The Bennett Lineage

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Thomas Bennett b. 1459 Newbury, Berkshire, Eng d.1509 Eng


Thomas Bennett b. 1479 possibly in Newbury, Berkshire, Eng d. London, Eng m. Elizabeth ??? b. c1484


John Bennett b. 1514 London, Newbury, Eng d. 1559 Eng m. Frances Woodcote b. c1519


Thomas Bennett b. bef 1540 Wallingford, Berks, Eng m. Agnes Ann Molines b. c1540


John Bennett b. 1560 Eng d. 1625 Eng


Thomas Bennett b. 1580 Wilvescomb, Co, Somerset, Eng d. 1632-1642 Lawnes Creek, Isle of Wight, VA m. bef 10/10/1624 possible in James City, VA to Alice ??? (Widow of Thomas Pierce) b. c1600 Eng d. aft 1647 Isle of Wight Co, VA [doc]


Children of Thomas Bennett & Alice ???

Alice b. 1613 Bedfordshire, Eng d. c Jun 1677 Isle of Wight Co, VA m. John Hardy b. 1613 Bedfordshire, Eng d. c June 1677 Isle of Wight Co, VA s/o Richard Hardy & Alice Wilson

Richard b. c1625 Isle of Wight Co, VA d. 1720 Isle of Wight Co, Va [Doc] m.1. c1645 Isle of Wight Co, VA to Ann Barnham (widow of John Utie) d. aft 1682 d/o Robert Barham & Katherine Filmer m.2. c1660 Sarah ??? (widow of Daniel Lewis) d. 10/31/1722-1/29/1723



Children of Richard Bennett & Anne Barham

Richard Jr b. bef 1662 Upper Parish, Isle of Wight Co, Va d. 3/30/1720 Isle of Wight Co, VA [Will] [Doc] m. Anne ??? b. VA

James b. c1660 Southwark Parish, Surry, VA d. 10/17/1752 Southwark Parish, Surry, VA [Will] [Doc] m. Mary Rogers d/o William Rogers

Susanna b. c1648 Isle of Wight Co, VA m. Daniel Lewis s/o Daniel Lewis & Sarah Lancaster

Martha b. c1664 Isle of Wight Co, VA m. ??? Lewis


Children of James Bennett & Mary Rogers

William b. c1700 m. Mildred ???


John d. 1770 Isle of Wight, VA [Will] m. Sarah Welch






Samuel d. 1773 Surry Co, VA [Will] m. Mary ???

Benjamin b. Surry Co, VA d. c1783 Effingham Co, GA [Doc] [Will] m. Sarah ?


Children of Richard Bennett Jr & Anne ???

Richard III b. c1680 Surry Co, VA d. 1735 Surry Co, VA [Doc]

Jane b. c1684 Upper Parish, Isle of Wight Co, VA m. John Cofer


Frances b.c1682 Upper Parish, Isle of Wight Co, VA d. 1737 VA [Doc] m. bef 1700 Surry Co, VA to John Mangum c1674-9/26/1737 Isle of Wight Co, VA

Anna b. bef 1678 Isle of Wight Co, VA d. aft 1713 VA [Doc] m. 8/30/1694 John Bell b. 1668 VA d. c1713 Surry, VA s/o Richard Bell

James [Doc] b. c1682 Isle of Wight Co, VA d. 3/1/1752 Brunswick, VA [Will] m. Mary Rogers b. 1694 Surry, VA d/o William Rogers & Elizabeth Cartwright

William b. c1690 Upper Parish, Isle of Wight Co, VA d. 1765 m. Grace Van Courtland 1685-1765


Children of Benjamin Bennett & Sarah ?


Richard b. c1756 Effingham Co, GA d. c1830 Jessup, Wayne Co, GA [Cem] m. c1785 Effingham Co, GA to Mary Polly Cook b. c1769 Effingham Co, GA d. c1847 Jessup, Wayne Co, GA d/o James Cook & Sarah Webb

William b. 1760 Robeson Co, NC d. 1828 Appling Co, GA [Will] m. Mary Sheffield b. Duplin Co, NC d. 1840 Appling Co, GA

Children of James Bennett & Mary Rogers

Benjamin [Doc] b. 1704 Surry, VA d. aft 1783 [Will] m. c1745 VA to Sarah ???

James b. c1718 Brunswick, VA m. Eliza ???

Mary b. 1713 Brunswick, VA m. ??? Proctor

Frances b. 1716 Brunswick, VA m. ??? Sims

Priscilla b. 1719 Brunswick, VA m. ??? Dugger

Joseph b. 1722 Brunswick, VA

Reuben b. 1707 Brunswick, VA d. 1793 [Doc] m. Mary ???

Brambley b. 1725 Brunswick, VA

Children of John Bennett & Sarah Welch

William d. 1778
Martha Patty m. ??? Dodds
Lucy m. ??? Stephens

Children of Richard Bennett III

Richard 1709-1769 m. Mary Beatty
Benjamin c1715-1783

Child of Samuel Bennett & Mary ???

Brambley m. Thomas Hart

Children of William Bennett & Grace Van Courtland

William d. bef Feb 1779 m. Sarah ???
Grace b. 4/26/1726 m. Green Hill s/o Richard Hill & Hannah Briggs

Children of William Bennett & Mildred ???

Thomas [Doc]

William d. bef Feb 1779 [Doc] m. Sarah

Nathaniel d. aft 9/28/1776 Portsmouth, VA [Will] [Vet]

Jesse d. bef 6/28/1785 [Doc] m. Ann ???

Elizabeth [Doc] m. Francis Young


Child of Benjamin Bennett (s/o Richard Bennett III)

William b. 1740

Children of Benjamin Bennett & Sarah ???

John M b. c1750 Brunswick Co, VA d. 1798 Brunswick Co, VA [Will] m.1. Elizabeth Dodson b. 1732 m.2. Elizabeth Sadler d/o Thomas Sadler & Rebecca Featherstone

Benjamin b. 1752 Brunswick Co, VA d. aft 1840 Dekalb Co, TN

Richard b. 1754 Effingham Co, GA d. c1830 Jessup, Wayne Co, GA m. 1/1/1782 Mary Cook

William b. 1756 Robeson Co, NC d. 1828 Appling Co, GA m. 11/5/1787 Brunswick Co, VA to Mary Edwards

Sarah b. 1758 m. ??? Sadler

Mary b. 1762

Elizabeth b. 1764 Brunswick Co, VA m. 5/18/1797 Thomas B Hutt

Charles b. 1770


Frankey b. 1766

Nancy b. 1768

James b. 1760

Children of Jesse Bennett & Ann ???


Children of Reuben Bennett & Mary ???

Reuben b. 1757 Brunswick, VA d. 1847 m. 5/26/1786 Warren, NC to Betsey Beckham b. c1765 NC d/o Simon Beckham & Susanna McMillan

Charles b. 1759 Brunswick, VA

William b. 1761 Brunswick, VA

Mary b. 1763 Brunswick, VA

Children of Richard Bennett & Mary Beatty

Sarah b. 1740 Nansemond, NC d. 7/23/1825 Greenville, Laurens Dist, SC m. 1753 Granville, SC to Solomon Langston b. c1732 Isle of Wight Co, VA d. 1825 Laurnens Dist, SC s/o John Langston & Ann Mangum

Christian 1733-1803 SC m. bef 1759 NC to Absalom Langston s/o John Langston & Ann Mangum

Children of Richard Bennett & Mary Cook

William b. 1786 Effingham, GA d. c1860 m. c1802 Nancy Ursery b. c1785 Effingham, GA

Elizabeth b. 1787 Effingham, GA d. 1881 Wayne Co, GA m. Moses Westberry b. 3/2/1772 Santee, SC d. 1864 Jessup, GA

Henry b. c1789 Effingham Co, GA d. c1835 Appling Co, GA [Cem] m. c1807 Effingham Co, GA to Margaret Sheffield b. c1785 Effingham Co, GA d. c1850 Appling Co, GA

Wiley b. 1800 Bryan Co, GA d. 1861 Newmanville, Alachua Co, FL m. 7/8/1832 Wayne Co, GA to Matilda S Robeson b. 1812 Wayne Co, GA d. 9/1/1896 Alachua Co, FL d/o Frederick Robeson & Jane Brown

Braxton b. 3/18/1808 Bryan, GA d. 4/3/1881 Wayne, GA m.1. 5/27/1833 Wayne Co, GA to Martha Hopps b. 8/4/1816 Glynn, GA d. 6/20/1846 Wayne, GA m.2. Jun 1847 Elizabeth Westberry b. 1827 m.3. 1863 Caroline Bozeman

Children of Thomas Bennett (s/o William Bennett & Mildred ???)

Rebecca m. John Byrd

Child of William Bennett & Mary Sheffield

John b. 1795 Bulloch Co, GA d. 1836 Lowndes Co, GA m. c1815 Bryan Co, GA to Frances Harris b. 1800 NC d. Ware Co, GA

Child of William Bennett & Sarah ???



Children of Benjamin Bennett Jr (s/o Benjamin Bennett & Sarah ???)

James b. 1790


William b. 1791 NC d. Jan 1866 Farmington, St Francois Co, MO m. c1813 Smith Co, TN to Jane Vanatta

John Maclin b. 1777-1785 Brunswick Co, VA d. 1835 Smith Co, TN m. 4/27/1801 Brunswick Co, VA to Judith Bennett d/o John Bennett & Elizabeth Sadler

Children of Braxton Bennett & Caroline Bozeman

Susannah b. 12/30/1863
Augusta b. 12/27/1865
Catherine b. 4/28/1867
Amelia 5/20/1870-7/10/1942 Waycross, GA
Horace Greeley b. 11/5/1872
Wilson Jarvis b. 5/20/1875
Robert Lee 1/19/1877-7/18/1941 Waycross, GA
Henrietta 4/19/1880-9/10/1944 Waycross, GA

Children of Braxton Bennett & Elizabeth Westberry

Daniel Hopps b. 5/5/1848 Wayne Co, GA d. 12/27/1907 Wayne Co, GA
Rachael b. 10/29/1849 Wayne Co, GA
Andrew b. 12/31/1851
Nancy b. 11/21/1854 Ware Co, GA d. 1/22/1944 Waycross, GA
Eliza b. 2/11/1857
Charles Frank b. 1/1/1860 d. 10/25/1940 Wayne Co, GA
Frances Elizabeth b. 1/1/1860 Ware Co, GA d. 5/15/1935

Children of Braxton Bennett & Martha Hopps

Richard b. 4/21/1834 Wayne Co, GA
John Thomas b. 3/3/1836 Wayne Co, GA d. 5/20/1925
Enoch Henry b. 2/27/1838 Wayne Co, GA d. 3/12/1925 Wayne Co, GA
Mary Ann b. 5/22/1840 Wayne Co, GA d. 10/5/1936
James J b. 4/9/1844 Wayne Co, GA d. bef 1865

Children of Henry Bennett & Margaret Sheffield

Richard b.2/2/1825 Appling Co, GA d. 2/16/1891 Waycross, Ware Co, GA m. c1848 Appling Co, GA to Rachel Westberry b. 2/1/1832 Appling Co, GA d. 12/12/1917 Waycross, Ware Co, GA

James S b. 8/26/1817 Bulloch, GA d. 1896 Lowndes Co, GA m. 1840 Ware Co, GA to Elizabeth Bennett b. 12/16/1823 Appling GA d. 9/11/1885 Pierce Co, GA d/o Richard A Bennett & Lavinia Newman

John B b. 7/30/1807 Odum, GA d. 1/27/1887 Appling Co, GA

Henry b. 9/5/1808

William A b. 5/27/1811 Bulloch Co, d. 10/13/1891

Isham b. 5/4/1813 Bryan Co, GA d. 8/13/1847 Pierce Co, GA

Westberry b. 6/25/1815 Bulloch Co, GA d. 1897 Wayne Co, GA [Cem] m. Elizabeth Padgett

James S

Retta Ann b. 2/14/1820

Margaret b. 4/10/1824 Appling Co, GA

Children of John Bennett & Frances Harris

Richard b. 7/2/1816 Bulloch Co, GA d. 1896 Lowndes Co, GA m. Mary McDonald b. 10/27/1817 Tattnall Co, GA d. 11/20/1897 Lowndes Co, GA

Children of John M Bennett & Elizabeth Dodson or Elizabeth Sadler

Lewis 1773-c1798

Rebecca b. 1775 Brunswick Co, VA d. 1860-1870 Dekalb Co, TN m. 1/25/1796 Brunswick Co, VA to William Yeargin

John M Jr b. 1777-c1830 [Doc] m. Rachel Arendell

Benjamin b. 1779 Brunswick Co, VA d. 2/14/1873 Dekalb Co, TN [Doc] m. 5/11/1808 Brunswick Co, VA to Susanna Luciuda Taylor d. bef 1873

Nancy Ann b. 1781 Brunswick Co, VA d. aft 1860 Dekalb Co, TN m. 9/18/1810 Brunswick Co, VA to John Hicks d. 1818-1820 Smith Co, TN [Doc]

Judith b. 1782 Brunswick Co, VA d. 2/5/1838 Wilson Co, TN m. John M Bennett

Henry b. 1785

Thomas b. 10/9/1788 Brunswick Co, VA d. 3/28/1886 Wayne Co, IN [Mil] [Doc] [Doc1] [Pic] m. 2/12/1810 Randolph Co, NC to Elizabeth Buck b. 10/12/1793 Randolph Co, NC d. 6/22/1863 Wayne Co, IN d/o Michael Buck

Richard b. 1789

Children of Reuben Bennett & Betsey Beckham

Simon b. 1780 GA

Reuben W b. 1782 GA d. bef 1820 Jones, GA m. Elizabeth Davis b. c1793 GA d. 1859 Floyd, GA d/o William Davis

Eliza b. c1790 GA m. 11/13/1811 Jones, GA to Levi Smith

Mary Ann b. c1798 GA m. 6/22/1819 Jones, GA to John B E Elkins

Child of Richard Bennett & Mary Cook

Rueben b. c1785 GA d. bef 1820 GA m. c1810 GA to Elizabeth Davis

Children of Wiley Bennett & Matilda S Robeson

Wiley b. 5/22/1833 Columbia, FL

Daniel b. 1834

Noah b. 1836

William b. 1838

Hyram b. 1840

Jacob b. 1842

Sarah Jane 8/1/1844-1923 m. Burrell Wiggins

Elizabegth b. 1847 m. Elijah Sylvestor

Isham b. 1848 m.1. Elizabeth Thomas m.2. 5/6/1869 Mary Smith

Nancy b. 1849 m. 11/3/1870 Samuel W Roberts

Julia Ann Bennett b. 3/18/1851 Alachua Co, FL d. 4/12/1930 Orange Heights, Alachua Co, FL [Cem] m. 7/8/1869 Gainesville, Alachua Co, FL to Nathan W Hall b. 6/30/1840 Barnwell Co, SC d. 6/11/1895 Orange Heights, Alachua Co, FL s/o Stephen Hall & Elizabeth Weathersbee

Zanie b. 1845 m.1. 10/1/1871 Washington W Parrish m.2. ??? Thomas

Fannie b. 5/16/1857 m. 12/22/1875 Daniel Dinkins

Harriet 2/22/1870-12/24/1924 m.1. 1876 John Alexander Parrish m.2. 8/1/1880 Lige Hunter

Children of William Bennett b. 1740 (s/o Benjamin Bennett)

William 1765-1823 Sumner Co, TN

Children of William Bennett & Nancy Ursery

Richard A b. 1803 Bryan, GA d. c1864 Ware, GA m.1. Lavinia Newman b. 1806 Appling, GA d. c1845 Appling, GA d/o Thomas Newmans m.2. 1845 Tabith Brown

Mary b. c1805 Bryan, GA

Carolyn b. c1810 Bryan, GA

Elizabeth b. c1813 Bryan, GA

William b. 1821 Appling, GA m. Ann Prescott b. c1823 Appling, GA


Children of Benjamin Bennett & Susanna Luciuda Taylor

Henry b. 1808 Brunswick Co, VA d. 1845 Dekalb Co, TN m. Jane ???
Rebecca 1810-c1851 m. James Scott
Taylor b. 1812 Brunswick Co, VA d. KY m. c1837 Nancy J ???
Alexandria b. 1815 d. MO m. Coleman Johnson
Sarah b. 1818 Dekalb Co, TN d. AR m. Harrison Bennett
Mary b. 1822 Dekalb Co, TN m. James Chapman

Child of John M Bennett Jr & Rachel Arendell

Rebecca Ann d. 1842

Child of John Maclin Bennett & Judith B/ennett

Rebecca F

William C b. c1812 NC d. 1859 Davidson Co, TN m. Mary ??? b. SC

Thomas S b. 1815 NC or TN d. aft 1880 Dekalb Co, TN

Elizabeth b. 1802 Brunswick Co, VA d. 1830-1840 Smith Co, TN m. William Patterson

Richard S

Benjamin b. 1809 NC d. 1854 Dekalb Co, TN m. Dekalb Co, TN to Eliza Hicks b. 1809 Brunswick Co, VA d. Dekalb Co, TN m. Dekalb Co, TN to Eliza Hicks b. 1809 Brunswick Co, VA d. Dekalb Co, TN d/o John Hicks & Nancy Ann Bennett

Children of Richard Bennett & Rachel Westberry

George W m. Annie Belle Douglas b. 8/18/1878 d. 8/7/1954
Annie Elizabeth m. John H Bagley b. c1853 Ware Co, GA

Children of Richard A Bennett & Lavinia Newman

Elizabeth b. 12/16/1823 Appling, GA d. 9/11/1885 Pierce Co, GA m. 1840 Ware Co, GA to James S Bennett b. 8/26/1817 Bulloch, GA d. 8/23/1903 Pierce Co, GA s/o Henry Bennett & Margaret Sheffield

Levicey M b. 1830 Appling, GA m. Camden Co, GA to John F Smith b. c1825 Ware, GA

Sarah Ann b. 4/13/1833 Ware, GA d. 5/3/1908 Ware, GA m. William Thomas James b. 3/3/1827 Liberty, GA d. 4/20/1896 Ware, Ga

Lavinia b. 1841 Wayne, GA m.1. Jackson Lee b. c1840 Ware, GA m.2. John Henry Miller

Child of Reuben W Bennett & Elizabeth Davis

Mary b. c1811 Jones, GA m. 8/30/1832 Jones, GA to James Wesley Merritt

Children of Thomas Bennett & Elizabeth Buck

Asa b. 5/2/1810 NC d. 12/24/1889 Tekamah, Burt Co, NE [Cem] m. 11/9/1828 IN to Elizabeth Ann Sargent d. c1/5/1890 Burt Co, NE

Mary b. 2/15/1814 Butler Co, OH d. 11/5/1862 m. Mahlon M McCormick

Christopher b. 6/25/1817 Butler Co, OH d. 6/28/1899 m. Rachel Beauchamp d/o Levi Beauchamp & Sarah ???

John M b. 6/30/1818 Butler Co, OH d. 2/10/1874 Jasper, IL [Mil] m. 4/23/1840 Wayne Co, IN to Mary Ann Carroll

Lewis H b. 1/5/1820 OH d. 2/24/1865 Huntsville, AL [Mil] m. Martha ???

James Yeargin b. 2/25/1822 Yankeetown, Butler Co, OH d. 9/3/1873 Tippicanoe Twp, Monterey, Pulaski Co, IN [Cem] m. 10/2/1845 Wayne Co, IN to Hannah Humbert d/o Amos Humbert & Sarah Whitlock

Rebecca Yergin b. 8/12/1823 IN m. 2/25/1844 William N Young

Elizabeth b. 7/9/1825 IN m. 10/21/1847 Wayne Co, IN to William Kepner

Nelson Sharp 3/20/1828-3/1/1876 Lancaster Twp, Huntington Co, IN m. 2/3/1850 Susanna Ulrich d/o Daniel Ulrich & Catherine Hulsinger

Hester Shortridge 1/13/1829-12/6/1893 m. 1/6/1852 Robert Hendricks

William Mahlon b. 11/16/1830 Wayne Co, IN d. 9/7/1900 Swazee, IN [Mil] m. 8/19/1853 Cornelia Keever

David Morris 7/17/1832-9/10/1911 Dallas Co, IA m. 12/18/1855 Wayne Co, IN to Lucinda Bales d/o Henry Bales & Charity ???

Michael M b. 1/21/1834 IN d. 2/25/1908 Hamilton Co, IN [Mil] m. 12/2/7/1854 Noblesville, Hamilton Co, IN to Rebecca Burk

Barbara b. 8/28/1835 Wayne Co, IN d. 8/29/1916 m. 9/29/1857 Levi Williams

Thomas J b. 9/13/1838 Wayne Co, IN d. 4/28/1864 Nashville, TN [Mil] m. 2/27/1864 Nancy Ann Hindman

Child of Westberry Bennett & Elizabeth Padgett

James Hamilton [Cem] m. Christobel Anna Black d/o John J Black

Children of William Bennett 1765-1823 (s/o William Bennett)

John M b. 1770 VA d. 1835 Smith Co, TN m. 11/26/1785 Prince Edward Co, VA to Judith Hubbard










Children of William Bennett & Jane Vanatta

Harrison Paradise b. c1814 Smith Co, TN d. 10/28/1867 Randolph Co, AR [Cem] m. 1833 Smith Co, TN to Sarah Hines

Matilda b. c1824 Smith Co, TN m. c1842 DeKalb Co, TN to Henderson P Kemp

John M b. c1824 Smith Co, TN m. 9/25/1850 Wilson Co, TN to Mary Parker

William C b. c1826 Smith Co, TN d. c1848 DeKalb Co, TN m. Julia Yeargin

Bransford b. c1829 Smith Co, TN d. c1908 m. 7/24/1855 DeKalb Co, TN to Amanda Warford

Elizabeth H b. c1831 Smith Co, TN d. c1890 m. 4/2/1850 DeKalb Co, TN to William Carroll Williams s/o David Williams & Elizabeth Van Hooser

Jane b. c1833 Smith Co, TN d. bef 1860 m. aft 1850 ??? Bollinger

Martha W b. c1836 Smith Co, TN d. bef 1866 m. 2/19/1856 St Francois Co, MO to James M Potts

James S b. 1838

A C Elison b. c1840

Harriet b. c1843 m. ??? Parker


Children of Asa Bennett & Elizabeth Ann Sargent

Thomas J [Mil]

Elizabeth b. IN m. 10/16/1851 John Truax


Rebecca b. IN d. 10/25/1888 Burt Co, NE [Cem] m. 8/18/1853 LaPort Co, IN to Samuel S Christopher b. Millersburg, Holmes Co, OH d. 2/26/1909 Burt Co, NE; s/o Charles Christopher & Catherine Tracey

John Lewis b. IN d. 4/24/1865 Huntsville, AL [Mil] m. 1/5/1860 LaPorte Co to Miranda Truax

Mary J

Sarah Ann

Nancy Jane

Children of Benjamin Bennett & Eliza Hicks

Wilson H b. 1835 Dekalb Co, TN m. c1857 TN to Eliza ???

William P b. 1837 Dekalb Co, TN m. Elizabeth W Smith

Lewis Paschall Hicks b. 1839 Dekalb Co, TN d. 10/23/1924 Liberty, Dekalb Co, TN m.1. Mary C ??? m.2. 7/17/1860 Alexandria, Smithville/Dekalb Co, TN to Chanie Paralee Ross

Permelia Elizabeth b. 1846 Dekalb Co, TN m. 2/18/1866 Dekalb Co, TN to James Sandlin

Benjamin F H b. 1849

Thomas b. 1851

Eliza b. 1854

Children of Christopher Bennett & Rachel Beauchamp

Levi W b. c1840 Henry Co, IN d. Clinton Co, MO [Mil] m. Rachel ???
Noah c1841-1/17/1863 Louisville, KY [Mil]
John c1846-2/10/1867
Hanna b. c1848
Vashiti b. c1853 m. Gresham Gard
Evaline b. c1855 m. Columbus Elliott
Sarah Ann
Philander m. Maud Pickering

Children of David Morris Bennett & Lucinda Bales

Albert A b. 1857 IN
James M b. 1859 IN
Arthur M
Laura R
Clara B
Clide M

Children of Harrison Paradise Bennett & Sarah Hines

Thomas Smith b. 4/27/1854 Smith Co, TN d. Dec 1885 Randolph Co, AR m. Elizabeth Elmira McFarland

Wesley Carlisle b. c1835 Smith Co, TN m. c1858 Bollinger Co, MO to Sarah Jane ???

Hester Ann b. c1839 DeKalb Co, TN d. Pocahontas, Randolph Co, AR m. James M Burke

William Sorrow b. 9/28/1841 DeKalb Co, TN d. 4/3/1891 Randolph Co, AR m. 2/21/1867 Randolph Co, AR to Susan Hufsteadler

Mary Tennessee b/ 2/28/1843 DeKalb Co, TN d. 3/22/1913 AR m. 10/18/1866 Randolph Co, AR to John Marion Pearson

Elizabeth Frances b. 1844 DeKalb Co, TN d. 1/27/1928 Sanger, TX m. c1862 Pocohantus, AR to William Henry Newland 1841-1916 Sanger, TX s/o James Will Newland & Margaret Campbell

Susan Jane Susannah b. 3/25/1846 DeKalb Co, TN d. 7/28/1923 Pocahontas, Randolph Co, AR m. 4/21/1867 Randolph Co, AR to Martin Adams

Allen Lafayette c1847-c1888 Denton, TX m. 1/13/1870 Randolph Co, AR to Georgia Alva Williams

John Paradise b. 5/12/1849 DeKalb Co, TN d. 12/14/1872 Springdale, AR m. 7/21/1872 Pocahontas, Randolph Co, AR to Sarah Inez Collier

George Taylor b. 1854 St Francois Co, MO d. 1941 m. 1/2/1876 Randolph Co, AR to Letha Mcllroy

Henry Sterling b. 10/21/1855 Ripley Co, MO d. 4/17/1916 m. Sarah Jane Pratt

Children of Henry Bennett & Jane ???

Jane 1825-1903 m. Jesse W Scott
Malissa b. 1831 m. William Scott
Parthena m. ??? Johnson
Matildy G m. Henderson Hill
Louetta m. John Scott

Child of James Hamilton Bennett & Christobel Anna Black

Sidney Clyde [Cem] m. Wille Roney Morris

Children of James Yeargin Bennett & Hannah Humbert

Armitta Jane 4/29/1847-4/15/1860 Lancaster Town, Lancaster Twp, Huntington Co, IN [Cem]

Amanda 7/2/1849-8/24/1849

Theodore R b. 4/22/1851 Jackson Twp, Wayne Co, IN d. 3/11/1894 Kearney Co, NE [Cem] [Cen] [Doc] m. 2/13/1876 Starke Co, IN to Mary Jane Brooke b. c1854 IN d. 2/13/1916 Kearney, Buffalo Co, NE [Pic] d/o James Brooks & Lydia ???

Arthur Milton b. 3/21/1853 IN m. 9/9/1875 Emma Lee

Elmira S b. 10/28/1856 Lancaster Town, Lancaster Twp, Huntington Co, IN m. 12/5/1872 John Miller

Parthina Alice b. 7/16/1859 Lancaster Town, Lancaster Twp, Huntington Co, IN d. 2/11/1873 IN

Lydia Ellen b. 6/18/1861 Lancaster Town, Lancaster Twp, Huntington Co, IN

Noah Hartwell b. 10/8/1863 Lancaster Town, Lancaster Twp, Huntington Co, IN d. 9/20/1953 Garden City, MI m.1. 6/30/1887 Knox Co, IN to Lisetta Schroeder m.2. 5/1/1902 Marshall Co, IN to Viola Theresa Williams

Loretta Tabitha b. 2/28/1868 IN m. 1/28/1883 ??? Groshans

Children of John M Bennett & Mary Ann Carroll

William Henry b. 2/9/1841 Wayne Co, IN d. 11/15/1928 Arthur, IL [Mil]

Louisa Elle b. 10/25/1843 IN d. 12/31/1911 [Cem] m. 7/30/1861 Jasper Co, IN to Jerome B Quinn b. 5/6/1837 Baltimore, OH d. 2/7/1908 s/o William M P Quinn & Mary Morrison

Hester Anne b. c1847

John Christopher


Children of Lewis H Bennett & Martha ???

William H b. c1845 d. TX [Mil]
Thomas J b. c1846 d. Apr 1865 Decatur, AL [Mil]
Christopher Morris b. c1848 m. 2/2/1884 Martha Jane Powers
James b. c1850
Mary b. c1854
Sarah b. c1855

Children of Michael M Bennett & Rebecca Burk

George Washington b. c1855 m. Harriet ???
Thomas C b. c1858
Ann b. c1861

Children of Nelson Sharp Bennett & Susanna Ulrich

Elizabeth b. 12/24/1853
Amos b. 1856 m. Julia Winebrenner
Rebecca b. 3/30/1863

Children of Taylor Bennett & Nancy J ???

Elija C b. c1838
Emily B. c1840
Mary A b. c1842
Alsa E b. c1845
John B b. c1848

Child of Thomas J Bennett & Nancy Ann Hindman

George Washington b. 4/16/1862 Indianapolis, IN d. 8/16/1935 Bridgeton, MO

Children of William C Bennett & Julia Yeargin

Calliea m. James Keel
Amanda m. Jess Wilson
Louisa m. Bill Rongey

Children of William C Bennett & Mary ???

Henry C b. c1831 Smith Co, TN m. 10/4/1848 Dekalb Co, TN to Nancy Alexander

John C b. 1834 Dekalb Co, TN m. 10/14/1852 Dekalb Co, TN to Martha Elinor Garrison

Andrew Jackson b. 1836 Dekalb Co, TN m. 5/7/1854 Dekalb Co, TN to Sarah S Henrickson

William Carroll b. 1836 Dekalb Co, TN [Cen] m. 10/22/1855 DeKalb Co, TN to Louisa M Sandlin b. 1833 DeKalb Co, TN d/o Robert Sandlin [Cem]

Nelson M b. 1843 Dekalb Co, TN m. 10/5/1865 Dekalb Co, TN to Candis Newson

Charita b. 1844

Sara b. 1847

Children of William Mahlon Bennett & Cornelia Keever

John Nelson b. 1/22/1855 Wayne Co, IN d. 2/9/1924 Greenfield, IN m. 12/24/1876 Hannah Louisa Young b. 10/1/1854 Cambridge City, IN d. 2/19/1907 Greenfield, IN

Joseph M b. 5/17/1857

Robert T b. 4/28/1859

Vienna F b. 4/28/1862

Margaret J b. 6/24/1867

Effie Alice b. 10/5/1874


Children of Christopher M Bennett & Martha Jane Powers

Fern m. Donald Zink
Pearl Mae m. Frank N Wallace

Children of George Washington Bennett & Harriet ???

Dollie b. c1876
Eugene b. c1879

Child of Henry C Bennett & Nancy Alexander

James M b. c1856

Henry A b. c1858

Eliza b. c1861

Nelson b. c1865 Dekalb Co, TN m. 1/28/1891 Dekalb Co, TN to Eva Reynolds b. Feb 1875

Elizabeth b. c1868

Children of John C Bennett & Martha Elinor Garrison

Robert C b. 1854
Tennessee Sarah b. 1856 m. 9/22/1877 Dekalb Co, TN to Tennie James Wood
Mary Jane b. 1858 m. 5/1/1879 Dekalb Co, TN to Simeon Williams
John b. 1860
Martha b. Mar 1864 m. 9/18/1880 Dekalb Co, TN to John W Fish
Arminda b. Jan 1866 m. ??? McGuire
Thomas b. 1868
Ephraim Fonzo b. Jun 1872 m. Mary ???
Carrol Alonzo b. Jun 1872
James P b. 1875

Children of John Nelson Bennett & Hannah Louisa Young

William David 8/23/1879-4/17/1941 [Doc] m. Florence Finley d/o Charlo Finley
Amy Alice 12/12/1879-2/28/1964 m. ??? Clark
Mary Jane b. 10/18/1880
Clara Belle 9/9/1882-c1960 Newcastle, IN
Harry Glenn b. 3/17/1890
Pliny M 3/29/1892-9/22/1948

Children of Levi W Bennett & Rachel ???


Children of Lewis Paschall Hicks Bennett & Chanie Paralee Ross

Ephraim Y b. 3/14/1867
Eliza b. 1869
Lewis b. 1877
Mary E
Catherine Latessa Omaha City m.1. Monroe Fish m.2. Lee Roy Hunt
N E L C P b. 7/5/1880

Children of Noah Harwell Bennett & Lisetta Schroeder

Clarence William Rinehart b. 1/30/1891
Floyd Amel b. 5/11/1893
Clara 1/26/1897-11/1/1899
Wilber 3/22/1899-10/5/1899

Children of Noah Hartwell Bennett & Viola Theresa Williams

Robert Walter
Dolly Helen
Dalta Marie
Harry B
George Hartwell
Ruth Elinore
Roy J 11/4/1911-8/20/1912
Edith Marie
Bessie Alma
Fern Elizabeth

Child of Philander Bennett & Maud Pickering

William F

Child of Sidney Clyde Bennett

Margaret Wells

Children of Theodore Bennett & Mary Jane Brooke

Jesse L b. 9/10/1878 IN d. 11/1/1879 Burt Co, NE [Obit]

Sadie Pearl b. 2/13/1880 Summit Precinct, Burt Co, NE d. 4/14/1948 Kearney, Buffalo Co, NE [Cem] [Pic] m. 2/7/1900 Kearney, Buffalo Co, NE to John Louis Devoe

Claude Emerson b. 8/10/1881 Boone Co, NE d. 12/13/1957 Gibbon, NE [Cem] [Pic] m. Flora ???

Goldie Adilia b. 1/29/1883 Boone Co, NE [Pic]

Desmoyne Dessie b. 4/20/1884 Boone Co, NE [Pic] m. George Elmer Nelson b. 10/17/1874 IL d. 12/14/1957 South Gate, CA s/o Victor Nelson & Charlotte A Anderson

Child of Thomas Smith Bennett & Elizabeth Elmira McFarland

Emily Jane b. 1875

Children of William Carroll Bennett & Louisa M Sandlin

William Ran b. Jul 1856 Dekalb Co, TN d. c1916 m. 11/11/1885 Saline Co, IL to Arzella Nierstheimer

Tillman B b. c1874 TN

Jesse S b. c1872 TN

Isaac M b. c1859 TN

Sarah Candis b. 1861 Dekalb Co, TN d. 12/29/1921 Hall Co, TX [Cem] m. aft 1880 John Charles Creach

Josie F b. c1866 TN

George C b. c1870 TN

Minnie B b. c1876 TN m. ??? Trammel

Child of William P Bennett & Elizabeth W Smith

Almarinda F b. 1859

Child of Wilson H Bennett & Eliza ???

Marcha C b. 1858


c/o Claude Emerson Bennett & Flora ???

Ray M [Cem]
Walter [Cem] m. Bernice ???

c/o Nelson Bennett & Eva Reynolds

Bonnie E b. Dec 1891

Charles Thomas b. 7/17/1894 Alexandra, TN d. 6/2/1961 Fairfield, Wayne Co, IL [Obit] [Cem] m. 1/6/1937 Browns, Edward Co, IL to Fannie Lillian Bain b. 9/11/1913 White Co, IL d. 12/12/1984 Fairfield, Wayne Co, IL [Obit] d/o Charlie C Baine & Martha Helen Sumner

Dolla M b. Dec 1896

Rosa b. 1897

Livies b. 1900

Children of William David Bennett & Florence Finley

Finley David 4/26/1918-c1929
Wayne b. 8/31/1921 Portland, OR d. 8/23/1993 Puyallup, WA m. Edna Jean Billing
Charl Susanne m. Keith Daniel Piercy


c/o Charles Thomas Bennett & Fannie Lillian Bain

Mary Catherine m. William Herman Lewis

Eva Helen b. 6/14/1939 Fairfield, Wayne Co, IL d. 4/20/2010 Fairfield, Wayne Co, IL m.1. 9/12/1956 Mt Vernon, Jefferson Co, IL to Maurice Hugh Clark 12/23/1923-4/28/1922 Albion, Edwards Co, IL ; m.2. Carl Elroy Royse

David Thomas b. 3/15/1941 White Co, IL d. 5/22/1994 Fairfield, Wayne Co, IL m. Joann Toombs

Martha Mae m. Eldon Mark Young

Wilma Elizabeth b. 2/27/1945 Fairfield, Wayne Co, IL d. 6/11/2008 m.1. 11/4/1961 Mt Erie, Wayne Co, IL to Larry Edward Mason 10/11/1939-10/24/1990 m.2. Larry Pepperdine m.3. John Hamilton

Paul Nelson m.1. Barbara Koppus b. 8/22/1946 Fremont, OH d. 7/15/1979 Sneads Ferry, NC [Cem] m.2. Debbie Lynn Markhan

Rhoda Jean m. Jimmy Guy Walker Sr 3/5/1946-8/21/1999 St Louis, MO

Ruth Ann m. Robert Lee Tondini

Rebecca Sue m. Paul Michael Thomason

Daniel Robert

c/o Walter Bennett & Bernice ???

Lee [Cem]

c/o Wayne Bennett & Edna Jean Billing

Ruth Elizabeth
Mark Wayne m. Connie Anne Rogers


c/o David Thomas Bennett

David Thomas Jr
Robin Renee m. Charles Will
Michael Van 6/3/1966-7/3/1966
Ernest Charles

c/o Mark Wayne Bennett & Annie Rogers

Kelly Jean

c/o Paul Nelson Bennett & Barbara Koppus

Donavon Paul 4/15/1967-7/15/1979 Sneads Ferry, Onslow Co, NC [Cem]
Samantha Renne m. Robert Richards


c/o Ernest Charles Bennett

Justin Eugene

c/o Samantha Renne

Jaydon Kale


c/o Autum Bennett


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