Census Records for the Batchelor Family

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1810 North Carolina Census
Bachedor, Benjamin, Hyde Co
Bachelor, William, Halifax Co
Bachelor, Wright W., Halifax Co
Batchelder, Richd., Duplin Co
Batchellor, Brnay, Nash Co
Batchellor, James, Nash Co
Batchellor, John, Nash Co
Batchellor, Joseph, Nash Co
Batchellor, Saml., Nash Co
Batchellor, Stephen, Nash Co
Batchellor, Willis, Nash Co
Batchellor, Wilson, Nash Co
Batchellor, Wm., Nash Co
Batchelor, Danil, Nash Co
Batchelor, John, Halifax Co
Batchelor, Joseph, Nash Co
Batchelor, Reuben, Franklin Co
Batchelor, Right, Nash Co
Batchelor, Solomon, Franklin Co
Batchelor, William, Halifax Co
Batchelor, Willm., Franklin Co
Batchelder, John, Duplin Co

Index to 1830, Nash Co, North Carolina Census

Batchelor, Cullen - Dist. #184
Batchelor, Daniel - Dist #187
Batchelor, Daniel - Dist #186
Batchelor, Henry J. - Dist #181
Batchelor, James M. - Dist #185
Batchelor, John - Dist #179
Batchelor, Joseph Jr. - Dist #184
Batchelor, Joseph Sr. - Dist #184
Batchelor, Littlebury - Dist #179
Batchelor, Rubin B. - Dist #188
Batchelor, Samuel - Dist #186
Batchelor, Samuel M. - Dist #179
Batchelor, Stephan - Dist #183
Batchelor, Wright L. - Dist #183
Batchlor, Willis - Dist #178

1840 North Carolina Census
Batchelor, Bennet, Chatham Co, p.175
Batchelor, Winny, Chatham Co, p.197
Batchelor, Jno, Duplin Co, p. 141
Batchelor, John, Duplin Co, p.141
Batchelor, Rich, Duplin Co, p.141
Batchelor, Solomon, Franklin Co, p.77
Batchelor, Mathias, Grandville Co, p.106
Bachelor, Henry, Halifax Co, p.28
Batchelor, James W., Halifax Co, p.21
Batchelor, Abel, Nash Co, p.59
Batchelor, Berriman, Nash Co, p.52
Batchelor, Cullen, Nash Co, p.67
Batchelor, Daniel, Nash Co, p.64
Batchelor, Daniel B., Nash Co, p.52
Batchelor, Drewrey, Nash Co, p.52
Batchelor, Henry J., Nash Co, p.50
Batchelor, James M., Nash Co, p.67
Batchelor, John, Nash Co, p.51
Batchelor, Joseph, Nash Co, p.61
Batchelor, Joseph Jr., Nash Co, p.67
Batchelor, Nathan, Nash Co, p.66
Batchelor, Reuben B., Nash Co, p.59
Batchelor, Samuel, Nash Co, p.63
Batchelor, Willis, Nash Co, p.64
Batchelor, Wright, Nash Co, p.62
Batchelor, Wright S., Nash Co, p.67
Batchelor, Elias, Orange Co, p.254
Batchelor, Reuben, Orange Co, p.245

1850 Decatur Co, GA District 22 Reel No 4
Bachelor, Bennett 52 NC
Bachelor, Susania 43 GA
Bachelor, Bennett 17 GA
Bachelor, Elivira 16 GA
Bachelor, James 12 GA
Bachelor, Ann 9 GA

1850 Putnam Co, GA Census
Blakey Batchelor 45 M GA
Sarah (Runnels) 44 F GA
Albertine 18 F GA
James 17 M GA
Susan 15 F GA
Louisa 13 F GA
William 12 M GA
Elizabeth 10 F GA
Frances 8 F GA
Blakey 6 M GA
George 4 M GA
Sarah 2 F GA

1850 Putnam Co, GA Census
Cordy Batchelor 40 M NC
Mary (Canine) 42 F GA
Leverett 20 M GA
David 18 M GA
Early 15 M GA
Solomon 14 M GA
Cordy 8 M GA
Richard 10 M GA
Mary 5 F GA

1850 Putnam Co, GA Census
Jesse Batchelor Age 76 male b. NC
Lucy, Age 70, female, b. NC

1850 Putnam Co, GA Census
Littleberry Batchelor 53 M NC
Elizabeth (Foster) 53 F GA
C I 25 M GA
Lucy 22 F GA
Irby 18 M GA
Jesse T 16 M GA
Littleberry Jr 11 M GA

1850 Putnam Co, GA census
R H Batchelor 29 M GA
Lucinda 30 F GA
Rebecca 12 F GA
John 9 M GA
James A 5 M GA
Wm A 3 M GA
Edmond A 6/12 M GA

1850 Putnam Co, GA Census
Blakey Batchelor; William 22, Elizabeth 20, Frances 18, Blakey 16, George 14, Sarah 12, Jessie 10

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