Bible Records for the Batchelor Family

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Edward Buxton Finch b. 4/15/1838 d. 5/11/1918 m. Mary Jane BATCHELOR b. 10/20/1843 d. 3/25/1918. (Early Bible Records of Edgecombe co, NC by Williams and Griffin, published by Dixie Letter Service, Rocky Mount, NC 1958)

Wright S. Batchelor & Sallie A.E. married 19 Jun 1851
Eugenia E.W. Batchelor, daughter, born April 19th AD 1853.
Lucy Jane Batchelor, daughter, born 25 Sep 1854.
William W. Batchelor, Son, b. 15 May 1856.
Cancis (?) W. Batchelor, daughter, b 6 Sep 1858.
Bunnion W. Batchelor, son, b. 28 Sep 1860.
Fannie Wright Batchelor, daughter, b. 30 Nov 1862.
Sallie Ann F. Batchelor, daughter, b 22 feb 1866.
Peter Ruffin Batchelor, son, b 15 Sep 1867.
Nannie F. Batchelor, daughter, 1 Feb 1870.

Wright S. Batchelor was b. 25 May 1828
Sallie Ann E Batchelor was b 25 Jul 1833.
June W. Batchelor was b 19 Apr 1853.
Lewcy Jane Batchelor was b 20 Sep 1850.
William Right Batchelor was b 16 May 1856.
Jordin Batchelor, Son of Wright S. and Sallie A.E. Batchelor was b 23 Feb 1872.
Wright S Batchelor, son of Wright S and Sallie A E Batchelor was b 31 Mar 1874.
Missourie J David, daughter of Eugenia Elizabeth Wright Davis was b 16 Mar 1873.
Wright S Batchelor died 6 Nov 1886.
Florence Batchelor died 18 Jun 1905.
William W. Batchelor d Aug 29, 1920.
B.W. Batchelor d. 23 Dec 1964.
Sallie A E Batchelor d. 20 Dec 1925.
Peter R. Batchelor d. 4 May 1937.
Lucy Jane Batchelor d. 17 Jun 1937.
Jordan Batchelor d. 22 Aug 1937.
Jennie Battle d. 19 Mar 1944.
Fannie B. Winstead d. 4 Aug 1952.
Missouri J. Davis, wife of Walter O. Strickland d. 21 Oct 1941.
Nannie B. Winstead d. 1 June 1959.
Arkansas B. Barnes d. 7 Apr 1959.
Wright Steven Batchelor Jr. d. 28 Nov 1957.
Sallie Ann Ward, daughter of Willis Ward and Lucy Tucker, 19 Jun 1851.

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