Edward Browne of Lower Norfolk Co., VA transferring 100 acres of land by deed of gift to “my well beloved daughter Mary, wife of Thomas Bigge” dated 1678 and recorded 21 May 1679.

23 Apr 1688 - p. 648. Jabez Bigg, 95 acs., Low. Norf. Co.; E. side of the S. Br. of Eliz. Riv., on Cormorant Poynt; adj. John Bigg; & Prescott’s land, Granted John Prescott, 20 Nov. 1683, deserted, & now due by order, for imp. of 2 pers: Andrew Bell, James Jones. Note: Marginal notation gives this as 500 acres. . (NUGENT, Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vo. II (1666-1695), p.322)

20 Oct 1691 - p.183. Joseph Miller, 796 acs., on br. of Symson’s Cr Cyprou Swamp; adj. Lands of Patrick White; & John Aldradge; Imp. of 16 pers. * Note: 6 by Paul Hilman’s cert. to John Biggs, 23 Dec 1685. 4 Prescott, 1 Oct 1685, & 4 by sd. Chilton’s cert. to Wm Maund, on same date by Mr. Edward Chilto’s cert to Jno. . (NUGENT, Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vo. II (1666-1695), p.367)

20 Oct 1691 - p.207. John Bigg, Junr., 157 acs. Called Long Acre; to the N. of the Black Water, in Currituck Precincts, formerly Low. Norf., but now Pr. Anne Co.; adj. Lines of Whitford’s & Southern’s; on the Western Sw; Granted Daniell Cane, 21 Oct. 1687, deserted, & now granted by orger &c. Trans, of 3 negroes: Tom, dick, Bess. (NUGENT, Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vo. II (1666-1695), p.372)

Thomas Mercer (c1628-1718 m. Katherine (Kathren) Bigge, daughter of John Bigge (c.1606-1694 and Johan (Joan) Norsworthy (?). Their son John Mercer (c. 1685-1775) m. as his second wife Constant Caswell, dau of Mathew Caswell and Elizabeth (his second wife)...* (BODDIE, Historical Southern Families, XV, p.243-244)

Mercer of Norfolk County, Virginia. “..The ancestor of this family in Virginia was Thomas Mercr who patented 200 acres of land on the Southern Branch of Elizabeth river at Puzzle Creek, Oct. 3, 1673, and 602 acres at the same place, March 15, 1675. (P.B. 6, pp.488, 699) In 1691 he was one of the executors of the estate of John Falke and also in that year he witnessed the will of John Powell. (McIntosh-132) In Jan. 1693 he witnessed the will of Jabes Bigge, brother of his wife... Thomas Mercer married Kathren Bigge, daughter of John Bigge of Norfolk. She may have been his second wife. She and Thomas, on Aug. 15, 1678, deeded land on the Southern Branch. (Bk.1675-85 p.35) Kathren’s father, John Biggs, mentions his daugther, Kathrene Mercer, in his will probated March 15, 1696/7. (McIntosh-158) His other children were, daus: Ann Fauz; Elizabeth, wife of George Whidby or Whitby; Jean Sikes; Phebe and Dorothy Biggs; son John and deceased son, Jabez. (Id-160) Thomas Mercer’s will was dated Jan. 16, 1718, probated May 16, 1718...” (Boddie, Historical Southern Families, II p.147)

16 Dec. 1714 - Petent Book 10, p. 109. Jabes Biggs, 505 (O.&N.L.). Pr. Anne Co., in Lynhaven Par; on S. side of Pokeato Swamp; on the North Riv. Poquoson; by the Cypress Br; Found wihtin Patent to David Whitford for 460 acs., dated 20 Apr. 1686. Imp of: Mirrium Tatem. (NUGENT, Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vo. III (1695-1732), p.161)

17 Aug 1720 - Patent Bok 11, p.28. William Ballington, 152 acs. (N.L.), Norf. Co., in Eliz. River Par; adj Biggs’ line; butt’s land; & along the Southern Br; 15 shill. (NUGENT, Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vo. III (1695-1732), p.223)

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