Wills of the Bennett Family

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1720 Will of Richard Bennett - I, Richard Bennett, of the Upper Parish of Isle of Wight, give to son Richard 200 acres of land where he now lives; to my son James the other 200 acres where he now lives, it being conveyance of 40 acres taken out of Mr John Cofer’s patent of 1450 acres; to Jane Cofer and her two sons Robert and John Cofer, my plantation wheron I now live. It being part of the Land Which Was Bought of William Miles. Also to Jane Cofer a small trunk and a gold ring; to Richard Cofer my long gun. To Magdalen Cofer a great pewter dish and basin; to Frances Mangum, my granddaughter a feather bed and furniture; to dau. Silvester, dishes and plates. Jane Cofer and William Allen, exrs. My trusty friends, John and James Carter to be overseers. (Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight Co, VA, by John Bennett Boddie, p.300)

11/11/1751 Will of James Bennett - “To my son Benjamin Bennett all land lying between Honey Bottom and the upper line. To my children James Bennett, Mary Proctor, Frances Sims, Priscilla Dugger and Joseph Bennett, one shilling each. To my son Reuben Bennett all the lower part from said honey Bottom and plantation; to my daug. Brambley Bennett, bible and furniture, etc., to wife Mary rest of estate, she and son Reuben to be executors. Teste, John Dugger, John Duke and Edward Parrish” (Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight Co, VA, by John Bennett Boddie, p.303)

11/11/1751 (The scribe spelled names in the different ways. His will & inv. is transcribed as written without any punctuations.)
In the name of God Amer. I James bennit Sen'r of Brunswick Co in Va knowing the uncertainty of human life and being now in perfect mind and disposing memory do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in writing and form as follows. Item I give and bequeath unto my Son Benjamin Bennit all of the land lying between the Stoney Bottom and the upper line. Item I give and Bequeath unto my loving Children James Bennit Mary Proctor Frances Sims Priscilla Digger and Joseph Bennit one Shilling Sterling. Item I give and bequeth unto my Son Reubin Bennit all of the lower part from the said Stoney Bottom and plantation Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Brambley Bennit one feather bed and furniture one Truck one Bible and the side saddle and the rest of my Estate i lend to my Loving wife Mary bennit and my Son Reubin Bennet Executrix & Executors of this my last will & Testament hereby revoking and disanuling all former and other Wills and Testaments made by me whatsoever in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Eleventh Day of November anno Domino 1751 Signed Sealed & acknowledged in the presence of John Dugger, John Duke, Edward Parrish.
The Court held for Brunswick Co the 31st day of March 1752

An Inventory & appraisment of the Estate of James Bennit dec'd taken Nov 27, 1752 1 Pott, 1 do, 1 do, 10 plates, case of knives, 2 basons(basins), the dishes, 2 Candle Sticks, 1 spinning Wheel, 1 Frying pan, old Iron & fire tongs, the pailes & tubs, 2 Barrels, 3 chairs, 1 chest, 1 table,1 gun, 1 spit, 1 box iron, 1 pint pott, 1 chamber Pott, Carpernters tools, & a whipsaw, The Swork & (Cutchbox?) 2 Stays & Harness, 2 Juggs, and a Butter Pott, 1 Linen Wheel, 3 barrels, The Shoemakers Tools, 1 Padlock, 1 Bed & bedstead, 1 do, 1 grin(d)stone, 1(Horse) and Bell, 3 wedges and a Iron, 1 cow & yearling, 3 casks, 1 pair steelyards, 1 bed &furniture, 1 side Saddle, 1 Tub, 1 auger & a Qt pott, 1 Bible, 1 trunk.
Appraisers: John Edwards, Charles Edwards, Nicho H. Proctor, Reuben Bennitt, Mary bennitt. Returned into Brunswick Co Court the 28th day of Nov 1752 & ordered to be recorded

I, James Bennett, of Southwark Parish in the County of Surry, give to my son William Bennett plantation on which he now lives and part of a tract formerly bought of Charles Binns; to my son James 20 sh; to my son John all my carpenters and coopers tools now in his possession. To daus. Anne, Martha, Mary and Sarah, personalty. To my daughter Bridget the use of my best house and as much land as she can work. To my son Samuel the use of my plantation where he now lives. After death of Samuel and his wife without male issue I give plantation to my grandson, Thomas Bennett, so of William Bennett. Samuel to be exr. Teste; Charles Binns, Wm Goodwyn, Wm Batt, Wm Clark. Probated 10/17/1752 (Wills 3, p804)

Will of John Bennett, 10/4/1770 - Names son 1. John, to him he gives land next to Sarah Marlow, 2. William, second son, has given other part of land, 3. James, 4, Thomas, 5. Edward, 6. Martha, 7. Lucy. (Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight Co, VA, by John Bennett Boddie, p.299)

Samuel Bennett’s Will dated 1773 Surry, VA names: Nephew Jesse Bennett, Wife Mary, daug Brambley Hart and her husband Thomas Hart, gr sons Samuel and William Hart (Wills, 1768-79 p.303)

I Nathaniel Bennett of Surry County, now in camp at Portsmouth; to my mother Mildred Wiliams my negro “Bob” for life and after her death to my brother William Bennett; to my brother William 90 acres in Surry near Bennett’s Ridge; remainder of estate to sister Elizabeth Bennett. Thomas Davis, exr, 28 Sep 1776. Teste, John Watkins, Jr, John Davis, John Judkin, Jr (Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight Co, VA, by John Bennett Boddie, p.298)

Benjamin Bennett made his will in Brunswick in 1783 as follows: "To my son, John Bennett, 150 acres where he now lives; to my son, Benjamin Bennett 5 sh.; to son Richard Bennett 180 acres where he now lives; to son William Bennett 163 acres; to daughter Sarah Sadler 5 sh.; my plantation where I now live to be sold by my executors, sons John and William, and another place bought for my wife, Sarah, for her life. Personal property to be equally divided between my wife and children. Wiliam, john, Mary, Elizabeth, Charles, Priscilla and Frankey Bennett, except one cow to Nancy Bennett, and to my son James Bennett, one colt to be sold to purchase land. Plantation of my wife to my son, Charles, after her death Pro 26 May, 1783." (Huxford, Pioneers of Wiregrass GA, Vol 7, pg 470 & Boddie, 17th Century Isle of Wight Co, Vol 1 pg 304)

In the name of our Lord amen. I benjamin Bennett living in Brunswick Co, do call to mind my latter end. I give to my son John Bennett one hundred and fifty acres of land where he now lives, to my son Benjamin Bennett five shillings. To my son Richard bennett one hundred and eighty acres of land where he now lives and one cow. To my son William Bennett one hundred and sixty three acres of land and one mare. to my daughter Susanna Sadler five shillings. My desire is that the plantation where I now live be sold by my two sons John Bennett and William Bennett my Executors & another place bought for my wife Sarah Bennett her life, & two mares the household furniture and stock to be equally divided between my wife, William Bennett, James Bennett, and Mary Bennett,and Elizabeth Bennett, and Charles Bennett, & pricilla Bennett and Frankey Bennett. except one cow to Nancy Bennett. I give to my son James Bennett one colt to be sold to purchase land, the land that my wife Sarah Bennett lives on after her death to my son Charles Bennett.
Sealed & delivered in the presence of David Williams, Benjamin Wade, Enoch Berry, John Latimore. Brunswick Co Court 26 May 1783

The inventory of the estate of Benj. Bennett 2 Cows & calves, 3 cows & yearlings, 1 heifer, 2 sm. Steers, 1 horse Colt, 15 young hogs & one shoat, 1 bed & furniture & bedstead, 1 (Bed) & furniture, 1 Black Walnut Chest, 1 pine chest, 6 chairs, 1 old whipsaw, an old ax 6 cooper's ax & saw, 1 frying pan, 1 large pot & hooks, a small pot & hooks, 1 small pot & skillet & gridiron, 1 dutch oven, A shovel & tongs, 1 old linen wheel, 1 box iron & leather, A parcel of lumber, A parcel of Cooper's Tools, 4 old hoes,2 plow hoes, 1 old loom, 1 linen wheel, 2 cotton wheels, 4 stays, 4 flax hatchets, 1 slate, 1 reap hook, A small quantity of feathers, 2 small casks, 5 stone plates, 2 small basons, 6 plates 2 dishes, 1 large dish, 8 spoons, 2 butter potts,knives, & forks, A parcel of Books, 2 Jugs & a Pitcher, 1 Cannister, 3 casks, A pair of hand mill stones A small grind stone, 1 bull, 8 sheep, 8 shoats, 1 Sermon book, 1 saddle, 1 pair Sheep shears. Brunswick Co Court 22nd Aug 1785 Inventory & appraisment of estate of Benj Bennett dec'd

Will of JOHN BENNETT 17 june 1798 Brunswick Co Va
In the name of God Amen. I John Bennett of the Co of Brunswick & the State of Va, being very sick & weak in body, but of perfect mind & memory & calling to mind the mortality of the body & knowing it is appointed for all men to die do make & ordain this my last will & Testament. First of all I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it & my body to the earth to be buried in a Christian like manner & as for what the Lord has intrusted me within this world, I dispose of in the following manner...
ITEM: I lend to my beloved wife Elizabeth Bennett the use of my land & plantation with all my stock of all kinds & household & Kitchen furniture that may remain after paying all just debts, during her natural life or widowhood & after her decease my will is that what remains may be equally divided among all my then living children.
ITEM: I give to my son Benjamin Bennett all my black smiths tools of all kinds to him and his heirs forever. I nominate and appoint Featherstone Sadler and John Dugger Executors of this my last will and testament revoking all others heretofore made, In witness whereof I have hereonto set my hand & seal this Seventeenth day of June one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight.
Brunswick Co Court Oct 22nd 1798. This last will & testament of John Bennett dec'd was proved. The inventory & appraisal was taken Oct 31, 1798

Some time about 1820-25 soon after the settling up of the new county of Appling, William Bennett moved there in order to find better grazing lands for his large herds of cattle. There he died in 1828. Record is found of two deeds by his heirs to David Strickland of Bulloch Co dated Oct 17, 1828, conveying the two 200 acre tracts of land there which the deceased owned at his death. These deeds appear signed by the widow, Mrs. Mary Bennett, Richard Bennett, John Bennett of Lowndes Co, John Padgett (in the right of his wife). Henry Bennett, another son, was a minor, and did not sign. A daughter married David Geiger and William Bennett made his a deed of gift, Jul 8 1815, for a part of his homeplace lands in Bulloch Co, this being apparently in full in advance of Mrs Geiger's share of her father's estate at his death, as she nor her husband signed the deeds as heirs in 1828. (See deed book AA, page 301, Bulloch Co.)
Mrs Bennett was Mary Sheffield and was said to have been a daughter of William Sheffield, a Revolutionary War Soldier, of Duplin Co, NC. She lived in 583rd District of Appling Co until her death sometime in 1840s. As the widow of a Revolutionary Soldier, she drew land in Cherokee land lottery, and was granted lot 85, Second section, 11th district, Cherokee Co (see Knight's Roster of the Revolution, p. 329). Her husband was paid for his services in the continental line (see Roster of Soldiers from NC, p. 225). William and Mary Bennett had 5 children. (Huxford, Pioneers of Wiregrass GA, vol 1, pp 15-16)

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